Leveling your Weapon Skill – the Video!

Okay, I’ve done a great deal of work… as in a ton of work, not as in great work… making this video we’ve got today.

I wanted to try and make the best visual quality video I could, in the smallest file size, and still upload it to Youtube.

What we have here is a video that was encoded with DivX that you can download in it’s full size, high quality format directly from FileFront here.

I have also uploaded it to YouTube, so in the future you should be able to watch videos in both YouTube format, or in the larger, easier to read size via download.

The video is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a 9 minute romp through Dire Maul North to show you exactly how you can get to the Gordok Spirits to level your weapon skill.

The reason to do something like this pretty obvious to most people. When you are starting a weapon skill to level from 1 to 400, it can take as much as four hours of continuous swinging to get it done. Multiply that by 4 weapons, and include the fun of leveling Unarmed by fighting mobs that fight back… and it gets horrible. Especially for Feral Druids.

The other advantage, of course, to fighting a mob that never fights back and never dies is that you will not be logged off the server for afk so long as you are still in combat. So I have literally gone to bed at 35 skill in Two Handed Weapons, and returned at 400 the next morning… fighting bare knuckle because the weapon broke long before.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject… bring lots of vendor trash weapons, so that if one breaks on you, you have backup. 🙂

I have had a great many mishaps and editing mistakes, and format errors, and audio syncing issues to resolve in making this, so seriously… I hope that you like it. It was an incredible learning experience, and I’m leaning toward using this as my final method of making movies available.

The movie at FileFront is DivX format AVI… if you cannot watch it, you probably need to download the DivX video codec at www.DivX.com.

If for some reason the FileFront video does not appear nice and clear and the text readable to you, please let me know. I have seen it in Windows Media Player, in full screen version, and it’s almost as clear as when I’m playing the game.

25 thoughts on “Leveling your Weapon Skill – the Video!

  1. For my part I lvled all my weapon skills, including polearms when it was added for druids, during questing i Northrend. Ok, it took a lot longer then usual, even though I’m resto and used to killing things slowly, but it wasn’t hard. The biggest challenge I faced was to remember watching my health and cast that heal in time 🙂


  2. Yeah. I’m in there right now trying to level 2H maces with my DK, and I’m getting no skillup points at all. Sucks too, after going to all the trouble of getting the key and getting back here.


  3. As a priest, I found an easy way to get my weapon skills up was to wail on those whelp eggs in northern Sholazar Basin. It helps that my attack power is only ~35 so I only do 1-3 points of damage per hit. Even as I got close to 400 weapon skill, I was doing double-digit numbers. My wife tried joining me on her fury warrior, but even empty-handed she was taking them down in just a few hits. 🙂

    She’s often teased me for being unable to even 1-shot totems, but for once my lack of attack power worked in my favor.


  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I was so very not pleased when I realised that the SL boss did not ‘work’ anymore (That was how I did my druid).
    Now my DK can finally roll on all sorts of weapons 😀


  5. Sounds a little like you have a cold… I hope you get well 🙂
    Otherwise – a very interesting video.
    I have got into WoW somewhere after DM was added, but on my many characters over lvl 60 I only run Dire Maul twice I think…

    I will certainly try to do this in later this week 🙂 thanks!


  6. I totally agree on your comment on design philosophy. I’d never done Dire Maul but was out there getting the Lunar Festival achievements done, so I figured I may as well hop in there since I don’t get out to Feralas much.

    It seems in all the old world endgame content Blizzard had the “Whatever we do, this had better not be short” philosophy. Which is fine, but they also had an annoying “We should only create 5 types of mobs for this 2 1/2 hour adventure and they should all be able to chain stun” idea.

    Laaaame. On my way in, because it’s so atmospheric, I lamented the fact that I skipped all of the old world content like DM in exchange for jumping headlong in to Hellfire. After the second pull and the dawning realization of how frustrating pull after pull after pull of those mobs would be…. I missed it much, much less!


  7. Thanks B3, I’ve never been in there, until about 30 minutes ago 🙂
    One point to note, with no key, you cannot just die anywhere & rez inside the instance. You have to die within range of the door, so you can rez between the door and the instance portal. I stripped off and agroed 2 mobs, and constantly sat down so they could crit me (don’t know if that still works, they were missing so much I didn’t take notice).
    Anyway, my main is in there wailing away with a grey mace and when that looses durability, I hope it will change to unarmed. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll put the 2 handed grey mace on and let it run.
    I plan to milk this for all it’s worth before they patch it too 😉


  8. This was awesome. I’m on graveyards at work and set my system to skill up while the family sleeps. As above I got my Master of Arms and Knuckle Sandwich achievements. Confirmed the mobs in the back of DM-North are still “broken”


  9. Great video, BBB.
    This is very helpful to me, as since the first Slab (THERE’S NO ‘S’ IN LABYRINTH) boss and the mobs that were outside the Dark Portal (on the Eastern Kingdoms side) were ‘fixed’, I was unsure of where I should do this with ease, esp. due to my lack of damage as a Restoration Druid.

    The high quality was much appreciated too. 🙂


  10. Sadly, Azaloth has been patched as well. Thanks for the new one but the pessimist in me says it’s only a matter of time


  11. Nice video, had I waited a couple more weeks to level up all my weapons skills I probably would have tried this method.

    What I actually did was fight the grove walkers in the forest just below Dalaran. They cast Rejuvenation on themselves, so you can beat on them indefinitely. Of course they will fight back so you can’t be completely AFK, but you can easily tab out to make lunch, read BBB, or whatever, and just come back every couple minutes to throw up a HOT.

    Of course this is less efficient that going to Dire Maul, but it has the advantage of being easily accessible as well as extra druid-y. 🙂


  12. The videos are turning out great BBB. I was just wondering when “Leveling your Weapon Skill – the Lunch Box” is coming out. (Oh yeah, that was a Spaceballs reference.)


  13. Nicely done on the video.

    The mobs I generally go pound on are Dr Boom in Netherstom for ranged and a banished quest mob named Azeloth in in Shadowmoon Valley.


  14. Ancasta, the Shadow Labs first boss has been ‘fixed’ so you can’t do that anymore. But as of Feb 20th, Dire Maul still works.


  15. I used something similar to this. I stealthed to the first boss in Shadow Labs. As long as the trash is not cleared, he will remain banished.

    However, I tried this idea recently on an alt, and it appears that Blizzard may have fixed at least my spot in 3.0.8. I attacked him for almost an hour with no skill up. I may try Dire Maul.

    Another locale is the Obsidium caverns in Dragonblight. There is a baddie that is in a bubble. As part of a quest chain, you are to release him from his bubble and kill him. As long as you don’t release him, you can level your combat skills on him as well. Not sure if this has been ‘fixed’ since I saw it done.


  16. I actually find the mobs that attack the guards in VH the best way to level up weapon skill at 80. Found this out when our tanked DCed and we waited for him for a while. Just make sure the guards get aggro first and you are good to go to hack away at those guys for a long time. As a rogue its nice to have the guards tank the mobs. And its nice as there are vendors for all the types of weapons and its in a centered location that is also near repairers.


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