Cat Has a Name

Oops, so like 6 weeks ago, I asked you all for help in naming my hunter’s new cat and then um, never came back to tell you what I had decided 😦  I actually haven’t been playing very much the last few weeks.  Just been taking some downtime away from the game overall (you know, when I wasn’t building new forum sites, handling apps, helping to plan raids, etc) 🙂

I loved so many of the suggestions that it actually took me about a week of trying out different names when I’d play my hunter before I made up my mind and actually named him.

So here he is:


The first  suggestion in the thread was Periwinkle, which I really liked (after all, we’ve been a Blue’s Clues household since Alex was very young).  It was a good description of the color that he is, which I’ve always liked (it was, in fact, one of our wedding colors).  However, this cat is much too manly and regal to run around and be called Periwinkle without it affecting his self-esteem eventually.  So I shortened it to Perry.

Some of the others I had tried out mentally were Royal, Morado, Regal, Prince and a few others.  Another of our favorites was Clawdius, which BBB actually ended up using for a bear pet that his hunter pulled out of the stables to play around with.

So thanks for all your suggestions and I apologize for the delay in announcing his name!



11 thoughts on “Cat Has a Name

  1. I though it might be a reference to Phineas and Ferb. They have a pet Platapus named Perry (Perry the Platapus). At some point early on in the episode someone will ask “Where’s Perry?” Then at the end of the every episode they go “Oh there you are Perry!”


  2. Nice! Glad to hear you found a name you like, Cassie.

    It’s also a pretty powerful name, to me, given that Commodore Matthew Perry was the US Naval officer who successfully ‘encouraged’ the Japanese to open their ports to the rest of the world – a significant historical event from a world perspective, I think.

    Have fun with Perry, and good hunting!

    My 2 yen,



  3. Completely random and trivial but I find it immensely amusing that the name you picked for your pet cat is my actual name haha.


  4. Off on a tangent here but for some reason when I saw the name I thought you must have been a fan of Katie Perry (the horrible singer) and you were alluding to it with “Catty Perry”

    *ignores strange looks and continues down the hall.




  5. Hmm, since you go in for children’s book references, Perry is the name of Olivia’s dog. Ian Falconer does the series about Olivia, she’s a little pig. Very recommended.


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