A big weekend for Sidhe Devils!

I don’t normally write “oh lookie how awesome we is” posts, since I figure we’re about the last guild on the server to do most content. I imagine it’s kind of hard for you folks to feel excited, reading about a guild completing some content you had on farm status about, oh, 4 to 6 months ago.

Still, I’m gonna do it this time, because I feel I’m justifiably proud of the Sidhe Devils, and because there is going to be a lot of thinking done on where, as a casual guild that raids, we’re gonna go from here.

First, the awesomeness;


Yes, you are reading that correctly. We as a guild downed, for the first time ever as a guild, the Military Quarter, Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad, all in the same weekend, and earned ourselves our first complete Naxx clear.

On Saturday evening, at 8 PM server time, we entered Naxx for the second night of raiding. On Thursday, the guild cleared Spider and Plague wings. On Saturday, we cleared Construct, and then went for the first time ever to tackle the first boss in Military Quarter.

Our plan was to try Instructor Razuvious, and see how we did. If we managed to get past him, we’d go on until hitting a blockade.

We one shot Instructor Razuvious, mostly due to the outstanding coordination between tanks Olivar and Pushpin.

Moving along, we ran into Gothik, ran the fight strat quick, and then blew him up the first time. We destroyed him so bad I frankly can’t remember any of the fight at all. I’m trying, it’s just gone.

We then decided to through caution to the winds and went to the Four Horsemen.

We started this fight by having everyone watch the video that was created and hosted by Tankspot, which does an outstanding job of showing the dance version of the fight, which is what we wanted to do.Β  You can check that video out here if you haven’t done the fight yourselves and want to see the strategy.

With everyone having seen the dance, and understanding that we would be floating back and forth every three Marks, we set up the group.

We had one tank and all DPS, plus one healer in the first group to take down the front bosses first. We had our other tank and one healer in the front to be the swap out.

We had Graimerin, who had been specced Ret throughout the run use his Dual Spec of Prot to serve as one of the self-healing tanks for the casters in the back, and Lady Jess played boomkin tank/self healer on the other one in the back. Jess had been our third healer up to this fight, so again, Dual Specs in 10 mans are VERY helpful, thank you very much.

We kicked the fight off… and I’m sorry, but it WAS easy. Everyone danced perfectly fine, we hit our three Mark shuffle dead on, and the bosses fell like poor wee little dominoes, bonk-bonk-bonk-bonk.

Well, h0ly crap. Wonderful tanking, great healing, it was a sensation!

Now comes the stress as a casual raiding guild.

By this time, it’s about midnight server time. We’ve been cranking it for four hours, killing trash and describing, then doing, the boss encounters.

But we have no more raids scheduled before the server reset. And it seems like such a shame to have come so far, and not take a swing at Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad.

So we go face down Sapphiron cold. No Frost Resist gear, just the Paladin Frost Resistance aura.

I cannot remember if we one shot Sapphiron, or if we had an early wipe before we downed it. I tend to think we had a wipe first.

What I do remember, is that we were about halfway through our serious Sapphiron attempt, and we had a bad Chill while hiding behind a Frozen party memeber before the massive wipe bomb went off, and the damn Chill took down 5 people in the group.

And yet, nevertheless, with onlyΒ five left, and then four soon after, the remaining players managed to kill Sapphiron while the rest of us watched.

Graimerin, back in Ret mode, cleared over a million damage on Sapphiron all by himself on that fight. It was amazing to watch.

I was one of the five dead from the Chill, so I had plenty of time to admire the view. πŸ™‚

So, wow. Sapphiron dead. It’s now almost 1 AM. It’s late, we’ve blasted through a TON of brand new content, culminating with a massively stressful insane Sapphiron fight that lasted forever and left everyone shaking with adrenaline.

Do we stop now? Or go on to Kel’thuzad?

Yeah, yeah… we went after Kel’thuzad.

And proceeded to wipe. A lot.

We were just too fried. Each attempt we got better, but the top three problems were moving the hell out of the red circle underfoot before it blew you up, having a fast enough response on Frost Tomb that a heal could hit before you died an instant later from the 100% plus damage DoT, and mana drain.

As any expert in the Voight-Kampff test knows, reaction time is a factor.

Around 2:00 AM, we called it quits. We gave it one heck of a go, but just couldn’t pull the trigger.

