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Ok, as usual, BBB felt like posting something that irritated him about a game that used to bring enjoyment to our lives, but lately has been bringing nothing but frustration and reflections about whether this is really how we want to spend our free time.

And before I start my actual post, I want to make it clear that this is ALL me.  BBB is at work and has no idea what I’m about to say or that I’m posting at all.  But since this blog is part of my life too and affects my family daily, I get to have an opinion (even if someone will then complain about the blog having too many “guest” posts and tell us they are leaving in disgust – yes, that has happened recently.)

So here goes.

Instead of people who didn’t agree with his Noblegarden post just moving on or politely sharing a different opinion or possible solution, the majority choose to send (and continue to send) comments that were vicious, ugly, filled with name calling, and several who announced that because this blog no longer focused on druids and had lost all of its “former glory”, they would be moving on and hoped BBB was happy to know that he had lost readers because he a) needed to grow up b) needed to stop whining, c) needed to only write about druids and not hunters, guild stuff or anything RL or d) he was ___ (fill in with an objectionable and childish name calling word of your choice since we pretty much received them all)

So once again, people seem to have the impression that this blog OWES them something.  That BBB is REQUIRED to spend all of his free time doing druid research and posting long step-by-step instructions about how to gear/spec/play a druid so that someone else who plays a druid tank or dps doesn’t have to do any research or think themselves about what makes sense for their class. They can go to a blog and get instructions on what to do instead and that it should be this blog.

And while BBB does sometimes do those types of posts, he also said LONG ago and has said frequently, that this blog was about anything he wanted to do write about.  Maybe one day it’s about a hunter, another day it’s about a guild leadership issue that we’re having, or about something in RL that he felt passionate about to share.  We receive many emails and comments from people telling us they enjoy that type of post.  That his story days are their favorite times. That they don’t even play WoW anymore, but they stop by to check things out and see what’s on his mind.  Those are the people that this blog is here for.  You are the people that BBB keeps writing for.

For those who feel that you are owed a certain type of content, that feel they have to right to offer “constructive criticism about content” (their term for nastiness about being entitled to different posts) or who feel the need to be vicious and nasty, I have a simple solution for you – GO AWAY and DON’T COME BACK.  You are not who this blog is for and if you write to say that BBB has just lost a reader, know that we are generally not sad or upset.  Instead we are thrilled to know that yet another person who feels it’s ok to be childish and demanding has left and won’t be commenting any more.

At the time this blog was started BBB, friends of ours were the ones that thought he should start a public blog since they were having so much fun with a yahoo group that was started among themselves where he’d share stories or rants or RL stuff.  So he started the blog and as he wanted to write posts, he realized that there wasn’t really anyone out there writing specifically about feral druids and he personally did SO much research and figuring things out so that he could better himself as a tank that he’d share that with others in case people were looking for help OR could make suggestions to him.  People began flocking to the blog and he somehow ended up the official “Big Bear Butt Blogger” and then got recruited to write for WoW Insider for the feral perspective. He wrote fantastic, long detailed class column posts that were not the norm for that publication and people loved it.  What they don’t know or often care about is that those posts for which he was paid very little, took, in some cases, 5 or 10 hours of writing and research for a single post. Instead of logging on to play the game, he would be spending hours doing math and linking to wowhead stuff and not enjoying the game that he was writing about because he’s naturally an overachiever who felt people deserved the best information; the information that he couldn’t find when he started.

However, over time, game play changes for everyone.  He started playing other types of classes and learning things about those (hunter, shadow priest, etc) and being the genuinely helpful person that he is, wanted to share that information here too.  Then we had guild issues and ended up forming our guild and we thought, “hey people might have advice along the way” so we wrote posts about that too.  And being a person who served in the military and has strong knowledge and passion for American history and issues, BBB would occasionally share posts in that area too.  And then since he’s led a crazy life (in the past), he thought he’d share some personal stories that had made that original group of friends suggest the blog in the first place.

That’s what this blog is about.  Anything that BBB feels passion about at the moment.  If that’s not what you want, go find it somewhere else. Or even better, if you can’t find it, do it yourself.  Start your own blog and get to say what you want whenever you want in whatever manner you want.

