Thank you for your responses to Cassies post

I appreciate the emotional support and kind words you’ve shared.

I didn’t know Cassie was going to post anything, although I have a fairly good idea why she did, in hindsight.

I posted what I did about Noblegarden, not because I was inflamed so much at one person, but because as I said, he represents to me every immature asshat that I encounter that makes me wonder why I play this game in the first place.

I love the game of WoW. It’s magnificent. The depth, the sheer massive weight of content, the layers of involvement. It’s a stunning edifice within which we roam free, always finding something new in some previously unexplored room.

I love the people in my guild. I know I am biased, but each and every one of them is a nice person, a person that I enjoy saying hello to and meeting anew when I log in. Sometimes I feel pressured by my position as a guild leader, but never by the people within the guild. Only by my own sense that there are responsibilities as a guild leader that require my frequent presence, even during those times when I don’t feel like being around anyone else at all.

But I despise the aspect of the game that requires me to have to interact with immature little dolts that I would never bother talking to in real life. Strangers who have the power to annoy, to grief, to be asshats and revel in it.

I am now over 40 years old, and I feel I’m a little past the point in my life where dealing with that crap makes any kind of sense.

I choose to play a video game for enjoyment… and I wonder with growing frequency why, exactly, I am in effect sticking MYSELF in High School with the idiots and immature morons.

It constantly amazes me. This is an internet comunity on the blog, and an internet community in WoW. You have the power to be judged SOLELY on how you present your ideas, how you communicate with others.

Judged not by race, sex or sexual orientation, age, financial status, what school you went to or what side of the tracks you’re from. None of that bullshit matters here.

Nothing but pure communication of your ideas. How you choose to act. How you choose to type. 

In what voice you choose, of your own free will, to create your online persona.

That so many people choose to be asshats when given this incredible freedom. It baffles the living shit outta me.  

It seriously makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing writing here or playing WoW. I didn’t like the majority of the idiots I went to High School with the first time, why in the world would I want to go back and roll around in it?

Someone asked why I needed Cassie to play the heavy, or something like that. 

Cute, smartass.

I didn’t need Cassie to “play the heavy” for me, I told Cassie last night that I was done with it. The blog, the game, the whole damn thing. 

Apparently, she got tired of my having lost sight of what’s important, and posted something to wake my ass up to what is real.

The vast majority of people I meet, both in the game and on the blog, are NOT asshats.

Most of you don’t comment, and you shouldn’t ever feel you have to.

Some folks comment nice stuff frequently, and I come to know them and look forward to seeing these friendly souls and hearing their thoughts and opinions.

And some asshats come by to dump their crap, and think that this is a public forum where they have the right to do so, and by God don’t they get outraged if I dump their idiocy in the spam filter.

It is so very, very hard to keep in mind sometimes that the silent majority that read and move on are not represented by the asshats.

Which, of course, is what Cassie was trying to remind me.

Amongst other things.

I had decided to quit, both the blog and WoW.

And saying “Don’t give the prick the satisfaction”, much as I love that sentiment, isn’t really a rebuttal. There is no one idiot that can take credit for chasing me away.

It’s the very nature of the game that is the issue.

And what I needed to come to grips with, is the fact that there will always be emotionally stunted idiots and flamebait in the game, and I need to decide for myself whether or not dealing with these kids occasionally is an acceptable price to pay, to be able to spend time with my friends in the guild, and do all the other little things I love.

Reading your comments, spending time with my guildies tonight… I have to say that yes, yes it is worth it. The harassment of fools and children is minor when compared to having fun with friends.

It’s still there, it’s just minor shit.


100 thoughts on “Thank you for your responses to Cassies post

  1. Okay, first time I’ve ever posted here. I play a Balance druid, last time I did anything as lol kitty/bear was around 70 when I temporarily spec’d Feral/Resto split. I found this blog a good while ago (> 1 year?) and I still read it. I don’t come for the feral news, however that is interesting. I come to see what you have to say. If it’s about your hunter alt, that’s cool I have one too, good to know I’m not alone. If it’s about Real Life, a crazy story, etc, life is grand. Trying to pigeon hole your blog as “only” about Feral druids and nothing else is ridiculous. I may not agree with everything you post, but I keep coming back. You are an amazing writer and I would miss it if you did quit. So, please don’t let the annoying people override the many people who enjoy what you have to say, and keep coming back for more.


