Word is, new Night Elf Bear forms are up… maybe

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Zach at WoW Insider got taken on this one.

Edit: Limb broke under weight of big bear posterior, update below.

And I’ll be more than happy to offer an apology if I’m wrong.

WoW Insider reports that an insider Twittered them with the new Druid Night Elf Bear forms.

I’ve looked at those pictures, and compared them most closely with the hi res offerings at Blizzard’s official page (where no such official post has been made, by the way).

I’m sorry, I just don’t see the Night Elf ones on WoW Insider having the same polygon count and detail as the ones Blizzard released.

The necklaces, the feathers, the body textures themselves, I just don’t see it.

It’s an amazing job, I can see where they really could be taken as the official version. The glowy night elf eyes without pupils, the facial scars, etc.

And I’m not even talking about the different font styles on the screenshot for “Ye Oldde Bear”. I’m serious, they don’t look as hi-res or detailed to my eyes.

Hey, maybe I’m wrong. But I’ll leave it to you to compare, speculate, and we’ll all see when Blizzard puts the true info live on their home site.

In the meantime, until we get true official word… please don’t go nuts about not liking (or liking) the Night Elf versions. Give it time.

And if WoW Insider is right, then grats on getting there with the scoop first!

Update: Aaaaaannnnndddd… I WAS WRONG!

Minutes after I put up my post, the official Blizzard page got updated with the hi-res image of the Night Elf Druid Bear form.

It’s basically the same image as WoW Insider put up, but much higher res, and with different font for the text, lol.

You know, technically, I was right based on why I thought it was fake, because the original image WoW inisder put up WAS much lower res than what Blizz put up. Yeah, I’ll keep telling myself that. Uh huh. Still wrong, wasn’t I?

So apparently the facial markings and glowy eyes are going live, folks!

My apologies to Zach and WoW Insider for doubting them!

And here they are!


Frankly, I like the facial markings, feathers and colors. They feel fun.

What surprises me most is that players can have different facial markings, or even none at all, but these bears all share the same one. Either we get no choice in the bear facial markings and they all have the same ones regardless of our characters, or this will be changed individually just like on our toons. 

Interesting, very interesting. They reveal, and yet create even more mysteries. Just like Lost.


37 thoughts on “Word is, new Night Elf Bear forms are up… maybe

  1. @yunk, what do you mean, a female bear? A bear is a bear. A male bear doesn’t have anything major to differentiate it from a female bear. They don’t have a mane, and the WoW models aren’t detailed enough to show… parts. And both male and female tauren have horns, so… I really don’t know what you’re talking about. These forms look fine for male and female characters.

    Or do you want boobs or udders on the bears?

    The only model for which the “I want female versions” argument was ever remotely valid was tauren cats, since they were clearly based on lions and the mane indicated maleness. Trees don’t have human sexual differentiation, and neither do owlbears. Because… they’re an owl… bear. Owls don’t have curves, and neither do bears.

    We don’t need male and female versions of our forms. And this is coming from a female player with a druid main who is obsessed with customization.


  2. I call the one on the lower right.

    …now I wanna play WoW again as a NE Druid. Maybe it’s time to fire up the ten day trial again to scratch the itch and get some screenshots.


  3. @kikidas i’m thinking possibly because you get face tattoos so its probably considered more like an actual tattoo(not that tattoos obviously cant be multihued)..where as we have tribal paint on our faces, and the shoulder marks are supposed to be a reflection of that as well. http://www.newkiddesigns.com/horse%20images/clinkies/WACIYE_PICA_3x4.jpg example of native american warhorse paint which was probably a reference of their idea for tauren druid bear markings (from my standpoint, clearly this is all opinion based). Because I too, even being tauren, wondered why the cowbear markings were multicolored and this is what i came up with.


  4. Not that I’m bitching, ‘cuz I’m not (but I am)… by why do the TAUREN druids get different colored shoulder-designs and Night Elf druids, with their funky hair colors and facial markings, just get brown shoulder-designs?

    It’s specist, is what it is.


  5. Why can’t they make a nice cuddly looking bear. Perhaps Winnie the Pooh but on steroids. Druid bears are so creepy looking. I think horde would be more embarrassed if they got mauled by something cute and fuzzy. I think they should have asked me to do the design. Adorable would be the description. Don’t get me wrong they could tear you apart…but while doing it you wouldn’t be able to help yourself but say “ahhh he’s so cute”.


  6. Awesome. I was really fearing Blizzard would curse druids with wannabe-k3wl nonsense like armor plates or huge spikes or colored steam coming out of our mouth and arse. But this isn’t over-the-top at all. Mind, I’d be even happier without any ornamentation beyond the glyph of Cenarius on the shoulder, but some feathers and a necklace are okay. Both the tauren and night elf bears suit the class and the race, IMO. Now, let’s hope the new cat form models will be as good!

    The only complaint I have is fur color being tied to hair color. It sort of makes sense for a tauren, I suppose, but for a night elf? The white bear aside, I honestly can’t directly associated their rainbow hair colors with one of the new bears over another. I’d much rather have an independant choice for each form. And I really want to keep my dark catform even though my druid’s hair is pale green.


  7. I think the only bad thing is the tauren bears are still all male. No female bears for players. That was one of the big things female players wanted, to have female animal forms too.


  8. Hey there Bear, What I see here is groundwork. Have no illusions, you’ll all have the same bear facial markings, just like all taurens will have the same horns. HOWEVER! Bliz now has a starting point from which to add further customization. Since the bears now HAVE facial markings it’s easier to make more textures to add in that individualised customizeability. Same with the Taurens. Our horns now have a higher poly count so if they wanted they could make our caster horns the same as our shape-shifted horns.