But don’t come here and feel that you have the right to be nasty, name-call or just be a jerk to my family.  In the past, we’ve literally had people get so wound up about a post, that someone took the time to figure out where we live, posted a google map to our house and the park where our son plays and say maybe someone should stop by and have a talk with us.  Yes, an actual threat to my family because of opinions about a virtual world and how they didn’t like what BBB said about something about that pretend world.

I’m all for free speech and I don’t and won’t censor opinions because they don’t agree with us, but there’s an adult way to share a difference of opinion and for the most part, we’re not seeing it happen in that way lately.  If you share something in a hateful, nasty way in the space that we PAY to have here and you threaten, demean or hurt us, we (ok, I because I’m much less tolerant about stuff like that than BBB is) WILL take away the ability to make comments and/or will yank this whole blog from the internet entirely.  You don’t get to hurt my family and call it “constructive” commenting.  You just don’t.

And if that offends someone and they leave the blog forever, delete it from their RSS, and move on, well then, I’m ok with that.  I totally am.


PS – Yes, I’ve used my moderation abilities and I’ve locked comments on the other post because we get the point — lots of people disagreed, some did it politely, others didn’t.  But it’s a dead issue. BBB long ago moved on from his frustration about the event (like by the time he had posted the issue) and it’s time others do too, instead of just stirring up the hate and venom for weeks to come.


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  1. /cheer

    Seriously. I saw some of the comments rolling in on the last post and couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing how people on the internet assume they’re owed something they do nothing to earn. They get for free.

    Keep writing the blog as it is, BBB. To hell with everyone who doesn’t like it. I, for one, love it. All of it.


  2. I don’t play WoW, and haven’t in over a year. I read this blog because it’s interesting and well-written. Post whatever you want, and if I keep finding it worth my time I’ll stay (seems likely right now) and if I don’t I won’t. Neither will mean you are doing anything right or wrong, it’ll just mean your blog does or does not hold my interest.
    Keep up the good work, both of you. 🙂


  3. Cassie and BBB – Don’t change a thing. Continue to write what you want (if you want) and I’d miss the blog if it went away but family comes first. People just need to remember it’s a game and be adults.


  4. Hey BBB and Cassie,

    I fall into that group of “not playing WoW a lot, visit the site because it’s frakkin’ cool” I enjoy BBB’s site and I especially dig how you fight for your family, Cassie. Keep up the awesomeness. =P

    P.S. I totally feel BBB on the asshat issue in WoW. It’s one of the reasons I’ve cut back my game time.


  5. You know you really should not have to take time to write something like this. It’s sad that you do have to remind people now and again how to behave. You can disagree with someone without insulting them. I agree it’s not a loss if they don’t come back. You really don’t need that type of negativity in real life or online.

    One of the many things I enjoy about BBB’s blog (and those like his) is that he writes about a variety of topics. Initially, I came here via Google search. I was looking for feral tanking blogs. I stayed because there are many other things that are written besides that. I enjoy the variety and don’t mind the non-WOW related posts either. It just goes to show that we can talk and do other things besides play WOW. 😉


  6. Very well said Cassie.

    Its a shame how petty people can be – if you don’t like the blog or a particular post, just bugger off and find one you do like. This is someone’s own blog – nobody is being compelled to come read it… I don’t understand why people get so worked up over posts here.

    Its not like BBB is their elected representative that he owes anything to anyone who chooses to come read the posts here! And then too there are limits on what is acceptable.

    You guys are pretty tolerant – I’d have gone batshit insane if someone posted maps to my house and locations where my son plays. That is downright disturbing and should count as a punishable offense under the law.


  7. Hi there Cass and BBB. Just delurking to say ignore the haters, your blog is awesome just as it is. I love the druid stuff – it’s why I started reading in the first place – but the other stuff is great too. And the “name and shame” posts are hilarious. Keem em coming.


  8. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the Noblegarden post, I come here to read the blog, not the topics, keeps me entertained.


  9. Many people who plays any MMO seem to forget the people behind the pixels. Real people who have families and feelings. This is where i think the problem lies and to have someone write a brilliant piece as you have done Cassie makes me happy! Much respect to you and tell BBB to keep doing what he does best and that is to entertain people on a daily basis.


  10. Good for you Cassie! This is the first time that I have actually commented, but felt that I had to tell you both how much my husband and I enjoy reading the blog. I found BBB when I first began playing my druid alt and have enjoyed the class specific information, the variety of topics, & even the occasional rants. 🙂 I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you to Cassie & BBB for sharing their time with us!