    /fades back into the mist


  2. Story time with BBB i got my blanket and my floor spot all picked out. “what? you mean BBB is not going to read to us!” ” #$%^^%^##” ah well. I found your blog because of research into feral druids. I stayed because its funny informative and gets there is more tolife then wow. Keep up the awesome job


  3. “It seriously makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing writing here or playing WoW.”

    BBB, you hit it later on it your post.

    Play for your friends and write for those of us who lurk and enjoy reading what you write.

    It may not always be easy or work very well ignoring the @$$hats, but bravo to Cassie for helping you see that you’ll be sorely missed if you drop out. I’ve had the same problem a couple of times and it’s wonderful to have a friend who can remind you why you’re really doing something.

    Stay with it Big Bear, we’d miss you if you left!



  4. You’re allowed to do as you want buttttttt PLEASE DON’T LEAVE! I don’t always agree with you but you write with feeling and conviction and tell a great story. Only idiots don’t appreciate a person who stands up for what they believe in. Oh, and Cassie makes a great heavy.


  5. Heh. I did quit for a while, for similar reasons. Game is great, players are (can be) highly irritating. Not my people. And interacting with the people is one of the main reasons to play the game for me.

    Got back into it and having a pretty good time again. Guild is cool, and really most people that one meets around the world are pretty good too. Bit of perspective is all it takes.

    Also, WTB PBEM 🙂

    (and yeah I mostly play my mage now, starting to level hunter, got my druid all set to go in Borean Tundra with dual specs and the full works and have hardly touched him. Not knowing anyone on that server is a drag.)


  6. Thank you, for choosing to go on despite (or perhaps, to spite), the jerks, both in game and on blog. Your blog is a little bit of sunshine/information/ideas in my world and with the lost of Phaelia and BRK, my WoW universe would have lost another bright star.

    Thank you, BBB and Cassie.


  7. I’ll just have to keep saying something, even when I don’t have anything to say. lol

    Thanks for the post, and thank you for your continued dedication to the blog. Keep it up! We, the silent majority, appreciate it.


  8. Hi BBB. I’m glad you’re continuing to blog and play. i’m one of those “silent majority” that reads and enjoys your blog but doesn’t comment. I look forward to your updates, no matter what they’re about. I’m sure there are a lot of lurkers like myself. It’s not always easy to ignore the jerk minority. Hooray that you’re looking past the bad to see all the great good that is our wow community 🙂


  9. I tell you what. I was writing my blog for months before I came across the entire WoW blogging community. It hardly occurred to me to think that there might be people blogging about WoW. But then I decided to put some real work into the performance of my hunter, and through BRK, I now have more WoW blogs in my feed reader than non-WoW blogs. I love them all because they’re all different. Even when everyone is posting about the same thing, like a holiday, the perspective of each blogger brings something different to each one. The ones I like the best are the ones that don’t just post about WoW. They post about themselves. I love getting to know the person behind the toon.

    Sigh. I had something awesome to say in my head, but it’s not coming out in the actual comment the way I wanted it to. The gist of it is… your blog is about you, not about druids. You theorycrafted about bears, you blogged about it. You were in the military, you blogged about it. The title is “Big Bear Butt BLOGGER”, not Bear Blog. You’re a blogger who happens to play a bear druid, and I’m sorry that some people seemed to think otherwise. It seems to me that people are mistaking personal blogs for forum communities like Elitist Jerks. They’re not the same thing at all, even if you may find the same information in both places. The difference is in the personality. The forums present the information, the blogs present the information with personal flavor, and that’s what I love about them.

    Your blog is no different in that sense, BBB. And I have to send huge props out to Cassie for posting what she did as well. Thank you for deciding to stay. There are lots of people out here (me included) who love your blog as it is, and are very happy to see posts from you when they roll around through the reader. *bear hugs* for both of you!


  10. Druids?

    I have NO idea what you people are complaining about… I’m just here for the drinks.


