Bear swiping fun in 3.1!

We’ve got a wall of changes staring at us from down the road, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how folks roll with it.

Talked about it before, should be no surprise to anyone that our armor multiplier from Survival of the Fittest is getting cut in half.

We’re also losing some of our Stamina buff from Heart of the Wild in Bear form.

It should also come as no surprise by now that we are getting a bubble (Savage Defense) whose strength is 25% of your Attack Power, and which supposedly procs every time you land a Critical Strike. I’m not on the PTR, I don’t have the time, but I’m sure someone will rush to tell us if there has been a hidden cooldown timer on the bubble procs, or if they proc on EVERY Crit.

Not that I’m all that concerned. Either Savage Defense will balance out the loss of health and armor, and successfully do what Blizz seems to want and make us work harder on chasing gear upgrades, or it won’t. What we see live will give us the answer in due time.

What may surprise you from the PTR is the discovery that our Swipe continues to affect an unlimited number of targets… but now does NOT require a target to be selected. It has become a simple 360° AoE with an 8 yard range, untargeted.

That’s right.

I think that bears repeating.

Swipe is no longer a targeted attack with a frontal arc. It is now an 8 yard 360° AoE.


I see this as being a pretty significant change to how I actually play my bear in tight situations, and maybe you will feel the same if you’re one of us mid-content players. By mid-content, I mean those folks at level 80 who play in 5 man heroic instances, 10 man raids, and the occasional 25 man pug.

Right now, I am quite accustomed… nay, happy… with playing my bear tank as I do, with a targeted frontal arc Swipe. It’s a flavor thing.

I know that it’s quite different as a mechanism than other methods, and while there are of course certain challenges, there are also rewards.

In it’s current form, it’s not, in my mind, any better or worse than other AoE threat generating methods. Just different. It’s… well, it’s bearish.

For example, right now Paladins drop a stationary Consecrate that ticks threat. Mobs can run through it without taking a tick, and not get held up. Likewise for Death and Decay. These two methods of group threat generation are extremely strong continuous threat generators with a 360° field of affect, and their only drawback is they lack mobility. 

On top of that, Paladins have had to face the fact that, yes, their Consecrate pulls in a 360° area, but their Shield does not protect them from attacks from any opponents in the rear. Paladins are quite vulnerable to being taken from behind without protection.

(Yes, Graimerin, that joke was for you. You know you like it. lol.)

Also, in close quarters, stationary continuously ticking 360° threat can make the use of Crowd Control quite difficult, if not outright impossible.

On the other side of the tanking spectrum, Swipe has, up until 3.1 goes live, been quite different in technique and effect.

With Swipe, you are not throwing down a field of hate. Instead, you are specifically targeting one mob within your range, and then attacking it, and everyone near him within a frontal arc centered on that target, and all those additional targets may actually be outside your normal physical attack range, but they’ll still get affected by the effects of Swipe.

Swipe is not a passive field you lure the timid daisies into before ravaging them unmercifully. It’s an intentionally timed attack that lasts for the space of a single smackdown, and can let you herd your wayward charges wherever you desire.

Allow me to describe a typical scene for the non-bears in our audience to illustrate my point.

A nice little typical five man run. A group of four mobs ahead.

Say we in the group are all new to heroics, and these guys hit like the Steeler’s offensive line.

Time for a quick three second decision on pull tactics.

One of them is a ranged caster, so he’d be squishy, go down fast… but if we CC him, we’d be lining up the three highest hit point/high armor targets for our first three kills, which will potentially drag the fight out long enough for the CC on ranged doofus number one to expire. 

If it does expire without us noticing while mixing it up in melee, or if the three we are fighting give us more troubles that we expected, we might end up with a glass cannon lighting us up that won’t come a-running when I Growl.

So, fine.

I set up for a ranged line of sight pull, intending to dart forward, nail the closest one (that is not the necessarily the marked skull first kill target, he’s just the closest; ranged boy will be my first kill target) with a Feral Faerie Fire.