  11. BBB is a great druid and WoW resources and if they don’t like what you write about they can just ‘unread’ you. But don’t let their small mindedness get to you! When you have to explain your postings, its on the readers hands! Shrug off the would-be emo’s. You write excellent blogworthy topics. -snuggles-


  12. I’m decloaking just to say that I read this blog more for BBB’s random observations than for any amount of theorycrafting, tanking advice, etc. I don’t even think of this as a WoW blog really. I just enjoy reading what BBB has to say. As a raconteur, his abilities are second to none.


  13. Cass and BBB – as with the other posters before me, I just want to throw my two cents into the mix. I came here ages ago from BRK (another fine blogger who realized fanil was first – nice to see Brain kept posting though) and am extremely happy having found you both. I play WoW casually, have never played a druid (tried once, wasn’t for me) but genuinely love this blog. I have even considered a paid transfer to your server just to see if it made sense to chill with your group as it seems to be very similar to my own way of thinking (still may do so on day when I tire of my current home). It and BRK are the two that load first every morning and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. I don’t always agree, but those times that I don’t, it makes me ponder why and have a little internal debate with myself and some friends online (this being my first comment). Again, let the asshats of the world spew their hatred elsewhere (delete away – it’s your world here) and keep your heads up – it’s been a great place to lurk for many many months and hopefully for years to come…
    Velma, High Fist of the Bridgeburners on the Vashj server


  14. Mr. and Mrs. BBB:

    Like many others, I found this site while searching for Feral information. As I geared up for 70 end game, BBB was a great source of information and inspiration. When I realized that BBB placed “fun” and “family and friends” over “progression” and “min/max” I knew I had found something special.

    Now that the blog is a bit less focused, I enjoy it even more. I enjoy hearing about your challenges and triumphs over them (the recent post about BBB’s experience with government “help” was brilliant).

    Don’t let a vocal minority (and I assure you, they are a minority) change what you are doing. Play the way you want to play, blog the way you want to blog.


  15. I prefer the direction BBB is taking. I have a druid alt but my shaman is my one true love. Reading general WoW comments here is entertaining no matter what class you play. Maybe the entitled blog readers should show some class of their own. I disagreed with the Noblegarden post but I didn’t feel the compulsion to lash out.


  16. BBB’s comments about Noblegarden were right on the spot as I had just gone through a similar experience at the time. Honestly kids, where else are you going to find a commentary that actually speaks to people’s feelings and sensibilities like BBB? He has every right to say and do what he wants, its his blog. Now please, before you make that crazy donkey post, think about what your doing and who this message is being sent to and what the wow blogging community looks like with BBB. I’m not even a druid anymore but I still enjoy his posts and I can’t say nearly that much about the others.


  17. I am Pretty new to this blog.
    Yes i came here in the sole purpose to read about feral tanking to better myself in that stance.
    But in no way should anyone ever be disrespectful in the ways alot of these people seem to have been.
    I’ve only been surfing this blog for a week or three, But i always enjoy a good story and have got to get caught up on some of the old stories in this blog, and thoroughly enjoy them.

    Just my 2 cents, Have a good day BBB, and Mrs. BBB


  18. Keep doing what you do BBB, I come here for more than Feral Druid information. Thanks for all the good laughs and theory crafting.


  19. BBB – and Cassie – I just want to say, I have always enjoyed what you have done on this blog; I will continue reading it for as long as you choose to keep writing. There are many of us who read, laugh, but have nothing to say in return – but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy what you write very much. I’m a long-time reader, and have posted a few comments, but am mostly quiet. Please do not think that because you got negative (even irrational) feedback, there are not many of us who give what you say thought, and agree, or disagree, but with the idea, not the person. Thank you for putting your time and effort into giving the WoW community your voice.


  20. Bravo, BBB and Cassie. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

    Lets hope they move on when they don’t get what they want…


  21. Is it logical to expect someone who’s chosen a main character that is a shapeshiftin’ jack-of-all trades and then developed a propensity for lingering only in the form of a large grouchy animal to have a variety of things to talk about and an occasionally wake up to a /rawreatuface day? I don’t think so. This place totally satisfies my expectations and then some. The varied topics keep it from stagnating and the asshat-callout posts get stuff off my chest for me. -Feral Druid with a casual raiding guild : )


  22. Very, very well stated, Cassie! I’m sure I don’t have to say it, but you and John have my full support and endorsement, always. “Blog your passion!”


