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Ok, as usual, BBB felt like posting something that irritated him about a game that used to bring enjoyment to our lives, but lately has been bringing nothing but frustration and reflections about whether this is really how we want to spend our free time.

And before I start my actual post, I want to make it clear that this is ALL me.  BBB is at work and has no idea what I’m about to say or that I’m posting at all.  But since this blog is part of my life too and affects my family daily, I get to have an opinion (even if someone will then complain about the blog having too many “guest” posts and tell us they are leaving in disgust – yes, that has happened recently.)

So here goes.

Instead of people who didn’t agree with his Noblegarden post just moving on or politely sharing a different opinion or possible solution, the majority choose to send (and continue to send) comments that were vicious, ugly, filled with name calling, and several who announced that because this blog no longer focused on druids and had lost all of its “former glory”, they would be moving on and hoped BBB was happy to know that he had lost readers because he a) needed to grow up b) needed to stop whining, c) needed to only write about druids and not hunters, guild stuff or anything RL or d) he was ___ (fill in with an objectionable and childish name calling word of your choice since we pretty much received them all)

So once again, people seem to have the impression that this blog OWES them something.  That BBB is REQUIRED to spend all of his free time doing druid research and posting long step-by-step instructions about how to gear/spec/play a druid so that someone else who plays a druid tank or dps doesn’t have to do any research or think themselves about what makes sense for their class. They can go to a blog and get instructions on what to do instead and that it should be this blog.

And while BBB does sometimes do those types of posts, he also said LONG ago and has said frequently, that this blog was about anything he wanted to do write about.  Maybe one day it’s about a hunter, another day it’s about a guild leadership issue that we’re having, or about something in RL that he felt passionate about to share.  We receive many emails and comments from people telling us they enjoy that type of post.  That his story days are their favorite times. That they don’t even play WoW anymore, but they stop by to check things out and see what’s on his mind.  Those are the people that this blog is here for.  You are the people that BBB keeps writing for.

For those who feel that you are owed a certain type of content, that feel they have to right to offer “constructive criticism about content” (their term for nastiness about being entitled to different posts) or who feel the need to be vicious and nasty, I have a simple solution for you – GO AWAY and DON’T COME BACK.  You are not who this blog is for and if you write to say that BBB has just lost a reader, know that we are generally not sad or upset.  Instead we are thrilled to know that yet another person who feels it’s ok to be childish and demanding has left and won’t be commenting any more.

At the time this blog was started BBB, friends of ours were the ones that thought he should start a public blog since they were having so much fun with a yahoo group that was started among themselves where he’d share stories or rants or RL stuff.  So he started the blog and as he wanted to write posts, he realized that there wasn’t really anyone out there writing specifically about feral druids and he personally did SO much research and figuring things out so that he could better himself as a tank that he’d share that with others in case people were looking for help OR could make suggestions to him.  People began flocking to the blog and he somehow ended up the official “Big Bear Butt Blogger” and then got recruited to write for WoW Insider for the feral perspective. He wrote fantastic, long detailed class column posts that were not the norm for that publication and people loved it.  What they don’t know or often care about is that those posts for which he was paid very little, took, in some cases, 5 or 10 hours of writing and research for a single post. Instead of logging on to play the game, he would be spending hours doing math and linking to wowhead stuff and not enjoying the game that he was writing about because he’s naturally an overachiever who felt people deserved the best information; the information that he couldn’t find when he started.

However, over time, game play changes for everyone.  He started playing other types of classes and learning things about those (hunter, shadow priest, etc) and being the genuinely helpful person that he is, wanted to share that information here too.  Then we had guild issues and ended up forming our guild and we thought, “hey people might have advice along the way” so we wrote posts about that too.  And being a person who served in the military and has strong knowledge and passion for American history and issues, BBB would occasionally share posts in that area too.  And then since he’s led a crazy life (in the past), he thought he’d share some personal stories that had made that original group of friends suggest the blog in the first place.

That’s what this blog is about.  Anything that BBB feels passion about at the moment.  If that’s not what you want, go find it somewhere else. Or even better, if you can’t find it, do it yourself.  Start your own blog and get to say what you want whenever you want in whatever manner you want.

But don’t come here and feel that you have the right to be nasty, name-call or just be a jerk to my family.  In the past, we’ve literally had people get so wound up about a post, that someone took the time to figure out where we live, posted a google map to our house and the park where our son plays and say maybe someone should stop by and have a talk with us.  Yes, an actual threat to my family because of opinions about a virtual world and how they didn’t like what BBB said about something about that pretend world.

