How to bring Uber to your alt!

This is a cutesy post to fuel your excitement to play an alt.

The idea is quite simple, and merely requires a level 80 toon. All you folks carping all the time about being bored surely have ten of those by now, right?

Step the first: Run tons of Heroics, preferably when your faction controls Wintergrasp so you get lots of Stone Keeper Shards.

Step 2: Save up your Emblems of Heroism and Stone Keeper’s Shards until you have silly amounts of them.

Step 3: Decide what kind of alt you want to make Uber.

Step 4: Purchase Bind on Account items for Shoulders, Main (and OH and Ranged, if applicable) weapons, and a Trinket.

Step 5: Go nuts!

It’s just that simple.

Let’s take an easy example… a Feral Druid alt.

For a Feral Druid, you would choose the Balanced Heartseeker (40 Emblems) for a Main Hand weapon (no, there really aren’t any super perfect Feral Druid weapons), the Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders for your shoulders (40 Emblems), and the Swift Hand of Justice for a Trinket (50 Emblems).

If your budget on Emblems is tight, of course, you could use the Sharpened Scarlet Kris (200 Stone Keeper Shards) or the Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders (200 Stone Keeper Shards) in their place. The drawback of the Stone Keeper Shard items in terms of pure PvE awesomeness is that they have some of their item budget used for Resilience. On the other hand… there are few other uses for all those shards, so why the heck not?

Now, no matter WHAT you do, my advice to you, if you are playing an alt from level 1 to 25, is to purchase your Shoulders first. Try very, very hard to get yourself a set of Shoulders.

Once you have some Shoulders purchased by your level 80 Emblem farmer (that’s all those 80s are good for, didn’tcha know), you need to carry your 80’s happy butt on over to Master Sergeant Biggins in Stormwind for the Alliance, or to Brave Stonehide for the Horde, and purchase a Greater Inscription of the Gladiator for 10,000 Honor. 

That’s right. Your level 80 (or whichever character you have that is level 70+ and has 10,000 Honor) can take your nice new Shoulders, enchant them with the Inscription, and then mail them off to your lowbie alt with no problem whatsoever.

The Heirloom Bind on Account items, you see, can be enchanted by any enchant that can be applied to items that are level 1. Fiery or Crusader or Lifestealing can be put on your swords or daggers (and wow, is Crusader fun for leveling Kitties now that it procs), and the Greater Inscription of the Gladiator can and bloody well should be put on your new Shoulders.

Also, your new Bind on Account items scale in power depending on your level, staying about equivalent to a good Blue (rare) item of your level… but the enchants stay the same regardless.

So if you are, say, a lowly level 15 Druid with 400 base Health… the Shoulder enchant alone almost doubled your active Health.

That’s right, my friends. You can be a level 1 (okay, whatever level you are by the time you reach a mailbox) Druid with Shoulders, Dagger and Trinket… and a +300 Health enchant.

Go try tanking Deadmines now!

It’s crazy wicked.

Rogues and Hunters can really get tricked out, because not only do they use the Shoulders, and can Dual Wield weapons for twice the stat fun, AND use the Trinket… but you can also equip one of the Bind on Account ranged weapons, as well, for super nice stats, all the time, every level.

Sure, most of us are used to cruising the Auction House for those Blues… but how valuable is it to have Blue quality weapons and shoulders that act like you JUST upgraded them almost every time you level?

Oh, and protip… none of these items has a Durability rating… so none of them suffer durability damage when you die.

Not too tacky, eh?

So what are you waiting for? Dump that tired old main and start an Uberalt™ today!


25 thoughts on “How to bring Uber to your alt!

  1. Posting a little too late on this one, but: the armor type will only “scale down” in two cases.

    If you buy Plate Heirloom shoulders and put them on a sub-40 Warrior or Paladin, they will act as Mail.
    If you buy Mail Heirloom shoulders and put them on a sub-40 Hunter or Shaman, they will act as Leather.

    Put differently, your level 80 toon should buy the type of armor that your alt will be using after level 40. It will downscale appropriately.


  2. I got a pair of the Plate DPS shoulders for my Warrior (currently 52) and DK (62) to pass between em while they level, and they’ve been fantastic – very noticable in speeding up the grind. I’m hoping that the weapons are engravable with DK runeforging, at least while they’re in the possession of said DK (but I’m not holding my breath)… Still, once I get ~24 more badges (if memory serves), it’s “ARCANITE REAPER! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I can’t wait. 🙂


  3. Yakra, I was not aware of the blue post you linked to… but I think I can say with sincerity that I never for one moment believed that you WERE supposed to be able to get an enchant on these items.

    In fact, considering the cost in Emblems for these, and the value of the items that you COULD use, it seems pretty silly that you can’t use whatever enchant that you want. Kinda makes that spellpower mace my high level Shammy is carrying a liability… almost. 🙂

    I am very glad you mentioned it, so folks that are interested and don’t care that they MIGHT be throwing away 10,000 honor know they might have an extremely limited time to get the Gladiator inscription.


  4. @Ziboo Just decided to go hypothetical with your argument there. So you’re saying that having heirloom items can/will have an impact on the server economy (you know, because it’s so healthy already…). But, while people might no longer buy a few slot items (shoulders and weapons) on the AH, how many of those people running around with uberalts would have rolled another alt in the first place if not for having a bored level 80 with 300 or so emblems and nothing to do with them? I know I just rolled a new alt for that purpose. I’m sitting on three 80’s, hate levelling, and yet here I am with a 4th character on its way up who will probably get the pretty pretty shoulders. That’s how many more slots for the shopping?

