Bear Video – Violet Hold Part 1 of 3

Trying to change things up a little, I recorded an entire run in Violet Hold on Heroic, and then broke it up into three videos.

Then I narrated it a little!

So, yeah, this is a total experiment just for fun. And also something to see if there is any interest in my doing little things like this.

In this first segment, the Sidhe Devils went into Heroic Violet Hold, and the first boss we encountered was Xevozz the Etherial.

What I enjoyed about this entire run as something to record, was that even when you have a lot of experience in here… mistakes still happen. It’s how you recover from them that matters. 

I love sharing this kind of stuff, because honestly, I don’t write a blog because I think I’m better than anyone. I write a blog for fun, and what I write about is covering mostly bear tanks because I’ve been playing this class a long time now.

Showing videos like this seem fun to me, so you can see right up front that I’m just a player with my own little quirks and ways of doing things, and while I’m sure some snob somewhere would ridicule me in a heartbeat… I just don’t care.

What I do works for me. I haven’t had any complaints from anyone I’ve ever run with about my tanking, so… keyboard turner? Clicker? Sure. So? 

I’m just out there having fun just like everyone else… and it works for me. 🙂

I didn’t have a script, I just narrated on the fly. If you like the idea of my recording a boss fight and then narrtting some little tricks or pointers about what I’m thinking or paying attention to on the fight, just let me know. If you would rather I had a more relaxed chat, that would be very good to know too.

I hope you enjoy this first attempt!

24 thoughts on “Bear Video – Violet Hold Part 1 of 3

  1. @zack

    The “This video is no longer available” message is a result of you tube being blocked by your browser/net nanny.



    Guess I will have to look from home. 🙂




  2. Thanks for sharing, very informative!

    I was always curious about how bear tanking works. Looking forward to seeing one where you tank pulls with many mobs.


  3. Hey BBB,

    Long-time listener, first time caller.
    I felt compelled to write and say how much I enjoyed the video. It’s always a joy to watch someone doing simple things well.


  4. I found this really informative, especially since I have recently started looking at BBB and playing a Feral Druid as my main on Greymane… This video really helps for me (and others) to see exactly how someone with a vast amount of experience tanks. Thanks for this, and hope to see the other parts soon!


  5. Thanks for the video!

    I think you did a great job on the narration. I mostly heal (as my only lvl 80 is a resto, sometimes balance druid) but I really appreciated whats needed in a successful heroic run (especially on the tanks end). I like to be able to help my group in all facets of an encounter. I read your blog daily and the videos are an added bonus.



  6. Another keyboardturner/clicker here!

    Very interesting to see someone else run it. Thing that I noticed on the vid:

    * it “seemed” that the DPS was a bit low, but the boss fight showed that wasn’t the case (he went down fast!). So note to self: runs seen on video may be shorter than they appear. As kittey dps I’m so busy juggling CD’s and debuffs that time seems to fly by….

    Thing I noticed on the run:

    *Where you dragging the portal watchers down and away because you had a lot of casters in the group? As melee it’s very difficult to position yerself properly on the ramps and Feral Charge – Cat has a lot of LoS issues with that. Would you do it the same in a melee heavy group?

    Very cool vid, hope you enjoyed making it, so that we can expect more to come


  7. I like it bear! Not only does it help me with my druid tanking (since I’m mainly a healer on my druid) but it also gives me an idea of what to look for in trash (and bosses) when I start pally tanking. Can’t wait to see the rest! ^_^


  8. On the single-spawn portals, not the patrols, the guardians tend to look like they’ve paused for a moment and are looking leftish as if they want to see over their shoulder for a second, just before an add appears, at least, that’s what I’ve noticed.

    When I see them do that, I watch for the add coming, then I can use a multimob threat move and pick it up. Having camera-view up higher can also help with spotting the add zone in behind the dragon’s back end.

    Using that technique, if I’m on the ball, I can be stood almost on top of the portals and not miss an add.

    The version if your video wasn’t clear enough for me to tell if it happens there, but I’d be interested to know if other folks find their mobs do the same, and look to your left and pause for a second, almost as if they’re calling out the add, and then lo and behold, it appears.

    Thank you for your time.


  9. I guess most of those wouldn’t actually show up while you’re in an instance or something. That makes sense.

    I was just entertained by the difference–I’m a big fan of lots of UI modifications (Bartender, Pitbull, Autobar, that kind of thing), and my bf is much more along your lines with good chunks of the standard UI in place.

    Not that one’s better than the other–I mean it’s all about how you can play with it, not how it looks. But I also saw the complete opposite with an old roommate and her boyfriend. They had the EXACT same UI. This big gaudy graphic mask thing that served no purpose other than to just look pretty and take up screen space. To each their own, but I guess that set my assumption for couples and UI’s.


