I have had a wonderfully crappy day at work.

I am now at home.

If you will excuse me, I shall now hoist a rare Guinness and enjoy my favorite song, and I suggest you all do the same.

Take it away, my brave lads.


11 thoughts on “Decompression

  1. I remember when you posted this last year. I had never heard of Silly Wizard but fell in love with the song, so much so that I ended up buying a couple of their albums of Amazon. I really like all their music but this is my favourite 🙂 A close second, for me, is If I Was A Blackbird. I liked Silly Wizard so much, I mentioned it to a Swedish guildie one night when we were talking about music. He expressed an interest so I sent him a couple of tracks. He loved it too and then we both started a sort of “if you like that, you’ll love this” kind of thing. My music collection has expanded considerably in the last year and I’ve hopped from Irish/Scottish folk music to Scandinavian folk music, to Polish Klezmer, to Spanish Flamenco, to Romanian gypsy music! Amazon is considerably richer (they should probably give you shares or something!) and while my purse is poorer I have had, and continue to have, many hours of pleasure. All because you posted this song a year ago!


  2. Sláinte Mhath!

    The Wizards are my favourites for a good night at the pub or the “moody” moment at home with a glass of distilled wisdom 😉


  3. BBB, I almost fell out of my chair when I saw what your favorite song is!!! Silly Wizard ftw!!! I also love The Queen of Argyll, although I’m a bit more partial to The Rambling Rover on Live Wizardry. =) small world…


  4. p.s. and sorry I didn’t say this in previous post… sorry you had a craptastic day at work. Here’s hopin the weekend is altogether better in every way! =)


  5. Hulan, I saw your comment about that on an earlier post last week, and wanted to say then… I’m very delighted that by posting a song here, it leads someone, anyone, that might not have heard of a group before to fond some music they love.

    In my case, the Mannyac introduced me to Silly Wizard, and I’ve loved them ever since.


  6. I’ve been a SW fan for about 30 years. I prefer, however Dougie Maclean and the Scottish Celtic music. Take a listen.

    He’ll take your breath away.


  7. Thanks for this bear. The Celtic Festival in Atlanta has been gone for a few years and this brings back those wonderful memories.


  8. Thanks for the music introduction, BBB… long time reader, very seldom commenter… I have also had a craptastic couple of months, and some good music is just the cure. I am now a Silly Wizard fan!


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