I am so happy with the new PTR!


Why am I so bloody happy?

Is there some earth shattering revelation on the Druid front?

NO… well, yes, there are neat things about Druids there, but no…

NO, it’s for one simple reason…

Allow me to quote from MMO Champion

  • Thunderstomp is now a pet talent available to any Tenacity pet. Now your bears, crocs or ESPECIALLY CRABS can join in the AE tanking fun.


Seriously, yay.

I love Thunderstomp… it’s really fun sometimes just to play with the mechanic. And it’s neat for farming ore when there are mobs around, lots and lots of mobs. But I hate my gorilla. I just change that sucker out for my kitty the second I can, and I’ve even stopped using the gorilla at all, even while farming, simply because I have grown to be anti-gorilla.

I wonder if I’ll get PETA on my ass for the phrase ‘anti-gorilla’? Why not, everyone else is.

Now… now I can have a pet Bear to deliver the Thunderstomp, have fun with the mechanic, AND also love my pet!

That is going to be so much fun! I have never had a Bear pet that lasted long, simply because I love Moonclaw. But give him that super cool Thunderstomp, and I can see having fun with both all the time. ESPECIALLY being able to summon whichever one out of the stable from a distance that I want.

HmmmmMMMMmmmm… tasty.

12 thoughts on “I am so happy with the new PTR!

  1. Question – does bearform get Thunderstomp? Or do we have to wait until druids become tameable?

    (Eddwina – AD (Eu) -Druid
    Lukefarer – AD (Eu) – Hunter
    Philfowler -AD (Eu) – Rogue)


  2. i hate gorillas with a passion, so this change really makes me happy. i just hope talent is lowish in the tree since there are a lot of times when you want at least a little AE threat.


  3. I leveled from 10-59 with a turtle…just because I love turtles. If this actually goes live….I’ve enjoyed the gorilla’s abilities, but just don’t like gorillas. It would be great to have a turtle again and have it actually be useful.


  4. Eldrar has been my constant companion since level 40. I love that ugly, butt-scratching monkey. Plus, I “upgraded” him to the Uhk’loc skin.

    Although, I think this is a great change. Not only can I be unique in my monkey love (no jokes), but I was worried Bliz was going to nerf TS because gorillas were getting so popular.


  5. I have always disliked the gorilla model (and the butt scratching) but am very excited about this change for my beloved scorpid.


  6. I think that every tenacity pet should have had an aoe ability when they decided to put up the specializations, but this does make me extremely happy that I got my hunter to 80 before my druid, I can now go and aoe multimobs in lower dungeons without fear that something would pummel me to death!
    I know, I could have done that before, but I dislike the gorilla for the sole reason being that it is the only one who can substain many mobs well.
    *_* I didn’t know about the bear swipe that is nice to know as well.


  7. This makes me sort of sad since I spent a lot of time looking for the elusive white gorilla from Un’Goro, which is normally something I never do. (I don’t know why I decided to do that now…)

    I might just bring back ole’ Nicodemus, my armored boar. ❤ Of course, I am on a PvP realm, and having pumel be a spell casting interupt might not be a bad thing. Choices! I love them!


  8. I personally like my gorilla, but this does bring some of the tenacity pets to a different level. Certainly warp stalkers got 0 love once wrath hit because who cares if you tank can warp after a squishy when it cant do any damage. This ability at least makes them legit tanks again and not stable slot holders. Bears as you know can already AoE tank 3 mobs with swipe, so they are doubly awesome at AoE farm tanking. Turtles I think are now amazing solo tanks. Not only can they now AoE tank, but they have shell block or whatever it is called to mitigate damage. No one is hurting a turtle anytime soon. Overall though, I am a bit torn since i like my gorillas ability being unique and special since i have had mine since lvl 43, but it definitely makes more pets valid tanks from the hunter perspective. As BRK says, a Wormadin could be cool. AoE tanking plus sunder armor is win.


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