Old is as old reacts

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work, flipping between talk radio (long enough to turn red in the face), the teeny bopper channel (in hopes of hearing Lady Gagas’ Poker Face), and my Dragonforce CD, when something came across the airwaves that made me stop in stunned disbelief.

I like to think that I’m fairly aware of the dirty underside of life. It’s been a long time since something actually shocked me or surprised me, in terms of the lengths someone will go in the media, either in language or suggestability.

I grew up in Miami, my dad was a foul mouthed cop, I spent many years in the Marines, and I love listening to Lewis Black. The use of the f-bomb in polite conversation does not startle me. In fact, the use of that word, and indeed many MANY others in polite conversation comes MORE natural to me than breathing.

Ask my friends in vent. If I get comfortable and relax my self-filter, my language gets, to use a dated phrase, ‘salty’.

I make no apologies. I earned the use of that language in a fairly hard school, and while I don’t intend to shock and I don’t think the use of such language is at all witty or edgy… well, I make no apologies if my upbringing was soaked with such language, and your ears are tender to such things.

That being said, ever since Alex was born, I have made a concerted, harder than heck effort to eradicate the saltiness from my conversation, so that he at least has a choice as to how his vocabulary grows.ย 

Since this is a family friendly (hey, I’ve got a family, and I’m friendly… if you want to bring your family to visit, I’d like to feel that I’m friendly to them, too) blog, I try very hard to not go past a PG rating in terms of language and content.

Yes, some days the token f-bomb will float it’s way past my internal censor. I don’t think I’m being witty or clever by dropping one, I just forget myself.

My point in all this babbling BS is that, while I do not go around venting in expletives deleted here or in casual conversation anymore, I feel that I am WELL past the point of being shocked at hearing anything in the media.

Oh, was I wrong.

I started this post by talking about the radio.

A song came on that I had not heard before. A female singer. I like female singers. Sue me.

As I listen to what she’s singing… I find myself asking myself, “She can’t possibly be saying that on the radio, right? I’m just not hearing that right. She didn’t just say… she keeps repeating that… Who wrote that song, and who the heck would SING that? That makes it past the FCC these days? Holy crap!”

I have, over the course of many years, heard lyrics use many, many euphemisms to talk about sex and describe body parts without actually violating the letter of the law.

“Muffin” is one of the ones that can make me laugh out loud.

Speaking of letters of the law, the letters are what this one uses to get away with it.

The name of the song, it turns out, is exactly what I thought it was, and at the same time, totally not what I thought it was.

“If you seek Amy”.

Looks innocent, right?

Oh yeah, sure.

Try sounding it out phonetically. Much like OU812 of years past (many, many years), what it looks like in text and what it means when you sound it out… or sing it… are quite different.

Congratulations. I got stunned and flabbergasted over something I heard on the flipping radio. Damn, I not only feel old, this proves I AM old.

Now here’s the worst bit… in order to make sure I complete the post… this singer’s music will be on my blog. There is something BEYOND wrong with that.

“All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if u seek amy”.

Please, somebody just shoot me.


62 thoughts on “Old is as old reacts

  1. ok finally a blog I read that is complaining about it.

    ok, I am 41, and a radio station in town here plays advisory’s when the song airs.

    and for the Life of me!

    I dont know why!

    Someone, PLEASE spell it out.

    unless there is some subliminal message I am missing, it! or I am old and senile


  2. This strikes me as the musical equivalent of the Saturday Night Live “Sofa King” skit, where everything is not just big, it’s Sofa King big, or not just hot, it’s Sofa King hot, etc.

    I didn’t think the SNL skit was funny, just like Brit’s song isn’t very good, either.


  3. Now usually I get these things, even if English is not my native language – but I just don’t get it..

    but let’s just say that I’m not surprised that Britney chooses to sing a song with innuendoes. (which I assume this is?!?)


  4. I totally didn’t catch that when I first saw the video. I can’t believe that gets on the radio when I hear nickleback songs have the word drugs edited out.


  5. It took me the whole dang song before I got it…seriously, the very last time she sang it, I finally got it. It’s frightning to think that there are going to be little girls running around, singing these lyrics, because they don’t understand them and their parents’ don’t pay attention.


  6. I have to admit, I had to do a google search to figure this one out… as it sounds like she is looking for someone called Amy. Which is I guess what they were going for. I guess if you hadn’t read the line and had it in your mind, it would sound different.


  7. Yeh Rakh, it sounds like she’s looking for someone named Amy until she words out the song’s title. She deliberately pronounces it so you make no mistake. Not to mention, “begging to if you…”? They’re not even trying to hide it. Well… the “news caster” at the beginning and end of the vid kinda give it away too.

