Thank you for your responses to Cassies post

I appreciate the emotional support and kind words you’ve shared.

I didn’t know Cassie was going to post anything, although I have a fairly good idea why she did, in hindsight.

I posted what I did about Noblegarden, not because I was inflamed so much at one person, but because as I said, he represents to me every immature asshat that I encounter that makes me wonder why I play this game in the first place.

I love the game of WoW. It’s magnificent. The depth, the sheer massive weight of content, the layers of involvement. It’s a stunning edifice within which we roam free, always finding something new in some previously unexplored room.

I love the people in my guild. I know I am biased, but each and every one of them is a nice person, a person that I enjoy saying hello to and meeting anew when I log in. Sometimes I feel pressured by my position as a guild leader, but never by the people within the guild. Only by my own sense that there are responsibilities as a guild leader that require my frequent presence, even during those times when I don’t feel like being around anyone else at all.

But I despise the aspect of the game that requires me to have to interact with immature little dolts that I would never bother talking to in real life. Strangers who have the power to annoy, to grief, to be asshats and revel in it.

I am now over 40 years old, and I feel I’m a little past the point in my life where dealing with that crap makes any kind of sense.

I choose to play a video game for enjoyment… and I wonder with growing frequency why, exactly, I am in effect sticking MYSELF in High School with the idiots and immature morons.

It constantly amazes me. This is an internet comunity on the blog, and an internet community in WoW. You have the power to be judged SOLELY on how you present your ideas, how you communicate with others.

Judged not by race, sex or sexual orientation, age, financial status, what school you went to or what side of the tracks you’re from. None of that bullshit matters here.

Nothing but pure communication of your ideas. How you choose to act. How you choose to type. 

In what voice you choose, of your own free will, to create your online persona.

That so many people choose to be asshats when given this incredible freedom. It baffles the living shit outta me.  

It seriously makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing writing here or playing WoW. I didn’t like the majority of the idiots I went to High School with the first time, why in the world would I want to go back and roll around in it?

Someone asked why I needed Cassie to play the heavy, or something like that. 

Cute, smartass.

I didn’t need Cassie to “play the heavy” for me, I told Cassie last night that I was done with it. The blog, the game, the whole damn thing. 

Apparently, she got tired of my having lost sight of what’s important, and posted something to wake my ass up to what is real.

The vast majority of people I meet, both in the game and on the blog, are NOT asshats.

Most of you don’t comment, and you shouldn’t ever feel you have to.

Some folks comment nice stuff frequently, and I come to know them and look forward to seeing these friendly souls and hearing their thoughts and opinions.

And some asshats come by to dump their crap, and think that this is a public forum where they have the right to do so, and by God don’t they get outraged if I dump their idiocy in the spam filter.

It is so very, very hard to keep in mind sometimes that the silent majority that read and move on are not represented by the asshats.

Which, of course, is what Cassie was trying to remind me.

Amongst other things.

I had decided to quit, both the blog and WoW.

And saying “Don’t give the prick the satisfaction”, much as I love that sentiment, isn’t really a rebuttal. There is no one idiot that can take credit for chasing me away.

It’s the very nature of the game that is the issue.

And what I needed to come to grips with, is the fact that there will always be emotionally stunted idiots and flamebait in the game, and I need to decide for myself whether or not dealing with these kids occasionally is an acceptable price to pay, to be able to spend time with my friends in the guild, and do all the other little things I love.

Reading your comments, spending time with my guildies tonight… I have to say that yes, yes it is worth it. The harassment of fools and children is minor when compared to having fun with friends.

It’s still there, it’s just minor shit.


100 thoughts on “Thank you for your responses to Cassies post

  1. Oh yeah, and my next post will be a non-WoW related Storytime! Won’t THAT piss people off!

    If only I could figure out how to get a story about my Hunter into a real life Storytime, then the asshats would go berserk.

    Hmmm…. maybe not this one, but I bet I can find a way.


