It's tax time in the US!

For all of us here in the US that, at this, the deadline for submitting our tax money and forms to the US government, I think it is a good time to share something that has brought me great, nay, IMMENSE pleasure in the last few weeks.

I wasn’t at one of the Tax Tea Parties today, physically, but I was in spirit.

I wish, oh how I wish that we in the US had one conservative politician that could articulate, in any way, my feelings on our current situation as well as Daniel Hannan has in the British Parliament.

May your tax burden be a small one, and your finances by solidly in the black.

Peace, my friends.


23 thoughts on “It's tax time in the US!

  1. What a load of old crap, nothing but a bashing of what you did wrong and nothing about how to fix it and to change things for the future.

    For those that don’t know Mr. Hannan is a Conservative Party Member so it comes to no shock to anybody that he would take this oppotunity to make Labour look bad to lift the hope that the Conservatives will win more votes.

    THE REAL TRUTH of the matter is that under Thatcher the conservatives crippled the UK and only during the Labour years of Blair and Brown did we even begin to repair the damage, the global recession has come at a time when the UK is trying to lift itself up, and while this is unfortunate this kind of fear mongering from hannan is not helpful to anyone besides his own personal career interests and those of his political party.

    So let him point the finger all he wants, when it comes to solutions and ways forward he has nothing to say.

    The Clueless Conservatives making utter utter fools of themselves once again.


  2. Haha, I had to look up Daniel Hannon. He’s not a British MP, he’s a member of the European Parliament. So it wasn’t actually the british parliament that he was addressing.


  3. I must admit, I don’t get the excitement over David Hannan. Quite apart from the poiltics (which I wisely choose not to discuss) he can come across as the sort of smarmy pom that people from my side of the colonies love to hate. I mean, he’s not exactly Bruce Willis there railing about deficit spending (Die Hard 5: The European Parliament) But each to his own – hope all the tax stuff works out for you all.


  4. Yep, he is a Conservative Member of European Parliment (MEP).

    Says the usual stuff you’d expect from the current opposition, aka all the government is doing is wrong, if we were in power we would fix everything. You gota love the gravy train that is the European Parliment. But then having looked in the press recently the British Parliment isn’t much beter, but at least the “Yar,Boo” nature of it is a bit more entitaining.

    Not a big fan of Gordon Brown, but given the alternative (Cameron – that man makes my skin crawl every time he speaks) I’ll sit tight for a while.

    PS. any chance we could borrow your new President for a while, and we can boot the lot of them?


  5. Good speech, why did I get the impression that gordon brown was sniggering and drawing cartoon pictures of Mr Hannan – the look on his face wasn’t offended or outraged but boyish schoolboy glee. The way a cheeky git of a schoolkid smirks when getting a yelling at from a substitute teacher.


  6. By choosing not to talk about politics you give those in power more leverage to control not only your life, but everyone else as well. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion and don’t get angry when someone else doesn’t agree or thinks in a polar opposite to you.

    More people need to speak out like Danny H. did there. Only in the U.S. we need to stand up and kick the crap out of this socialist way of thinking. When was the last time socialism worked? Exactly.

    Good luck on Taxes all.


  7. What I find hilarious is, over here I have only ever seen this mentioned in the news as being an address in British Parliament… I have watched several other clips and found them pretty funny, but it never once occured to me that it might be the European Parliament he was addressing. My mistake, of course.

    See, it’s not the political stance I love, as much as the way he is able to articulate his words, almost as though he possessed an education and had practised speaking in front of people.

    He may very well be a smarmy pom, (and Ruune, what the heck is a pom? Is that like a git? Or is it more like an idjit?) but at least the man can express himself. That just amazes me. He is a politician, right? Are politicians over in the EU required to actually have some kind of skill or ability at oratory? Because over here, there ain’t nothing like that going on. I have yet to see an American politician of any side speak without wanting to start playing a game of “Smack him every time he says err uhhh”.

