Scattered thoughts on 3.1: First Night

First, any person that whines about how long it took for the servers to come back up after a major patch release needs to be slapped across the face, repeatedly, with a fresh fish.

It’s a patch release. It is the NORMAL routine for every major patch release we have ever known. They say it’ll be up by x, just assume they mean 8 – 9PM server time.

Second, my feral druid is now respecced for the new routine… I cried appropriately at my 30k health, I was sad at the nerfing of my armor, and then I went and ran Kara boss 1 and 2.

Note to self… next time, don’t wonder why the new bubble isn’t popping if you were stupid enough not to train our one new skill at the class trainer.

Why run Kara while others were hitting appropriately leveled content?

Because supposedly recipe drop rates were increased for pre-Wrath instances and raids.

So, time to test. We have run Kara every week (when possible) for months trying to get Mongoose to drop off Moroes. Week after week, no drop. Week after week after week.

Last night, we kill Moroes, and there lies Mongoose. First kill after the patch goes live, and it drops.

That is not any kind of definitive test, but we have a Molten Core retro raid set for tonight, and a LOT of recipes can drop there. We WILL be keeping score on what recipes we see over the course of the night, just to see if we can get some previously rare goodies.


18 thoughts on “Scattered thoughts on 3.1: First Night

  1. “First, any person that whines about how long it took for the servers to come back up after a major patch release needs to be slapped across the face, repeatedly, with a fresh fish.”

    Awaiting the fish. Patch.time was announced as 03-11am. Ok, I’m at work anyway no biggy. I come home at 6pm just to read that our realm had to be taken down from 5:30 to 6:30pm (again , no biggy, oh and gildmembers reported that the server was up for a total of 30 MINUTES before that).
    Learn that dual-spec is a waste of 1000g right now because no fucking feature works. It even forgets skillpoints of the last 2-3 tiers …

    Try to do a sath (with no drakes up) because you even can’t get fucking first dragon because the hole raid dies while entering the first portal….

    Oh and I delete outfitter and bartender because I thought they would interfer, guess what, they wouldnt … because the fucking feature wasnt implemented yet.

    I am so pissed right now, if it wasn’t for friends I would fucking quit this game right now.


  2. got into uldar for a first peek last night about 830 server, we had a blast playing around with the vehicles. It was refreshing to take a look at a new instance without having every step foretold by the experts of do this in this order or that will happen. We took two shots at the first boss but couldn’t quite bring him down.

    We will be trying a 25man attempt tonight at it.. (crossing our feathers, and whatever our second spec will end up. I’mma thinking kitty feral, but don’t have ANY gear for it yet.)


  3. The dual spec is definitely a blessing, but the new talent trees really mess up my hybrid spec.

    I was able to attain high DPS with mangle, and able to completely ignore shred.
    Now, there’s so little room in the tree, that you’d almost just HAVE to get shred. But even while using it, and paying hell to get used to a ridiculously annoying rotation, the actual DPS improvement is, less than marginal. I’m tempted to just ignore shred still. Instead of the previous 7 talent points, I’d only save 2, but it’s sure a lot easier to keep a tight rotation with simply using mangle, rip, roar and rake.


  4. Yeah, what did I do when the servers came up? Cooking daily, fishing daily, frenzyheart/oracle dailies, and sons of hodir dailies. How boring is that? Tonight I might go into Gnomerragen to grab those engineering pets.

    That sounds kinda cool about the increased rate of recipies. I know my enchanting friend will be happy to hear that!


  5. Trijem… normally I’d can the comment for the profanity, but to be honest, it sounds like you’re plenty frustrated and with good reason, so what the heck.

    Look, I ain’t saying take a fish for being upset with what is in your opinion a horrible implementation of a patch they chose to have be bloated with a gazillion changes all at once.

    I’m saying that anyone at this late date that QQs like I saw last night, and is actually serious about it, that Blizz says the patch will go live at such and such a date and then had to wait until late at night to get on is smoking crack.

    I have to this date never seen a large content patch taht went live within 5 hours or less of the announced time.

    I don’t care, one freaking night of not playing won’t kill anyone, and anyone that schedules a raid for a major patch night and is upset that raid instances are unstable are also wonky as heck in my opinion.

    But you have a 100% vaild reason to expect that, with a patch testing server there specifically to test the stability of changes prior to going live, that things would be stable.

    I’m not talking about balanced, I’m talking about stable.

    balance schmalance, priorities are in order. Keep things running smooth as a top. If you add new stuff, focus on the new stuff becoming integrated into the game smooth as a top. If you want to change how classes work and are worried that raid bosses might need tuning… tuning of content is not your first priority. Make it stable. Make it stable. Make it stable.

    I thought they did a good job at that, clearly you do NOT.

    In my opinion, it was a successful night as far as patch rollouts were concerned. Granted, I knew from MMO that the equipment outfitter was not coming out. I have no immediate plans for anyone becoming dual spec. I have little to no interest in rushing to the next content treadmill on night one, and the new tournement is like, probably neat but again, in no rush. So I did a few things and what I did worked fine for me, plus a recipe drop for Fal, so aside from a few, several, server crashes it was cool.

    Sounds like you had a much worse night, and I’m sorry for that. I hope you feel better soon.


  6. @Trijem: I think I was in your raid. I had the same experience last night, I signed up to heal a pug 25-man OS run and have never witnessed so much fail in my WoW life. There was a 30-second window after I hopped in the first portal where there were maybe 3 people. Then a slow trickle of people finally joined us. Almost half the raid died to standing in void zones outside the portal. The second portal finished off most of the rest of us. The tank and his healer hung in there, but people (including myself) started dropping group and logging in hopes to avoid wasting our raid ID on that fail group. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough (it look me a while to figure out why people were dropping group) and now am locked out of OS25 for a week.