I’m all for free speech and I don’t and won’t censor opinions because they don’t agree with us, but there’s an adult way to share a difference of opinion and for the most part, we’re not seeing it happen in that way lately.  If you share something in a hateful, nasty way in the space that we PAY to have here and you threaten, demean or hurt us, we (ok, I because I’m much less tolerant about stuff like that than BBB is) WILL take away the ability to make comments and/or will yank this whole blog from the internet entirely.  You don’t get to hurt my family and call it “constructive” commenting.  You just don’t.

And if that offends someone and they leave the blog forever, delete it from their RSS, and move on, well then, I’m ok with that.  I totally am.


PS – Yes, I’ve used my moderation abilities and I’ve locked comments on the other post because we get the point — lots of people disagreed, some did it politely, others didn’t.  But it’s a dead issue. BBB long ago moved on from his frustration about the event (like by the time he had posted the issue) and it’s time others do too, instead of just stirring up the hate and venom for weeks to come.

97 thoughts on “Cassie Post

  1. Very late to this party, but I hope you guys keep doing whatever brings you happiness. I appreciated the Noblegarden post. I found the behaviour at Noblegarden bad enough that I decided just not to participate. I had to rescind that decision briefly when a guildy needed to be turned into a rabbit, but otherwise feel happy I didn’t join in. I can’t imagine why people would have complained about BBBs post,

    I came here first for the feral druid stuff, but found myself enjoying all the posts. Please keep it up.


  2. I know I’m behind the wagon on this one but I wanted to add my 1c: You’re a great wife, Cassie, and if I was in your shoes, I would be doing the exact same thing you did, writing this post. I see a blog as an extension of the blogger’s home, I better take my shoes off and say please and thank you. And on that note: Thank you, BBB and Cassie, for *all* your posts, I enjoy them immensely. Please don’t let the asshats get you down.


  3. I found this blog when I was looking for information on Druids and Feral Tanking. You have delivered! The info here has improved my playing and my enjoyment of a really great class. I am a better tank and a better player due to a lot of the info here.

    I have stayed and check daily because of your fantastic writings on ALL subjects. Your posts on other classes and guild issues ADD to this site, not detract! Your stories are actually a major reason I keep coming back. And I have found myself on several occasions agreeing with the rant posts (not sure what that says about me 🙂 ).

    Don’t let the haters get you down! Keep on posting! Thank you!


  4. Keep up the great work guys. I’m big enough so that if you write about something I can choose to read it or not all by myself. 🙂


  5. I read your post on Noblegarden some days ago and promised myself that I would comment upon it when my having to bring work home was done and rushing to “hunt” for Noblegarden eggs—I wanted to say that I fully sympathize and agree with his post concerning asshats and I had a similar experience about a warlock who summoned his pet and made it “stay” at a place so I couldn’t see or click an egg I was camping in a secluded place.

    So, when I come back and see it locked, I wondered… I didn’t have time to read all the posts. Then I read this post, and it became clear. I cannot believe that there are still some people who, after these last several months, think that BBB still owes them what is basically a cheat sheet for feral druidism. I come back here to read because I like the writing and what is written about is interesting.

    More power to you, BBB and Cassie. Write about anything! There are plenty of readers to replace those asshats. Let those who are too lazy to do their own research to in-game mechanics suffer. They’re probably those who would ninja your eggs anyway. Sheesh, it just burns me up that there are actually those who think they are in the right about demanding druid posts from you guys and threatening to leave and lose a reader!


  6. A friend pointed me over this way to BBB’s comments about Ninja-Garden. It’s funny – I think a number of us have decided that the sheer press of @ss-hats around these holidays is enough to worry about, write about and complain about. I got pissed and wrote a general /vent about how I’d love to gank some members of my own faction. BBB did one better – he ganked via his blog and I fully support that.


  7. it was because of BBB writing about a hunter that I drop by the first time. I was actually surprized to see his main is a druid, for he wrote so well as a hunter. Then I noticed his writings about the Corps. I found a home. We all have sea stories, but his are highly well written. (I believe you missed your calling as a combat reporter).

    There is much I enjoy about this blog (though I don’t agree with everything), I am hopefully consider a well behaved visitor (at least I hope I am!).

