Posting has become erratic… I'm still here

As you might have noticed, my posting schedule has become somewhat erratic.

I am still posting, I still intend to continue posting, but with my new schedule, I am working many more hours and spending a lot more time in transit to and from work.

This has caused me to have less time to write posts, and much less time to actually play, then previously.

Once I get things at work stable, get some programs in place, get some of the processes started that will help me to track changes, I’ll have some more time freed up.

In the meantime… well, I’m sure there shall be no lack of exciting blogs to read while my posts cut down to one every other day or so for the next week or two.

I’ve been writing the same Storytime for two days now… and I just don’t have tons of free time to spend on it. Kinda makes me sad.

But, as Shrinn might say, “I lurves you all!”.


11 thoughts on “Posting has become erratic… I'm still here

  1. B^3 You do what you need to do! I will admit to missing your daily, multi-daily, etc posts. Yet I understand that FAMILY, LIFE, EARNING for both comes first. I would love for you to write for MY entertainment all day long! But I do understand. Please do not apologize for life! Just write when you can. I will still be here!


  2. OMG, you mean you have a life other than writing your blog! How dare you!

    Joking of course,

    Grats again on the new job. Everything will get setted in and RL will calm down a bit before you know it.

    And for what its worth, you post three times a day or three times a month and there will be a pile of folks here (including me) reading what you have to say. It’s not how often you post but how you do it that keeps me coming back.


  3. Write as you can B^3. We’ll be here eagerly awaiting whatever tidbits you provide!


    Hope all is well and looking up for ya.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. It’s all good B3. We understand the demands that modern life places on the individual. To lack time to squander outside of work in light of family, kids and housework is entirely normal.

    That said, I’ve enjoyed my past 14 months of readership very very much and look forward to more in-your-face commentaries.

    Best of luck with work. Im sure you’ll do just fine.

    Warm regards


  5. We all are forced to the demands of real life sometimes. RL has hit my guild hard this week since our Guild Master has had to leave wow because he needed to work more to support his family in these tough times after his wife got laid off. I know I am feeling the strain too and hope our economy improves so I can look for a better job, but right now the market is horrible where I live. Every week I look at the classifieds and online and think, wow no new jobs. But, at least I still have a stable job, even with low pay…


  6. Agree, it would seem that our only form of reprise…. is DA BEAR** FORM…nom nom nom πŸ˜›

    **or Kitty, or Moonkin, or Tree πŸ˜›


  7. Hey b3.
    We are just glad that you have a new job and can afford to keep n playing an support your family!
    RL is way more important than WoW (even is some people say differently) and we will keep checking every day just incase you get to post. 8)
    GL with the new job!


  8. I have to totally agree with Rahl here. We are all just happy you got a job especially with the unemployment rates. Just hmm *looks at your posts after this one* Just don’t overwork yourself with the blog and rl work k? πŸ™‚


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