Spider and Plague down, will others follow?

I don’t normally do raid success boast posts, or ‘poasts’, but I’m very proud of the Sidhe Devils and dagnabit it’s time to toot some horns

First, some bad news.

Falromord, our most beloved new guild officer, had the power supplies on both his AND Shrinns wonderful new PCs get blown out by what turned out to be an ungrounded building power distribution panel.

This has taken our friend’s out of the game JUST when the guild was looking forward to having both of them back with us for fun and chatting and happiness all around.

Poor Falromord wasn’t even able to attend the VoA and Obsidian Sanctum run he had scheduled on the calander as raid leader.

As you can imagine, the week, in game terms, has felt pretty chaotic. Whether we were even going to have raids this week or not was starting to look kind of questionable.

Now, I KNOW I have a power supply in my spare parts bin that I can send him. I might even have two. But he has said that until his building power gets fixed (this is the second time they’ve had power supplies taken out like this) he’s not going to try and fix it.

Can you imagine how frustrating that must be? To be spending so much time and money to get your computer, and the computer the love of your life uses for fun, both up and running great, only to have them destroyed by a building electrical system that isn’t up to code? Grrr!

Ah well. It’s not like I can beat up their building maintenance guy. Not like I haven’t thought of it.

As much as I miss Fal and Shrinn, the guild must go on. If I stopped everything every time someone we loved had to take an extended break, I would have quit months ago when Wulfa and Dammy started spending their time in the real world.

I took over the organizing of Fal’s VoA / OS run on Thursday, and we kicked it’s butt.

But what we did was great, because I decided not to tank. And it worked so well, that I carried it over for the Naxx run on Saturday.

Hold on Lucy, lemme’ ‘splain.

See, we’ve had quite a few very nice folks join the guild in the last month. Some of them are still climbing the alt ladders, and others brought higher level characters. While many folks in the guild have gone on several raids together, others have never had the chance, or if they have only very rarely.

So I looked at the roster of those that signed up, and intentionally tried to form a Vault of Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum run composed of a mix of newer players and experienced ones.

It’s MY policy that an officer be present in any guild scheduled event to make sure everything goes smoothly, but there is no rule saying I gotta tank. So rather than once again bogarting a main tank spot, we had two other tanks take it, and I sat back a bit and went bang-bang on my hunter.

As an aside, folks have asked why Cassie hasn’t been running much at all. One of the reasons is that if she comes, that’s one less DPS slot in a 10 man where someone could come that has never been.

Pushpin, one of the guilds tanks, a very capable Death Knight, took the rains as main tank, and I heartily encouraged him to lead the run.

And behold! Someone other than me did the talking and running the fights, and did a great job. The runs went smoothly, and everyone had fun. And loot. 🙂

Fast forward two days, Saturday arrived and we had Naxx 10 man scheduled.

It had originally been my intent to start with Plague Quarter, because we’ve done Spider over and over and every time we do it, it seems a lot of stuff gets sharded. That to me indicates people are done with Spider, so I figured, let’s do Plague and then go see something new.

With the success of the Thursday run and the fun new folks had in coming, I changed my mind.

Instead, I again tried to bring a mix of both new and experienced players in the guild. New to us, anyway. Get more people a chance to play together as a group, get that feeling of hanging out and having fun together.

I still did Main Tank duty, but I really looked for opportunities to bring players that haven’t seen the raids as much with us.

It was a BLAST!

We went into Spider Quarter like always, me and a Paladin tank named Olivar. He quickly showed that he has the skills to pay the bills in there.

You know, Sidhe Devils is blessed with a lot of good tanks. Just off the top of my head I know we have 5 possible Naxx 10 man main tanks that I think are geared enough right now to go the whole way, Falromord, Pushpin, Olivar, Suxtobundr and me. Granted we aren’t Sux’s main guild, he’s in a different raiding guild as his main home and just hangs out with us on off nights, but that’s still not too tacky for a relatively small casual guild, eh?

Spider Quarter was crushed in record time. Maybe an hour, hour and a half tops.

After that, we cleared just far enough in the Abomination Quarter to beat up Patchwerk and steal his lunch money. I like doing that as a single shot, since the more familiar everyone is with that part, the easier it’s going to be to get used to blowing past him to the tough stuff later.

After Patchwerk… Plague Quarter!

Now, I have a horrible confession to make.

I LOVE taking new people to Heigan.

I know, I know, it’s sick. But I do.

There is no other fight that I know of that clearly shows a group of people learning and getting better EVERY time.

You can see the confidence growing.