    And to Careyg – asshats are easily reconized – they are the warriors, druids, hunters, mages, lockys, palys, rogues, and even death knights who tank 3 or 4 of the mobs (at one time) one needs to kill to get for the daily :). Or as one is attacking, they fire their weapon to get that mob (again, though they are fighting 2 or 3 at the time). Or they drop out of the sky and take the ore point, you are fighitng right next too, because some mob didn’t like your smell. They are every age, sex, and orientation.

    And you know, I would swear Blizz loves them.

    Hoo Rah


  8. I am 20 years older than BBB and have been playing WOW for about 6 months. In that time I have leveled my Druid to 80, have mostly T7.5 gear and am looking forward to Ulduar. In the short time I have been playing I have met everyone one of the asshats that the Bear writes about. Not literally of course, but their twin brother, sister or cousin. I personally think all the asshats are inbred. I have also met heroes and wonderful people that he also writes about. I’m much too old to worry long about the asshats but the blog reminds me of the people I need to stay away from and also the types of people I want to play and run with. Remember that one class act friendly player outranks 5 asshats. I also came originally for the druid info and stayed for the marvelous writing. As someone, much more famous than I, once said.” We must all hang together or most assuredly, we will all hang separately”. So, in conclusion, keep writing about the asshats so we can more easily recognize them in their various disguises, and tell us about the good guys so that we may seek them out.

    Semper Fi


  9. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I check it out every day to read what’s on your minds as I find the blog informative and entertaining. Its a shame but perhaps not unsurprising that there are people out there who seem to take pleasure in knocking something rather than appreciating it. I’ve loved playing WoW and appreciate the friendships I’ve made whilst playing but I’ve also been aware that there are some seriously screwed up people playing this game as well. So its perhaps not such a big surprise to discover that these individuals will make comments on blogs too. The solution I guess is to ignore them and reassure yourself that your friends appreciate what you do !! 🙂


  10. Its obvious from all of the above that the vast majority of your readers come here for your insight into all things, not just WoW. The fact is you have an excellent writting style that entertains no matter what the subject matter. Thats why i come here, not to be informed of the intricacies of playing a feral druid tank (althought there is plenty of excellent information here about that) but to be entertained. And that is something you do very well, your posts are funny, informative and insightful in equal measure. So ignore the trolls who are almost certainly jealous of your writing talents and are probably the same people that camp your particular part of the egg hunting world just for laughs and carry on doing what you do best.

    Bigguss – dark wolves – Lightbringer EU


  11. ‘So once again, people seem to have the impression that this blog OWES them something. That BBB is REQUIRED to spend all of his free time doing druid research and posting long step-by-step instructions about how to gear/spec/play a druid so that someone else who plays a druid tank or dps doesn’t have to do any research or think themselves about what makes sense for their class. They can go to a blog and get instructions on what to do instead and that it should be this blog.

    I came to this site from a google search on feral gearing as I hit 80. Since then, I have read this blog because it is well written and interesting, not because I am looking for more help. Cheers to BBB for all his work.


  12. This would be why I generally avoid reading comments.

    Always amazes me the kind of person WoW seems to be attracting lately. For one, they all seem to think that the world/game/life/internet owes them something. It’s not hard to figure out why I rarely seem to be able to get a decent PUG with that many idiots around.

    Love the blog. Love the writing. Love the variety of subjects. Here’s hoping you don’t get discouraged from blogging further.


  13. First, I wanted to tell John that I’m sorry I missed the bar-bearian invasion. I completely forgot which week it was and missed the post the day of.

    Second, I wanted to encourage you both to keep ignoring the morons. I read this blog because I enjoy reading whatever you guys have to say. Even if my eyes do glaze over on some of the longer posts.

    Third, don’t hesitate to drop this thing like a hot potato. Life is too short to spend time on something that brings nothing but discouragement and heartache. Whatever decision you ultimately make know that there are people who will miss hearing from you. (Yes, you Cassie.) I’ve only met John once and you not at all but I wish you and your family nothing but happiness.


  14. There are some nasty people out there 😦 Am adding my voice as support and encouragment to BBB and family because blogging means putting yourself out there, and it shouldnt come to threats. The posts are always interesting and thought provoking and hope you keep it up 🙂


  15. I’m so sorry to hear people have treated you guys that way. It’s disgusting, irrational, immature, and alot of other pitiful things. But be assured that your blog as many, many fans who read and enjoy it. I hope you keep up the good work and that those who disagree can act like sane people and leave you in peace.