We hastily scheduled a 7 PM server time run SundayΒ just to kill him… and 2 people from the original crew could not make it.

We did kill Kel’thuzad Sunday nght, and it did feel great… but it was tinged with sadness that those who fought so hard for so long were not there at the final kill.

We then went and did VoA and tried to down Emalon, and came very, very, very close… but ran out of time before the battleground reset. Damn, we came real close. We were able to, very often, burn down the Tempest Minions. Eventually, we pretty much figured that we needed to shorten the distance between Minion groups and boss group so we didn’t run back and forth as much when switching DPS. A much better result than our first time in.Β  And we’ll get him next time when it’s not so close to reset.

So, a hearty congratulations to Sidhe Devils for blasting their way through Naxxramus. Way to go, folks.

But this now leaves us with the question… where do we go from here?

As a relatively small, casual guild that also raids, but for whom raiding is NOT the focus of the guild, a raid like Naxxramus is a big pain in the butt.

Yes, we can do it. We always knew we could, we just took our time progressing through the wings, because we didn’t want to spend all our lives raiding.

Legitimately, it’s a three night raid done in three hour chunks, or a two night raid done in bigger chunks.

If we commit to shorter time per raid, we end up having three raids, just for Naxx, per week.

If we commit to longer raids, we start to get back towards the marathon raid sessions.

Now, one solution might be to try and stack short runs with longer runs, balance the time each night would take.

The Thursday night group, lead by Graimerin and Pushpin the last few weeks, has cleared Spider Wing and Plague Wing in about two hours. Spider Wing seems to be a quick cakewalk.

If we stack Military with Plague, and Spider with Construct, we might have a better balance of time for the four wings.

Trying to do it that way, might, just might let us handle it quicker in a two night run. Plus, we know from experience that the more we go after them, the faster we get as everyone gets in the groove.

It’s an interesting problem. We don’t want anyone to burn out raiding, not at all. But we also want folks to have a chance at the Tier gear, and the good drops.

And we want a much better chance for people that start the run, to be there at the end of the run to see the results of their hard work.

I’m leaning towards trying to keep it to two nights, personally, and hope that we can keep the time per night down so that nobody gets too burnt out.

So far, it looks like most folks are having fun doing this, so I hope we can keep the enthusiasm. But the time it takes is a real concern, especially in mid-week.

Only time will tell, but once Kel’thuzad goes down once, how can we stop going?

I try very hard not to think of the fact that each week, only one person could get Tier gear per slot… so it would take ten full weeks before everyone in a run got all their gear… assuming the loot gods smile on distribution of tokens.

Sigh. Hey, we had fun, damnit, and that’s what counts. I’ll worry about folks getting bored when we’re kicking the whole place over in under four hours.


31 thoughts on “A big weekend for Sidhe Devils!

  1. First off, congrats for clearing Naxx!

    If time is your biggest concern, then here are the things that worked for us to get to KT in just about 2.5 – 3 hours:

    – Loot with the regular roll-system. Especially if you trust your raid members this is probably the one thing saving you the most time per boss
    – While rolling on loot, continue to clear trash. As the boss drops dead, everyone moves on and starts killing stuff. This, once again, will save you a couple minutes on every boss
    – The third most time-consuming thing for us is boss tactics. This part is getting shorter automatically as you return to the place. Eventually you’ll find yourself rushing from boss to boss and there’s just no wing that’ll take much more than half an hour. A 10min break after each wing helps to re-focus πŸ™‚


  2. That’s awesome, grats! I’m glad to hear you folks are doing well in Naxx.

    I agree with Talldar, as you go in more and more you’ll find the time taken to explain the bosses is where you’ll gain the most. Remember how nasty is was the first few times in Kara getting to Moroes and having to remember which of his adds did what, while later you could clear the room, mark the adds, burn them down, and then you’re up and off to Opera before you knew what happened.

    Fun is the name of the game though, and I’m glad you guys are doing well.


  3. Naxx can be whittled down. It takes time and practice to get faster, but you can get there. We’ve cleared it in 2 days totaling ~5-6 hours. I’m convinced that we could compress that more if we weren’t starting to try our luck in Ulduar. Talldar gives a good list of things to look at and don’t underestimate the ability to chain pull trash. As you continue to gear up, you’ll be able to just roll through the trash and that will cut a lot of time out of it.