    I wouldn’t have been surprised if you had told me half of the 25 people there hadn’t bothered to re-spend their talent points. Quiet a few apparently forgot how to play at all. I’ve seen a lot of terrible groups (all I do is PUG), but that one took the cake. Not a pleasant way to start 3.1.


  7. See Trijem? I try to get more done than last night, and I see exactly what you mean.

    We tried to do Molten Core. Tried. Server up, server down, instance server crash, northrend down, lag spikes, login freeze, the whole nine yards. Frustrating as all heck.

    As things stand, I’ve canceled our regularly scheduled Naxx run for tomorrow, because I figure there is little chance any fun would be had trying to play in a raid with this crap right now. I’ll pin my hopes that we’ll be stable by Saturday.


  8. Interesting coincidence, since we’ve also been doing the weekly Mongoose run and it also dropped for us, finally and at long last! Running a few regular instances on the 73 rogue was… interesting… Instances are definitely borked… Twice we were stuck so completely I had to shut down WoW from Task manager just to escape…. Then I’d log onto my main, then back to the rogue, who was at the instance entrance in a fully reset instance… ::sigh:: The second time we were just taking on last boss, too.

    Can’t complain too much, though, sweet gear dropped and got nice quest rewards for said rogue and the dps was 850-900… not bad for a 73 rogue played by a healer druid who’s just now learning about dpsing. 🙂


  9. Just a heads up for anybody wanting to do the “easy” instances instead of rushing into Ulduar…

    I ran OS-10 with one drake up with some friends earlier today–in the like hour that instance servers were up. The fire waves are zomg buggy! They like… disappear and then regrow themselves…so you have to REALLY know where the holes are to avoid them. We were successful, but it was definitely something that if it were a pug I could see an imminent wipe.

    After OS-10 we ran to Malygos and promptly the instance servers dropped and as far as I know, my priest is still stuck. I decided my pally alt deserved a little love.

    However, thank you very much for that information about the patterns. Mongoose would be very nice…


  10. Same thing every “patch day” tbh.
    Mostly the server downs are for hotfixes, as listed on MMOC, there seem to have been quite a few.


  11. “I don’t care, one freaking night of not playing won’t kill anyone, and anyone that schedules a raid for a major patch night and is upset that raid instances are unstable are also wonky as heck in my opinion.”

    Agreed, but for one thing; there was no notice of the patch. I play in Australia on Aman’Thul in a very small guild (12 ppl) who had been arranging a night with another small guild to try 25 man naxx for the first time. Wednesday night was our only night to do this and it had been in the works for 2 weeks. If we’d had even one week’s notice, we could have closed it down instead of standing there like berks for 2 hours. We had just gotten our 25 all on and ready to go at 9pm Aus time when we got the 15 minute server shutdown warning locking us out of doing anything at all for 2 hours. I don’t get a lot of time to play, I have to restructure a whole lotta things to arrange a night like that (not everyone is lucky enough to have a partner who understands)and it will be awhile before we can do it again. I know full well that patch night is crazy and have no expectations that anything will work as intended, I also know that it’s very hard for them to give an exact time of release, but we had less than 24 hours notice. After the boot out, all I had left to do was herd my cats around the loungeroom. They’re getting smarter I swear it.


  12. My only complaint about the patch was similar to Benny’s. Now, I’m in the US, but maybe I’m not fully up on the news but nobody in my guild expected 3.1 to hit when it did.

    Instance servers have been having issues, I hear, though that has not yet affected me as I don’t usually raid until the weekend, and I’ve been too busy (or insufficiently motivated) to do heroics this week.

    I do like fishing in Wintergrasp instead of having to fly all over Northrend getting Fish Feast mats, though! And I am glad dual spec is finally here.


  13. Having worked for a company that had a similar situation of massive amounts of servers that need to go down for a patch I can say that Blizzard’s current system makes me cringe.

    You said so yourself BBB, for the past 4 years almost every major patch has been at least 4-5 hours longer downtime than expected. Now, what that says to me is that we shouldn’t tell people it will be up at X. We should tell them it will be up at X+5. The “worst” thing that happens is the servers are up earlier than expected. I don’t think Blizzard is setting reasonable goals for their team or their costumers, not to mention that I expect a company to stand by its estimation.

    Other than that, I had a great time on patch night… well mostly. Talk about crushing my dreams of calling my stabled pet remotely to find it’s a level 80 ability! Ouch!

    Oh, and I’ll take chips with my fish please!


  14. BBB Can we pretty please get a new bear and cat talent link? My wife and I are kinda clueless; she’s very casual, and i haven’t played feral in about a year.


  15. I’ve been expecting the patch for the last 2 weeks… ::shrug:: so I flat refused to sign up for raids ahead of time on patch tuesdays just for that reason. A good clue that you have a patch coming? the pre-download download.. which hit 3 weeks ago.

    the only glitch i’ve encountered is the system forgetting my talents completely 3 times so far. but, i know if i am unable to turn into a moonkin that something is wrong. so far, only have logged two of my toons in.


  16. We ran a heroic DTK last night and had trouble getting into the instance…it took about 5 minutes to get all five of us in…so they are still working out the bugs. One thing I DID notice though was that Tigers Fury wasn’t working correctly…it wasn’t restoring any energy. Any other kitty’s notice this at all? I’m at work, so i can’t check the official forums to see if this is a known issue or not.


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