Professions, can't live without 'em!

I am the most boring profession person around.

I tend to pick professions that sound good at the time, and then dump them after many hours and thousands of gold invested in recipes and leveling in favor of some other whim that takes me.

I don’t have a single toon that still has the same two professions they started with!

I had the following going into the weekend;

80 Druid – Max Herbalism/Inscription
80 Hunter – Max Miner/Engineer
72 Priest – Max Tailor/Jewelcrafter
71 Shaman – High level Skinner/Jewelcrafter

Multiple Jewelcrafters? It’s embarassing.

I felt I was doing well with the Druid and Hunter recently. Herbs feed Inscriptions, and Ore feed Engineering. A little nice synergy between them, right?

My Herbs also give me Lifeblood on my Druid for an extra ‘oh shit’ button and the ability to farm my own core mats for Cassie to make me flasks and pots, and Inscription let me have the awesome Shoulder enchant without grinding boring Hodir rep.

While Skinning would give my Hunter some tasty Crit, I prefer the Mining so I can feed my Engineering, and make myself ammo whenever I desire it. Also, being able to have the helm early and being able to farm clouds has been priceless.

That Mining now lets me also feed my dual Jewelcrafters raw ore pretty much means Mining is my key gathering profession.

But after that, it just kinda breaks down.

A Jewelcrafter, yes, by all means. A Tailor, sure, no sweat. Both on one toon? Well, neither helps each other, but it’s nice to be able to make 20 slot bags for as close to free as makes no nevermind, it just takes time and mailing all my cloth to this toon. And having a max Jewelcrafter has long been a cost savings. Extra ore? Mail it to my JC and get some gems stockpiled. Craft some nice epic rings or necklaces whenever I’d like. Works for me!

After that, A Shaman with Skinning AND Jewelcrafting? WTF?

Well, I had no idea what to do at this point. I had run out of profession ideas.

I leveled with Skinning thinking to be a Skinner/Leatherworker… and after hitting 70, realized Cassie already had a max level Leatherworker, so why should I spend all those Arctic Furs getting recipes she already had? It’s not like I needed the gear, it’s all BoE. So I dropped Leatherworking, and decided, hey, there are some nice looking BoP trinkets for Jewelcrafters, and you can socket those powerful gems… why not. And with two Jewelcrafters, I could get two Dragon’s Eyes per day if I needed ’em fast for something.

Okay, fine. Whatever, but all right.

Totally ran out of ideas.

Now, here I am. A brand new level 70 Paladin, and no bloody idea what professions I’d take this time. 

Saturday afternoon, and a blank slate as far as professions are concerned.

What to do, what to do. What, play? But I’m in Northrend with no bloody professions! How ni the heck can I just continue leveling, when there are herbs, ore or skins that could be mine!

Anything that I could possibly want that is BoE, somebody in the guild can make, somewhere. So what kind of professions could I want? Just dual gathering?

Nahhh…. I have Mining and Herbalism already, I’ll probably take a gathering one right now to help the old wallet, but I want to be able to buff my little pile o’ pixels. So some kind of crafting is mandatory.

So, what do I want to do that is worth spending some time leveling a profession, that only a person with that profession can use?

So, what are my favorite choices?

Leatherworking would seem to be silly on a Paladin, the benefits to having it would be a Bracer enchant. It’s a bloody good enchant, but still…

Tailoring would let me have cloak spellthreads… hmm… I don’t know. Could be nice, but then it would only be for the spellthread, I’ve GOT a max level Tailor already.

Blacksmithing gives two extra jewel sockets. So the benefit comes from how much stat value you can get from a gem or two. Bold Scarlet Rubies are 16 Strength. That’s +32 Strength for Blacksmithing. Not too bad, but I’ve heard Blacksmithing is an utter terror to level.