When you first get near, you can feel the apprehension and uncertainty on vent as people get ready to try it for the first time, unsure of what the hell is going on. Everyone has heard of the infamous ‘safety dance’, and it gets built up as some fearsome terrible thing.

People have to overcome their fears of failure, and do their best regardless. 🙂

I’ll grant you that there’s always a few people that just nail it, first time, everytime. That’s rythym, baby. Some folks got it, some don’t.

Anyway, first time through some folks start the running from zone to zone in phase two and die quick, famous last words being “Oh hell, thats a lot faster than I thought.”

Or they expect that the zones will fill an actual evenly distributed, clearly defined area they can move to, and get caught right on the edges. Dancing in and out of the transitions is tricky when you don’t have a visual cue that seems clear and regular.

Having them zones NOT be evenly tied to the corners of the platform always catches someone.

And some folks just don’t ever need to ‘run and gun’ when playing, and aren’t used to hustling their tushies in game.

So sure, the first try with brand new people, a bunch just get blown up right off the bat, and a handful keep going.

My congratulations to folks that survive their first time and never falter… you’ve got natural rythym. It’s got a beat and you can dance to it. 🙂

But I love seeing the second through whatever attempts.

The second attempt, more folks survive. Maybe over two or three cycles they go down again, but they make the first round, and get a feel for the rythym of the cycles.

Third time? A TON more people make it and you start to see the healers dealing with running like hell AND healing people through the disease.

And the fourth time, everything comes together and the raid kicks the snot out of it.

Sure maybe one or two folks still go down on that last attempt… but next time, they usually make it. And I’ve noticed that the folks that consistently have trouble after that have usually had problems with game lag in the past. Funny how that works, huh?

Seriously. It’s freaking awesome. You can see people respond to what’s going on, grow confident, learn and improve, and go on to win.

I know it happens on other fights, but rarely are there times when a single slip means instant death. Usually, if someone is new and isn’t sure what’s going on, the fight allows them to watch the flow, and adjust over time.

You KNOW learning is going on, but can’t see it.

Either that, or I’m just an evil bastard. Take your pick.

Okay, we’ve done Heigan before, so that was a good feeling taking him down, but it wasn’t a big guild first.

What was a first was, we went through the maggot gauntlet after Heigan, sized things up, and took down the final boss.

Now, no, we didn’t one shot him. We almost got the sucker, but right around Doom #23 things took a turn for the worse as those 4000+ damage 10 second delay attacks really started blowing us up. The point where he increases the frequency of casting them really shows.

The second time, though, was delightful. The DPS grabbed the Spores a little faster, kept DPS on the boss a bit more, and down he went.

A huge huzzah was shared when everyone got that achievement for the Plague Quarter. 🙂

We didn’t go any further in Naxx, it was pretty late, but we all had so much fun that we formed up a pair of heroic groups and took down Culling of Stratholme in sync.

Seeing someone ask “How are you guys ten manning CoS?” was kinda cute. 🙂

A bigtime grats to the Sidhe Devils for working so well together, and for all the fun. It was great playing with you folks, as always.

And Fal and Shrinn… send me an email, I want to help you guys get back up and running, okay? Seriously, I couldn’t help you with a motherboard, but power supply… that I got. I just hope your power panel gets fixed most soonish.

18 thoughts on “Spider and Plague down, will others follow?

  1. This fight was great fun. We are still learning the positioning a little – a couple of our early attempts had the tanks getting out of range, so we sometimes run into trouble with the slowing spell thingy from the melee being too close to the platform during phase 1. With one healer up this leaves little time to both cleanse and keep the tank alive. Though one advantage of having less people alive after the dance is that there are less people that you need to cure of the disease…. Realistically, if you can’t get the disease off everyone before the dance, there is a good chance they will fall during the dance if you only have one long cooldown insta-heal.

    I think that the fight is great fun, though as an oceanic player the lag can be a major factor. On my screen when I run I am miles in front of everyone else (the slackers), so whenever I have fallen into the trap of following others, I have eaten the slime majorly.

    One of our unsuccessful dancers was proud of her role in marking the safe spot for those still alive.


  2. Your welcome and I hope it helps, I think that fight is one of my favorites (minus nights with multiple wipes) since I love moving around while fighting….moonkin dots ftw. Used to be feral and tank it, I would go cat form for the run speed and I had noticed I would get to far in, I was taking a hit then popping back to bear for the heal and realized I could do it just fine bear and tauren form


  3. @ Plainsrunner

    My FPS is usually around 60 (recently upgraded to a new beefy comp 🙂 ), and I’ve heard that following someone doesn’t work. I usually try to move to where the slime wall was and use that as a marker. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the not moving too far forward though. I tend to switch to Unholy Presence for the run speed boost and end up running further than I need to. Will try keeping regular run speed and only just get inside the safety zone and see how I do. Thanks for the input!


