Just pimping a few blogs

My bloglist is ancient, and since I use a feedreader, it never gets seen by me. Or updated.

If I was smart, I’d simply list all the blogs in my feedreader and you’d see what I see on a daily basis… but the list is long and distinguished, like my johnson.

Some free bear points for the first person that knows which movie I stole that line from.

Yes, a dick joke. Ah, the things you never expect to find on the Big Bear Butt. Always a surprise lurking around every pageturn.

Next thing you know, I’ll be making poop jokes and talking about my lengthy stays in the bathroom at work, and you’ll start thinking Doomilias stole this blog.

I miss Doom…

Anyway, moving on….

I’m sure they will be VERY flattered to be highlighted in this post, considering the aforementioned dick joke, but  I wanted to take a second to share with you just three of the blogs I read frequently, and find absolutely wonderful.

The first is the blog that I started reading once I started playing my Ret Paladin, Eye For An Eye.

This may seem in doubtful taste considering the nature of the post he made today, but I wanted to let folks know that there is a very good, very thoughtful blogger who has written about Ret Paladins, he is very enjoyable and informative, and I encourage you to go visit if you haven’t already, read through his archives and let him know if you enjoy the wonderful posts he has made as much as I have.

I hope that Eye For An Eye is merely going to rest a bit, and will someday return to share some more Retribution thoughts again in the future.

The second blog that I wanted to mention that I enjoy a great deal is Naissa’s Rage, and I hope that you will go over there and read her writings and let her know you appreciate her as well.

Yes, I know, I don’t have a warrior. Give me a break, how many of you don’t have a druid? She writes great, fun posts about many different topics, and let’s you know just what she thinks. You can ask for more than that, but you really shouldn’t expect it.

Last but certainly not least is the inimitable Lady Jess, a fine lady that has long been open and forthcoming with her life and loves, both in the game and out, and if there was a person that was more honest and true to herself and brave enough to come out and share exactly what’s on her mind with a smile and a heart of fun than Lady Jess, I simply don’t know who it could be.

A wonderful writer who somehow is able to make you feel the excitement and enthusiasm she has for the things she loves, and have you clapping your hands in /glee along with her when the new pet drops or Achievement is earned.

Oh, and her husband, the silent one of the two, is an active member of the armed forces, so a pagehit for Lady Jess is a pagehit for America! 

You do want to do your part, don’tcha?

All three of you are admirable bloggers, and I have long admired your writing.

To all three of you, I hereby offer my most sincere appreciation, and tell you that I hereby grant you the most coveted Award any blogger can earn from me (whether they know it or not), the True Blogger Award, for being honest, sincere, telling it straight, and at all times being true to yourself.

Thank you, this song is for you.


8 thoughts on “Just pimping a few blogs

  1. Too easy…

    Slider: Goose who’s butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?
    Goose: The list is long, but distinguished.
    Slider: Yeah, well so is my Johnson.

    Top Gun first Bar Scene


  2. Thank you Sir Bear, I am flattered! And I second Naissa, I love her…just <3!! My only warrior is a level 1 bnk alt in a party dress, but she’s so much fun to read regardless of her class.


  3. Thanks triple B, I appreciate the linkage. But yea, I’m done. Posting ret raiding tips gets a bit tougher when you hardly get to play, let alone raid or read EJ/other theorycraft.

    There are plenty of other paladin blogs out there though (Rohan, Ferraro, Suicidal Zebra, Hofflerand, etc etc), there’s not much I was doing that they don’t cover or can’t cover.


  4. Aww, thanks BBB! Sorry I didn’t see this ’til just now. Better late than never. *raises her “I tank with my FACE!” coffee mug* Cheers!


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