Arthas Contest Winner – Kraggette of Anvilmar

The fifth and last of our winning entries. Cassie remarked to me that she liked the way this one built up and was resolved. I just liked the story, I guess I’m a fairly simple person. Enjoy!


The chill of death had been in my body for a long time, but this new chill was something colder, and far more sinister than even I had thought possible. I was standing before my master, Arthas, the Lich King, and he was speaking, to me.

“My dear Vyerimara,” he sang in his deep sultry voice, “come to me, tell me what bothers you my dear.”

As I stepped forward I saw his cool calculating blue eyes, staring straight at me, through me. I felt as though my soul had been ripped into and greedily fed upon by him. He knew me, he knew my treachery, he knew what I would do, and he would soon have my armor as a trophy.

Arthas was not always this way, he was once much kinder to his undead subjects, but he expected no mistakes in return for his kindness. He had grown distant from his once human kindred, and emotion no longer existed in him. He was fighting a war, a war he could win with a wave of his hand.

I was once a loyal subject of his, but, like Windrunner, I had kept my mind. I loved Arthas, he was my king before and after I died, but I was always just out of reach of him.

Now, I have chosen to betray him, to join Windrunner, and end his reign as king of the undead.

Everything was ready, the holy magic encompassing the dagger in my breastplate would be enough to kill him. All I had to do was put it right between his ribs, nothing too hard, considering how close I had been to him these past few months.

I stepped in close, and as I came closer the dagger gained weight in my heart. I had to be calm, but I needed to be quick.

“My Lord, I have brought you news of the front against the Banshee, we have lost one platoon of our soldiers, her voice seems to free their minds. She is the only real danger to our victory. Why do you not just go and destroy her, my King?” My voice cracked on the last word as his eyes lit with a firey rage.

“I don’t because I wish to toy with her, she is a nuisance, but she is cornered,” he growled at me, “She will not stay alive much longer. I have sent orders to the Awoken Ones. She will die TONIGHT!”

I must act more quickly then, I thought to myself, missing the first part of what Arthas was saying, as he concluded with “And so shall you.”

I had only heard the end of that sentence, “so shall I what?”

“Yes my lieg…” My voice trailed off as I finally understood what he had said.

“And for yourself Vyerimara, so shall you.”

I would not be finished so easily though, with the holy magic coursing through the dust in my own veins I ran to him, pulled out my kris, and plunged as hard and fast as I could toward his armor’s side, the weakest point. The holy magic burst forth from my eye sockets. The kris shattered on his hardened armor, and what little had been left of my mind was now gone.

And now I am his puppet, I AM SCOURGE!

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