  10. ❤ 🙂 I’m a clicker and keyboard turner as well – doesn’t stop me from living through heigan (and getting of auto and special shot on every section of the dance), moving out of the fire/void zones/flame waves/blizzards/etc AND keeping my spot in top 3 on the damage meters (fury warriors and arcane mages are OP – at least the ones I raid with, lol) 🙂

    btw – I’m not sure about adon and UI similarities between spouses, as my UI looks nothing like the one my SO uses – mainly becasue he likes his keybinds and macros and uses WASD for moving, while I like to have every single skill I have available on my action bars so that I can click them if need arises 😛

    P.S. I started a shaman on your server 🙂 you guys sound wonderful enough to try the other side for 😛 (I’m normaly a diehard hordie ). if I manage to get her to 60 – I hope you’d still be recruiting by then and wouldn’t mind by then someone dividing the time between your server and my home server 🙂


  11. I would never have guessed you for a clicker and keyturner. Whatever works! 🙂

    Great vid. It’s always good to actually see what other people do. I need that QuickMarks addon too. I was going to make some macros to use with mouseover, but I think I’d prefer that.

    Thanks for taking the time to do it. More, MORE!


  12. My baby bear is now 73 and has been coming out to tank UK and Nexus. This video helped me a lot. I was nice to see when you clicked on abilities the description text come up. It let me go back and look exactly your sequence. Since…well… I don’t know the icons. /sorry.

    Thank you BBB and the rest of your party for doing this.


  13. Hi Seleria,

    I’ll answer that add-on question. I am TOTALLY not anti add-ons. In fact, I’ve got a ton. The biggest difference is that I don’t use something like X-Perl like BBB does. I didn’t realize until lately that it’s somewhat abnormal to raid with the default UI. Since I started way after Burning Crusade (around Sept 2007), I didn’t raid at all until I hit 70 and went to Kara with our old guild who was all super experienced by that point. So I just never played around with different UIs and now it would be too hard to switch. 🙂

    But I actually run a lot of adds-on, they just don’t show in screenshots. Here’s what I’m running now:

    For questing – I’ve got QuestHelper, Lightheaded and Doublewide (so you can see quest text and lightheaded w/o expanding the box everytime).

    For herbing/mining – Cartographer, Gatherer and Routes

    For raiding – BigWigs, Omen, Recount and ScrollingCombatText

    For making money – Auctioneer Suite (with Enchantrix equipped also)

    For general UI help – Fubar with the addons for durability, experience (turned on for alts still leveling), Friends list (to see who’s on without opening social tab) and Guild (again to see everyone on by class or rank or level)

    For gear analysis/planning – Ratings Buster and Atlas Loot

    For rogue – StunWatch (timer to let me know when sap will be up during instances)

    Hope that helps clarify!



  14. Okay, first thing… I just checked, and it’s still available and working for me in both regular and High Quality modes, so I don’t know what to tell you, Zack.

    Next, thank you Cybelae 🙂

    Kolan, I’ve used FileFront in the past… they remove videos after a while unless I keep giong in and telling them not to. After a year, I’d rather not have to babysit someone hosting my movies every month. I’m sorry, this just is a ton easier for me to focus on new stuff.

    Seleria, I use a lot of addons… cassie prefers a clean, clutter free UI, but she does use a lot of info-based backend addons.

    And as to how I made it, I’ll post something once I get a better system. This one took me all day and is a mashup.


  15. Very much enjoyed the video. Great tips. It was nice to see that a lot of the strategies that I use are along the same line of thinking as yourself.

    Our very first time in Heroic Violet Hold, we got Xevozz as our second boss. We did not understand the fight and were trounced…and trounced…and trounced some more. We finally had to call it. We have since been very unfortunate in our bosses since then and have managed to Cyanigosa on several occassions. But always in the back off our minds is the dread that someday we have to face Xevozz again. Now at least I will know where to be.

    Looking forward to more such vids.


  16. Aggghhh!

    YouTube = /facepalm

    Sorry BBB. We have one of those wonderful net nannys at work and it blocks all YouTube content. Works on most of the other video sites. Is there any chance you could look at something like FileFront instead?




  17. This isn’t incredibly relevant to the actual post… but it’s a curiosity.

    I notice that you have a whole lot more addons than Cassie does from screencaps you’ve posted from her character. So is Cassie anti-addon? I’ve always noticed WoW couples using similar addons–maybe set up differently, but definitely a large overlap. It just strikes me as something unique about you two :).


  18. Amazing. Thank you for doing this. I know that I was one of the ones requesting this information.

    Couple questions:

    1. What’s the AGGRO mod?
    2. What are you using to create the screencast?

    Mayflower – Mug’thol


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