  4. Congrats on the clear! Feels real friggin’ good, doesn’t it?! πŸ˜€

    My guild (coincidentally on the same server as you kids) just finished our first guild clear of it a week ago. Our next step is to probably give Emalon a try as well as and possibly EoE.

    I personally feel we should probably try to clear Naxx one or two more times to make sure everyone’s geared up as best they can be before we mosey our way over to Ulduar. I’m not sure we’re hard-core enough to go for the Undying title, but now that we’re fairly comfortable with the fights (we still get hung up on Gluth a bit too much, methinks) we should be able to down Spider, Plauge, and Military in under 3 hours.


    Again, good job on the clear! πŸ˜€


  5. GRATS!!! It feels so great that first time he goes down…

    You know… Actually as I remember it, it was more of a limp-with-relief kinda feeling that he was DEAD… I had been killed early on in the fight, and rezzed, innervated myself to get my mana back… then one by one, the other two healers died, and I’m OOM living on mp5 and LBs trying to keep the tank up and less than 10 seconds left before I can innervate again… and he died…

    Yep… that’s right, I just collapsed afterwards out of sheer relief…


  6. Hey there BBB! Congratulations, I know it’s a great feeling.

    Our first attempt at KT went exactly the same way and we did eventually end up downing him. It was great.

    Last night we actually started Naxx, fresh from the start, at about 6pm server. 3 heals, me tanking and a warrior tanking, and dps ranging 2k-2.8k . We actually downed all of Naxx in one sitting, in about 3-4 hours. I couldn’t believe it! I went from thinking our dps needed real help to “Wow, we can do this in one go.”

    You might try starting with the hardest stuff first. Last night we did Military and Construct first, that way if people had to bounce out at least we got the hard stuff done with our A-Game.

    Funny moment: Tank realizing he was in his Arms spec, with prot gear, tanking(and downing!) Patchwerk. Again, couldn’t believe it. I take hatefuls like a champ though! Rawr.


  7. Even though I’m new to the guild I’m still very proud. Its a hugh accomplishment to work as a group and take a difficult boss down.
    KT can be a nightmare I know. I’ve seen 3 melee on ice at once and its a real pain for the healers.

    Once you know the fights it just takes everyone being on their toes and having few deaths/wipes to contend with to move things quickly. On my PVP server our guild has cleared it a few times fairly easily but some nights we struggle and people are dropping dead likes flies hehehe. We get careless because we get too confident probably. It is certainly very satisfying though to get a full clear:)

    Way to go:)


  8. I was online when the boss died. Guild chat went NUTS. Everyone was silly giddy, raid member or not. That was a special moment for everyone. Too had I wasn’t on vent to hear the jubilation. Super job done by a super group of people.


  9. I had a ball tanking back there *heal, heal, shake branches…look at boss “neener neener you can’t kill me” heal heal…/dance*

    Awesome job by all this week, t was just unbelievable!


  10. Congratulations.

    In regards to “what next?”, I think you should plan a first look run into Ulduar. I know this sounds crazy, but the Flame Leviathan encounter is very pug-friendly. The other 3 ‘entry’ bosses (Razorscale, Ignis, and XT-002) will be gear checks and may require more Naxx farming to do. Flame Leviathan is vehicle based, and could be treated as a quick single boss fight night for a guild like Sidhe Devils.

    Stormscale – US


  11. Congrats, Sidhe Devils! Awesome job, folks. πŸ™‚ I have no doubt you’ll be able to clear Naxx quickly now – my guild’s up to clearing it in four hours, but it’s rough. Normally we do Spider, Plague, Military, then Patchwerk if it’s still before 2am and we typically start at 11.

    And I’m totally jealous that you folks had no trouble with the Four Horsemen. We wiped on them more times than I can count!


  12. As has been previously stated, the more familiar you are with the instance, the quicker it goes. A big time-saver is continuing to kill trash after boss kills. In addition, if people need to AFK on trash, have them put someone on follow. If someone dies to trash, buff on the run. Being short-handed and buff-less for trash will not hold you back.
    Once people start getting comfortable with boss fights, on the trash pull before the boss, start giving a brief explanation/attack plan for the boss. For example, who’s tanking Anub, who’s getting the adds. That way, when trash is down, rebuff if needed and you can flow right into the boss. We pretend that every wing has a time achievement and we always try to shoot for it.
    When we started, it would generally take us around 6 hours just to clear the first couple of wings. Last night, we cleared all of Naxx in 4 hours.