  2. “Someone asked why I needed Cassie to play the heavy, or something like that. ”

    Clearly they know nothing of the fury of a woman scorned, or that of the mama bear defending her family. Regardless, I’m glad I’ll get to have my daily dose of Bear with my coffee, and with my Wow:)


  3. It is sometimes really hard to balance the enjoyment of the game and letting yourself ignore the little irritations and asshole-ish-ness of most of the general populace.

    What people tend to forget is this: It’s a game, and people are going to do what they get the most enjoyment out of doing. For the RP’ers, that means crafting intricate stories, and playing them out. For the raiders, it’s taking on hard bosses, tweaking your specs, working the strats, and looting the ‘phat purpz!’ that is part of the reward. For the social people, it’s all about being with people you like and playing the game while being… well, social!

    However, for the (mentally, and usually) 14 year olds, it’s all about them. What they want, what they can get their grubby little paws on, and who gives a damn if it screws over someone else? Oh, wow that’s even more fun if I can mess with someone else!

    It’s why PUGs have a bad reputation – because of the kiddies running around proving to the world that they can act out and be ‘badass!’ in a game.

    It is kinda sick though, when people come to a blog such as this and have to crap all over someone else’s good work. Your blog is your opinion – and even when I disagree, it’s still your opinion.

    Keep on writing and playing for your enjoyment, BBB. That is what it is about – and the fact that your readers also gain entertainment and enjoyment from your posts, stories and opinions is just icing on the cake.


  4. Regardless of any final decisons I thank you for the amusing and informitive posts over the years? Time passes quickly.


  5. Personally I absolutely LOVE your Storytimes. I didn’t even have a Druid when I started reading this blog and the first thing I read here was one of your story’s. Ever since then I have come back to your blog daily to read about your adventures be they from the World of Warcraft or otherwise. I also think that even if this is labeled a blog about feral Druid’s in World of Warcraft I don’t think that means it should be only about them everyone need’s a little bit of variety, if they want a Feral Druid only blog then why don’t they write their own one, it is not THEIR blog it is YOURS and I personally love your unique mix of different area’s of WoW and your sense of humour . I was very excited when I found out you had found the joy that is being a Hunter and especially enjoyed your Hunter posts. Eventually I decided to make a Druid it was not a Feral druid it was a Moonkin but it was still a Druid. I love the flexibility of the class and have recently been saving up to get the Feral heirloom shoulders to give Feral a try. I thank you for introducing me too Druid’s. When I saw your word’s “I had decided to quit, both the blog and WoW.” my heart dropped like a stone but now I am overjoyed to see that you have decided to stay with us. Thank you Mr. Big Bear Butt sir.


  6. Hi! I’m one of those that subscribe to your blog and lurk and hardly ever comment. I would hope that the last couple of posts would bring a few more of those like me out here to say thank you for writing ..anything.. because I enjoy everything you have written. Well, maybe not enjoy so much as nod my head in agreement sometimes. This is your forum, and we are priveleged to be reading your ideas. Oh, and Cassie just did her job, extremely well! I would hope if I had any problem in my blogging, that my other half would go to bat for me, too.

    Bear, be a hunter if you wanna. Wear a dress and melee and have a sporebat pet, too, if it makes you happy. I’ll still be reading.


  7. BBB i haven’t read your blog long, as a tank druid that also now has a level 80 hunter i for one enjoy reading the stuff you write, i also witnessed the asshatery(awesome word) with noblegarden, and your post made me laugh so hard i read the entire thing to my guild on ventrilo, well atleast the people i talk to on vent daily, keep on writing whatever you want, and let the asshats move on to other blogs, yours is the one and only blog on my favorites, and i check it daily for new info 🙂


  8. Hmm, don’t you realise you can’t quit wow – because your guildies and your readers clearly *OWN* you. Seriously though, the devils certainly appreciate you and cassie – you are after all the reason that we have all found each other in this crazy world (of warcraft).


  9. As one of the silent (until now) majority, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the many informative, interesting and above all fun articles you have posted. Although I no longer play a feral druid, your articles have always been one of the highlights of my morning reading. Once again, thank you =)


  10. Like a morning cigarette, every day I wake up turn on the comp and check BBB and BRK sites for the latest story. BRK has, of course, moved on to some extent. That leaves you. So unfortunately your going to have to keep on writing. Sorry thems the breaks.