Why Feral Faerie Fire? Well, I know that Growl does not actually CAUSE threat, it only pops your threat higher than any other person your target is currently aware of. So it’s kinda useless to use as a pull, especially if the Healer throws any kind of ticking heal or stat increasing buff on you afterward. If you pop a Growl on one target and then switch to a different target to start fighting… any heals you get will send that first mob off after the new highest threat person out there likety split. But you knew that already.

Anyway, there is a Mage in the group with me, so as I line up on the mobs at extreme range, I mark the caster as a Skull for our priority kill, and mark one of the most distant melee bullyboys as a sheep target.

I ask the Mage to be prepared to sheep one after I do my pull.

Why after? Sheep causes Threat, so if you have the Mage do a Sheep pull… all the baddies will love the Mage long time. I’m the jealous kind, I want all their lovin’ for myself.

Gimme all your lovin’, all your hugs and kisses too.

So, I’m lined up. I give the Mage a split-second verbal warning so she can begin her long 1.5 second Sheep cast, then I send in my FFF on the closest one, and run like hell away and get around a corner, out of line of sight, and wait for my idiot targets to come running around the corner to me, including my bestest buddy, Mr Caster Who Wants His Face Ripped Clean Off.

As they go running past the party chasing after me, ignoring everyone else because they are quietly standing there whispering to themselves “you can’t see me I’m not here you can’t see me I’m not here you can’t…” the Mage has been casting Sheep, and it goes off on the run.

So there I am, facing two melee and one very squishy ranged…

I make sure I have the very closest mob targeted so when he rounds the corner, my first Swipe goes off fast and lays down a base foundation of threat on all three to counteract initial global healing aggro and bad targeting decisions from the DPS. Not that I’m saying I expect the DPS to be unloading all out damage on the wrong targets a millisecond after the mobs reach me… okay, yes I am saying that.

I change targets if necessary and spike a Mangle into the forehead of caster-boy ’cause I want him to lay down and die first, I prime a Maul to go off that will do tons of damage (for me) AND help build even more threat on one of the other two melee, fire off another Swipe to keep building up group threat, and get a FFF going on my caster main target, global cooldown permitting.

I toss a glance at the displayed targets of each of my team members, a helpful tool that XPerl provides in the party display, so I can tell if someone is, in fact, on the wrong damn target.

Wow, everyone is on target, and caster boy be going down. Yay us!

So, there you have a truly typical line of sight pull around a corner, with CC safely out of range of Swipe. A caster was selected as the first kill target due to his potential damage output being all out of proportion to his health, and rapidly burnt down.

Ah, but what if someone accidentally tags the Sheeped melee, baaing his little heart out, and he springs up and runs around the corner into melee range of the Healer or the Mage before the Mage can get another 1.5 second Sheep cast off again?

If I had Consecrate or Death and Decay, then I would now simply be a singer in a rock and roll band, and tank the extra groupie.

Instead, I have an intelligently controlled, directionally targeted group threat that only fires when I tell it to.

I use my ranged Growl to bring the groupie… err, I mean target, over to me. I give it a cursory Mangle to get it’s attention, and then switch auto-attack to the next true kill target and ask the Mage to reSheep. I stop Swiping and I stop Maul, because I want to control who I am applying threat to. I will restrict myself to Mangle and Lacerate on my kill target until Sheep goes off.

I ask the group to ease off on all heals and AoE, I let the Mage finish the Sheep… and I drag my posse of zombies back a bit, move through them, turn around, and get them all nice and repositioned just the way I like it with the Sheeped mob behind me… and with another Swipe we’re back in business. Even in close quarters.

I have the power to choose how I use my abilities, and can tailor my choices to fit a changing tactical situation in a way that feels, to me, to be somewhat bear-like.

When I Swipe right now, I’m slashing the group in front of me. I can relate to that. It feels… it feels like being a bear. 

Using a Consecrate is not worse, of course. It’s just different. It’s a different playstyle than what I’ve gotten used to, with it’s own inherent mechanics. It is absolutely not inferior.