  13. beware practical joker mages on sapphy.. if you hide behind a mage that has iceblocked himself.. you will die.
    congrats on the kt kill. i remember ‘s first kill, about 3 weeks after the expansion we finally had enough 80’s to make a 10 man attempt. took us another 3-4 weeks to get to and kill kt. nowadays we yawn our way through 25man versions. many of us are in full 7.5 gear with naxx25 stuff making up the rest. sadly, i’m still 3/5 tier gear and the gloves would be a downgrade in my hit department.. so i want that helm….

    my raid schedule has been severely affected by work.. 3 days a week i have a 1.5hour commute each way, the other two days a 5 minute commute.. naturally my 1.5 hour days have been raiding days lately. (and it’s only 50 miles…. that’s D/FW for you)


  14. It’s always good to see people having a good time together, enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done. Congratulations, y’all!


  15. Congrats SD *Group Hug!*

    That is most awesome. The first clear of any raid you are working towards finishing is always amazing and very memorable. Bear, I would stay with the two nights you have…enough for everyone to get a taste and not burn everyone out. Like you said, SD isn’t about raiding so I dont’ expect people to get bored and if they do, hey there is always Maly and OS+drakes and maybe one day Uludar…but if all else fails I say Kara baby is the way the go πŸ˜€

    And the tier pieces, well a couple can be purchased with badges and such. Like you said, the whole point is to have fun, phat loot is nice icing on the cake πŸ™‚


  16. congrats to all of SD on the completion of nax

    feels dam good to see that achiev spam when you finish
    my guild has been working on the undieing run now the last 2-3 week the funny thing is it’s always 2 left feet on safety dance that kills it

    but as someone else said try a sarth +1d it can be short fight but will have ya sitting on edge the whole time


  17. As a casual raiding guild leader… I hear ya on the time constraints. Things that have helped us:

    1. See if you can sort out what wings you need the most, where the most upgrades will come from and focus on those, that way you can clear everything quicker in general. Might wanna do a poll on your forums.

    2. Check out what your healers are comfortable with. Most of the encounters only take 2 healers– a few can be done with just 1. Only 2 encounters does 3 prove nice (4 Horse, KT, Maybe Saph if you have no HOTs– Rejuv makes this an easy win) but still not essential. If your tanks have a DPS or heal spec or your heals have a dps spec it can go a long way to shake things up to speed things along. There’s also different strats that help– ie my guild no longer kites Gluth’s adds, it tended to be a mess, instead we have a 3rd tank, one person dedicated to healing them and then one person dedicated to the tanks on Gluth– this allows all the DPS to go crazy on Gluth and keeps all the chow perfectly situated to die at decimate generally he only gets one decimate off.

    3. Look into completing the instance anyway on a third day even if several people can’t make it– pugging the last few spots is generally easy as a lot of people only need stuff off KT. KT’s drops are generally a huge boost to DPS classes which makes it really nice to finish it if you can at all– which allows you to complete things in your normal timeframe easier. While you don’t want marathon runs– they’re taxing, sometimes if you do them enough over the course of a month the reward for it will be consistently shorter times elsewhere for every other subsequent month. It used to take us 6-7 hours to get through naxx on two days. Now we usually do it on one 4 hour session– every now and then just 3 thanks to dual spec.

    4. As mentioned above, using need/greed instead of master loot with your guild can speed things up quite a bit, depending on how you do loot. Masterlooting does probably add 30 minutes to my runs.


  18. First of all, congratulations! It doesn’t matter what other people on your server, with different real life constraints, have managed – for the Sidhe Devils you’ve now had the chance to achieve this and you have.

    In terms of timing and so on, in my experience 2 nights should be plenty for a casual guild to farm the place quite happily. As others have said, once more people get to know the boss tactics explanation time will be reduced (or eliminated altogether). Also, as less people need loot from a particular dead boss most of the raid can carry on with trash clearing while that’s sorted out.

    Our approach was to do two 3-hour raids per reset, and slowly as people get geared up and the fights become familiar more and more is completed in those two nights, and eventually the whole place in one.


