PBeM?!? Manny paid you off, didn't he?

The title says it all. Months of nothing, and out of nowhere lots of comments wondering where the PBeM went to.

I find this highly suspicious.

Especially since I know Manny, and this is exactly the kind of thing he’d find a way to pull off.

The PBeM went quiet for three reasons.

1) I lost my job and got both very stressed, and very focused on work. To write at the level of the story creatively and keep everything balanced, I gotta be both relaxed and happy. 

2) I try to keep the story following the two main protagonists, played by Manny and James, balanced chronologically to some extent as well as by character development. It may bounce a little differently than you’d expect, but the travel times of James from the academy to the mountains mirrors to some degree the amount of time Manny fought, struggled, and then lay dead on a mountain pass before returning to life.

At the moment, Manny is preparing to enter a mountain cavern, passing through some pretty vicious barriers. He is at the doorstep, and readying a great big knocker. James is weeks of travel away… so I need to write more James story, for development and for catching up to current events, before Manny’s story proceeds very much further.

3) James is going to heavy duty business school at the same time as he works full time. He really hasn’t had any time to write replies.

So it’s been on hold. I HATE to cheat and fast forward people through the story, such as I did to get James where he is now. You already lost a lot of opportunity to see his new squire through his eyes during the trip, which pisses me off. I can’t do that at all with the next section. I HAVE to follow James for at least a couple weeks.

So, yeah. It’s been on hold.

That I got so many comments about the PBeM, something I figured you all forgot about, makes me wonder if I can’t find a way to get it going again, despite James’ schedule.

I’ll see what I can do.


7 thoughts on “PBeM?!? Manny paid you off, didn't he?

  1. (leaving lurker mode)

    Glad to see the PBeM story will continue! I enjoy the story time, fiction or otherwise. I also enjoy the WoW oriented material as well of course. But this post made me grin – patient lurker is, patient.

    (resume lurker mode)


  2. RL happens. We understand. Really!
    Good to know it hasn’t disappeared forever and knowing that, we can be patient.



  3. With the recent discussion’s here about the omg! not druid posts I was wondering the same thing. I thought it would be a fine time for another installment of PBeM. I will wait patiently with all the other fans.


  4. Nope, I was totally not bribed in any way, shape or form. It’s honestly like reading a *good* D&D style book, which is one of the many things I number among my guilty pleasures.

    But as others mention, RL happens, so handle business 🙂


  5. Hey…what point are we at? I thought I sent something to you, but if I haven’t, I’ll take a look at it. I’ve been slacking the last two months with no class to go to (but of course I start back up today).

    I should be able to keep up with responses since I’ve finished my basement now.


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