    Hmm, that would make a very successful drinking game. Take a shot every time an American politician stammers and stutters and wanders around the point and then gets lost. Successful by a drinking games’ terms that is… that everyone get hammered within two minutes.

    Ah well, there are few things in life that produce an automated response based on group affiliation quite like politics. I don’t ask that people think about any of what Hannan said based on the meaning of the words alone, because I know that anyone with baggage about what group he is a part of will automatically take the opposing stance, as though to admit that any individual thing he has to say has merit somehow opens the door to saying everything he says is right. Absolutism lives in politics, after all.

    Over here, I get so tired of hearing people talk like everything a republican does must be correct because it’s a republican saying it, or that everything a democrat says is wrong for the same reason, or vice versa, that I want to scream.

    What ever became of thinking about concepts or ideas based on the merit of the idea alone, without regard to which group it came from? I thought we wanted to judge not based on the race, color, sex or age of the speaker, but by the validity of the idea?

    Why do I have to swallow the whole elephant when maybe I only agree with a mouse-sized amount of your argument?

    Ah, well. I never was a good one for debate team. I’m too quick to think all sides are idiots, and start raving and frothing at the mouth.


  8. Barefootwanderer, that Brown smirk is the one that gives away that he’s seething at what’s being said, but has obviously been schooled to not show it. As a result he tries to smile as if he finds it funny but just can’t manage it.

    BBB, you’ll find that al lot of the politicians over here are decent orators, because they tend to need to be to secure the nomination for the seat, and then to pick up votes on the hustings. whatever you think of him Tony Blair was a great communicator, very much in the Clinton mould of pretending to speak off the cuff when it’s actually a finely scripted and rehearsed speech. If you’ve never heard of Boris Johnson then he’s worth a look for some of his speeches. Conservative MP, London Mayor, and general bon vivant. this is a classic from the 2012 Olympic handover party:

    And poms are what our Australian brethren call us Englishmen. It’s normally preceded by ‘whinging bloody’.



  9. What ever became of thinking about concepts or ideas based on the merit of the idea alone, without regard to which group it came from? I thought we wanted to judge not based on the race, color, sex or age of the speaker, but by the validity of the idea?

    I could not agree with you more. It’s something that annoys me to no end, judging based on whatever group you happen to be associated with. A few buddies were actually shocked that I supported politicians of various political parties. My response was I voted based on the person not strictly on their political affiliation.

    I watched the video and I do believe he was eloquent in making his point. I’m sending it to my father. Thanks for posting it. It’s my first time seeing it.

    I wanted to attend a Tea Party but I was unable to do so, but as yourself I was there in Spirit.


  10. @rob: unlike Hannon, you do sound like an American politician.

    @doodlebug: You’re seriously quoting alternet as a source? The irony of that particular article is nearly overwhelming.

    The thing Americans like about him is a coherent argument from the opposition (you note that we’re not really talking about Cameron). To be honest, at least the Conservatives can claim that things would be different under their watch. Those of us who don’t believe you can spend your way into prosperity are somewhat stymied in political arguments because it is the general policy of both Bush and Obama (in addition to McCain and Hillary). To put it bluntly, no national-stage American politician is actually making this argument in a coherent manner. It’s very easy to be cynical right now.


  11. The income tax schedule is approximately the same here in Canada. I believe we have until the end of April, or something along those lines. I’ve applied for almost 2000 CDN in refunds for a summer job term that I did a while back. If it goes through, I will probably buy myself a new computer to run WoW better.


  12. I’m still waiting for Jean Luc Picard to run for President (not Patrick Stewart mind you, Capt. Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise). A good communicator, a scholar of history, a man of passion. Plus he can solve any problem in an hour… less than that if you skip the commercials.