    In all seriousness, the asshats of the world will always be there. We have no idea why, and we can limit our exposure to them only so much. What is and always has been important in the internet and wow community are those folks whom have brought and continue to bring the joy and awesome memories that keep us happy and excited everyday. For me, at least, it is those people who keep me going, running a guild, offering advice instead of using all of my time for my own personal benefit. It is those types of folks who make me want to go the extra mile and through the past year or two of reading your posts BBB, I know the same holds true for you as well. While I don’t post here often, I appreciate all you do in sharing your life with us and going that extra mile. Thank you.


  11. I wanted to thank you for your post. It inspired me to advertise my female dwarf in trade for an hour so people could get their bunnymaker achievement. WoW holidays don’t have to bring out the worst in people, though they usually do. I feel it’s important to do what you can to fix it, so you were the impetus to make my server a little bit better tonight. 🙂


  12. Never let the asshats get you down. You’re way to good for that. Also at this point I would be worried if Cassie hadn’t made that post, glad you decided to stick around!


  13. Bears of the world (of Warcraft) unite against the asshats!

    Let’s just say, if anyone every were to ask me why I don’t do 25man raids, I’d have to tell them its because there is a higher chance of immature jerks. And when your raiding guild only has 8 accounts, you PUG a lot of stuff. I’ve met many an asshat in my travels.


  14. hope you keep doing what your doing …. i for 1 would be gutted if you stopped .. i constantly get shouted at by my wife about reading your posts when im supposed to be doing something else !!! if you stopped that would mean the comunication between the wife and me would stop ..!! lol
    i used to think that WoW was WoW and RL was RL .. all that changed when i met about 20 of the people from our guild and realised that we are all human with faults and problems .. lifes too short to allow asshats to ruin things for you and everybody else (the nice people who read what you write) just ignore them walk away and tell us all about it !!! we will support you

    ps thanks for all you have done its a pleasure to read !!!!


  15. I don’t comment often because I don’t usually have anything to say thay someone else hasn’t beaten me too 🙂 I’m glad you’re not going to stop blogging, I really enjoy reading your it. I have a druid alt who is a boomkin so I suppose I’ve never read your blog with a view to learning how to play but the scope of your blog is so broad. In my opinion there is something here for everyone who’s prepared to open their eyes and read it.

    Incidentally you opened up a whole new world of music for me (and cost me a small fortune into the bargain!). You posted a song by Silly Wizard last summer and I couldn’t stop listening to it so I ordered a couple of their albums from Amazon. Then I got chatting to a guildie about music and mentioned them in passing; he hadn’t heard them before so I sent him a couple of tracks and he was bowled over. Then it turned into a “if you like that, you’ll love this” kind of thing and he introduced me to Scandinavian folk music and from there we’ve both been exploring….and well, I’ve spent so much at Amazon in the last year they should be giving me shares in the company!! And it’s all your fault!!! 😉


  16. I made the comment about Cassie being the “heavy”. I really didn’t mean it the way you have taken it, and I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I should know better than most how important it is to be clear in text.

    I guess it’s the mental image I have of the two of you: You as the big bear tank, and Cassie as the smaller rogue. The smaller rogue standing up for the bear and laying down the law, the image presented seemed rather sweet to me.


  17. As someone who plays a hunter, druid and rogue regularly, I quite enjoy all of your posts- When there is information to be had in a blog, I will _harvest_ that information and use it to better myself, but when it is – admittedly so far a one-way conversation – about a game I love, I’m happy to read it. 🙂 Do what makes you happy, and /ignore the asshats.


  18. As if I cared about bears anyways. It was always about the man behind the bear, if you ask me. You’re doing a fine job, and I commend your ability to commit to a game and a medium that, due to both being involved with the INTERNET, can consist of many asshats.

    (But who am I to say this? I just got banned from 4chan for a week.)

    I digress. Sure, I might not have time to read every word of every post, but only for someone like Mr. P. that I would take time out of my study schedule to write up a poe parody, hoping he would acknowledge my pwnage prose.