    Btw BBB, apparently James Joyce beat Britney to the line: http://www.slate.com/id/2214106/


  8. Of course, if the song really were about someone named Amy, the chorus would make no sense.

    So what you have are verses about looking for someone named Amy and choruses about how much everyone wants to fuck Britney seek Amy … right? Right?


  9. And I forgot the main point I wanted to make: Britney is a dumb ditz and she’ll make the music that gets attention back to her so she can sell. However, the fact that this gets played on the radio is unbelievable. She’s not exactly hiding the meaning of the song. Then again, I didn’t think Promiscuous should have been played on the radio either… Does that mean I’m old? ;o)


  10. Yep you defiantly getting turning into and old bear! Mind you I’ll give you 10/10 for having the sufficiently ‘broadly’ educated mind to spot it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I looked at the song title and all I though was, wow, bad English. I sat there saying it out loud to myself, still couldn’t see it, but eventually if finally clicked ๐Ÿ™‚

    Do you remember her first song, as that fresh faced teenager from the Disney channel all those years ago? Wearing a school girl uniform, and singing “Hit me baby one more time”

    Hay could be worse, she could be singing about shooting someone and getting high on drugs, but I’m sure she would have saved that for later in the album ๐Ÿ™‚

    Over here in the UK the BBC tend to edit by just blanking out the word in the songs on the radio, I’m really looking forward to what the censors are going to do with this when it gets here ๐Ÿ™‚

    โ€œAll of the boys and all of the girls are begging to blank , blank, blank, blankโ€
    Note sure it has the same โ€˜ringโ€™ to it ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Oooooohhh … I get it …

    How perfectly vile.

    Well, here’s at least one person who’s not seeking Amy.


  12. Ok, so after much debate at the office, with BBB’s phonetic sounding it out comment, we finally figured it out.

    I still don’t understand why everyone is up in arms, lets face it, in an age where kids are being busted for giving hummers on the school bus, getting pregnant at 12. Do you really think a song that has iF yU CeeK aME is going to be all that different then many of the other songs by artist talking about, doing drugs.

    Hell just look at the daily news, there is more sex and crap on CNN, then in any music song on the radio.

    in 5 years, any of the top 40 singers are going to be remembered as “music from the past” Tiffiny, Paula Abdule, Micheal Jackso, Janet Jackson.

    By complaining and bringing attention these songs, really your feeding their career’s


  13. I didn’t think this was TOO bad, at least she hid it a little bit, lol. Have you heard this one by Buckcherry? http://www.guba.com/watch/3000100694 In some versions they don’t blip out the F-word. Don’t get me wrong, I like this song, just not one I would let me 4yr old listen too.


  14. I didn’t get it at first either…. off to google and tada some kind(?) soul spelled out the “If you seek Amy” phrase a bit more phonetically “Eff U Cee Kay Me”


  15. Heh, this song has annoyed me since the first time I heard about it. I used to like Britney, even through all her recent craziness I just felt sorry for her. But I’m almost disgusted with her now. It would be one thing if the message was hidden, but the words “if you seek Amy” make no sense in the chorus…she is blatantly talking about how everyone wants to f*ck her. I don’t know how this got past the radio censors, when the “funk” gets bleeped out from that black eyed peas song for sounding too much like “f*ck.” Too bad the song is catchy, and because of this post is now in my head, haha.


  16. I see this method used pretty regularly in character names in WoW. Interestingly, they often make it to max level before anyone bothers reporting them (or the GMs notice themselves, I’m not sure). I wonder how common it is, or if my realm just has a few raunchy altoholics.


  17. It took me a couple lines of the chorus to get it actually.

    Overall reaction is….meh

    It’s why the radio has those pesky channel, volume and on/off buttons.


  18. @Boojah That song made me giggle when I heard it the first time.

    Eh there is far worse on the radio and being sung about. Hell go back in time and people are singing about “afternoon delight” Really is our music more about sex or just more overt about the subject matter?


  19. @Boojah I’ve never heard Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, but I love Bad Touch! I guess I just hold Bloodhound Gang to a different standard – that kind of raunchiness doesn’t faze me coming from a bunch of guys. But when Britney first came out, she was all innocent schoolgirl, and even after everything that has happened in the years since, I’m still disappointed every time she does something that disproves that.


  20. You know you’re old when … OU812 was the first concert you ever attended. >.>
    Even worse was when they started referring to music from my jr. high days as “retro.” eek.


  21. For the first week of hearing this song, I thought she was saying “If you CK me.” Spent a good long time wondering what the heck is a CK? Is that the girl equivalent of a…you know? Because the letters are only one off of each other. I must be dumb as if you seek hey.