  13. here’s my 2 cents on the matter (well, more than 2 cents…): i look at what i get from the taxes i pay, and say they are worth it. i live in the best country on earth, and being american has given me every opportunity i could ask for. i see them as a fairly small price to pay for everthing. thus, i’m pro tax.

    of course, some might disagree about what we get from government. i tend to have the most qualms with how our system of farm subsidies works (doesn’t help farmers, gives lots of cash to large businesses, contributes to world poverty by driving food prices way down so people can’t afford to grow them), other people have other problems, and thus their own ways of reducing spending, which is really the issue if you ask me, not taxes. talking about taxes being too high without talking about what the money is spent on is like talking about a car being too expensive without discussing what kind of car it is.


  14. BBB, my only take on this is that I thought the ‘Original Tea Party’ – you know, the one in Boston – was on about ‘Taxation Without Representation’. The link is thus somewhat tenuous, since while you may not like taxation you certainly have the representation. Whether or not you like them is another matter entirely.

    Of course if you would like, we of the British Empire will happily receive the contrite 13 colonies back: so long as you bring the oil (not sure about Texas; California and Florida can come). After all, perhaps represntation is actually over-rated… We will teach your politicians how to articualte meanigfully and you can teach us how to build a world-dominating economy. Fair swap?


  15. Not sure how I sound like an American Politician exactly, my point was that its easy to stand on the side lines and moan about things that go wrong and boldly claim that you are perfect and everything you would have done would have been right.

    I call this “I told you so” politics.

    The reason Tony Blair got elected so emphatically is that he didn’t devote his whole campaign on telling Britain why the Conservatives shouldn’t be in power but more why he should be in power.

    As I said, All he did was cry and whinge, he didn’t give any opinions as to what to do now or steps to take in the future, as well scripted his speech was, it was completely worthless.

    I’m all for constructive critcism and I will listen with great attention when someone speaks with an opinion on how to do things, how to fix, change, do things better in the future. But I will laugh just as Gordon Brown did, when someone speaks like a 5 year old and says “I told you so.”


  16. On taxation – I have a problem with the way some social programs are administered. How difficult it is to get on some, and to get off some. (disability and welfare respectively) I have a problem with people milking the system to have the tax payers give money to the government to dole out so they can sit at home watching sally jessie, drinking coffee and pumping out another baby every nine months. (thank you george carlin for that quip.) I have a problem with tax payers funding farm subsidies for tobacco growers, and then funding anti-smoking campaings. There are many things I have a problem with in our government, and often am told put up or shut up.. one of these days i might just run for the heck of it..

    It has often been said, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything. I stand with the republicans on many issues, and with the dems on some. I seem to fall under the category of liberatarian. which essentially means get out of my daily life, take care of my old folks, teach my kids how to flippin read, protect our borders and let me have my money back. I worked for it, you didn’t.

    The USA, my birthplace and home for these 30 years (in my opinion) is one of the best in the world. We are given incredible freedoms paid for with the lives of the amazing men and women of our armed forces. But, we have also become a nation of very small, bitter people. The incessant frivilous lawsuits, the companies that trade paper debts and call and harass people known to be in financial straits. The PT Barnum philosophy of “a sucker born every minute”, “caveat emptor” and all that.. (for those that don’t read latin, that means buyer beware.)

    Many of our freedoms are in danger because The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independance are treated like any other contract, merely a peice of paper with signatures that is open for renegotiation at any given time. If you are in doubt about the most sacred of the ammendments (the first) take a look at today’s yahoo news.

    My governor was actually told by the Texas house democrats that he should “disavow” his comments.

    In short the government has gotten to the point that it’s no longer about doing what is right for the people, it’s doing what can be done to make the other party lose seats/power/money. This past election wasn’t about choosing who should lead us, but how the donkeys could beat the elephants. While i’m on a rant.. I totally support people’s right to identify with their cultural heritage. I my self, am french-canadian-american indian-scott-irish-german-american.. where’s my bloody ethnic holiday? BUT, To me every time you use a hyphen to describe what sort of american you are, you are driving a wedge between you and the rest of america. Forget my description above. I’m AMERICAN and proud to be that. That is one thing all of us no matter if you are of irish protestant, or irish catholic descent, when you are in the USA, you are an AMERICAN as well.


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