I got a new computer yesterday, and I’ll be awhile getting back into doing stuff.

It’s also summer, and we’re working on getting a lot of big home improvement projects started.

So, expect to see a lot less of me the rest of the week.


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  1. uh oh… could this be the beginning of the end for our favorite Druid blogger?

    First Phaelia, then BRK… now… the BBB?!!!

    Seems to be a general concensus that WoW is not as fun as it used to be. I just canceled my recurring subscription today and only have a couple weeks left to play. I’ll still read the blog every once in a while since I do love the BBB’s bear antics, I’ve just lost my will to be competitive in WoW since everything was turned into Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Maybe I’ll come back a week before they release Icecrown to play catch up and kill Arthas, because WC3 is the reason I started this game in the first place.

    Anyway, hope you still find time to continue writing triple B. Grats on the new pc.


  2. Home Improvements are cool and so are new computers… but when you said, “expect to see less of me” my first (and very silly) thought was, “What, are you losing weight?”

    ::wandering back to the cleaning, still giggling::


  3. Would seem the only real danger he would be in is if he tries to have some ice cream to cool down after working hard in the summer heat. 😉


  4. Lol… very cute, Olivar!

    All the things I write, and it seems that one is the one my guildies will never forget. Lova ya guys!

    I ain’t gone, I ain’tent dead (to quote Granny Weatherwax), and I ain’t quittin’… I’m just freaking busy this week.

    During the days, I’m running my department, and I’m also ripping apart the old stuff that was half finished (and the good part ain’t the part that was complete) and putting some streamlined, organized processes in place that get the job done efficiently. Had an audit today; the general manager, my boss and the other management staff love my ass.

    That don’t happen if I spend the days cruising the interwebs.

    Normally the writing and funnin’ would be happening at home, but we’ve got some big stuff going on. We’re having new windows put in all around, the old ones were cracked single pane junkers that should have been replaced 4 years ago. Had all the exact measurements done last night. We also have the entire downstairs family room area we’re painting… and one wall is my built in bookshelves I’m gonna have to rip out to get it done.

    So we’ve got stuff going on… and I can’t just pop on the computer in between because it’s a new system. New system = no bookmarks or programs set up yet.

    So, Sweet, I may be running silent, running deep this week, but the speculation of my demise is, for now, greatly exaggerated.


  5. And while I’m thinking about it, if you’re ever in the market for a new computer, and live in the Twin Cities area, I use http://www.nanosys1.com for building my systems these days.

    This one makes the second full system I’ve had them build, one for Cassie last year and now this one for me. I’ve bought components from them for years, but what I like about them is they are very competent, they have solid prices for local pickup, they provide a one year actual usable warranty on the stuff they build, and you can pick a base system on their website and then tweak and customize it until you get just what you want at a price that seems reasonable, without wasting money on things like monitors, keyboards or mice I don’t need.

    And did I mention that they’re local to Twin Cities? With a 1 year warranty? Yeah, I just can’t tell you how happy it makes me to be able to actually go TO the place that is going to service the computer. I’ve had to do it once, and I just grabbed the system, popped on by the store, and they fixed it right there while I stood around.

    I don’t know that I’d order from them online for components when Newegg and Tigerdirect and such are so good, but when it comes to being able to get a fast turnaround with no shipping costs, I loves em.

    We can’t afford craziness, but we started with http://www.nanosys1.com/sys-h4130.html and by the time I upgraded the case and memory and processor, I had a pretty nice little machine that was exactly what I needed, and picked it up on site 3 days after ordering it.

    I’m a happy customer, so why not let you know about ’em?


  6. I second BBB’s review of Nanosys! I’ve bought multiple systems from them. Great place. If you live in the Twin City area you are silly to go elsewhere.


  7. “”We’re having new windows put in all around””

    ::envious sigh:: How I wish we could swing new windows for our place!


    Good luck with that…
    I’m now VERY leary of frozen ice cream.

    I’m of the computer “Build it yourself” crowd also. Mostly Newegg pieces.
    It does take awhile to get a new computer loaded with all your Office products, AntiV, Movie, Fraps, yada yada yada. All time consuming.

    Hey, RL issues DO take first place, as you’ve always said Big Wind.
    We’ll keep the light on for ya. 🙂


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