    I expect NE kitties to have facial markings too.

    And d’hurr hurr, NEs have nuts 😉


  9. I’ve been sat staring at the Nelf forms trying to decide what it is that’s offputting about them, and I think I’ve narrowed it down. The sideburns. They look like they’ve been tacked on at the end, the part that should be connected is just a flat line.

    Still, overall I’m more than happy with the new forms. I’d have liked to have seen slightly more customisation, ideally in the markings, but that might still happen one day. For now the bottom right bear with the darker fur and white markings is my pick though.


  10. What im excited is that for the order (and if Blizz arent cliffhanger bastards), its that the next one is…….the one that will make all druids faint.


  11. You know what I love about this – is I started thinking how great it will be to tell our bears apart when we are running something together. I am so used to telling apart our other toons by their looks – I know who the big blue male mage is just as I know who the short female green-haired one is. I just suddenly thought that if we are doing something sometime, I’ll be able to catch a glimpse of one and associate it with a particular character rather than having to figure out *which* bear it is. Windshadow for example is highly recognisable when she is in caster form, but when she shifts, she’s just another big bear butt.

    Anyway, I think that this will bring another whole dimension to group play and I likes it.


  12. As funny and odd it may seem, my favorite improvement on the Tauren and Night Elf bears – I have a level 22 Tauren druid and I leveled about three Night Elf druids to level 13 to 15 before deleting them; I’m inspired to try again – would be the horns and the ears. I just looooooove how realistic and cool the Tauren horns look on the bears! (I just ignore the naysayers who dislike Tauren horns on the bear and cat. I don’t see them complaining about Night Elf ears on the bear and cat!) Now, about the Night Elf ear, I’m so glad that now they actually like they’re a part of the bear instead of being pasted on! (The Night Elf cat’s ear doesn’t looks much like a Night Elf’s ear but rather a lynx’s ear. I’m curious to see what Blizzard would do with that.)

    It’s funny how people likes different things, isn’t it? I love the details and colors and noticeably new model and improved poly-count, but what really jumped out at me was the horns and the ears. XD


  13. They make lack some differentiation that we’d love to see, but if they go too far with this we’re going to get every class asking for something similar. Can’t you see shadow priests or warlocks asking to customize their forms? (OK, maybe not SPs) I’m just happy to finally see them refreshing the models that have been around since beta. My big question is will we still be sporting the same model for Bear and Dire Bear? Or will Ye Olde Bear be the “Bear Form” and Dire Bear gets the new “cooler” looks. I’m half hoping that at least.


  14. Each day I’ve been minutes behind the poster getting to Campfire for these posts (auuuuughhh!). 10 minutes behind Adam, 5 minutes behind Zach. Well, my response rate is getting better.

    We were pretty sure it was the real deal because the tipster found it on an official Blizzard site that just hadn’t gone live yet…but you never know. Good God, it never even occurred to me that they might be fake. I would be writing this to you from a hole somewhere if they had been.

    Personally I can’t wait to see the fix on Tauren cat form because I hate, hate, hate that form and still think it should never have gone live, period.


  15. nice…not that I’ll actually see them much since my druid is only level 16, but I think the updated look of the bear forms really fit.


  16. I am not sure I am as happy with the NE colors and I am with the Tauren. I know it is a different race and culture in-game and all, But I like fancy. Fancy Nancy!! The only ones I like are the black bear and white bear. The markings and jewlery stand out on them. But that is just me. Other wise I am happy they worked on it. I like the fact there are more differences between the bears. I also like how you can tell it is a night-elf not only my the ears but the colors.
    To be sure I will be in PTR for this!


  17. What I mean by that is that the link to the picture I put up on my restokin blog is from the EU site, and I put it up on my blog within minutes of WoWinsider’s going up, so they had access to the EU page one, which could explain things like fonts…


  18. With all of the hoopla for the new forms I think I’m going to leave my bear as a traditional brownie, that way I save some money AND I’ll be one of the uncommon designs. lol


  19. Now I wonder… I mean, really wonder. Are we or are we not going to get male and female kitty forms?

    I know I’d sure like to see some differentiation for that, at least.


  20. Either we get no choice in the bear facial markings and they all have the same ones regardless of our characters, or this will be changed individually just like on our toons.

    It’s really not all the different from Taurens not being able to change their horns. ^^


  21. All i can say is ABOUT DAM TIME /thank /kiss to blizzard. I finally dont have to look like EVERY other druid out there. Or the same thing i have been looking at since lvl 10!
    I dont care about how they look, but tbh they look pretty dam nice and i cant wait to finally have a reason to actually get a hair cut. I just care that i can finally look different.
    I just know my gf Riverwish will flip when she she sees the trees 🙂



  22. And you are all fast on the trigger, but I actually caught the Blizzard update before you did, I was camped on it. It just takes time to write all the updates on the blog. But thank you all for posting so many correction comments to keep me honest!


  23. Just in the same day. They are the officials. chech the blizz url. IMO the Night Elves ones dont look as detailed for the eyes. Besides that they are equivalent.
    Feathers instead second necklace. And the facial paint are more contrasting with the tauren ones, but they are painted ones, not natural.


  24. Its up now on the official site… that appears to be it!

    ::still wishing for Tree love:: 🙂

    But I’m still happy for all the ferals. 🙂


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