For a Bear Tank, having a 360° threat AoE that does not require a targeted opponent to be within range in front of you will be a powerful buff to our ability to pull in and hold mobs consistently, AND we will be able to control when it goes off. 

I have no complaints. It is NOT bear consecrate. At least, not unless they really change the hell out it, and I see no signs of that happening yet.

However, it bears reminding everyone that, if the enemy is behind you, YOU CANNOT DODGE. As you are also not Parrying or Blocking… you’re still gonna need to move that big bear butt when you get surrounded. Mobility is still a factor, even if you can now be confident that if it’s within 8 yards, you tagged it.

I just want to be clear about this… I’m not unhappy with the change. It’s a buff to our threat on multiple mobs, and I’m sure that after I get used to the small changes, it’s going to be a welcome addition to my arsenal of tanking.

In the above example, the only real change will be that if I am in quarters too tight to move more than 8 yards away from the Sheep target, I’ll just stand and tank it and forget trying to re-establish CC. Facing away from the Sheep mob won’t help.

No, I don’t regret  the coming change, in terms of my effectiveness.

Humor me, however, as I take a single moment to cherish my current bear dancing manuevers in the dark, as I thrive on the fun of using facing and backstepping and a directional Swipe to be a nimble old bear while I tank my groups. It’s fun, it keeps me hopping, and while I do admit that 9 times out of 10 the standard fast pull overgeared overpowered strategy is “run in, piss ’em all off, Swipe and take it”…

When the going gets tough…

It’s time to bring out the dancing bear!


40 thoughts on “Bear swiping fun in 3.1!

  1. I AM going to miss the directional swipe, personally. It was nice to be able to allow someone to be CCd when they were all up in my stuff and still keep whacking everything else. It’s like a hunter’s multi-shot; if you know how it works you can use it precisely… now, it’s more like a warlock’s hellfire, an all around indiscriminate ‘poof’.

    Advantages and disadvantages to both (especially with the bug I keep running into where they always want to stand on top of me, no matter what I do… I can’t attack them because they’re behind me, so I move, so they move and we start over again.)…


  2. Hey BBB, you can still dance. 😉
    I play a prot warrior and even then enjoy the dancing. You’ll now find the skill and enjoyment of having a sheep right behind you and needing to pull everyone else back (forward, sideways, etc…) if you can and they aren’t casters and then get just on the edge of where your Swipe (TC for me) will not break CC. It’s actually kind of fun. Plus, as you said, you can’t dodge anything hitting you from behind, so you WILL need to position yourself constantly.


  3. What?!!?! Swipe is hands down my favorite ability, and I use it much like you describe, with a glyphed maul always waiting on the auto attack if I have more than 40-50 rage. This just seems toooooo…..easy. So now I FFF, mangle, and spam swipe for a little while, maybe occasionally growling or mangling something? At least I get to use everything else on boss fig…ts. Wait no I don’t, when the adds pop I’m gonna be too busy standing still spamming swipe, backing up every now and then to make the mobs go in front of. I’m not one for the stereotypical they hate my class stuff, but damn it sure seems like they are taking away our competitive advantages and the flavor out of our already arguably dry rotation. I have confidence it will all work out, but in the meantime, what do we do? (Dual spec into boomkin until feral becomes super bear fun again is the answer)


  4. I tank with my FACE, and now with my ARSE too (as per 3.1)

    360 swipe is a buff I agree, but it is really like making every tanking class more similar. Not long before Blizz give us Bear SHIELDS or make barkskin function like a shield etc.

    But at the same time I think 360 swipe sounds more like unlimited target thunderclap of warriors than consecrete


  5. I think it’s a shame, really. As I see it, being “forced” to face the mobs and being able to dodge is good thing… These days you see way too many (non-Druid) tanks who just let the mobs circle them and losing the ability to block/dodge/parry. Of course, you’ll still be able to maneuver and get into the right position, but now there’s just less incentive to do so. Ahh, well…


  6. At this point we pause to queue the music to allow CC to exit stage gracefully.

    AoE tanking is great, no doubt about it… but CC was once great too…

    There is that old joke about all a Mage got in the release notes was a new icon… well these days you don’t have to look to far for novelty items.. Polymoprh: Rabbit would be great (well if you want 20 different polymorph skins), but the least Blizzard could do is reskin an ability we will be using in future.