  11. Glad to hear you’re not giving up BBB. I’m one of those guys who normally doesn’t post, but all I know about feral tanking I’ve learned from this place, and this place has given me more techincal info and entertainment for my feral druid than I’d ever find anywhere else. Quite frankly it’s the entertaining stuff that makes the technical easy to stomach. The next douche that irritates you, or annoys you, just remember that you have the courage, to stand in front of billions each day and put yourself out here, and all they have the courage to do is annonymously try and irritate you. I’d say don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing they’ve annoyed you, but I know how hard that is. All I know is that it’d be a loss to have you leave the wow community, without you I don’t think I ever would have been able to tank the Etheral in VH heroic, at least not on my first attempt.

    Elune speed, and Freya blessed.

    Moraff, player of Moogasooga(resto) and Ieatedarock(feral) on Blackhand.


  12. I love your blog. I have been reading for years and will fully admit that I should comment more. I would hate to see you go.

    HOWEVER. Don’t stay for other people. Don’t keep blogging because we will miss you. Don’t keep playing wow because you would feel guilty if you left. You say that “it’s worth it”. I have no doubt that it is indeed worth it. Just make sure you are staying for yourself. That when you log in you have FUN. That when you blog you ENJOY it.

    Life is way too short to spend your free time doing something that doesn’t make you happy.


  13. I’m glad you didn’t let the trolls get you down. The fact that they’re bothering means that you’re doing something right. The joy of reading BBB is in the way you present the info, not just the content itself. If trolls don’t like some personality behind the posts (or heaven forbid somebody that doesn’t agree with them!) then ElitistJerks is thatta way. »


  14. BBB,

    I extend my empathy. As the XO of my guild and primary Raid leader and MT and I’ve asked many of the questions you expressed also. The level of self-absorbed ego-stroking in WOW is unbelieveable somedays. As a RL College Counselor I also have the joy of seeing it in real life too. Somedays I absolutley loathe human beings. Thats usually when I encounter a Asshat in WOW and I begin to question my life choices. But then a guildie will do something that makes me smile or we will wreck a boss we’ve been banging our heads on and things begin to fall back into place. And then the next day at work a student will come in and tell me about the test they passed or the scholarship they won. And then the world will right again and I remember why I do what I do. Deep down I love people and they are the most fascinating things out there…..even when they are being complete and utter turds. WOW is a wonderful place with great people….and jerks. Leave them to Kharma and move on.

    P.S. As a Druid tank I love all your posts whether or not they’re about druids or not. Keep it up

    P.P.S. Cassie rocks!



  15. It is YOUR blog (oh, and Cassie’s of course), blogs are designed so an individual (or 2) can post whatever they want – NOT just what some of their readers want. I love BBB and have read it for a long time now, same with a few of the other blogs out there, but not once has it ever crossed my mind to flame any of you for posting an opinion I don’t agree with. In the end, it is still an opinion, and we are all entitled to have one – no point in flaming someone for sharing theirs. I love hearing your stories, ALL of them, whether or not they are Druid related, or WOW related or USMC related (Navy myself, but still like the USMC stories).

    You and Cassie take care and don’t let the few asshats we have in game run ya off.


  16. I also rarely comment on this blog but I do read it just about every day, and when my work day is uneventful I often check it more then once. I do not have a druid but I still love coming here and reading your posts, I particularily enjoy the story ones 😀
    Its a shame that people feel like they have a right to read your blog and then give you crap because it doesn’t contain exactly what they want. Like so many who have commented before me, if they want something different they should go start their own and then maybe they will see that its a little harder then they thought and they will have a little appreciation. Do what makes you happy BBB and if that means continuing to blog then I’ll be here every day to see what you have to say 😀


  17. 3B I have been reading your blog now for a couple of years without fail, I have commented here and there a few times, I love all your posts just cause they are great entertainment. I have not jumped over to your server and tried to join your guild ONLY because I play on my server with a large group of RL friends. Your words have always been something I look forward to reading daily. FYI, I am a fan.