  23. Well, I made my feelings on this topic clear last time BBB got flamed for posting his mind…. that’s what a blog is for, speaking your mind. No one is required to come read it, after all. 🙂 There are lots of feral druid blogs to read on the web now. If this one isnt for you, go find one that is!

    I’m a druid… I’m a darned good druid, but of the tree variety. I’m not feral, never will be feral, although I pretend at kitty now and again so I dont forget about it. I come here because BBB is fun to read, has lots of variety, and if I see something good, I can pass it on the to the ferals I know. You are cool, too, Cassie, and I enjoy your posts as much as his. 🙂


  24. What she said.

    That post summed up all my frustrations with this event, except the part where I just said “screw it” and walked away from it. It isn’t worth it. This event has brought out the worst (so far) in the player base, and I don’t want to look at it. It’s depressing.

    And apparently pointing out the bad behavior and calling it for what it is … makes people uncomfortable. Wonder why?


  25. Also delurking to voice my support for both of you. I very rarely comment but have the feed on my reader. If the story interests me I read it. If it doesn’t I skip it.

    It’s kind of like going shopping. If you see food at the grocery store you don’t like , do you stop and harrass it… no you just don’t buy it…
    Saying , Hey I really don’t like Brussell Sprouts is normal. Standing around calling it names will likely get you locked up…


  26. I’m one of the people who’s pretty much moved on from WoW, and although I’ve removed a lot of WoW blogs from my reader, I’ve kept BBB because I enjoy the wide ranging posts. As a gaming mom with four kids and a husband, I also *completely* understand how these things can affect our lives! Please know that although the idiots are often the vocal minority, you have plenty of readers who thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the blog just the way it is. I just found out this week that my husband’s company is relocating us to Minnetonka this summer, so maybe I’ll get to make it to one of the Bar-Bearian invasions at some point! 🙂


  27. Well said, i know i’ve been quite vocal a couple times, but i don’t think ever hateful toward you guys. This blog (and others) provide us with information, entertainment, and possibly fresh ideas we had never thought about before. I’m always excited to see a new post from bbb, aspect of the hare, or dphowell (to list my top three)

    I for one, would be interested to hear more from you cassie, guest posters don’t bother me one bit, it gives some additional variety to the site.


  28. Go Cassie! Heck, I don’t even have a druid (well, a bank alt leveled just high enough for travel-form mailbox runs), and come here to read the blog. Keep up the good work, and reminding people, it’s YOUR Blog, not a paid news subscription service people have. /facepalm


  29. Pshaw, change nothing I don’t even play druids, I have tried, but the warlock and the deathknight call too loudly. I only read for the guild stuff and the stories. I don’t always agree with the politics, but ain’t that America? Don’t change a single comma.

    As to the asshats? On Earthen Ring we have some one who is such an asshat the only guild he can get into is his own. His last guild transfered to a new server en mass to get away from him. All his characters are in a private guild now. He still spams trade and makes a nuisance of himself, hence I /ignore. I wish I could hoist him in this kind of forum.


  30. As a long time reader but first time commenter I want to show my support for Cassie and BBB.

    I frequently stop by and read what you have to say on your blog because the writing is thoughtful, amusing and always written from the heart. It is a little oasis of goodness, and I always look forwards to reading a new post.

    If as a reader you don’t like what you see written in this blog – tough luck Cassie and BB can write whatever the hell they like.

    If you don’t have anything constructive to say then don’t say anything at all.

    oh and shut the door on the way out.


  31. Seriously?

    People were up in arms over THAT?

    Well, I’m not much of one for commenting, since I usually read this blog and nod and have nothing to actually contribute. I don’t read religiously, or anything like that. But, when I stop by here, I like what I see.

    Don’t ever change, don’t let the asshats win. There are still decent people out there, we just tend to be a bit quieter, more reserved, more refined. So please, don’t let the petty jerks, dangerous or just depressing, get you down and spoil it for the rest of us.