  19. Well glad you’re not quitting wow/blog. Dont forget that unpleasant people – or wondering why people like that exist – is a much bigger issue in life, and the human race, than its manifestations in a mere video game. You’re a public figure, my dear BBB, and like all public figures, you have the privilige of experiencing your fellow human beings in ways that many people do not.


  20. Before this post i have previously not commented on the blog because as Hulan said I don’t usually have anything to say thay someone else hasn’t beaten me too

    I love reading your blog, and I enjoy the non-wow related posts just as much (If not more) than your wow related posts. I remember reading your “The Gunslinger” story and pissing myself laughing.

    Im glad that you are still playing the game that you enjoy, but more than that, I am glad that you are continuing with the Blog. I find myself compulsively coming to the blog multiple times a day just to check up and see if you have added another post, or updated any old ones.

    Glad to see your sticking around and am looking forward to your next story!!!


  21. I’m glad i took the time to carefully read that right to the end. I thought, OH NO, another of my favourite bloggers quiting. What on earth would i do at work now i thought??

    I’m glad you have realised that the vast majority of us love what you do.

    And, dont forget, don’t let the bastards get you down!!!

    Bigguss – dark wolves – Lightbringer EU


  22. oO

    /hug BBB and Cassie !

    Yes ! Keep up the blog and stories, wow and non-wow… This is your space of writing and freedom. Who are those people to tell you what is right to write here ?

    I love reading your blog. I don’t read every single post because I don’t have time with all the blogs I read around the Internet, but I like picking up some funny posts about the game or your RL or your passions. It broadens my knowlegde by discovering new things, and a culture I don’t really know, you being American and me being French.

    So cheer up, dear BBB, most people here love your writing. Don’t let stupid asshats spoil your freedom and enjoyment of the game and blog.


  23. Glad you decided that a few cow pats on the path of life shouldnt halt you from enjoying the walk :).

    Could really identify the emotion in Cassies post, so it reflects on how riled up you must have been – which aint good 😦 but keep your chin up, and the spam filter blocking the Blasshats (Blog Ass Hats?) and /ignoring the in game ones.

    … And dont scare me! I thought we were about to lose another fantactic blogger 😦 Even when Im taking a break from wow (something I recommend everyone do for a week or two every few months!) I come-a-reading 🙂 (Dont just do it for me of course 😉 do it because you enjoy it!)

    Keep it up! 🙂


  24. Glad that you’re going to stick with it, my own little corner of the interwebz would be a little duller without being able to come here and enjoy the posts you make, doesn’t even what they’re about, you could right about cheese sandwiches and I’d still be here chuckling away!


  25. hey ive been reading you since i started playing wow. You do good stuff man don’t let the haters get to you. I feel the same way sometimes dealing with the douches that inhabit this game.But like you my guild is full of rl friends and good ppl so they make up for the haters i occasionally have to suffer through. Just remember this man.. the very nature of their comments removes any value the comment may have had. Their words have nothing behind them and only have the power you give them. Dust in the wind. Keep on keeping on and ill keep reading.


  26. With the rate we’ve lost some of WoW’s best bloggers recently, I’m glad you’re still going to be around, BBB. 🙂 I still miss Phae a lot, BRK now blogs about his family life, so we haven’t lost him so much. 🙂 He’s still fun to read, even on other topics. So are you.

    And I’d love to read a story about your hunter! 🙂

    I’ve been playing my rogue more than Kayeri lately, as she’s 78 and climbing…

    Kayeri, though, has broken out the dual spec and done the Boomkin thing in 10-man OS and in hVH, and I had MUCH fun doing it. Our guild’s raid leader still wants me to do a full kitty workout before I decide to stick 100% resto-boomkin, and I’ll indulge him on that. 🙂


  27. I don’t often comment but I do always read. I read your WoW Insider posts because I wanted to learn about druiding. I read your blog because I want to read what you have to say. No matter what it is about! I love your writing style and it’s a nice break from staring at databases and VB code all day 🙂 Please don’t give up because some people are idiots, my RSS feed has already been greatly shortened by the demise of several of my favourite blogs!