    So now I have proposition for you, I am VP of a small publishing company. I have talked with my partners about doing a printed book about how to run, join, and organize an MMO guild. I think you have the skills and the writing talent to pull this off. Now the questions is do you have any interest?

    You may not be able to get rid of the Asshats in the world, but maybe you can educate a few on how not to be an Asshat.

    VP Paradigm Concepts


  18. I’m so glad that you both are so willing to stand up for the things that truly matter, while letting the rest roll off your backs. Keep up the good fight!


  19. Bear and Cassie,

    I also look forward to your blogs. They are a highpoint in my day. Thanks for all that you both do.


  20. Keep playing and posting, BBB. Seriously, you have a great wife, good friends in game, a nice blog outlet, lots of loyal readers, a guild with likeminded people who enjoy playing with you… don’t let stuff like egg clicking or dumb emails ruin anything for you. Yes, there are lots and lots of 13 year old kids in game who have less than zero social skills. Ignore em. If they ninja nodes or talk crap to you… who cares?

    And yea, I know that’s easier said than done sometimes, but it’s what I always tell myself when it happens to me. People can only upset you if you let them, I’m not letting anyone ruin my experience for me.


  21. I started with a Boomkin and found your blog by accident and kept returning because I enjoyed what I read. If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t return. But enjoy it I do. I even thought “if I have half as much fun as a bear as BBB seems to have, it’d be worth re-speccing and re-gearing,” and it’s one of the best WoW decisions I’ve made. I’ve never had the guild experiences you have had (probably too casual for most guilds) but having fun is the reason I play. Anyway, thanks for talking me into re-speccing bear – thanks for getting me hooked on the blog – thanks for sticking around.


  22. “I had decided to quit, both the blog and WoW.”

    Geez! Had to read your last post twice (english is not my native language, sorry about that). When I started to read your blog I was looking for advice and tactics – basically how to play a druid and how to play the game – I was a real noob back in the day. Now, some +2 years later I’m most likely a more experienced druid but I’m still here enjoying your stories and thoughts about the game.

    Want to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work, keep it up and /ignore the asshats.


  23. Glad you are not quiting. I scale back, and quit, from time to time. I left EQ because of all the asshats, one in particular. Like you I am not young, and my time is increasingly precious. I don’t have time for crap. I tried the nobelgarden, found it was just beyond silly that people would sit there, wait for eggs to spawn, click on them, or far worse, go around and steal other peoples eggs. I actually found as a hunter i can just make circuits of the orc starter town, grab a bunch of ‘free’ (ie not camped) eggs. But really the whole event is not for me, but like BBB, I really want that bunny!

    My bottom line is that i will quit when I am no longer having fun, when its too much of a chore to deal with people, to farm shit to make money to raid, or whatever. I can log out of the game tomorrow and nobody would bat an eye. Our presence, for the vast majority of us, is barely felt. The community is too large for that. If your excuse is ‘but my guild NEEDS me’. Yeah right. They’ll be just fine. People like BBB are a different story of course (they have a huge presence in the community).

    I guess my roundabout point is that if the game does bother you for any reason, just quit. There are a zillion other things to do, other games to try. If you even think the game is affecting your life negatively; quit. Don’t feel like you need to spend 30, 40 hours a week or whatever because others can not survive without you. Just not true. So many people like me have figured out that we spend way too much time and energy on this. Oh well, nuf said. Back to work!


  24. /cheer

    Always nice to see the good noise surge when good people want to be heard.

    Glad you’re sticking around. And well written, entertaining stuff is good no matter what the content.

    Make us laugh, make us more edumacated, challenge us…I for one will keep coming as long as you have something to say.


  25. I just discovered BBB and I love it! It’s good to see a blog that covers alot of areas and not just the feral / druid ones (I too have multiple characters and enjoy learning new things about them!). I was very impressed with your not only your scope but by your actual writing style (and Cassie’s too…you go girl!!) which I found easy on the eyes and mind. Hope you don’t quit WoW or this blog as I believe you have something important to share with us. I’ll definitely be making this one of my daily stops on the internet! Thanks BBB!


  26. Semper Fortis BBB. Enjoy reading the blog and don’t think you should let the Goat eating, panty twisting asshats have the satisfaction of taking away your enjoyment. Mrs. Cassie, Bravo!