Jewelcrafting gives you three bigger gems, and an order of trinkets on the side. Hmm, I like trinkets as much as the next person. But three Jewelcrafters? Good lord, let’s get serious. Three gems, and again going with Strength… normal is +16 Strength, the bigger size is +27 Strength. That’s an extra +11 Strength per gem, +33 Strength if you use all gems…

…and that makes the benefits of Jewelcrafting in terms of Gems equal with Blacksmithing, but JCs get the bonus of BoP Trinkets, too.

Okay, moving past that, what about Inscription? Being able to have a great shoulder enchant without doing Sons of Hodir is one heck of a draw. Other than that, nothing really that my Druid can’t do for me.

And then there is Engineering.

Ah, Engineering.

Mining clouds, and BoP goggles. Goggles that are equivalent to Tier helms from ten man Naxx Kel’thuzad. Equippable at level 72. One per spec, at that!


God, I love having powerful gear. I know the gems are very good, but having the goggles… I always love the appearance of goggles. Nothing says deviant quite like a red-headed dwarf wielding a giant two handed battleaxe wearing rose colored techno goggles.

Yeah, I’m lazy. I can see now that I SHOULD do a combination of Engineering and Jewelcrafting, get myself goggles, trinkets and three gems.

But the thought of a third Jewelcrafter… oh, heck no. Thats just wrong.

Yep, you guessed it, I’m sure.

I went Engineering and Mining, from zero to Northrend, all this weekend.

My goal was to get to the point that the only Mining I needed was in Northrend, and the only mats I needed for Engineering skillups were from Northrend ore and eternals. And I made that goal, and still almost finished Borean Tundra.

I swear, I’m never doing that again.

Can I just say, I am SO sick of leveling Mining and Engineering through Azeroth old world?

I’ll grant you, leveling Mining all the way up to Northrend first, saving all of my Runecloth and some stacks of other cloth as I leveled, and saving everything from mining in anticipation helped.

Once I started on Engineering, I was able to just sit in Ironforge, and make stuff, run to trainer, make stuff, run to bank, etc. A few times I simply HAD to use the AH, I didn’t quite have enough Iron Bars at one point, you use a LOT of Iron in various recipes, and then right when you think yo’re done with it you need more to make a bunch of Steel, but once past that and into Mithril, it went a lot better. And once you hit 275, thank god, you’re done and can go to Dalaran, hit up the Engineering trainer there, and go through your saved Fel Iron, Motes of Earth, Motes of Fire and Adamantite until you hit 350 and can train to use Northrend ores. 

Once you hit 275, it’s smooth sailing. But getting to 275 is such a mishmash of running around for bits and pieces… sigh.

Far better than leveling Blacksmithing, from everthing I’ve been told, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about leveling Engineering normally.

It’s leveling it four bloody times that I’m tired of.

That’s right, I leveled my Hunter as a Engineer up to 375 once… and then dropped it. And then picked it up again and leveled all the way up to 450… oh and by the way, once you drop your Engineering after you did the quest to learn how to make Zapthrottle’s Mote Extractor, you can never redo that quest to learn the recipe again. Fortunately, the Mote Extractor itself is not bound in any way. Any Engineer can make one and mail or sell it to ya.

And of course, my Druid had once been a 375 Engineer…. and then dropped it, prior to Wrath, to dual-gather. And then dropped Mining for Inscription…

And now, here comes my Paladin, Engineering leveled for the fourth bloody time.


I can now Mine Cobalt (yay!) but not quite at Saronite yet, I went back to Zangarmarsh and did the Zapthrottle quest, and then went and got the Delicate Arcanite Converter recipe and made the Mote Extractor, and I can now mine clouds I see as I pass them by.

And in two more levels, I’ll be able to make myself Goggles appropriate to both of my Dual Specs.

Maybe someday, after I’m done leveling, and I hit 80, and I’m bored, I’ll think about dropping Mining and taking Jewelcrafting just for the three upgraded gems and the Trinkets.

Or maybe my Hunter will drop Mining and take something else…


I AM freaking crazy, after all.

Somebody, stop me before I craft again!


11 thoughts on “Professions, can't live without 'em!

