I'm planning a raid! Err, I mean live group event!

The votes are in, and I’ll definitely get another group event going, hopefully within the next two weeks. 

It’s really nice to see so many folks saying they’d like to come chat for a bit. I have days when I start to feel that writing the blog is pretty silly, and that the folks that take the time to read, while really nice and super friendly… are just here because they’re utterly bored.

That someone would really take real world time to come by and have fun talking about the game and stuff with someone that is, technically, a wierdo internet writing stranger is very cool.

Hey, if some of you are really willing to hang out for a bit and have fun, that’s good enough for me to show up.

Keep in mind though, this is more than just a friendly get together.

We all share one thing. WoW. And WoW is srs bsnss…. we are srs people doing srs things. When we get together, it’s not to do something silly like have a damby pamby ice cream social, dangit, when WoW players get together like this it’s for a RAID!

Kinda like vikings.  Pick a target and descend to loot, pillage and destroy.

So we’re planning a raid, and planning a raid is srs bsnss too!

Even if all we raid is the buffet line.

We all play WoW. Many folks have scheduled raids every week, some folks are in guilds where attending scheduled raids is mandatory.

Others are going to need some reasonable advance warning to arrange for a babysitter, or spousal approval, or just to make sure it’s not the same time as their regular family bowling night.

I’m not kidding on that one… I know Cassie would be unthrilled if I just sprung on her “Hey, oh love of my life, this guy is having a thing at a place tomorrow, can I go?”, especially if the next night would just happen to be my turn to make dinner, give Alex a bath, or generally do normal day to day things. It might seem.. awfully convenient.

So as with any WoW raid… gotta have advance warning to give people time to prepare. Also have to set the time and date for when it hopefully won’t interfere with most folks in-game raiding nights. And also want to be convenient for folks that work during the day, or even would like to visit from an area close to but not actually IN the Twin Cities.

And finally, as in any raid… we gotta figure out what luckless establishment we are going to descend upon like a ravening horde.

It should be a location that is fairly reasonable for folks in different areas of the Twin Cities to get to, be open and friendly to everyone of any age, and still be kind of fun to hang out in.

Thankfully, everywhere in the Twin Cities is a smoke free establishment. Some of you may smoke, but I don’t, not for a very, very long time.

(Cigars with the Mannyac once or twice a year don’t count. Hmmm…. wonder if I can sucker Melpo into coming to a Tim Malloys night with me and having a cigar and drinking Guinness? MUST look into that. By the way Melpo, how you liking the Planetary comics I lent ya?)

I am open to suggestions on places we could meet, and on when would be an appropriate time. I’d normally think an evening in the middle of the week, but then I don’t know if the folks from the Chicago area or Des Moines would be able to make it. Assuming they were serious about coming, of course.

As far as when… I’m thinking in about two to three weeks.

Ooh! We also need a cute name for the raid! It can’t be a blogging raid without a cute codename!

So I now do what a good raid leader does… make someone else do the real work.

The suggestion line is now open open!

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog reading, already in progress.

14 thoughts on “I'm planning a raid! Err, I mean live group event!

  1. ^
    BW3’s specials:
    Tuesday: wings
    Wednesday: legs (not on the menu, might have to ask)
    Thursday: boneless

    They’ve raised the prices a couple times in the past few years, so I don’t know what current is.


  2. Pretty Thursdays is the 50cent boneless wing day.. at least at the Falcon Heights one, but I think it’s chain wide. We send a huge order in from work most weeks on Thursdays 😀


  3. OKay, I’ll go along with the Buffalo Wild Wings that we met at last time.

    They did have the benefit that all ages can attend comfortably, but they do still serve alcholol for those that partake. They also had a really nice big open table area that we all fit into… that was a big plus.

    The availability of wings is not an issue, not at all. You do believe me, don’t you?

    Faydre, let us know WHAT week you’re coming in from Ireland, eh?

    Yes, the Tims still play at Half Time Rec, but I think that might be a better venue for a Bears Gone Wild event… where the point would be more to just listen to good music and have a pitcher or two. NEver have managed a conversation for more than two seconds unless it was in between sets there.

    And Jive, you intrigue me with thie Thursday Boneless WIng Boss thing. Do tell us more!


  4. FYI…started those Planetary comics last night. For some reason I was thinking it was a space comic. Loving them. Finished the first two bound editions and starting on the individuals ones today


  5. How about a nice central location… like Detroit, MI 😉

    Wish I could attend but leaving SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) with the 3 youngins would mean I’d better pack for a loooong trip as I could not go back for fear of my life. Pillage a buffet for me sir!

    Skarlarth and Co.


  6. I curse the day my parents decided not to raise me in the States!! (not that I ever think they had the idea but you know..anyway…)


  7. Do the Tim Malloy’s still play at the Half Time (last time I went was several years ago)… that in itself might be a good spot for a drink and a song… otherwise Buffalo Wild Wings is a pretty good standard so long as it’s got free parking. The outting could then be called Big Bear Buffalo (wing) night.

    The only other wild idea I have would be a Dave and Busters, should the group of raiders feel the need to slay terrorists and aliens with large guns… the only name ideas I can come up with that involve Boomkin’s Pew Pew’ing


  8. I might be able to join. Depending on which week. But since I’ll be flying in from Ireland I can’t promise anything other than if I do, I’ll bring the guinness.


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