It's a movie, and remember it's JUST for fun!

A direct link to download the full size movie (all 116 MB!) is right here at Fileplanet.

I had a LOT of fun running back there and messing around with them. I only recorded it once, But I did it quite a few times. I think that Troll Shadow Priest thought I was crazy.

Here is the Youtube version…

And let me just say, this new way I have of making the movie, once it’s in HD quality on Youtube, looks really nice on my monitor. I’m pretty happy with it.

And my last note; the music is Cannae Throw Your Granny by The Tim Malloys. A local Minnesota band that ROCKS. And one of Manny’s faves. 🙂

19 thoughts on “It's a movie, and remember it's JUST for fun!

  1. I’m sure you know you could strafe around doing the same thing…. but then it wouldn’t be your big bear butt doing all the damage, would it 😉


  2. Heh. I’ve actually had that video looping in the background for the last 30 minutes just because I liked the song, the same thing happened the last time you posted some songs. I salute your taste in music sir.


  3. BBB, this is the way that I do the Icecrown daily quest “That’s Abominable!” Although it’s mentioning I walk backwards to ensure I dodge attacks. Oh, and there’s an Abomination at the end.


  4. Well I’m up for giving this a try tonight. Wondering about having my alt Shadow Priest along for the experience. Anyone know if these guys count for XP? I think they do because they aren’t in the bombardment zone.


  5. Audrid, that’s very true… but I still think there is no reason to drop a song like that onto the blog, a song that could bring up hard feelings, without some kind of explanation as to what cultural background it comes from.


  6. Now you know what tankadins felt all through Burning Crusade 🙂

    Used to farm Black Morass for silk and greens to DE with the priest wife, and we usually brought a hunter along for aoe. He was a skinner and made a ton from just 1 hr farming. I think he got something like 2-3 stacks of various leather items from just 1 run.

    The joy of pulling them all and watching your screen fill with yellow numbers… Good times 🙂


  7. Awesome video, BBB! 🙂 as for your area, as the owner of two kilts and several broadswords, that sounds like my husband’s kind of town. lol As for the profanity, thank goodness the Munchkin was diverted by Special Agent Oso on the Disney Channel… 🙂


  8. Ironically, Irish independence has been achieved (aside from Northern Ireland), and thus the issue of home rule is moot.


  9. Do you think I should mention that there is, oh, just a teensy touch of profanity in the song?

    Maybe I should.

    Ummm, please, if you have small children in the room, please do NOT play this over speakers at full volume.

    This song is one of the reasons I use headphones.

    I did think it had that perfect “Benny Hill” vibe, though. For my Protestant friends in Northern Ireland… I’m not even going to attempt an explanation. Well, shoot, I guees I have to, don’t I?

    I think we Americans are self-conscious in gerneral about our puny 200+ year history compared to European nations, and thus often look towards where our ancestors came from originally to find additional stuff to sing about and read up on and get warm fuzzies about. We’re still Americans first and foremost, we just like that added touch of romance from learning about ancestors from the olden days.

    In this case, even though the only person I know that has even been to Ireland is my mother in law, there is a huge fanbase for the Celtic culture, Ireland, Scotland, even the mad Welsh here in Minnesota. HUGE. It’s like Mecca to a LOT of people. I’m not even remotely kidding. Yes, those are three seperate countries. I know. Doesn’t matter. I swear, over here you’d think it was all one big mad swirl of a country full of crazy men wearing kilts and waving hge broadswords and making sheep nervous.

    And green beer.

    So you get a lot of local bands that play a mix of Irish and Scottish music, including very militant songs promoting the glory of Irish Independance and Home Rule. Even though 99.9% of the people here have no frikken idea what they’re talking about. It’s amazing.

    And I am one of those crazy people, thank you very much.


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