    Anyway, Grats on the upcoming 360 tanking.. I too will revel in my memories of what CC was, once, long ago…


  7. Personally I thought all swipe trully needed was to become non-targetted, like the warrior’s sonic wave thing. Increasing the range on swipe is also very nice but I really didn’t think swipe needed to become 360.

    I am not sure how this will work out because it’s a little bit OP now. It’s still spammable n all, and swipe is nearly guaranteed to crit for the bubble. Consec, death and decay, thunderclap, none of those aoe threat abilities are spammable. I am worried if this will lead to swipe getting a cd which will completely wreck everything.


  8. TripleB Im surprised you’re okay with this change. Personally this is the first change out of the manymanymany recent bear changes that bothers me. The armor nerfs, stam nerfs, and even the weird Savage Defense are all things I can write off to class balancing or scaling, but changing swipe is like taking away the last tiny little bit of nuance bears had. I feel the same way Gnome does; I used to get complimented on how I marked pulls in Outland heroics. We used to NEED CC to survive, now it’s only used if (a) the group is horribly undergeared or (b) i fucking feel like it. Current heroic runs and Naxx trash are AoE roflfests as you all know, but I got a little satisfaction knowing that having to constantly position mobs to stay within the swipe cone was a challenge unique to bears.

    Sure, it’s a buff and will make tanking easier, but to me this cements our transition from tough, high armor, high health facetanks to twirling swipenancies covered in bubble wrap.

    I’m loving the cat form stuff tho…


  9. Oh its gonna be a blast. I tried it out on the ptr – it feels totally wrong but works like a treat! They were worried that bear tanks were not as strong in AOE as the other 3 classes of course, which might make us less popular in some situations… which I tend to agree with, if you’re gonna pick nits. Btw, CC is billed to be coming back in Ulduar according to GC. We’re still gonna have to be careful )


  10. the change to swipe is directly 25 raid tied.
    atm add pick-up duty as a bear is cumbersome(to say the least) and very annoing. our only aoe move, swipe, requiers a target in mele range and infront of you but can hit further away than mele range. it’s quite taxing on the bear to try and pick up a group of mobs outside of swipe range and keep building agro on the ones you have already on you. the fact that we have to use our gcd to keep building agro is our biggest setback.


  11. CC is already out of the game and went the way of the dodo as soon as wrath was released!
    I miss the tactics and complexity associated with CC and wish it were back in some form or another.

    As for the 360* swipe, i also welcome it. The 2 yard loss of range may make things interesting to get used to.
    If a mob mob get past a bear and we had to growl to pull it back it would still be behind us while we were tanking the ones that didnt get past! A 360* swipe will help us allot to maintain agro on that mob until we can reposition to get it infront. So all in all a great addition.


  12. It’s not just CC’d mobs. I just offtanked 10 man Naxx. The boss with the 4 ads where you have to keep them alive, but ready to down when the boss enrages. At the moment it is great as a bear tanking them; go nuts on them for 10 seconds, take the first one down to around 20% (or 10%, or 5% just for fun) and then just re-position so he’s behind you and take the others down, without killing him until you are good and ready. Enrage happens, turn & mangle/maul bam passive boss.
    Now if there is anything like that in 3.1 it will take a whole different way of keeping threat without killing them (demo roar spam … /boring).
    They stole my cheese 😦


  13. This is going to sound counterintuitive, but I like this as a PvP buff. Especially in thus crowded Wintergrasp lag-fests, being able to simply jump in the crowd and swipe, instead of finding a target in melee range in front. Even with constant tab-targeting, I see repeated “your target is out of range”. I wish, though that it had changed to an untargeted frontal cone AoE, which is (IMO) the best of both worlds.


