Thinking about Bears night out!

I was recently asked if I had any plans on doing another “Meet the Bear” kind of thing in the near future.

I haven’t had any plans other than “That would be sooo much fun to do again sometime”, but maybe I need to get off the stick and start making something happen.

If there isn’t any interest, though, then why go there?

So I have a poll up. It SHOULD be on the sidebar over there while it’s active. ====>

This isn’t about what day, what time, or what location you could attend.

It’s just to give me some idea of who locally would be interested in getting together and hanging out for a bit, chatting, socializing, enjoying group settings out in the real world… all of that stuff people that play games excel at.

No special events, nothing to buy… just a bunch of folks getting together and chillin’.

Obviously, since I live in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul area of Minnesota, USA, that’s the general region where the meet would take place.

Now, I’m up for doing something like this even if nobody showed up… but I know that before Cassie will let me out of the bear trap for a night, she’s gonna want to see some signs that I’d be doing more than eating wings and drinking beer by myself while watching a big screen show the final four. 

If there does seem to be some interest, I’ll throw up a poll looking for specific guidance on where, when, and what kind of place to meet at. 

Again, for my RSS subscribers… there is a poll on my actual website, so if you would like to attend, please come visit and let me know.

Thank you!


19 thoughts on “Thinking about Bears night out!

  1. “before Cassie will let me out of the bear trap for a night, she’s gonna want to see some signs that I’d be doing more than eating wings and drinking beer by myself while watching a big screen show the final four”

    Come on, that’s SO not fair … a bear must roam freely among his natural habitat! (sports bar, obviously)

    I would come, B^3, I would kill for the chance to have unashamed WoW conversations in public (at a bar!) but I am in New York City and it’s a bit of a long walk there. I hope you manage a decent turnout 🙂


  2. I might lose some readers for saying this but….

    I do not, ever, watch or follow any sports. None. Nothing beyond just what I read in a paper or hear on the radio.

    I do not watch or follow football standings, basketball, baseball, tennis, lawn darts… they’re ALL the same to me. I don’t watch them, and I don’t care if any particular team wins or loses. I don’t know who won what when.

    I respect the people that play professional sports and the skill and talent they possess, and I am perfectly happy knowing they are getting well paid for what they do.

    But I have a hard time even understanding the concept of watching it. I don’t watch super bowls or world series or whatever, and I have no interest in them.

    I have gone to live sporting events in the past, I have nothing against them at all, as long as I’m among a group of friends. I like attending a live baseball or hockey match, I like the energy of the crowd, the feeling of vitality and excitement.

    It’s caring about whether a group of other people I don’t personally know win or lose that I have a total emotional disconnect from. I just cannot, CANNOT bring myself to care if total strangers wearing one color jersey beat another group of strangers wearing a different color.

    I loved personally playing sports myself, I played racquetball and team volleyball, football and rugby in the Marines. I like doing it myself, playing, struggling, striving to win. I just don’t care to watch OTHER people have fun.

    If the super bowl were on and I was in a sports bar… I’d be the guy throwing darts or shooting pool instead of shouting or cheering while watching people on TV.

    And now that I’ve said that… I need to remind myself to rewatch the original Rollerball this weekend sometime.


  3. I was just browsing the map of responses. Who’s coming from Sweden? Or someone here in the Cities has a REALLY weird route to the poll server.


  4. I can attest to the fact that BBB really doesn’t care.
    BTW BBB after Rollerball, you should re-watch Blood of Heroes (now THERE is a sport!)


  5. Actually Manny, not only did I recently rewatch Blood of Heroes, but I watched Jason Statham in the remake of Death Race. Surprisingly, it was pretty good. Well, at least it not only met my exact expectations, but it surpassed them in some ways.


  6. Come to the Bay Area, and I’m there.

    I like the Twin Cities, especially as you come out of the icky white phase of the year, but I can’t really justify flying out for a night.

    Love to hang though…


  7. …and a second later I saw the map as well and now understand your comment about the weird route… 4 am over here, lol


  8. You don’t watch sport? I’m shocked…even I watch rugby! 😉 Sadly the Atlantic is a little too wide otherwise I’d be up for a beer or ten 😥


  9. Occasional reader 1st time poster!
    I didn’t know you lived in the Twin Cities. Downtown St Paul here. I’ll have to watch for anything coming up.


  10. Greetings from the great country of Texas! How Y’all are? I’d love to get up there for a meet and greet, but i’d have to drive for 3 days just to get out of Texas. (JK, I’m in the DFW area, so i’m only about 10-12 hours drive from yas i think) I still would have to pass on that trip for now.


  11. I’m still kicking myself for not trying to get off of work for the midnight release of WotLK… but if you do some meet/Buffalo WW beer casual greet on a weekend, I could be convinced to drive down from St. Cloud to do so… (granted I’m down in the cities on the weekends anyways, but it’s less dramatic to mention that).


  12. Ahhh, you’ll be out there with all the soccer mums soon enough when your little nipper gets into it. (substitute soccer with whatever he takes up).


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