The perfect Heigan dance song

I’ve been meaning to post this thing for weeks, and have never really found the right time before.

For some reason, and I really couldn’t say why, now seemed like the perfect time.

I really hope that the next time you dance the Heigan dance, you’ll at least momentarily think of this song. 🙂

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I do so love the Violent Femmes. Can you guess the name of the song?

15 thoughts on “The perfect Heigan dance song

  1. I’m concerned that we may be missing a deeper, hidden meaning behind the lyrics of this piece.

    … Nah, nevermind, DANCE MUTHAF___A DANCE


  2. @ Redaurora – I can’t recommend the Tankspot Heigan video enough. I had been through that encounter exactly (counts on fingers) zero times before our first encounter, and I was able to stay up through the whole fight. If a goof like me can do it from that vid, then anyone can*.

    Also, nice visual here:

    OK Go go go


    *True story: on our guild first downing of H, it was just my priest, a hunter, and the tank left standing at the end. Not saying the vid did it, but that was the one thing we had in common :). Oh, and it took FIFTEEN minutes or more to down him. It’s all rather a blur.


  3. Very nice. Since I still have yet to make it alive ugh I am lame. I just was never good at that stuff in any game. I need real life visuals. Hehe the Ben hill song would be great also!!!


  4. *ROFL!!!*

    This is awesome!

    This and the the druid artwork update seem to go swimmingly together…

    /imagining an updated Bear Druid dancing in a capital city to this tune while showing off its high poly butt!


  5. Yesss! That is perfection for that fight; it fits my feelings each time I engage Heigan 100%. If I wouldn’t be in trouble for not listening to vent during a raid, I’d definately play this each time. I’ll live with just resigning myself to busting out the song in my head though, haha.


  6. omg, lol! That’s perfect! There’s even a spot in the song that fits where we always lose our mage, who can never quite get his butt in gear fast enough on the trip back across.


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