  14. I’m not sure if I like it or not yet. I tend to have problems gathering threat in 2 scenarios. The first is something like HVH where 5 mobs are running at you. My swipe always seems to miss one, and I have to go try to chase him down. This may or may not help with that. The other is when I’m off-tanking and trying to pick up adds. Lots of adds coming from multiple directions. This may or may not help with that as well. I was really hoping for more of a ‘cone of instant threat’ right out in front of me on a fairly short cooldown. I suppose that was too much to ask for though.


  15. You still want mobs in front of you for glyphed maul. This just makes it easier to pick up adds on the run where server latency is such that the server thinks the mob is behind you, but on your screen it appears to be in front (happens to me all the time with those patrol packs in VH and computer event in HoS). So, I see this as a nice subtle improvement to overcome latency issues, but you still want mobs in front of you after you grab them.


  16. I’ve always found having to have a target selected to swipe annoying, so I welcome the change removing the target requirement. I do agree, however on the 360 degree nature of the swipe … it somehow removes the “bear” aspect of the ability. I’ve expected a 360 threat on bears for awhile, but I expected [Bear Poop], similar to a consecrate, that ticks off stink and mobs step in …

    Does anyone know if there will be changes to cat swipe?


  17. What about when you want to tank a few adds with your back to cc’ed mobs just out of their melee range? Or with your back to mobs that someone else is tanking close by? “Whoops all your mobs just turned around and killed me sorry my back paws get a little crazy sometimes”


  18. I don’t need no stinkin “bubble”, gimmie my armor back! So many changes. I saw someone riding a polar bear the other day and the bear was so embarrassed he was wearing a mask. Even the NPC’s have had enough.


  19. I’m just tired of the continual tanking homogenization. Nerfs to SotF and HotW are knocking down our armor and stam—two stats bears have always had in spades, due to lack of avoidance past dodge. The bubble mitigates that, sure, but it’s also on a proc … and ultimately it seems like Blizz is trying to give us a shield—we just stack +crit and +AP instead of +block rating and +strength.

    (Or would stacking agility be better? I think it might … but I’ll leave that to the fine folks at EJ.)

    So armor/stam more in line with other tanks, and a second avoidance/mitigation proc, like other tanks. The 360 AoE threat ability (like other tanks) is just another depressing step. I can see making it target-less and increasing range for added ease in picking up multiple enemies … but is more really necessary?

    Blech. Tanking on my Paladin is only fun because he’s nearly full Ret. If bear tanking becomes like prot tanking, I’m not sure it’ll be something I want to do anymore. Making CC superfluous was bad enough; this change is removing even more nuance and flavor.


  20. I guess it works in catform, too.
    Regarding how many mobs will feel the swipe love of one berserking cat I think it will be time to re-schedule the healers accordingly:
    Healer A: tank
    Healer B: group
    Healer C+D: Keep that freaking cat alive.




  21. I feel better about this change after reading this post. At first I was thinking that this would narrow the gap between a skilled bear tank and an unskilled one. (much the same way all skilled healers are getting changed with the nerf of the 5 second rule). It seems to be the way blizzard is trying to go, make everyone feel that they are equal. But Ive worked hard to hone my bear tanking skills. I want to see things become more strategicly difficult. As I thought about this, “oh boy, now I just spam the button, dont even have to worry about where Im standing.” Then I got to thinking, I’ll still reflexively use my positioning (I do it on my alts automaticly) and this will cause me to be able to dodge more attacks then someone who doesn’t do this. So, maybe instead of closing the gap between skilled and unskilled it will actually widen the gap.


  22. This 360 swipe deal, I am very much looking forward to, for one reason. I’m one of the best geared tanks in my guild. And yet, there are some things I just don’t seem to be able to do as well as a pally or DK. First would be the COS Timed run. Just so many mobs, attacking from everywhere, all directions, and we are running like hell to get to the bonus boss and get another drake for the guild. I can’t do it. I am very willing to admit that my skill might be a factor. But I’ve had others tell me they couldn’t do it either. But pallies and DKs have an easier time of it because of the aoe in all direction type of tanking ability. Same thing with Goth the Harvester. I struggle if I’m on the dead side, because the mass chaos at the end makes it difficult to grab and hold all the mobs while they are being killed.

