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Hi All,

It’s Cassie and I need some help!  A month or two ago, my hunter, Cassendra, got in a mood to tame new pets (got the Sapphire Hive Queen, a rhino and a new kitty all in the same day) after having had the same companion since level 10 (a snow leopard from outside IF which was a very a long way for a NE hunter to have traveled for a companion).   I decided to tame one of the purple pride watcher cats from Winterspring and spent many an hour grinding him up those last 5 levels to 80.  He is now my hunter’s primary pet, but he is still shamefully named “Cat” 😦

I haven’t found the right name for him yet, so I’m hoping someone will have some good ideas.  It’s definitely a male kitty and I want something regal sounding since he was a protector of the cubs in Winterspring (nothing silly or goofy for him).  Since he’s got the purplish look to him, I’ve played around with different versions of regal or royal and just can’t settle on anything.  My other cat is named Snowpaw (ya know, cause he has white paws) 🙂

Here’s a pic for those not familiar with this particular cat.


So let’s hear your creative ideas!


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  1. Fun!

    Hmm, immediately I thought of alternate color names from heraldry. (You know, Sable instead of black, Verde for green, etc.) But, as it turns out, purple is a rather awkward sounding porpora or purpure (see )

    But on that same webpage, there is a pretty cool coat of arms from the Kindom of Leon (with a european o) that is, a rampant lion in purple! So, I’m going to go with Leon (see the webpage for the right punctuation) and see this page ( ) for instructions on how to input those odd characters into a name.


  2. I’m going to get one of the purple saber cats for my Dwarf Hunter eventually (BRK, gogo!) and have plans to name him Cenodoxus. I trained as a medievalist. Time to put it to some use!


  3. Pasha

    From Wikipedia: Pasha or pacha, formerly bashaw, (Turkish: paşa [1]) was a high rank in the Ottoman Empire political system, typically granted to governors and generals. As an honorary title, “Pasha” in one of its various ranks is equivalent to the British title of “Lord”.

    And this was also a title used in R.A. Salvator’s Drizzt series for the leaders in Calimport.


  4. WOW!! I expected to maybe get a few responses, but never imagined over 60 comments and many with multiple ideas. These are great!

    I’m playing with a few and will try them out in my mind tonight in Naxx and see what name he answers to 🙂 I’ll let everyone know when I’ve made a decision.

    Thanks again!



  5. I second Purple People Eater, though you may have to abbreviate like “Prplppleater”.

    P.S. Names that are words are fun.


  6. I always thought those cats have the most beautiful coloring. Have you thought about a name based on amethyst? Maybe Ametherian or Amethyrn?


  7. Never posted before, but I lurk here sometimes.

    I also have a purple winterspring cat (best kitteh model, IMO). Her name is Chinook after the winds in Canada that can melt even the thickest ice. She’s fierce against her icy Northrend oponents.


  8. Like the 1st Poster said… Shy-Rotam … unfortunatly She’s not tamable… I was up there 1 day looking for Rakshiri and somebody was doing the Shy-Rotam quest & I offered to “take the add” and was ablt to capture Siam-Rotam, the White Lion that comes out. Really tough because he does a “Savage Roar” that Fears you, have to time it just right to get him in the Ice Trap. Took me several attempts but I named him “Puurrfect”

    I also really liked:
    Matunnos: “Clawdius”
    Ogga: Meatatarian

    Ditch him.. go back and farm for the Rare-Spawn Rakshiri… now THAT is 1 Sexy CAT!
    I looked for the Rarespawn from Sholazar Basin for a week…. but he’s so overly farmed & used that he’s not so Special anymore.


  9. how about “pride” or “pryde” if you want an alt spelling

    playing off the whole pride of lions/tigers and also gives a regal sense due to the play on the word


  10. I’m a sci-fi geek, and like watching babylon 5.. one of the diplomats there is named Londo Mollari and his clothing is always rich purple.

    so maybe go with Mollari. (double meaning molar is a type of tooth and that cat has big teeth)


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