  4. In my “other” guild, this week’s dance came down to 4 of us at 50% (tank, me ot in kitty form, ranged dps, healer) with battlerez used. At just under 800k it was me and the healer. 31 minutes of mind numbing dance all up. Healer took a shot (shammie with self rez ftw) I took many shots in the zone changes near the end (high hp & a great healer ftw). I was forgetting which zone I was in and running into the wall after zone 1 instead of changing direction into zone 2. But it was a very satisfying victory. (did I mention mind-numbing?)
    Oh, and guildies on vent counting down the phase timings so those of use alive didn’t have to concentrate on that one extra piece of information amongst the chaos is VERY helpful.


  5. It’s awesome when you see your team make progress like this – I’m a co-Gm and RL of a small (but rapidly growing) EU guild and we’ve made similar modest progress to you guys. Maybe just a few weeks ahead – it’s all about critical raiding mass. From where you are now you’ll have Naxx cleared in no time. thaddius is probably my favourite of the encounters – heigan’s dance is cool but syncing polarities on Thaddius is awesome.

    We’ve just moved on to Malygos. Had out 1st try last night and spent the night wiping. We’d all ready the strats (allegedly) and every try got closer and noone minded – the whole group just got on with it and took the progression hits on the chin!

    Gratz on the success and /cheer for the future ones!


  6. major gratz guys heigan is a bugger to do ….. in our guild we are running mainly 25 mans now but me and another officer (cryoblast) are running new guys and alts through naxx on saturday nights last week on heigan everybody else died i tanked as bear cryo healed and we took him from 50% to 20% with just the 2 of us. we would have had him but for a badly timed inervate from me and i got caught in caster form 😛 after the wipe we 1 shoted him because everyone knew what to do then it was hillarious listening to everyone on teamspeak it was like being at a football match lol ….. ps we got to saph but kept wiping on him not bad for 1 nights raiding 🙂


  7. Sharvhan,

    One issue I have seen with the dance is FPS. How many frames per second are you pulling in there?

    Second, are you trying to follow someone else? If so, I would suggest not doing it as you are timing your reaction to their reaction which usually means instant death.

    Third, make sure you are always zoomed out and never cast anything but instant spells (during second phase dance)

    Fourth, when crossing into the 1st and 4th sector, do not run too far in, you only have to just get in and turn around.

    Fifth, try and run close to the podium…but not to close. The reason is that the quadrants are cone-like and the closer to the top, the less distance to run to the next quadrant. I usually run about 10ish yards from the podium and i literally have to stop running too fast (in moonkin no less)

    Hopefully that will help a bit. It is what I try and impart on our new guys running it


  8. One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is for things like this. I have posted before about being in a casual guild with limited ability to progress forward (we do progress though). There are times, as one of the more serious raiders in the guild, that one gets frustrated, but being able to relate to a well liked blogger who runs at about the same pace, helps keep the sanity.

    Too bad blizzard has yet to come up with a way for us to not only switch servers but to switch horde to alliance as well (you think it wouldnt be too difficult since both sides have equal equivalents and would make a ton of money from people who move or get new jobs and wish to play with friends) or else I would have come to join you all 🙂

    My crew finally beat both cleared plague for the first time, post safe spot removal, and finally brought down grobulus…both very proud moments. I have to say, not progressing as fast has its down sides…but I will tell you one thing, for all those people who go naxx is too easy and boring- you will never hear us saying it. Go join a casual / family guild… its like a fun self inflicted hard mode 😀


  9. Go, go, Sidhe Devils, great job!

    I like the safety dance too, I ran raids on my Blood Elf Holy Priest and I enjoyed it (along with the rest of Naxx) immensely.

    It’s nice that you give others the opportunity to tank also. I’ve read some bloggers, along with people in-game, who were unwilling to let others have a turn. I never understood that.

    That’s great that you are including the newer guild members in the Naxx runs. I’ve noticed that some guilds can get somewhat cliquish and it can be hard for new guildies to run things within the guild. I’m still leveling my alts on the Kael’thas server so have not had a chance to run with the Devils at end game, but I have run with Soulkillah and Karasü on my Warlock, Deimonia. We had a blast. I love PUG’s I’ve met a lot of great people that way, but it’s also nice running with your guildmates too. 🙂 I look forward to running with more Devils as my toons reach end-game.