  32. /applaud. There are other feral blogs if all people want is serious number-crunching (which is totally okay for them to want). But like I said before, when I quit WoW for several months the blogs I kept reading were those like Bear’s–ones with personality and passion for many different aspects of life (in and out of game).


  33. Hmm … I’m either looking at the wrong post, or you’ve removed the bad posts, cos I can’t see anything other than posts that either suggest other ways of doing the Noblegarden thing, or agreeing … ?

    But regardless … my opinion about this blog is no doubt the same as many other “normal” folk who come here. Basically I’m a casual gamer, not hardcore in any way, would like to improve a bit, but hey, not going to bust a gut doing so. When we (my husband and I) started performing the druid dances in the school playground whilst picking up the kids, we decided it was time to chill a bit (although admittedly, he dances like that normally anyway ….). We have severe case of altitus and use the game as a way to chill on an evening. Exactly the same reason I read this blog. Doesn’t matter what its about, I’ll read it. (sorry .. I also read Cornflake boxes … but that’s just me being sad).

    Perhaps what you should do is simply change your e-mail address and not publish it. For competitions or things where you need an address, use a temporary one. Alternatively … just don’t give them the satisfaction. Perhaps their problem is they are addicted to BBB and can’t get enough, but feel the urge to show that addiction in a weird way. Why else come to a blog that you don’t like? I really don’t understand that. Why spend all that time reading a blog that you don’t like? very odd ….


  34. Hi, delurking to say that I LOVE your blog, and read it specifically for all the non-Druid-ish content. Although I do enjoy reading about our favorite shape-shifter, its reading about the day-to-day experiences you have running a guild and learning to raid that I find interesting. Keep it up and don’t let brats get to ya 🙂


  35. It’s unfortunate that the internet trolls have gotten under your skin. Although I’m glad you found a constructive and eloquent way to tell them to eff off. 🙂

    The BBB blog has been a valuable resource for my adventures as a bear tank and as entertainment. Keep on rockin’ it.


  36. Bravo, Cassie.

    I wish I could remember how I found this blog. I’m sure it was either a friend’s recommendation or a link from another blog (BRK, perhaps?). I like that it is about druids, but I love the writing and that’s what really keeps me coming back. I figure if someone’s paying BBB to write this blog, then they can dictate the content, otherwise, partake of what’s offered or don’t. It’s a fairly simple concept in my mind.

    Good Lord, people really are so depraved that they’ve made threats against your family and posted your address and the VERY PARK YOUR SON PLAYS IN?! God help those people if they ever threatened my family that way, since there’d be no mercy from me. I salute you both and hope you’ll keep doing the blog for whatever reasons suit you and that you’ll write about the things that matter to you.


  37. I first want to apologize for not being online much these past 2 months; the new job is hell and leaves me very little time for WoW. I am hoping the situation will change May 15 when my first deliverable goes live and my workload will be reduced significantly.

    Writing with passion can bring the best or worst out of the readers. Passion is contagious and when a reader strongly disagrees with the view expressed by BBB, he is more likely to post a passionate reply telling BBB what is “wrong” with his view than if the view was expressed in more subdued tone.

    It’s a normal human response. Not good or bad in itself, just normal.

    One suggestion is to to turn off the ability to comment about certain passionate posts, at least for a period of time (24 hours?). I would include a notice both at the top and the bottom of the post if I were to attempt this approach. I don’t think it will eliminate the nasty posts entirely but it may help reducing their numbers.

    As for BBB writing about whatever he feels like; it’s his blog and he can do whatever he wants with it. I am a big fan of BBB but sometimes I stop reading a post after a few paragraphs because the subject does not interest me or the opinion expressed is too strong to my liking. I visist every day but I don’t come with the expectation I will be entertained every day.

    Enough said, time for me to go back to hell.

    Take care,


  38. Very well put, Cassie. I started reading this blog last year, and what really kept me coming back and reading was not only BBB’s wonderful writing style and wit, but all the stories, especially the guild ones. I love hearing about what others are doing in this game and what people think about certain things. Do I always agree with an opinion post? No, but that’s not enough to get me to stop reading entirely. BBB is just as entitled to his opinion as is everyone else, and how else can we learn about the other side if we don’t listen?

    Anyway, keep up the good work, you two. If I weren’t such a die-hard Hordie, I’d hop over to Kael’Thas in a heartbeat; you Sidhe Devils sound like an awesome bunch of folks. Don’t let the nay-sayers get you down!