  27. A wise man once said “While it has always been the province of children or fools to point out that the emperor has no clothes, the emperor remains an emperor and the fool remains a fool.”

    I just want to say that you and Cassie are inspirations to me and my spouse—how you obviously still take joy in raiding content that elitist asshats claim were “made noob easy”. And raiding with guildies you actually like, too! A far cry from others (bloggers or not) who are intent on making everyone feel bad just so they would feel good.

    Hurrah BBB! Hurrah Cassie!


  28. Hey BBB

    I’ve been a keen reader of your blog for the last 14 months or so. In fact, your blog is one of the first net resource that I found that give credible and valuable information to a person a)playing WoW for the first time and b) playing a druid.

    I have followed your stories, your rants , your adventures in BC, read about your hunter, rolled a hunter, played a bit.. left him as a bank alt (LOL) and went back to my druid. I’ve learnt more about tanking from this site than anywhere else, honest. It was a daily thing that I read snippets of your thoughts along side my morning cup of coffee. I was concerned when you got dismissed. I was happy for you when you found a better venue of employment. I read about how you brought your son to that birthday party where the kids were made to worship the birthday girl and agreed that those parents are idiots.

    I read your rants about asshats and actually note that I have met similar behaviors in my time.

    Most importantly, I appreciate your sharing about your life with us, the readers. We enjoy your writing, and that, is why BBB blog is one of my must go to favs , even when Im overseas.

    warm regards and best wishes in whatever you choose to do.


  29. Oh.. and that tip post on Tanking H AN helped heaps. Skirmishers…. bah

    had to run that place about 6 times before Essence of Gossomer dropped..



  30. I would just like to thank you and Cassie and your posts.
    I could well be your long lost Aussie twin, our ages, backgrounds and circumstances are so similar.
    This recent blip, and yours and Cassie’s responses, struck a cord, and reminds me of why I play wow, and what I should take from it.
    Be assured, many people derive great enjoyment from your Blog as your articulate things in a way that many of us haven’t a hope of doing.

    I’m glad, you haven’t hung up your boots. Losing you and Big Red Kitty in the same month would have been devastating.



  31. If you ever post something I find boring or uninteresting I will let you know. Most people I know do not read the same kind of book or story ALL the time. I find your writing entertaining and informative, keep it up.
    Guest posts, I think the people you allow to guest post here are also worth reading. It is not like you let any asshat with an opinion to post. Your blog works fine for me. It’s the first one I check whenever I turn on my computer at home or at work. Keep it up.
    Oh and btw, those whiners better hope Cassie never finds the hole they live in. That would be an interesting post.


  32. Hey BBB,

    I don’t read your blog for theorycrafting I read it for the entertainment I get from “your” perspectives on things. But remember that you play the game (and I am sure write the blog) for your enjoyment. I have felt myself become too attatched in recent times. I took a step back a little and things got better in a hurry.

    If it truely upsets you then I urge you to step back not walk away.

    Warm Regards.



  33. BBB,

    It’s a lil late…but mebbe you’ll see this…… /raise hand …..I am one of the silent majority (not any longer, DOH!) …..I appreciate yer NobleG post and yer Mommabear’s post…….asshats are part of ANY online doohicky….blog,game,chat room, or tube/book/space ……just like in RL in the store,freeway, or next door. We still deal the same way….nod and forget em……maybe salute them ……I have had issues trying to find a guild on Wyrmrest Accord…and RP server……so far 5 guilds …..all have immature guild leaders……”kids” (no idea how old any of em are)……..asshats every one. I came to WA ’cause most RP servers tend toward less asshatery…….haha… really. Sorry for the ramble…….just wanna say I feel yer pain…enjoy YOUR game and YOUR blog….F-off to them with a smile and tune in yer head!! 🙂 Hell….I do!!! 🙂 I enjoyed BRK’s blog(now Daniel Howell’s)……losing you would ultimately suck for the blog world, you sir have a great sense of humor and fine writing style(so does Mommabear!)…please keep up the fun…..Thank You.



