Happy Anniversary to My Bear!

As you can probably guess, this is a non-WoW post from Cassie 🙂

I wanted to say a quick happy 8th wedding anniversary to BBB (10 years together now) and share a few photos from that special day with all of you (keep in mind we have a child now and no longer look as young, relaxed or peaceful as we did that day, lol).   🙂

Here’s the required formal shot (that we’ve shared before):


One of my favorite pictures (the one we used for the 16×20 mat that we had guests sign (instead of a guest book), which now hangs next to our front door in the living room:


BBB and his best man, the famous Mannyac:


BBB and the Mannyac at the wedding rehearsal (yes, this is what I saw as I processed into the church from the back room and had to practice walking down the aisle toward – I probably should have run then) 🙂


One of my favorite pics of myself from that day (humorously enough taken in the boy’s bathroom at the school where I went from K-8th grade because it had a better mirror that the girl’s bathroom):


Here’s to lots more years together!  I love you Bear!


36 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to My Bear!

  1. Congrats, my wife and I are coming up to 4 years of marriage but by then we’ll have been together for 13 years…


  2. BBB you are a lucky bear.. never forget the most important words that will appease all but the most angry of hibernating mama bears woken up by something unexpected….

    Yes Dear…


  3. Wow, I didn’t realize it has been that long! Congratulations!

    By the way, if you could send me the sunglasses pic that would be great.


  4. Happy Anniversary, Cassie and BBB! May you have many many more!

    BBB is quite striking, and Cassie is just gorgeous! Though I admit Mannyac looks more like my mental picture of BBB was….


  5. Bon anniversaire,
    Mes voeux les plus sincères,
    Que ces quelques fleurs,
    Vous apportent le bonheur.

    Que l’année entière,
    Vous soit douce et légère,
    Pour que l’an fini,
    Nous soyons tous réunis…

    … Pour chanter en coeur … Bon anniversaire !

    Happy anniversary, some french song for the both of you and my best wishes for the many years coming.


  6. Great pics! and while you both look incredible in the wedding clothes, why do I have this feeling those sunglasses are a lot closer to the man you married??? ::chuckle::

    Happy Anniversary!

    btw, envy your hair… mine would never do something so wonderful as that…


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