  16. Wow. I miss a couple weeks and come back to this.
    I love BBB, he’s the one that made me want to Bear it up. I also enjoy the fact that this blog contains content other than Bear stuff. It keeps it fresh and I like and appreciate that he shares stuff with us (life, hunter, whatever).

    For those bashing BBB or Cassie, gtfo. Seriously. Go away, go slam your nuggets with a ball of rusty razors.


  17. Over the last few months some very good WoW bloggers have ceased posting for various RL and gaming issues. I miss each of them, as reading them was part of my daily enjoyment. I would hate to think that the actions of a few fools might sooner or later see another great blogger group (yes group: like many others I enjoy the input from Cassie et al as much as from BBB himself) pull the plug.

    Not that you owe me anything either: it’s not your job to help me feel connected to a species that I struggle to comprehend, even though I am supposedly part of it. I just hope that the dross among your readers will winnow itself out and leave you feeling it is worth still posting. So post or dont post: but either way thank, you for what you have done on this extremely enjoyable and fun blog.


  18. I came across your blog only a couple of months ago(probably through a link from wowinsider or BRK).On the very first day i spent a few hours reading some of the one year old marine stories and the latest posts.BBB work is hilarious and extremely entertaining.You don’t owe anything to ungrateful things that don’t really understand what is important on this game.Keep up the awesome work and ignore the stupid people.


  19. As a blogger myself — and one who has shared with BBB the “joy” of WoW Insider comments — I wholeheartedly support you, Cassie, and BBB in your condemnation of asshats, trolls, and other internet idiots who can’t keep a civil tongue in their heads. It eventually drove me away from WI because I figure my life is too short to bother with the opinions of jerks. On my own blog, my solution is to kill comments with blithe abandon. A blog is not a democracy and there is no bill of rights on it. You’re allowed to screen it, censor it, or not; it’s your choice. I’d recommend banning the email addresses or IP addresses of people who write the jerkface comments.


  20. I rarely post, but read them all- follow y’all on Blogger. There have been posts that I’ve had no interest in- there have been posts that I didn’t bother to read. But I didn’t say so- I simply clicked that handy X on the tab, and moved on. That’s one of the great things about the variety of people who read blogs- they’re not all going to like the same things, so they have other blogs to read that cover other niches. And you know what? That’s okay! It says grand things for humanity. Heck, I’ve even disagreed with some of BBB’s posts, but I never had any problem with things being posted which had nothing to do with druiding.

    I don’t even play a druid. I’ve never been in the armed forces. I’ve never started a guild, I don’t work in a very technology-heavy environment, I’ve never been married, or had a kid, or anything like that. It’s a testament to the both of you that my attention is held on subjects which I have no personal experience with- the talent, passion, and enjoyment in your writing keeps me here. And will do so for as long as the two of you continue posting.

    Additionally- why tell people if you take them off your blogroll? If you’re not going to be reading them any further, what possible good can such a thing do?


  21. I do not understand how people can tell other people what to do with their free time and webspace. It’s not like they’re paying for this blog.

    Though the asshats may draw attention with their invective and noise, rest assured that they are a tiny minority; the rest of us, though we may not speak so loudly, appreciate what you do.


  22. I think that they have all right to write what they want to write. It is BBB and Cassies website and they take care of the expense of said blog. those are my thoughts


  23. I recently lost BRK – and his blog wasn’t all about Hunters any more than yours is all about Feral Druids. I don’t even spec Feral anymore… having much more fun currently with OOMkin, but I still come here (as a former military man, and a man that enjoys reading a good blog) and read whatever BBB has to say (and the missus as well.)

    To the folks giving this blog hell over BBB’s “defection of the true cause” or whatever crap you’ve spewed: F’ OFF, this is his blog, go somewhere else if you don’t like it.

    To BBB and the Missus: “Keep on Truckin” – I’ll read this blog even if it’s just about your kids and the weekly “raid” to the Grocers.


  24. I read this blog (even though i’m not really playing WoW anymore) because you guys are fab and you make me laugh, I love the stories and all the info you throw in too… I think it’s sad that people can get all crazy about a post like that, I totally agree that asshats should be named and shamed.

    Keep writing whatever you want because the people that check by every day come here because they want to read what you have to say, no matter what topic.