  34. Keep on keepin’ on

    I got to this whole story a bit late, had a lot less time for reading, but the blog is always an enjoyment of mine and even though your alliance…and even though you play those goofy other classes haha, still got nothing but druid love for ya

    ps: actually started a hunter cause of you


  35. I read your blog for the Druid information you provide and how you provide it. I don’t care if your point of view match’s mine or even if its correct it is your point of view, it is your blog. That is the point of a good Blog, you write what you want when you want how you want. please keep up the good work and ignore the asshat’s. Thanks for the info and entertainment you provide.


  36. This sort of question, about the basic fundamental nature of an anonymous internet community, is one of the things that actually *does* keep me from playing WoW. The subscription is the biggest thing, but the people are the next biggest. More than once, I’ve wholeheartedly agreed with Chris F over at the blog when he requests Private Servers with Blizzard’s blessing. If I could be assured that I’d only be playing with friends and family, and be able to use the Guild Wars business model, I might well be playing WoW fairly exclusively.


  37. Oh, and sorry for the double post, but this is exactly the sort of thing that prompts me to blog myself. I’m intensely interested in the nature and desgin of these MMO games, and the function (or dysfunction) of the community is a huge facet of that. WoW often succeeds in spite of itself, largely on the back of social inertia. Blizzard really could handle things better, and that they don’t is a curious case study. Sometimes I wonder if they really know what they are doing from a community management aspect. They do game design well enough (though I’ll find problems there, too, the game is still a lot of fun), but sometimes they seem a bit… flaky when it comes to dealing with the “soft” people skills.


  38. I don’t post alot of comments because you have and avid and active readership, and generally anything I have to say has already been said, and usually better than I would have put it anyway. So I am among the silent majority that read, and move on. I also don’t post much because I’ve never seen the point of the “me too” or “I agree” posts that don’t contain anything more than that.

    However, in this case, I feel compelled to offer my own two cents, and echo the sentiments of everyone that has posted before me. I enjoy reading your blog because, whatever the topic of the day may be, you almost always make me either laugh or think. I have (I believe) gone completely through the archive available on the site and read every single post you’ve got, from the druid stuff to the hunter stuff to the asshat stuff, and I’ve enjoyed all of them.

    This blog is always my first stop when I’m logging on for the day, and out of desperate hope that something new may have appeared, usually my last stop before I leave for the night.

    I won’t say you shouldn’t stop blogging, because there are lots of valid reasons for doing so, but please, please, don’t let the negative (but unfortunately vocal) minority of the people that stop by drive you away. You really are loved, appreciated and admired for what you do and what you bring into the lives of your readers, and I think we’d all feel a great sense of loss if you stopped.

    Keep up the good work, guys!


  39. I started my blog a couple months ago, out of the frustration of losing hours worth of theorycrafting work in the endless sea of Damage Dealing & Healing forum posts (the timing of my blog coming out right after the DD/Healing/tank forums went live is anything BUT a coincidence), and with how hard it was to organize & update the forum version of my leveling guide (so, now in my blog version, I can have more interactive links and such that clutter the WoW forum version).

    What I’ve done from the start is to alternate between druid-related posts and non-druid related posts (that mostly still relate to WoW), since I’m putting up a blog post at least once a day (sometimes twice), I can’t spend 5 to 10 hours on a single post all in one sitting… We get pretty much zero money for anything we do, and I can’t imagine what it’s like to put in all that kind of work and then have people yell at you for going off-topic & posting what you want to post about. Sometimes, we just don’t have the 1 to 10 hours that it takes to do the types of posts that people really want – and when we’re not getting paid to do it, it’s really not something you CAN post all the time without having the burnout problems that some of the bloggers suffer from over time.

    I’m glad that you decided to stick with it, and please don’t let the mean people of the world get you down.


  40. As long time reader and 1 time poster, I just would like to say keep up the good work BBB and Cassie. Don’t let the asshats get you down. Keep posting about bears, hunters, shadow priests, raiding with your friends, or whatever else you feel like.


  41. As the Toasters say, “Don’t let the bastards grind ya down!”

    Keep on writing Big Bear Butt. We outnumber the asshats!



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