  39. Way to go Cassie! I came here originally for druid info (and found it quite excellent, thanks) but have stayed out of appreciation for BBB the person. When druid stuff comes round, great, if not, I have a hunter and shadow priest as well as some other alts. I appreciate the writing, perspectives and stories so much more than the druid math I can (and do) find at other excellent sites.


  40. To be honest, I read BBB for the USMC stories more than anything. PBEM was pretty awesome while he was doing that, too.

    Sucks that people suck, but hey, that’s life 😦


  41. I don’t see why anyone would write something mean no matter what. I personally enjoy the BBB blog. I will admit that I came to love the BBB blog because the focus on druids. I will also admit that I don’t care about the hunter stuff…much rather read his random post and humor. It is also true that I am usually hopeful that there will be a post about droods…but I enjoy most of the post and when I stop by dailly I read whatever the post is for that day and then I go on to my next blog or news site. Now as far as owing the readers anything, I feel like the only thing a blogger ever owes anyone is honesty and decency and that’s something BBB always delivers on. I am very sad to read that the a part of the readership doesn’t also live up to this standard. I can only hope that you and BBB can find the will to ignore them and continue to write the blogs. It is mostly the readers duty I believe to counter negative comments; I will admit that I don’t usually even look at the comments, I will start.


  42. Cassie and BBB,

    I love this blog and please don’t change anything. I love BBB’s creative writing and Marine stories, just like I did BRK’s Airman stories. Reminds me of my old Army days. I like that the focus is more generalized WoW content sometimes, but BBB explains all the tough to follow (elitist jerk) stuff for druids like no one else does. Your posts about real life hit home and I have found inspiration from them. Although I don’t always agree with everything I read here, I always find it interesting and a warm place to visit 🙂


  43. /Salute

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…when you pay for your hosting, and domain you get to decode what to write about, when to write it and how much of it to write. Anyone that doesn’t like it…screw em. They don’t pay the pills or manage the upkeep. Bottom line is you guys have a very loyal reader base, me being one of them. And the ones that take their ball and go home in a huff, it’s their loss.

    The fact is if Bear and you didn’t show your true selves in this blog, and just did a daily crunching of numbers for x class, I’d never have had the thought “gee these sound like folks I want to play with”, and therefor wouldn’t have found my “home”. Keep up the good work, and anyone that thinks Bear isn’t good at what he does. The positive supportive comments, and the awesomeness of Sidhe Devils prove otherwise.


  44. I came upon this blog some months ago looking for something interesting to read and thought “eh I have a baby druid collecting dust.” But I stayed because I genuinely enjoy reading BBB. I enjoy coming here and reading over the posts druid/WoW related or not.

    I could go on a special rant about the people making threats and comments, but I won’t.

    Your blog is like your house. You get to decorate it however you want. I personally would like to see more purple in your theme like a purple flower on the bear’s head but *shrug* I’m just glad its not all done in browns. ;p Seriously, either people will stick around and read what you write or they won’t. Write what you enjoy.

    And like your house if people are being rude and hostile in your house, you kick them out. Depending on if they are family are not will determine if you are nice about the kicking or not. Its really aweful though that Cassie has come on twice recently about this though 😦 It means people are being bad guests in their house. (Psst. really purple somewhere k?)


  45. I came to this site to become a better Feral Druid. I have stayed with this site because I enjoy exactly what makes up BBB’s personal character. The variety of stories and writings make for a great read. Place me in with the group of readers that enjoy immensely all that BBB gives up his time to write for us readers to ponder and enjoy. Thank-you for taking the time to keep your site going.


  46. Threaten Baby BBB over a game?!?!?
    Man that’s got to be illegal somehow, stalker laws maybe. Would do the d@#kless twerp right if the FBI came banging on his door with a warrant for him and his computer. Then stuck him in a little room with bars and his new FWB Bubba
    I’m gonna ask a couple people I know (nice thing about what I do is knowing atty’s and judges) so hang on to the email. No one should be able to do that and walk.


  47. It is sad that these types of post have to be done every so often but there isn’t much to be done about that. There will always be those that have no respect for anyone else, much less themselves, and must dictate terms to people.

    Good job and keep up the wonderful posting you guys do!



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