  22. After I realized who the singer was, I had a “go figure moment” ๐Ÿ˜› I’m not shocked that it’s Britney, and not all too shocked it’s on the radio. But I am sure once more parents get wind of it, it wont be anymore ๐Ÿ˜›


  23. hmm I am 28 and i have no problem with this song. I believe that parents should raise and parent their kids. I hate that people make a big deal over this song or anything “for the children”. I know thats not 100% what this post was getting at but its close.

    also for those who haven’t gotten it Yet iF yoU CeeK aMy(me)


  24. Sorry, forgot to finish my thoughts. DOn’t start sneezing with hands on the keybord – it is not pretty and one has to clean their monitor ๐Ÿ˜ฆ One of my favorite SNL skits is “Colonel Angus”, but then again that is on late at night and at that point, it is up to the parents to supervise or not. And Thank God, my grand daughter perfers Heavy Metal to the bubble gum that Britney does.


  25. Oh forgot about KORN

    A. D. I. D. A. S.

    All the past examples of this kind of music is why it gets a big collective /shrug from me. It’s not new, it’s not innovative. It just is. People don’t like it they turn it off, and move on.

    Oh and I agree with the above guy Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo is a pretty awesome song to (assuming one likes that kind of music ๐Ÿ˜› )


  26. You know, my point wasn’t that it was something YOU should be horrified at, or even that it was inappropriate. How you feel about it is your call. After I listenened to it and got over my stunned disbelief, I was laughing at how sad it seemed to me that she felt she had to go that far for whatever reason… desperation to be scandalous? I dunno.

    My point, as with everything else I post, is not to make YOU feel that you need to agree with me. My goal, my point, whatever, is just to share something I thought was funny or that moved me… and in this case, I felt my age, because what I used to take in stride or even cheer made me stop and go “WTF” like an old fuddy duddy.

    Hey, anyone remember that great classic… “Riding that train, high on cocaine… Casey Jones you better watch your speed. Trouble ahead, trouble behind, and you know that notion, just crossed my mind…”

    It’s not that it’s shocking, it’s that I was shocked, that’s all.

    That being said, no, I would not want my six year old son, or your four year old daughter, walking around singing “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to Eff You Cee Kay Me”, whether THEY know what it means or not.

    If that makes me a prude… ah, what the hell. I’m probably only a few years away from needing Metamucil anyway, why the heck not.


  27. she makes me sad. its like she’s desperately trying to prove to the world and to herself that she’s attractive, sexually appealing and she’s trying so hard, its like she doesn’t really believe it herself :/

    although – while the song itself doesn’t shock me, it always shocks me when ultra censored radio stations would play something like this all of a sudden. maybe its because sensor don’t have imagination and are so very literal in their interpretations? like WoW forums blanking out most of the word “grape” (I’m not kidding, try to post something like “I like to drink grape juice when I raid” and then look at your post)?


  28. What’s really sad is the entire thing is doing what it’s supposed to: get attention for the sad little girl. How’s the saying go? There’s no such thing as bad publicity?


  29. I didn’t think you were trying to go all “This stuff must be BANNNNNNNNNED FOR THE CHILDREN” on us BBB. For me personally I don’t think anything can come on the radio that is going to “shock” me. Thus my “meh” reaction to it. The fact that I actually had to THINK about it to see what the hell she was saying puts it in a “mild” level for me. Hell if not for all the stupid so called “press” coverage (not you) I doubt I ever would have figured it out.


  30. I didn’t get it until I googled the song. Afterwards, I wondered how I missed it. I guess she and whoever wrote the song was going for the shock value, but… some things are better kept to yourself. Is there really a need to broadcast that? That is just my old fart opinion. It’s definitely something I would not my five-year old daughter singing.


  31. With all due respect to those who do find this song somewhat offensive. From a artist point of view it is quite clever. Unless it was pointed out, broadcasted and made a fuss over (oops) then I doubt a lot of the children listening to the song would even realise what hidden message in the song really is. Like all of pop music which has been produced for decades, it’s all nursery rhyme tunes and melodies that have lyrics plonked over the top which would make the song more ‘custom’ and so I think that even though the kids may be singing along to the lyrics, i really doubt they would be listening to the lyrics and trying to understand but rather just listening to the song because its a catchy nursery rhyme.


  32. I enjoy clever lyrics that are used to mean something else or when sung in a certain way can easily be misinterpretted as something else, but the sentence structure isn’t even clever. I’m sure her kids will grow up to be very proud of her. Side note – I once dumped a girl because she idolized this twit. I can put up with bad music, I can’t put up with someone aspiring to be a slightly retarded idiot.


  33. Lol… Pulverisa, with all due respect myself… only people that see the name mentioned are going to be predisposed to think that, if they actually listen to what they hear.

    I heard the song on the radio, and heard her saying, in context, “All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to f u c k me.”

    That’s what I heard, as the chorus, and that’s why I said to myself ‘WTF’?