    Chin up /hug /salute

    River xx


  25. As a regular lurker and very occasional commenter I also wanted to say how much I love this blog.

    Also wanted to say as someone who has been stalked, take the email to your local police department and open a report. They won’t really have any power to do anything at this point, but you want to start a file in case the behavior continues and do not think it is too minor to take to the police.(even though some of the police officers themselves may say something to that effect)

    The Minnesota law to file the complaint under would be 609.749; one the federal laws also to look at is 18 USC § 2261A, 2261, 2262, whiich basically says if you cross state lines to harrass people or orchastrate crossing state lines “with the intent to injure or harass another person…or place that person in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury…”

    Anyways, Sorry if you think I am overreacting I just hate the thought of anyone going through stalking having been there myself in the past.


  26. /cheer!

    As many have already said, I agree completely–people need to learn to be adults. As for the Noblegarden post, I thought it was a riot and I would have done the same in BBB’s position (actually, my guild has added one guild to our “do not raid” list because many of them classified as the asshats B3 mentioned and ran into).

    This place is your guys, you have the right to say what you want, when you want. If people don’t like it, and can’t be civil about it, they can shove it in explicative and go explicative.

    I know myself and most of the other replies on this post are rooting for you. We will all miss you two if you decide to leave the blogging community due to asshats and the like, but we will understand. I’m sticking around, no matter what!

    Much luck with the blog, the guild, the toons, and your amazing family and real life.


  27. I find it stange that people have to write articles like this. This is partly due to the fact that I am writing one very similar myself.

    Please continue to write what ever the two of you have come to mind. I love the down to earth honest approach you both take while writing. I came to this blog looking for feral druid information and received it spades. I keep coming back for the well written posts about anything. Some days I need to read about something more then WoW. It seems as time goes on those days are more often then the days I want to do anything with WoW.

    Keep it up and please don’t let what feels like the majority get you both down, most of us are not that bad. At least I hope thats true.


  28. Of course it’s your blog to do with as you will, we are but visitors in the space between your ears that you choose to share.

    If that’s beyond a troll’s comprehension, more’s the pity for them. I, for one (among many it seems), have a little bit of extra happy time every time my feedreader says it’s time to visit BBB. Relevance, topic matter, seriousness…none of that matters in the least.

    You are normal people that play WoW.
    Just like me.
    And so I stop by.

    Keep up the excellent work on all fronts. /salute


  29. /salute

    I have a L22 druid, and have deleted three others. I can’t seem to get one past L25 (hopefully that’ll change!).

    Originally I found BBB through WI in an effort to help some friends with Druid stuff. I keep coming back for what he writes, and how he writes it. Whatever he writes.

    I greatly enjoy reading his posts. They’re well written and most strike a chord with me one way or another. Keep writing BBB.

    Cassie, BBB, take heart and know that for every unmentionable that you get mail or comments from, there are at least one of us who greatly enjoy the effort you’ve put through. Probably more than one of your readers that would go hunting in the opposite direction if given the opportunity as well. 😉

    I feel annoyed and sad that there are enough @$$hats out there that have caused you to write at least two of these posts that I’ve seen.

    From my end, best wishes and keep up the awesome blog as long as you can.



  30. I too originally came to this site as I was approaching 70. I learned a lot of useful information on how to gear up my bear for kara tanking. That was my main reason for coming here originally. Now that my guild is progressing into ulduar I feel like I know enough to figure out my bear on my own. That is the important point: I still keep coming here to read what’s going on and not for druid only information. This site gave me the foundation to become a better tank and player, and for that, for all your hard work compiling all that information, I sorta feel like that if anything your readers owe YOU something. The trouble with asshats both on game, and on the internet is that they tend to be louder than everyone else. Though I suspect (at least hope) that they are probably the minority. Keep doing whatever you want to do, however you want to do it. /cheers


  31. Coming late to the party, but I gotta say…

    Right on, Cassie. And keep it coming BBB.

    Your place, your thoughts, your dreams, your gripes, your path.

    Ignore the twits, and please keep writing for those of us who enjoy and appreciate what you work so hard to bring us.


  32. Thanks for the heads up Cass.
    Two tears in a bucket BBB. Try not to let the few vocal nutjobs sway your opinion of what the majority of your readership enjoys.
    Some of us still believe that “the golden rule” should apply to ALL aspects of ones life. Stay true to who you are which is the funny, intelligent, witty and maybe borderline crazy (you did pick Marines over Army) blogger you are.