  10. Yep love taking new people there too. People trying to explain the fight on vent is pretty funny too.

    Best things about Heigan are that there is a huge difference between your first time and your 10th time. First time might be a 20 min fight (assuming a few can dance), 10th time will probably be about 5 minutes. And that its quite a personal fight. As long as people are removing diseases its really just about how well you dance as an individual. So you can set and beat your own goal of dancing. A small number of decent players can also drag the others along the learners.

    Its also a great equaliser. I see the least Recount spamming on Heigan, which is always a good thing.


  11. I am one of those people who just can’t get the Heigan dance down. My guild dreads the day we go for The Undying achievement simply because I’m really the only one who ever dies on that boss. I’m normally tanking, but at the guild’s request I switch to DPS mode and let our awesome tank, Tirok, tank the dance. He’s never once failed at it, and it’s a damn good thing that he can do the fight in his sleep. God forbid I ever have to end up tanking him. 😦


  12. On Heigan. You can make this encounter much easier by having a melee player drop flares in the safe zones during phase one. Green for moving from zone 1 to zone 4, and purple for the reverse direction. The DPS you lose for the initial phase is more than made up in the next two cycles when everyone is still alive.

    Our less skilled dancers love it.


  13. Ah, Heigan…

    I remember hearing about the “saftey dance” for weeks before I finally got my shot at it. To tell the truth, I was terrified that I was going to screw it up and die horribly. See, my first night raiding Naxx was also my first night in my brand new raiding guild, which I’d only just joined literally 2 days before. So in two days I’d tried to read up on every Naxx boss, both on the guild forums and on sites like bosskillers, and about the only thing I really learned was that there were lots of bosses in Naxx. Up to about 5 minutes before raid time, I was still alt-tabbed, reading strats.

    (On a related note, I did discover later that evening that I had somehow managed to not read a single strategy on the entire Military Wing, so I wound up going up against Razuvious, Gothik and the Four Horsemen completely blind.)

    So, on top of my general fear of screwing up and looking foolish on my first night with a new guild, I was now deathly afraid of Heigan and his damned dance.

    I think 3 or 4 people died on that night’s Heigan kill. I’m not really sure, seeing as I wasn’t really paying attention to the raid frames.

    I just know that I wasn’t one of them. 🙂

    Later that night I did die on Gluth though. To Decimate, of all things.

    Yes. I know. That should be impossible. I’m just special.


  14. Couldn’t agree more.

    Push rocked it, and made me (who had never been IN OS, much less tanked it) look like I knew what I was doing.

    Joining Sidhe Devils has resulted in the most fun I’ve had in WoW in ages. Looking forward to a chance to be the guy saying “Dang, that happens faster than I expected…”


  15. It took me 3 tries to learn Heigan…and then it was like a lightbulb clicked on (in some dark recess of my brain, no doubt), and I’ve been good to go since.

    Thaddius still gets me nervous though, even with DBM flashing at me to tell me I’ve changed charges and need to book it to the other side.


  16. Florette, in the case in question… five of us had lived, with one healer. I had been tanking, but I switched to Olivar so I could hit the platform and battle rez our healing druid, and when I came back down I was kitty DPS. WE had Olivar tanking, Ruune doing Shaman heals, Drakthum the shadow priest and Czan, I believe, as hunter DPS.

    On that attempt, the druid healer went down again shortly thereafter.

    So Ruune was solo healing, Olivar was tanking and justifiably was getting heal priority, and the disease took me down. Then there were four.

    I believe Czan went down to disease a little while later, eventually followed by Drakthum.

    Ruune and Olivar tried to keep it going, but Ruune eventually went down and then there was one.

    After 24 minutes on that single Heigan attempt, and ALMOST getting him, with the majority of that run spent as a 4 man shot, we were all a bit frazzled, lol.

    That’s what I meant about taking care of the disease. With one healer, sometimes keeping everyone up, the tank especially, AND cleansing or removing the disease can be a learning curve.

    The fourth try was a cakewalk though.


  17. — Third time? A TON more people make it and you start to see the healers dealing with running like hell AND healing people through the disease. —

    Firstly: grats on your successful run!

    But what do you mean by healing people /through/ the disease on Heigan? @_@ He does do disease but I’ve never had to heal people through it; unless you are running with nothing but druid healers, of course: in which case, ouch!

    I don’t think we’ve ever done the Safety Dance diseased, so I am very curious as to how that happened @_@


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