  28. As other have said, I read for the person behind the Bear. Glad you’re going to keep posting.

    Unfortunately, short of becoming a hermit, there is no way to avoid the asshats of the world in or out of the game. Just remember that every time you let them get under your skin, they’ve gotten exactly what they want. Their own little piece of loot in their own twisted game as it were.

    P.S. I miss PBeM stories……


  29. As many others have already said, I read this blog for the man (and woman!) behind the Bear. I’m very glad you’re going to keep posting.

    Don’t let the asshats get to you. You’re letting them win at their own stupid game. I know it’s hard to ignore them sometimes, but just remember, most of us that have stuck with you for so long will not fault you for a day of ranting about them. In fact, we may join in the fun!


  30. /wave

    another lurker over here, I’ve been reading BBB since I first google’d druid 80 caps and it took me to this awesome wealth of resource that is the BBB. You growl, you whine, you catch fish for the family as only a true bear could. Your not the first to spend days with some asshats comment popping in to your head thinking grrrr but wow goes on and you sir must continue to lead the pack. Don’t give up and continue to bring us quality well written content of your choice.


    Mani the cow


  31. BBB – you gave me and my little blog a boost, way back when, with a simple note and a link. I was – and remain – honored. One thing I learned from running the blog for the last year is that there will ALWAYS be those who live to see you bummed. Only you can decide how seriously to take them. /hug to you and C.


  32. MUCHO MUCHO ❤ to both you and Cassie. Thank you for bringing yourself, your humor, your wit, your decency and your voice to this community and for creating a small haven for adults to hang out. Only one night with the Devils and I really felt at home.



  33. The silent majority have to speak up – to make the silly little nuisances seem like the drop in the vast ocean of happy readers, which I am sure they are.

    I have a druid-main, which may be why I came here in the first place – but bearform is used for dancing and kitty is only used with Dash, so that is not why I stuck around.

    The bear that roams this site is pretty nifty with letters and puts some good thoughts into the mix as well – who would restrict such writing to just wow?!

    P.S. I really envy the Hall of Shame posts, I know that it would do wonders for my blood-pressure if I could do the same.


  34. BBB – I think there are plenty of good (great?) reasons to shelve wow and what you are doing here. But doing so ’cause most of the Internet is asshats has gotta be a wrong reason. There isn’t anything any of us can do about it – save for being examples of what NOT to do as long as there’s a reason we enjoy doing what we do. So, if you’re getting something out of the guild, the game and the blog, keep shining as an example of what is good and right out there.

    The funny thing is that I’ve noticed that like attracts like. You’ve surrounded yourself with great members in your guild, you’ve got a lot of us who are regularly following – and enjoying – your blog. I’m assuming you still have some love for the game as well.

    For me, I have found myself carefully pre-judging others, but not necessarily acting on that judgement until I learn better or my suspicions are confirmed. I PUG only when I’m willing to put up with some nonsense (and, in fact, seek it out at times to deal with “uh oh” situations that are not likely to happen with guild runs. By holding myself to my own standards (no one else’s but my own) I have managed to find a great guild with a diverse group of folks with whom I’m happy to fritter away my free time while keeping asshat exposure to a minimum.

    I could wax on about possible social implications of general Internet asshatery but it really comes down to: are members of “the mob” really as disrespectful as all that? Am I willing to accept that? Or perhaps its partly my 40 year old outlook scoffing at the youth. Sadly, its probably a bit of both 😉


  35. BBB and Cassie,

    I am one of that “silent majority that read and move on.” I’ve been enjoying your blog for nearly a year and feel it appropriate to beak my silence and share with you what your blog has meant to me.

    I appreciate the honesty with which you communicate with your readers, and I appreciate the fact that you write about whatever you enjoy. I remember your post about “Watchmen” and it inspired me to go that very afternoon and purchase a copy of the graphic novel. I remember your podcast with Big Red Kitty, and it inspired me to dust my hunter off and play her again. I remember Cassies post about the Angel Food Ministries program and it inspired me to get involved with the local group here in town.

