By the way, looking for an artist…

To do me up a t-shirt image for my favorite spur-of-the-moment quote from my last post…

“I was Feral when Feral wasn’t cool”

No prizes involved, I’m a poor bastard, gots no monies, but if you can do a design, following the same design rules about sizes and such from my last t-shirt design contest, I’d love to see it. 🙂


18 thoughts on “By the way, looking for an artist…

  1. every feral druid can relate to that line ^_^
    i’ve started playing in BC but there were still comments like “you can’t MT this, that, cause you don’t have block”
    put my FU face on and did it anyways 😀


  2. Man, that is sooo true for me. I’m not the artsy type, but I am sure as heck buying that shirt. Back in the old MC days I “stole” so much rogue gear for my kitty DPS.


  3. What’s your timeline on this one, BBB? I’ve got a fun idea, but I’m also a bit busy, so I want to budget time appropriately. 😀


  4. Seleria, wherever your inspiration may carry you.

    Tesh, there is no time limit, because other than seeing your idea on a shirt and worn by me, and anyone else that wants to buy one, there are no prizes.

    Well, okay, obviously the entries will be shown here on the blog and the artists applauded, so the prize is the respect and admiration of your peers.

    And really, isn’t the knowledge that others have seen and loved your work reward enough?

    Don’t answer that! 🙂


  5. such a true line.

    i’ve been feral since day 1 of wow. and raided 40 man when i was feral spec but healing in MC/BWL/AQ40 etc /sigh


  6. WoW, i would love a shirt that said this! Great idea and i does sum up most of my BC experience, friends telling me to respec Resto etc. But i stuck with it and now look where we are today!

    One thing, as I couldnt see anything about it just browsing your store, do you only sell/deliver in the USA? Im from England but as i said would love one of these shirts:)



  7. I think a Rogue riding on the back of a Feral Cat (with the Cat having some kinda not impressed ¬_¬ kinda look) would sum up the motto quite well 😛


  8. So how is the progress on this at all?
    If nothing has been done as yet I would be very easily persuaded to put some of these ideas to paper (or in this case: shirt)
    ferals ftw 😛


  9. Pulveriza, I iz very, very sad… because I have not had a single piece of art make it’s way to me at tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com for this idea.

    I wish I had funding for a free t-shirt for the winner! I might try again when my expenses get a bit better and I have something nice to offer in exchange.


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