I picked a bad week to stop huffing paint

As happy as I am that Dan Howell (the inimitable awesomeness that is BRK) has decided his priority is his family, and that he made this decision while there was still time to do something about it, I am sad that we won’t be granted his thoughts and witty banter.

Unlike some folks, I love his BRK vs Brain posts. 🙂

We’ll deal, life goes on, etc etc. And much as 4 Healz has done a wonderful job as becoming one of the new leading voices of Restoration Druids with her insightful posts and great analysis, I’m sure that one of the many wonderful Hunter blogs will take up the challenge of being silly and goofy while still having great, informative posts, insightful analysis, guidance on specs and talents, and updates on upcoming changes and testing results.

Wait, you’re saying almost all of them do that? Well, what the heck did we need BRK for then?

Just kidding, just kidding.

I just don’t know what I’ll do without someone to mess with and pretend to duel with. Hmmm.

On a far, far more serious note, our son Alex has pneumonia.

He is on antibiotics, is taking medicine through a breather to help ease his coughing, and is of course staying at home taking it easy.

Cassie is sick too, hopefully not as seriously.

But it’s funny how differently we think of sickness.

“Oh, I have a cough” gets a much different reaction in my mind than “Oh, I have pneumonia.”

For an adult, if I heard them tell me they had a cough, I’d tell them to suck it up, pain is weakness leaving the body. In a polite and understanding way, of course.

If an adult tells me he has penumonia, well… I’m going to be much more considerate.

Either way, when it’s a child that’s sick… I want him all better NAOW, damnit!!!

Poor little guy.

22 thoughts on “I picked a bad week to stop huffing paint

  1. Best wishes to your family BBB I hope they heal up fast.

    I need a black armband to wear in loss of the greatness that was BRK…..WTB Black Mourning armband


  2. We will all miss BRK. Other hunter blogs, I’m sure, do a wonderful job of opening people’s ideas to new thoughts, play styles, etc. BRK was unique. I don’t think anyone will make me laugh the way he did, and I will never forget his voice, literally. But I’m happy he’s focusing on what’s really important, and I truly hope it all works out for the best. Real life > Wow. And on that note, I hope Cass and Alex are feeling better soon!!!


  3. Wind, thinking of you, Cassie and Alex. Hope they come good soon and that you are the cuddly servile bear able to look after them in the manner which they require.


  4. I had some variation of pneumonia in 8th grade, I remember, and I didn’t even get to miss a day of school. This is what comes of having a Pediatrician father and an RN for a mother, just take the inhaler thingy and go. I remember the funny whizzing noise it made when you sucked in on it and it broke open that capsule….

    Also, coughing is srs bsns! President Madagascar will shut down all of the ports if he hears of one.


  5. Hope the wife and your son are getting better. I’m almost over a month long case of bronchitis so I feel for yall. It’s hard to have a child that sick and you can’t fix it without depending on someone else.


  6. Sick kids are not good – ever. Hope your two recover quickly. I just found out about spacers for inhalers from a RN that works with the American Lung Assoc. Never knew about them and how they actually deliver inhaler meds to your lungs not back of throat!

    As for BRK . . . hopefully he’ll find a way to merge family consideration with a modified WoW life.


  7. I was put on a nebulizer-based medication while really sick in my mid-20s.

    It was the first time in my life that my yearly horrific respiratory illness actually went away quickly. And it didn’t really come back on a regular basis, not since that time.

    It’s a great solution. Way better than the straight inhaler…when I try to use those, it hits the back of my throat, I gag and then the medicine doesn’t go anywhere useful.


  8. oh no – I hope your family gets well quickly. poor little guy /hug

    As for BRK – I’m going to miss his quirky posts most. As much as I respect his theorycrafting abilities – I prefer Drotara’s take on it, personally 😛 but BRK stories his boundless enthusiasm, his sense of humor- that cannot be replaced.


  9. I hope your son makes a speedy recovery. My five-year old daughter had it a few months ago. She missed 3 days of school, received plenty of rest while she was home. I’m sure I annoyed her hovering over her to make sure she was fine.

    I don’t read BRK daily, but I do stop by on occasion to see what he’s going on in the huntering community. I really enjoy his videos. His passion comes through crystal clear. He’s an excellent writer. I’ll definitely miss checking out his commentaries but… I’m really glad he has made the decision to put his family first. Priorities, such as family, take precedence over social activities like WOW. Children grow up so quickly, best to enjoy these precious moments now (along with those other important people in your life) so you don’t have regrets later. The song Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin is playing in my mind.


  10. My 3 yo daughter had it not too long ago. Nothing is more sad than seeing a little one on the nebulizer and trying to be brave about it 😦

    Hope all of yours get well soon!


  11. I know how it feels BBB. My kids use a breather too for meds. It looks weird to us ‘old’ folks, but its a much more common way to deliver medicine these days. Just doesn’t look right. Hope he gets better soon.


  12. BRK did much more than just provide humor for us huntards, he helped change the way hunters (real hunters, mind you) act in the game. Simple things like throwing some gold at a healer who took the time to heal our pets to just plain making sure we understood that being a hunter is more than pew pew. He was our unofficial leader and bore the cost of it. His writing style was so wonderful that even the non-WOW folks liked it.

    He will be missed, but his reasons are sound and we cannot fault him for that.

    Semiloki – BM Hunter 4ever
    Demiloki – Feral druid 4ever (maybe a healer in 3.1 when needed.)


  13. Yeah it’s that macho thinking that men need to suck it up and push through the discomfort and pain that got my childhood hero Jim Henson dead.


  14. So sorry to hear about Alex, Wind. Baby Bar has had athsma all his life due to his prematureness, and there is not much that sucks more than seeing your child sucking for air. May he and Cassie get better quickly.


  15. Will miss BRK too, but no game in the world is worth a family you love. Kudos to him for recognizing that and then doing something about it.

    And best wishes for everyone in your house to feel better soon. I prescribe a healthy dose of hugs, some undivided attention and an unexpected surprise for each. That may not cure them instantly, but at least they’ll be happy 🙂


  16. I wouldn’t say I’m the leading voice in Restos. 🙂 All the bloggers do a great job of that together.

    I’m sad BRK is leaving, too, but know it is for a wonderful reason.

    And I hope your son gets better!


  17. oh, no! I do hope they feel better soon. btw, tell Cassie I’ve always been pleased with Guildlaunch acting as a guild officer, but I havent dealt with the admin side of it… I’m going to talk to the 2-headed GL monster and get feedback from them to post for her…


  18. Yeah, I’m going to miss the goofy side of BRK as well. Heck, that’s why I read his blog.

    A house full of sick is never a fun thing. I hope Alex and Cassie get better soon, and I wish you luck in not catching anything.


  19. BRK was widely renowned because of the way he connected with readers. It may have been a little silly, but this is a game, not work. It appealed to everyone. All the hunter blogs put together can’t replace him.


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