    I can’t wait to try out the new swipe, and see if I can’t be a bit better in those kinds of situations.

    I am really concerned about the stam/armor nerf though. Very, very concerned. If the armor multiplier is going to be cut in half, and stam multiplier is going to not be cut as hard, it seems to me that I should probably regem some of my tanking set. Maybe instead of those JC only Stam gems I should replace them with JC only Agility gems. That would boost my armor and dodge up some more, and increase my crit. More crit = more shield bubbles, correct?


  23. I am excited about AoE threat, though I would have preferred a new ability rather than adjusting swipe. I’m a new bear tank but I LOOOVEEEE the dance, and that won’t change come 3.1. I don’t care if they want it too!

    As for the bubble, I’m a bit worried about it. From what I have heard it has it’s pros and cons. I don’t know about any ICD yet but I have heard any damage will pop the bubble.

    So you’re tanking a boss, where the bubble will be very useful, the bubble comes up (which we will say can absorb 1500 damage) but :O OMG you pissed a rat off earlier and it bites you causing 1 damage, yes 1. Well bu-bye bubble.


  24. Amplexis said:
    It seems to be the way blizzard is trying to go, make everyone feel that they are equal.

    I’d bet it has less to do with how everyone “feels” and more to do with making it easier to maintain game balance. As new aspects of the game are developed (gear, abilities, talents, levels) it becomes more difficult to ensure that bears, prot warriors and pallys and DKs of all specs are equally viable tanks. Homogenizing the class abilities makes it less difficult from the perspective of game design.

    Then it becomes a challenge of standardizing what each class does while still having it done in a class specific way. You don’t want to end up with all tanks just being prot warriors in different skins.


  25. THANK YOU for mentioning the “no dodge when they’re behind you”. I have obviously not let this change settle in that far and this little maxim has really helped me come to terms with this change. What’s my problem here? Well, it seemed for a bit tanking was getting even stupider and more boring. At least there’s some sort of situational variable that will keep me hopping around…even if its not the directional cone issue.

    What will be interesting is to see the griping that occurs when a bunch of not so with-it bears start crumbling under their “stand and swipe like it was consecrate” tactics that are – you gotta admit – coming soon to a Heroic near you.

    Something you didn’t mention, but I find very GOOD about the directional cone is the bear tank’s ability to work around CC much more effectively than the other tanking classes. Without the 360, I find I can get into a tight situation (what? mages never get that sheep off too late and you’re never stuck having to get aggro RIGHT NOW and not pull the mess back a bit?) and in these situations I just put my bear butt against that sheep and swipe to my heart’s content. Ah well…pardon while I wax nostalgic.

    I’m sure I’ll appreciate the 360 – in fact, I can see where I will very quickly. Another nice bonus of all this will be the double-maul glyph that I’ve been avoid because, well, I learned to do this in BC and LIKE CC and have found I can do without it. When dual spec rolls out and I have “deep tank” and “off tank” specs, that Maul glyph’s getting fixed in ’cause it’ll be 360 tanking baby.


  26. What I liked about how swiped worked was the fact that it used to take some level of skill to use it. Also, it was more like an AOE scalpel rather than a hatchet as BBB points out when he described using it. The only thing I never understood about the targeting aspect was that mobs who were out of range to use swipe were still in the swipe’s AOE. I didn’t mind the targeting aspect so much as it’s implementation. I hate that it will be 360, 270 I’d be fine with, it just doesn’t make much sense to swipe all the way around as a bear. Unless we spin or something stupid.


  27. I would say that I really feel the targeting part of swipe needs to die, although I didn’t mind the 180 degree bit. Targeting made sense in BC, but it doesn’t make sense now that the ability isn’t target limited.