  19. Yeah once you get that first clea rout of the way and the gear starts coming with the experience you will be turning out Naxx in short order. Our guild is much like yours though we raid three times a week (3 hours per night on average sometimes longer, 30 mins or so, depending on what the raid feels). It used to take us all three nights but after the first full clear we were pushing it in to two nights and now we have it down to One night most weeks (this week we left 4h up after night one due to a late start).

    Bah I rambled.

    Basically what all that means is don’t worry about it, the quicker clears will come on their own so long as that is what your guild wants to do.


  20. Woot, we rock. So glad that you managed to go back and get KT – would have been terrible to manage to clear everything except the last boss. I am sure that we will figure out fun stuff to do on raid nights which is sufficiently challenging for everyone. I like the idea of switching up the wings so that the mid-weekers get a bash at Military and so on.


  21. One strategy I use is to not worry about buffs on trash. If you die to trash, you won’t get rebuffed until we are at the boss. Pull fast and don’t worry if a couple people are afk for trash.


  22. BBB-

    Being a raid leader and watching my guild go through much the same that yours is, in both 10’s and our co-opted 25 man runs with another guild, a few things I can suggest:

    1) Have a DPSer be master looter. The master looter can say things like… “Plate physical DPS bracers” or “Mail caster chest” to describe the loot on vent, so people know when to pay attention or /roll.

    2) You should be pulling the next trash pack within 20 seconds of the boss being downed — this is the tanks main job, make the healers cry & train DPS to not care who tops the overall meters.

    3) Raid leader should have a brief synopsis ready for the boss, then ask if there are questions… no point in spending 5 minutes explaining Anub’arak when everyone knows the fight already… simply: Tank 1, tank him, kite during swarm. Stay spread out in an arc, tank 2, pick up the add, and be ready to save the healers when the bugs spawn.

    bam. ready to rock.

    4) You don’t need buffs for trash. Seriously. Rebuff before bosses, but if people die on trash, they die, they get rezzed, everyone moves on while they drink/eat up.

    Big congrats on the KT kill, Check out Flame Leviathon as a guild, its a lot of fun. Just make sure no one brings a BoA item and wears it in there. It kills your vehicle hit points.


  23. congrats to all it feels good doesnt it πŸ™‚ get a plasterer to fix the holes in the ceiling later πŸ˜› i say just keep trying to do naxx 10 till you are farming it get everybody geared up and then try Flame Leviathon you dont need healers all you need to do is drive about and kill him the fight is pretty easy once you learn to run away πŸ˜› its a game and games are suposed to be fun so HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!


  24. A big congrats to the Sidhe Devils, I knew the Devils would do well. Yes, I was definitely sleeping by that time. πŸ™‚ There’s nothing wrong with taking your time to explore the content. There’s no need to rush that experience. Time can be a factor, and not everyone is interested on rushing the raids. πŸ™‚

    Posolutely, has a great idea about loot distribution. That is what my Horde guild does. If my Horde GL is the tank a DPS (also an officer) is the Master Looter. The loot has always been distributed fairly, and the process makes things a lot easier since everyone isn’t hanging around but moving on to the next encounter. Buffing up is generally saved for the bosses too. Also as people began to do the fights repeatedly the need to explain was cut down considerably. That saved a lot of time.

    Before long (after gearing up via Heroic and crafted items) I imagine I’ll be running some raids with Deimonia, my Affliction Warlock. She’s currently 71. I’ve had a blast running instances with others at my level (thanks to PUGs) as I’ve advanced. I’ve met some very great players who’ve turned into in-game buddies, but it will be nice running with the Devils as group.


  25. Hi BBB !

    GG to you and your guilde ! I got the same achievements this week ! (but with the Construct quarter). Since I joined the guilde a few weeks ago, I haven’t been in the successful runs. But this time I was there ! ^^

    I thing everyone above gave good advice, so here is more an example than an advice.

    We clear Naxx in two evenings, beginning the summoning at the stone at around 8:30 pm, pulling first trash at 8:45/9pm, and ending at midnight. We have spider and plague quarters on farm now, we need 1/2 to 3/4 hour for each roughly. We proceed this way :
    First evening : DK, then Plague, then go as far as we can through spider wing until midnight.
    Second evening : finishing of spiders, and Construct quarter, and spend the rest of the evening on Saph and KT until clear or midnight.

