Please, ladies, watch the fur!

You know, I was reading the news today, and I have to say, I understand, but you need to remember, I’m a happily married bear.

Your enthusiasm is totally understandable, but really… I’m taken.

And even if I *was* on the market and looking for love, can I just say that trying to get my attention when I’m eating lunch is a bad idea? Much better to wait until I’m done feeding, I can’t be held responsible for what I do when there are wings in the area.

While I’m on the subject of people having close up and personal encounters with hungry bears….

That “Meet the Bear” thing I posted about earlier is going live!

And I’m going with Clioratha’s suggestion we call it a Bar-Bearian Invasion. That is just too cute not to use.

So in a little less than two weeks, Operation Bar-Bearian Invasion goes into effect!

What: Operation Bar-Bearian Invasion

Where: Buffalo Wild Wings in MAPLEWOOD, MN (#0118)
3085 White Bear Ave. N.
Maplewood, MN 55109
Phone: 651-770-9464

When: Thursday April 23rd from 6 PM to 9 PM

Who is invited: Everybody!

At least, anybody that is interested in getting together and chatting about Warcraft and gaming and blogging and geek stuff in general.

There will NOT be any prizes this time, because things are still tight financially. We’re saving for new windows, and if there is any left over, maybe, MAYBE a replacement computer for my dying ancient beast.

Well, there might be buttons… I still have buttons left over from last time. I ended up not giving any away in the line to strangers, I just gave them to folks that attended the last meet and greet, so I had a bag left over.

Still, I hope to see some of you wonderful folks there!

10 thoughts on “Please, ladies, watch the fur!

  1. Crazy, why on earth would anyone jump into a bear enclosure o_O
    That first pic is amazing as well, the bear could easily fit her head inside his mouth.


  2. Colston… I’m the BBB. The B to the 3. Do you really think I didn’t notice the address the first time I chose a meet and greet spot?

    Grats on being the first to ever actually mention it.


  3. LOL…..almost makes me sad I don’t live in MN……but Eastern Washington state is cold enough for me…..sometimes too cold! GL with the get-together though.

    Gunsnbutter/Cerdwyn on Uther


  4. Hey. I’ve had your site in my RSS reader for a while, and I’ve always enjoyed your content. I had no idea you were right here in the Twin Cities. Gonna run this date past some of friends (who happen to also be guildies in Afternoon Delight) to see if we can make it. Thanks for the site. Maybe catch in person soon for some wings and beerz.

    [Temporarily resto 😉 ]


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