    That said, learning to actually control mobs with swipe is pretty rough, as you will have the massive screwups that can cause wipes due to the unexpected pathing mechanics, general lack of skill, or range problems. I think you only really make it when you finally realize that you must charge on every pull, and to yell at dks who drop DnD before you can do anything.


  28. The big thing with Thunderclap is that it’s got a 6 second CD. So if, as a warrior, you hit your Thunderclap a little too early and miss 1-2 mobs, you had better find another way to gather them up or they’re gonna go chew your healer’s face off. Swipe is only tied to the GCD, so you can literally run around spamming swipe and be ensured of grabbing any mob that comes near you. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added a bit of a CD to Swipe (and buffed its damage to match) with this change.


  29. I am going to love the changes to swipe.
    Not having to have a specific target in range will make it much more useful and natural in those fast-paced situations.
    And having it be 360 degrees will overcome the bugginess in the game.

    I actually don’t mind it being just a frontal arc, much of the time – it adds a bit more skill to tanking. In theory.
    In practice, when I’m tanking, mobs just walk through me and start hitting me from behind. Or lag is so bad that by the time the game server has figured out that i want to hit the mob, the mob has run past me and is down the hall beating up the mage. Both of these problems are counteracted by the 360 degrees change to swipe.

    To summarise:
    In theory, I sympathise with people who like the frontal arc damage of swipe. But the 360 degree attack is needed due to lag and mobs randomly walking through you.

    It will also be brilliant for aoe farming and kiting mobs.

    Hooray for Blizzard! Three cheers from every druid!


  30. Another thought:
    Personally I’m not worried about the armor and stamina changes. The armor loss will be directly compensated by savage defense so fingers crossed it will balance out. And it makes itemisation more exciting too, because instead of getting leather with extra armor, we now look for extra attack power and crit for the same mitigation effect.
    The stamina drop doesn’t have anything to counter balance it. Or does it?
    We lose 10% stamina bonus, but we gain 2% stamina, 2% agility, 2% strength…

    So it’s really an 8% stam loss, and a 2% other stats gain, which isn’t so nasty.

    I prefer to take a more holistic view – as long as my druid can tank things fine, I’m happy. If I can’t tank things fine anymore, I’ll start to whinge.
    My prediction is that there are happy days ahead for druid tanks.


  31. I’m thinking of maybee a new bear model, perhaps based on a panda?
    360deg round house?

    yep you got it……..

    here comes the kick ass, yankin, tankin, “Kung -fu Panda!!!”

    (If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, ask your kids 🙂 )


  32. I’m sure we’ll still be able to tank things. It’ll just feel like a prot warrior’s doing it.

    Yes, yes, bring the player, not the class. But that mantra is absolutely meaningless if the classes are all exactly the same. Might as well have four classes rather than ten.


  33. CC just isnt what it used to be… people rarely use it (rogues is still the best then you never have to worry about them getting too close) which puts more of an emphasis on tanks/healers to perform. I enjoy dpsing 5 mans (bear spec naturally, I dont have the gold to change all the time) and when I’m catting it up most tanks dont even bother to mark mobs anymore. Lets do H Nexus in 20 mins!


  34. I’m looking forward to the new swipe, i have come across a few encounters with 4 mobs at once with not only 2 of them being casters, the but casters want to actually run 10 yards away from me to cast their ranged goodness (absolutely in their opposite directions). It would be nice to stay in the middle of them all (even if some are behind me) and be able to apply threat to them all, esp since it seems i can dodge attacks from behind where as pally’s, warr’s etc cannot parry, block from behind etc (since i cant parry or block, it doesn’t concern me). With regards to using CC like sheep etc, Ive noticed cc has been long since forgotten about. Back in BC , i played a hunter as my main ( note: hunter, not huntard ) and cc was used so much in heroics that alot of classes like dps warrs missed out on runs due to their lack of cc, a year later, everyone had geared up to the point where not only was cc not used, but tanks would pull a few groups at a time to speed up heroic runs (hence the term , badge farming run) , so when ppl ( on my server anyways) started NR heroics, spells like polymorph, freezing trap weren’t even on peoples action bars.


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