    Also, what’s the difference between a level 80 using emblems to buy heirloom items for their alt and a level 80 using gold to buy BoE items on the AH for their alt in the realm of “fair levelling”? The people levelling their first time around certainly don’t have the gold to spill on their characters. And back to the AH argument, now that they have the feeling of the “uberalt,” won’t they be more inspired to buy the big ticket items so they have an uber uberalt?


  5. So far I’ve got a resto shaman and rogue for Uberalts. I debated tricking out my little warlock too, but decided to level her up without any assistance. So far, I love how easy the leveling grind is for both “twinked” characters, but I do enjoy seeing what new piece of gear I can get the warlock while leveling up. Both are fun, but I’d say in different ways. The Uberalts are all about speed (yes, speed killing with a resto shaman is awesome), but I think my warlock is fun because of the discovery and earning things the old slow way.


  6. My 42 warrior is my pimp alt. Started out with just the Main hand sword to go protection. But then decided I would rather dps so he got the one handed shard sword and the emblem plate shoulders. Fury is fun and all… but then I got thinking I’m going to be getting titan’s grip one day… so I now have the 2h BoA axe and will follow that up with a second by the time he gets to 60 and I will go from arms back to fury. Currently all the weapons have crusader and now that you mentioned the shoulder enchant I’m most certainly going to go grab that 😀


  7. I don’t know how much easier Bliz can make this game, but Uberalts is not a good idea IMO. I can see why they did this – keep the 80’s busy farming and now everyone can have a baby twink – no need to work hard to level. How will this affect the economy on the AH remains to be seen. If people don’t have to switch out gear as they level.

    Maybe they should just make it so after your first level 80 or so you can just start at say level 55 like the DK’s. 25 levels and back to 80. Or maybe start everyone at 80 so they don’t have to level? Why all that waste time leveling a game so many clearly do not enjoy except for endgame. /sigh


  8. I’ve been a bit behind on some of the WOTLK stuff due to college but this sounds like a great idea! Especially since I got bored with my alts rather easily.


  9. A question here, I don’t exactly have a burning desire to have an alt, I mean I can tank, heal, or if I want to be really silly I can drop bombs in boomkin. But having dropped one of my farming professions to gain JC, I have thought it would be nice to take the free alt that Blizz gave me (dk) and level him up as a farmer. Probably like mining and herbing. Because lets face it, seeing a DK running around picking flowers is funny. Anyway, would it be worth it to send some shoulders/items to him? Even though his starting gear is so good to start out?

    And if I do send some plate shoulders to him, can I later send it to say, a rogue or something at level one? Will the armor type change in that way?


  10. @Kattrinsaa: The armor adjusts to what you can wear at the current level. So, if you have a L20 Paladin and a L80 Paladin, go get the plate shoulders with your badges and mail them to your L20. When the L20 puts them on they will behave like Mail and then at L40 they’ll switch automatically to Plate.


  11. Let’s see…

    Cloth, Leather and Plate shoulders: check

    2 1h swords: check

    1 staff: check

    1 bow: check

    man i guess i just love those heirlooms and BBB is quite right it’s so much fun playing your alts like that. I’m just a litlle sad that you can’t really get the druid as uber as say a rogue at low lvls.

    HF with your uber alts ppl 😀


  12. Question on BOA armors..

    for a lowbie hunter/shammy or pally/warrior/dk will the mail/plate item downgrade itself to leather/mail equivalent till 40? or do you need to use the leather/mail peices till 40 then swap over to the mail/plate?


  13. Great idea and advice. BTW hunters don’t duel-wield from the get-go. (Level 20 is needed). But other that that, sound advice.

    My protip: Consider either cloth for casters or mail from tank like classes (for lowbie warriors/palys). Esp for the shoulders; that saves you a zillion honor and shards and the like, and can be used on any character. Sure, +spirit isn’t great for a DK, but its not a critical issue for one slot.


  14. Grrr…. Damn all you lvl 80’s.

    My alt’s lvl old school, without a lvl 80 babysitting them. (Not to say I wouldn’t like it, it’s just actually having a lvl 80 is integral to this strategy.


  15. It’s worthwhile noting that the Gladiator’s enchant is the only shoulder enchant available to level 80’s at the moment which you can use, so no throwing on an Aldor/Scyer rep piece, etc.

    Also the enchant is expecting an incoming nerfbomb and, if it follows the pattern for other shoulder enchants that got nerfbombed, will be grandfathered. Meaning your shoulders that already have them will continue to have them while any new shoulders will not be able to be enchanted after the fix goes through.

    So get on it! 😉


  16. I got the BOA shoulders on my Shaman who is now level 78 and should be 80 this weekend, although I’d hate to see what the guild would say if once I ding 80 I jump straight on another character and start levelling that one…. I may get shot, they’ve been waiting me to hit 80 (I aldready have an 80 Priest that I don’t want to play) for ages now.


  17. Don’t forget to give your low level alts Tuxedo Pants enchanted with Clefthide or Cobrahide Leg Armor, for 30stam/10agility or 40ap/10crit respectively.


  18. I wonder if alts will die once dual specs are released? I have a hard enough time keeping my main’s main spec up. Adding a 2nd spec means, I doubt I’d ever touch an alt again.


  19. I actually enjoy looking for loot and gearing up as I level. Heirloom items would be taking even more of the fun out of the game for me. Won’t be touching them with a 10-foot pole thanks.


  20. I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a major alt kick lately. So your post is quite welcome. Especially because my main is sitting on like 30k honor and no real use for it. I didn’t know about that patch, but very helpful!!!


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