    Our tactic is to begin the evening with the toughest wings for us. DK wing is great to begin with because of the trash : you have time to focus on the raid, to warm up (like sport) before the first boss but everyone is still awake for the 3 bosses. Plague and Spiders are quite easy to do afterward, and as everyone is tired, that’s better not to try a difficult boss. The second evening, we finish off easy wings, as a warm up. And we do Construct.

    My advice to clear it in two nights is :

    – Don’t lose time on bosses you know like the back of your hand. Don’t lose time on rebuff and regen : do it quickly before each boss while setting everyone’s role. On the contrary, take time with hard bosses before the pull to be sure everyone know what they have to do. (But I know you do that, you told us in your previous article ^_^ ).

    – I find that having a good rythme while pulling trash help people to stay focused and it’s so quicker, and it’s more fun. That’s very important ! Tempo ! Have the MT listening to some punchy music πŸ˜€ (half-kidding).

    – You will wipe on difficult bosses. Do them first because people are still well awake and not too tired and more attentive. Do the easy one went people are tired.

    – If you have newbies (new raiders), don’t take more than 2 in your run, and never in the same role. The learning will be quicker. I had a run with 5 or 6 newbies, it was a nightmare. Have a veteran tank giving the tempo, pulling trash quickly and doing difficult pulls, tell the newbie to watch in case they will have to do it next time…

    If you can’t have it in two nights, that means you need to know the fights better. No need to worry. As other said above, try other fights. The third night, do Sartharion, Archavon or Flame Leviathan.

    You should really try Flame Leviathan, it’s a ton of fun (or rather several tons, the thing is a massive bulldozer…). Switch roles, so everyone will try every machine. Some people will want the achievement or just have fun being catapulted on the boss. This fight is not as difficult as the next bosses in Ulduar, and worth the time for fun and a few loot. Really, try it ! I’m sure you will write a great post afterward ! ;D
    And you know what ? Druids keep their forms on the motorbikes… Our tree was so cool on it ! πŸ˜€ The only thing I feel sad about that boss : hunter’s pets are useless… πŸ˜₯ I feel naked without my pet…

    GG again ! Keep on the good bloging !


  26. Always seems to go well when I’m not there /jk
    Real life interfering with game time; but that’s how we roll.
    Gratz to all that contributed to the runs. (who got the T7 helm?)


  27. Hey, my guild, which has been doing Naxx for… three-four months now, only just did an all-guild Naxx clear last month, so… slow progression is totally normal, especially in a more casual environment. πŸ™‚ So congrats on clearing! Sapph on 10 is actually harder, in my opinion, than on 25, so getting it your first time to him, even if it took two or more shots, is commendable.

    My guild also tends to the two nights a week schedule, due to most of our folks being casual gamers… but we are planning on doing Ulduar – at least for Flame Leviathan (which we’ve already downed), and maybe XT-002 and Ignis. What I’d recommend in the “where do we go from here?” is what was mentioned above – at least give Flame Leviathan a shot and go from there. Razorscale is very RNG-heavy on how successful you are. Ignis’s trash is painful. We haven’t done XT-002, but plan to give it a shot our next foray in. But Flame Leviathan…. that encounter is just plain FUN.


  28. Wow – congratulations to you and your guild! It is a brilliant feeling to finish a big, long raid like Naxx! And fantastic work, getting down bosses the first night you have ever encountered them!

    I am in a casual guild of Hordies, and we don’t have a lot of members who want to seriously raid, though we have been trying a bit more this year to see the endgame raids. Last week we had our very first one-night full clear of Naxx …. much to everyone’s surprise πŸ˜€

    Best part is running with good people, who make the experience fun and easy … quickly move on from mistakes, set master looter and roll for everything while clearing trash to the next boss.

    And frankly I have seen both 10 and 25 versions of Naxx …. 10 man is more exacting and unforgiving …. twice I have seen Heigan killed by one lonely priest πŸ˜›


  29. Grats!

    I have a similar dilemma with my mates… we only make up 7/10 and I only play Friday nights (and have barely seen any of the WoLK content).

    So I think we are just going to push hard to clear as much as possible most fridays, with the odd friday or other raids or heroics..

    Good luck!


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