Old is as old reacts

I was listening to the radio on the way home from work, flipping between talk radio (long enough to turn red in the face), the teeny bopper channel (in hopes of hearing Lady Gagas’ Poker Face), and my Dragonforce CD, when something came across the airwaves that made me stop in stunned disbelief.

I like to think that I’m fairly aware of the dirty underside of life. It’s been a long time since something actually shocked me or surprised me, in terms of the lengths someone will go in the media, either in language or suggestability.

I grew up in Miami, my dad was a foul mouthed cop, I spent many years in the Marines, and I love listening to Lewis Black. The use of the f-bomb in polite conversation does not startle me. In fact, the use of that word, and indeed many MANY others in polite conversation comes MORE natural to me than breathing.

Ask my friends in vent. If I get comfortable and relax my self-filter, my language gets, to use a dated phrase, ‘salty’.

I make no apologies. I earned the use of that language in a fairly hard school, and while I don’t intend to shock and I don’t think the use of such language is at all witty or edgy… well, I make no apologies if my upbringing was soaked with such language, and your ears are tender to such things.

That being said, ever since Alex was born, I have made a concerted, harder than heck effort to eradicate the saltiness from my conversation, so that he at least has a choice as to how his vocabulary grows. 

Since this is a family friendly (hey, I’ve got a family, and I’m friendly… if you want to bring your family to visit, I’d like to feel that I’m friendly to them, too) blog, I try very hard to not go past a PG rating in terms of language and content.

Yes, some days the token f-bomb will float it’s way past my internal censor. I don’t think I’m being witty or clever by dropping one, I just forget myself.

My point in all this babbling BS is that, while I do not go around venting in expletives deleted here or in casual conversation anymore, I feel that I am WELL past the point of being shocked at hearing anything in the media.

Oh, was I wrong.

I started this post by talking about the radio.

A song came on that I had not heard before. A female singer. I like female singers. Sue me.

As I listen to what she’s singing… I find myself asking myself, “She can’t possibly be saying that on the radio, right? I’m just not hearing that right. She didn’t just say… she keeps repeating that… Who wrote that song, and who the heck would SING that? That makes it past the FCC these days? Holy crap!”

I have, over the course of many years, heard lyrics use many, many euphemisms to talk about sex and describe body parts without actually violating the letter of the law.

“Muffin” is one of the ones that can make me laugh out loud.

Speaking of letters of the law, the letters are what this one uses to get away with it.

The name of the song, it turns out, is exactly what I thought it was, and at the same time, totally not what I thought it was.

“If you seek Amy”.

Looks innocent, right?

Oh yeah, sure.

Try sounding it out phonetically. Much like OU812 of years past (many, many years), what it looks like in text and what it means when you sound it out… or sing it… are quite different.

Congratulations. I got stunned and flabbergasted over something I heard on the flipping radio. Damn, I not only feel old, this proves I AM old.

Now here’s the worst bit… in order to make sure I complete the post… this singer’s music will be on my blog. There is something BEYOND wrong with that.

“All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to if u seek amy”.

Please, somebody just shoot me.


62 thoughts on “Old is as old reacts

  1. it took me like 15 minutes to try and figure this out . just couldnt get it lol then menglor spelt it out and bang THATS DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!
    just on a side note to all the guys though YOU WOULD !!!!!


  2. B3 ❤ ❤ ❤ for mentioning Loreena McKinnett! And B. You are getting old. But then who isn’t. I had the same moment at the mall last weekend. Tween girls in short short *emphasizes* short shorts with stockins under them with the garters holding them up under the shorts showing. My first thought was Who the hell let her out of the house like that? Because the gaggle of girls she was with were all dressed the same. I’m old B and I haven’t made 30 yet. *cries* My husband patted my shoulder and told me it was time I faced the age and parenthood. *sighs*


  3. I love that you wrote this B3. I wasn’t offended, and I feel like that sometimes too. Kinda old and fuddy duddy.

    I just liked commenting on it. Afro King had a hilarious song that I was shocked when I first heard it. “I was gonna clean my room, until I got high”. Then I realized that “Coicane” by Clapton is one of my favorite songs. That was a lolwut? for me. I think the Bloodhound Gang are hilarious, and how they get their stuff on the air amazes me. “You and me baby ain’t nuthin but mamals so let’s do it like they do on the discovery chanel” or “Put the you know what, in the you know where.. pronto”. Seriously, I have kids, and when them and all their friends are sining that, I don’t know whether to laugh or be shocked. It’s wierd.