    You have touched my life, in small ways, repeatedly and for that I want to say thank you. If the time ever comes when the game ever loses all enjoyment for you and find it time to retire, I hope you will remember that what you have done, what you are doing still, does matter and will not be forgotten.



  36. BBB,

    I too am over 40 and have asked myself and felt the same things you did. When it comes down to it, I try to deal with the immature people when they choose to belittle themselves. Being in a great guild to, Nebulous Rising on Uldaman, helps tremendously as we are a group of mostly older professionals with families.

    However, I still have to deal with the rabble when I venture out alone…and it is tough. You are the reason I have a druid that is slowly working toward Northrend and I love your writing and style.

    Keep it up!

    Much respect from an Army vet.



  37. “Someone asked why I needed Cassie to play the heavy, or something like that.”

    LOL. Definitely a permanently-single sentiment.

    Plus, Good Cop/ Bad Cop is a proven technique!

    Anywhos, I’m glad to hear that you found that the positives outweighed the negatives.


  38. I’ve only posted a couple of times in the past with suggestions or what I thought might be helpful hints, but I read the blog fairly regularly.
    I’m 31 now, and find myself playing in ever-increasingly smaller circles within wow. There are a good 5 or 6 people that I play with regularly, and for heroics, we have a solid 4 man group of RL friends that only requires we snag 1 dps from guild whenever we wanna do something.
    Pre-BC and all through BC I was a raider. 40-man MC,BWL,AQ – 20Man ZG,AQ, all the way up to the gang I ran with starting Sunwell just after ‘the great boss nerf’ pre-wotlk. It went from being something I loved doing to something I felt I was obligated to do. Had to raid to help other people get their epics, had to help since I’m part of the guild community. I really wasn’t enjoying the game. Did I mention I was on a PvP realm? Leveling 5 toons to 70 on a horde majority pvp server (mal’ganis) wasn’t a lot of fun.
    So my girlfriend (live-in) and I transferred all our toons to a normal server (alexstrasza) to run with some RL buddies. They raid, we don’t. On their off nights from raiding, we do heroics. While they raid, the GF and I amuse ourselves with things like mount-farming, achievements, questing together and alt-leveling.
    I’ve become that casual guy. So now, my time seems even more valuable to me and I try as hard as I can to steer away from the asshats in-game because I really am enjoying myself. Not really sure why I’ve posted all of this, but I wanted you to know that I’m one of the gang that reads and doesn’t comment much.
    I like seeing what’s going on with other people who are more mature players with a good sense of humor and who enjoy playing this shared hallucination of hacking slashing and casting we all know as WoW.
    I love the blog, I hope you don’t stop, playing or writing, anytime soon, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make your life enjoyable. You don’t owe us anything, and for what it’s worth, I for one appreciate your sharing with us.



  39. Sometimes we all need a little perspective. I don’t play a druid tank (boomkins FTW! and that’s a quite recent alt!), but I’ve always enjoyed coming here to read whatever’s on your mind – food, wow, raccoons, whatever. You’ve a very interesting and entertaining writing style, and I’d have missed the “daily bear” in my feed reader.

    That said, the Greater Internet F*ckwad Theory strikes again ( – and I’m glad they’re not getting you down too badly. We all have periods where we just can’t handle the stupid anymore!

    Much loot-fu,


  40. Three cheers for Cassie!

    I don’t comment on your posts often but I do read your blog consistently… and 9.5 out of 10 times I enjoy it immensely. The odd time I don’t read a full post it’s usually because it’s something that doesn’t hold my interest. Do I get mad and call you names for writing something that I’m not 100% on board with? Hell no… it’s your blog. Write whatever you want. You don’t ‘owe’ anything to anyone but yourself (and possible Cassie)

    I’m glad you’ve decided to stick around… both the game and the blog. In return I’ve decided to comment more when I enjoy your posts. Just so you know that there’s more than a handful of people out here who look forward to a new BBB post. :o)


  41. BBB, MOAR STORYTIME PLEASE. More stories about boot. If it wasn’t for you i would’ve never read Armor. I practically sleep with that book now. Keep it up.


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