  1. Bs isn’t that hard to level, granted it is easier to lvl BS while you lvl a lvl 1 to keep the prices down- but it isn’t that horrible, engineering was almost worse because after you get the lvl 72 epic goggles you realize they are just going to be replaced with lvl engineering boe epics. Unlike BC where the goggles were good through about SSC/TK, the new goggles suck at max level for how much effort you put into them. Mote extractor and MIning is hella fun though for a resource bot.


  2. I’m leveling JC/mine now. Shudder. Its just hard. Every weekend I plop myself in some dead-water zone, and run around and around and around. Now I’m at 200 each. Oh and I did i mention all the forking over of gold for stuff, like 4gold per silver ore, or 3 gold per large fang? (Then they drop to 1/2 and 1/10 respectively). I am such a sucker. If you did it twice? You are insane.


  3. Bear,

    Given what you were willing to do to level mining/engineering and jewelcrafting x2 I think that Blacksmithing would not be hard for you to level. When you have an established base of characters and trade skills like what you have no profession really seems that difficult, I think most of the complaints come from people who feel the need to truly ‘powerlevel’ and hit 450 in a few hours.

    There used to be a number of lists of the raw materials necessary to get BS maxxed. If it should come up again you should google for it and see what you have lying around in your various banks. If you’re like me with the characters you listed you probably have 70% of the materials listed just sitting around.


  4. I am a big fan of the Engineering goggles. Sure you will eventually outgrow them, but if you can put them on at minimum level you are a god among men. Also, the glove enhancements are great.


  5. I’m like yourself; I seem to never end up with the same professions I began with. Holi, my Horde BE Holy Priest started with skinning and I think herbalism, fast forward when she hit 80 and she dropped skinning for Alchemy and she’s also a tailor. Indrakshi my Orc Survival Hunter started as a skinner and a miner. She kept skinning but dropped mining for enchanting. 🙂

    Deimonia, little gnomie Affliction Warlock, (also in your guild) is a skinner and a miner but I know she will change Skinning once she hits 80. She’s 75 currently. Deimonia is on a break and I’m now playing Moondancer. Yep, she’s my Feral Druid. The third one I’ve made, and like the rest she’s leveling as a feral tank. She appens to reside on Kael’thas, for the Alliance. She started with Herbalism and Alchemy but…. She dropped Alchemy for mining, but yah know what she’s back to Alchemy again, Pfft! I know I get a stam bonus with mining but well… Alchemy has more appeal to me at the moment. Will I change at end-game? If I look at my previous track record, all signs point to YES! I blame guildie Kath for my recent switch back to Alchemy. 😉 Anyway, I definitely will keep Herbalism. Lifeblood has saved my lowbie feral hide a few times already. Moondancer is currently 24.


  6. I have 11 characters that I log in on on a regular basis. 2 of them are basically bank alts so they have gathering profession just cause I hate living professions blank, but nonetheless. so far – 5 lvl 80ties, and 4 characters mid 70ty. my former main – a hunter, has skinning and alchemy (its super easy to mass kill animals on a hunter with a tenacity pet- and I switched to alchemy because I wanted a potions master and because I wanted to reduce the number of flasks I was using during raids. Ironically – I don’t raid with her anymore O_O – stopped shortly after I maxed my alchemy) my main, a shammy is a leatherworker/miner. leatherworker – because I wanted to have one to craft goodies for my hunter and because at the time I hit 70 – dragonscale set was THE set to have, so it made it easier to get her emergency raid ready. mining, because I needed a high level miner and I already had skinning taken care of. Rogue is actually reasonable sounding – mining/JC. same for druid – herbalism/falsk master (farming herbs on a druid is a dream as I’m sure you’d argee 🙂 and ist super nice to be able to make your own flasks) Priest is a JC/tailor. second JC you ask? whyever for?. well because I wanted heroic JC recipes and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run as many heroics on my rogue as I would on a mostly holy priest. Tailoring – well, I wanted to be able to make leg patches for my shammy 🙂 that concludes the 80tes. my warlock is a tailor/scribe. she was my original tailor and I didn’t’ want to drop that profession (at the time, shadowweave set was ridiculously good – even now, she’s lvl 74 and still wearing it) inscription – well, she used to have mining before and since I already have mining covered…. Mageling is a tailor/enchanter. yep – 3 tailors. original idea was to have one tailor of each specialization but since spellfire is not particularly good nowadays – mageling became my second ebonweave tailor. my pally… brace yourself… is an engineer/blacksmith. at one pointed I played her so much I thought about switching to her and back in BC – blacksmithing/engineering was a lovely combination for a pally. I think its still is, but now you can see why I have not one but 2 miners. Last but not least is my drae huntress, who’s now gleefully making her way through northrend. she’s a leatherworker/skinner because I originally played her on a different server so I wanted to give her a nice stand alone profession combo (I’ve since transfered her to my home server to a second account – shes’ my go to toon when it comes to getting alliance only things..among other things 😛 ).