  33. I am amused at how Cassie plays the “heavy” for BBB.

    My advice is to be aggressive about deleting bad comments. People take their cue from the surrounding environment and try to push the edge. Weed the negative comments ruthlessly, don’t dignify them with a response, and it’s more likely that the commentary becomes civil.


  34. It’s well past time that I commented. Everything that’s written here, I have enjoyed reading. I may not always agree, but that’s ok–I still enjoyed reading it! Please don’t let the mean-spirited people get to you too much. And for my part, I will start commenting more–a small step in balancing the comments toward what your readers *really* think.


  35. i’m gonna through in my 2 Pence

    I dont play a druid but i still read this blog because its funny and informative. I hate people who use the internets Anonomissity to play the hard man when they really are some idiot with no life

    P.S. Did you report the asshat for posting that link? and sorry for spelling errors


  36. Not a commenter (or druid!) at all, but a regular reader delurking to say that there are WAY more people reading (and appreciating) than you know. The vocal jerks are just an annoying minority.

    Keep doing what you do!


  37. Hey Cassie and BBB, I love to read this blog. As a matter of fact I recently jumped back into WOW to resume the FUN of playing my druid b/c I still kept reading this blog and remembered how much FUN playing my druid is. It drives me crazy that people often lack the maturity or more so, pragmatic accountability that is involved in playing WOW and functioning in its outer domains. It often leads me to stepping away from the game for huge amounts of time because I have enough on my plate in life than to deal with jerks who apparently have forgotten the key motive of most folks playing WOW — the fact that it is a game. I appreciate your statements and think that people should be held accountable to their remarks and lack of human (or druid) dignity. I appreciate the stories and community that you both have created here as well as the help and advice. I have to admit that it has often made me consider starting a blog myself, if I do I’ll drop you a line. THanks for all that you do and keep on blogging.



  38. Yay for Cassie!

    This blog became a daily staple for my coffee time in the morning once BBB branched out and started posting about all that other fun stuff.

    Keep up the good work.


  39. Way to go BBB and way to go Cassie, it truly is a shame that there are people out there who act like a bunch of juvenile asshats. I’ve been reading the blog for about 4 months or so now since I decided to finally get my druid leveled and this blog rocks, the fack that non druid stuff is involved is great, every player should take the opportunity to learn the game from the perspective of another class.

    Here’s hoping the rest of the asshats move on too.



  40. BBB & Cassie, Ditto to everything positive said above. Keep up the posts and the play as long as you get enjoyment from it. We love being part of the community you all have created here. Agape to both of you from all of your true friends.


  41. You go girl! I really hope the amazing comments to this post keep you and BBB posting just the way you do. I, among many, would hate to see this blog depart because of a few pricks who can’t keep their misery to themselves.

    I suppose I’m the opposite of BBB. I’m a guild leader, druid, and raid leader who leads our group beside my husband. I’m also horde hehe. And I COMPLETELY understand the trials, tribulations, and frustrations that come from leading a guild. I look to this blog on my down and out days for a laugh or smile because I absolutely love how BBB writes…whatever it’s about. He’s definitely an inspiration.

    Keep your chins up and hang in there!


  42. Please don’t quit. My WoW-heart can’t take it. First Phaelia, then BRK, now OOM. If BBB (the blog) died, I would cry. And I’m not saying that lightly – I don’t cry – I find it useless. You folks are awesome, and you should write what you want.

    Someone above me said it best: Don’t Let the Asshats Win. They win way too much as it is, and taking a quality writer out of the blog world is a damn shame.

    The trouble is, the good folks, the readers who love you, don’t comment much, because we APPROVE. I hope the outpouring of affection in these comments sways you.

    The departure of Phae and BRK was an eye-opener, for sure. If you need to scale back the frequency and activity, don’t let us stop you. Family First. Even after I leave WoW in 7.5 months (wife is preggers!), I will still read this blog as long as you decide to keep at it. Same with BRK’s new place. You are cool folks, good writers, and you’ve influenced my worldview in a positive way.

    I hope the positives of keeping the blog up outweigh the negatives, but I understand if they dont.



  43. It’s a real shame that you have to keep stating this. : It should be stickied at the top of the site, imo.

    You know you guys have my support in everything and am here for anything you need. ❤ you guys.


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