    BTW – On Britney, and people are upset because she started off so wholesome… um.. when she was singing “hit me baby one more time” what did people think she meant?


  4. I love this song, because I completely believe in freedom of expression. I don’t believe in censorship of any kind. This song helps that a bit because it found a way around what the general population of the US believes is taboo.


  5. Xylch, does that mean you condone expressions that lead directly to harm? Hateful speech encouraging violence against (insert race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. here), inciting a riot, yelling fire in a crowded movie house, all are banned by the US government, and rightfully so. This song will never cause physical harm to anyone and shouldn’t be censored, but saying that you don’t believe in censorship of any kind is pretty shortsighted.


  6. Took me a while to get it.

    I guess that singer’s career is sort of built on edginess. It’s too bad; music should be purer than that.


  7. Every generation thinks the next is full of amoral degenerates who will bring about the fall of civilization. Your parents thought the same of your generation. My goal is to fight that urge in myself as long as possible!


  8. “If U Seek Amy.” As many have pointed out, the song’s title, when spoken aloud, sounds a lot like “F**K me.”
    That is what I found on the web, so I listened to the song again, but maybe I just have a pure mind 😛 because it still don’t sound like that to me.
    The video certainly suggests it but meh, I still think she is a good singer 🙂


  9. Hehehe Brittney quoting James Joyce (from Ulysses):

    If you see kay
    Tell him he may
    See you in tea
    Tell him from me.

    He even sneaks one into the third line.
    (Gotta credit Slate for pointing this out).


  10. I have to say I love this. When Steven Tyler said of performing with Britney at the Super Bowl Half Time show a few years back that he was glad music was pissing people off again, I didn’t really get it then because I just didn’t like Britney the same way I don’t like Madonna. However that the reigning Queen of Bubblegum Pop has managed to completely put one over on censorship I love. If Suicidal Tendencies, Rage Against the Machine, or even Disturbed tried something like this it would never see airplay. But because it is Britney it slides by the censors and the focus groups and makes it on the air. I LOVE IT. For the Anarchist that still lives in my heart and rears his head now and again, even as a father, this makes my day. I just will be having a conversation with my daughter about adult language vs. children’s language if it comes up.


  11. This frustrates me to no end. It reminds me of the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” where it is some stupid nobody trying to get a lot of attention by doing something that pushes good taste without any substance. I did not like “Passion of the Christ”, but the reason I do not despise it is that despite the fact that it was just an exploitation flick, at least Gibson was using it for something more than the shock value. That can be said about a lot of great art, including “Huckleberry Fin”, “Citizen Kane”, and “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Sure, people got up in arms about all of these things pushing social norms, but guess what? They had deeper meaning as art, satire, and religious statements.

    This is trash. It is devoid of substance, will get her a bit of quick attention, and then be forgotten as the useless pile of refuse that it is.

    And if anyone suffers, do you know who it will be? If you guessed her or her fan(s), guess again. When these pop idiots do this absolute bullshit, it makes it harder for:
    A) Legitimate art that is pushing boundaries which gets connected to this insipid grasp for attention
    B) Material that is not necessarily of more artistic worth, but which is up front about it and clearly states that it is meant for adults
    As a fan of rock and horror, I know all too well who really suffers when the censors start cracking down, and this ignorant trainwreck of a person is not one of them.

    Sorry, it just really fries me when somebody is shocking just to get noticed and makes it harder on people who are either honest about their work or making something that is genuinely art.


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