    I assumed the whole Amy thing used throughout the rest of the song was just to misdirect the mobs onto another target. I guess it worked well for people that don’t listen to what they’re hearing.

    It’s cool; I know a lot of folks that, when I share some Loreena McKinnett with them, tell me they have no idea what she’s saying, they can’t understand her, when I am singing along and it all seems clear, if delightfully accented, to me.

    Now, seeing the name of the song as printed, I can understand how people that haven’t heard the song, and don’t care about yet another Britney pop song, would think nothing of it at all.

    I just gotta call BS that folks that only know the song by listening to it are just missing it entirely. I gotta figure that, like me, they are the only ones that ARE getting it, cause they have no preconceived ideas.

    Then again… you know what? The more I think about the whole thing… the more hilarious it’s becoming in my mind. I’m in no way a media mogul, but the point’s been made… I’m actually talking about this silliness. I’m gonna have to give someone credit for this because it IS succeeding at messing with folks.

    Oh, and Sofa King… man, I totally forgot about that, lols….


  34. You see, this song has been driving me nuts for the longest time, because as you say, the phrase makes NO sense whatsoever in the chorus. Of course once you pointed it out it was obvious, but I didn’t see it for myself. >_> I guess there may actually be a reason my friends joke that I am “pure as the driven snow”.


  35. It is clever use of words ala Sofa King, but not appropriate for her target audience by any means. Fortunately my daughter can’t stand her or her music – her tastes run to Linkin Park and Andrea Bocelli. I just find it sad that Britney’s promoted as someone teen girls should emulate or boys idolize.

    As I can make a stevadore blush at times, I actually find the American ambivalence to sex, nudity and strong language a bit prudish. Europeans seem much more at ease and less ‘shocked’ by so much than we are.

    BTW – Loreena McKinnett – she’s totally awesome. I don’t know how anyone could not appreciate her. She’s the daily listen as I wind down in WoW at night!


  36. When taking marketing classes there is one golden rule…..Good press or bad press is press all the same. Scandals can always be spun back for profit, its all about making sure that your being noticed- so it works.

    Beyond that…Bloodhound gang had a song out on MTV, being a marine BBB you will like this, “foxtrot, uniform, charlie, kilo”..which was also the hook. Not to mention, this song is no where near any of the hip hop/ pop songs that sing about much much worse. Like a lolipop, candyshop, hell listen to some falloutboy lyrics… sex sells and it has been in mainstream media for a while now and is not going anywhere. It is up to parents to be the filter of what their kids listen to (of course that never stopped all of me and my 4th grade class from scoping out national geographic and the nude beach scene in wheres waldo lol).

    I have to say that its pretty funny that its getting so much play time and news coverage…yea like that will make the kids not want to listen more…


  37. Sweet said: “I enjoy clever lyrics that are used to mean something else or when sung in a certain way can easily be misinterpreted as something else, but the sentence structure isnโ€™t even clever.”

    My thoughts exactly. The fact that it’s dirty isn’t nearly as egregious as the fact that it’s lazy. I could have come up with that in fifth grade.


  38. Pulverisa

    Not only the fact that if you listen to the song you can hear her slowly spelling it but imagine you see a little 7 year old girl dancing around singing โ€œAll of the boys and all of the girls are begging to EFF YEW CEE-KA MEโ€ whether they realise what they are saying themselves…

    I’m only 24 (so not really an “old fart”) but have witnessed my (at the time 7year old) niece singing a Dance song that made me feel rather awkward as she clearly didn’t realise the meaning behind what she was singing… but was singing it in public. I don’t remember the exact lyrics but it was something along the lines of rubbing yourself up against me yada yada something or other.


  39. Well, there’s my sister-in-law anecdotally running around the house singing “Starf***er” at about age 6, and my brother singing “No no no I do not smoke it no mo”.

    But yeah BBB I see where you’re coming from, I hit that steep descent into curmudgeon a couple years ago, at the mall of all places. When I saw a young (12-14?) girl in skintight hiphuggers with a whale tail (or was it the tiny shorts with ‘Juicy’ across the ass) and the first thing that came to mind was ‘I really want to go and smack your mother upside the head’, I knew I was doomed. Later saw the girl with her mother and they were dressed alike and I told myself it was only a matter of time before “you kids keep off of my lawn!”

    Can’t manage a whole lot of outrage, it’s the cheap disposable segment of the entertainment spectrum, it’s Britney’s ongoing trainwreck, feh. (incidental to the Nickelback censoring, there’s a nice spoof of Rockstar on Youtube called Popstar that’s hilarious).

    And I enjoy the Bloodhound Gang, they’re stupid raunchy idiots, and they make zero effort to market or portray themselves as anything other than that. So they’re insulated from outraged parents because they’re so upfront about the blue content.


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