    all but drae girl have their professions maxed or mostly maxed. not a single one has both original professions they started out with (I did some serious shuffling – and my hunter went through the most changes – she was even a blacksmith at one point) And that’s just primary professions. most everyone has their first aid maxed, both hunters and a rogue are high level cooks (80 hunter is maxed with every recipe I could get my hands on, the other 2 are works in progress) and both hunters and a shammy are high level fishers (80 huntress is maxed and the other 2 are coming along nicely)

    you think you’re crazy? you’re not the only one 😛

    on a plus side – I never have to worry about gearing up, getting gemmed, enchanted and having consumables for every raid. I can craft most anything I can possibly need 🙂


  7. Am I the only one who picks something and then stick to it?

    I know about min-maxing but I just can’t stand grinding / farming so when I start a character I think about what profession it could make good use of in combination with what I got on earlier characters. Druid with skinning/LW, warrior with mining/BS, priest with tailoring/enchanting just is the good examples. 4 characters on the same side and server with skinning/LW is the bad example 🙂 but I like to be able to create my own armor (druid, rogue, hunter and shaman). Ok, I’m probably going to abandon skinning/LW on my shammy because my druid has it maxed and he’s only lvl 17 so it’s not too bad. I picked most of these back in TBC when the crafted epics still were BoP. The reason for my mage to have engineering is a bit more fuzzy as I honestly have no idea what good it will do her at higher lvls.


  8. Sah,

    No, you are not the only one that picks something and sticks to it. I have a number of toons that have professions that are no longer as exciting as they once were, but there iss no way in hell I’m going to drop a profession at this point and start back at ground zero. BBB considers himself lazy, but he can’t be that lazy if he’s been willing, multiple times, to do that grind.


  9. I did the same thing. When I first made my main he was mining/engineering. Then I thought engineering wasn’t very good so around level 30 I dropped it and switched to mining/blacksmithing. Then at level 70 I lusted after the goggles so I dropped mining for engineering. Then, at level 78 or so I dropped both engineering AND blacksmithing and releveled mining and jewelcrafting. Now a few days ago I dropped mining AGAIN and leveled engineering for the third time (second time to max). I’m a masochist.


  10. LOL I feel your pain about professions. I have 3 toons who I give a blank start to when thinking of jobs for them to do. My hunter will one day be a leatherworker and jewelcrafter. Right now she is just skinning not really sure why that is. My priest has always been tailor and enchanter. If you want a painful profession combo that would be it. I have a pally who is blacksmith it really is not that bad as long as you do it in steps. You have to figure out what takes the lest amount of mats and go from there. Most of the blacksmithing take like 6 items to make one thing…really crazy. I like it for the pally you get some really sweet armor. Really for a pally engineering is smart because you get lots of nice tools (bombs) and gear not to mention the sweet rides (chopper).

    Side note. I just found this blog a few weeks ago. I really enjoy it. My first toon was a druid and I have been in love with them ever since creation. She has been Bear, Boomkin, Tree and back again. Keep it up this is great stuff 🙂


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