The Fine Art of Communication

Do you ever suddenly become aware of the words coming out of your mouth, and get a quick flash of what a stranger listening in might think?

On the phone, in your office, co-workers all around, and your wife calls. Just for the sake of argument, we’ll call her Cassie. As an example.

And she has questions about the Naxx run that night, who is going, which character she should bring, who will be doing what.

And as you’re talking (and at the same time multitasking other work, answering email, writing work orders, generating Purchase Orders) you suddenly realize you are, in fact;

In the office.
Surrounded by (presumably) professional adults in the workforce.
On the phone.

And the words coming out of your mouth are;

“I’m sorry there doesn’t seem to be much loot for Ret coming out of Naxx. Maybe Ret in Naxx works the same as Bear did in Kara, where most good stuff came from Quests and Heroics, and there were very few true upgrades from the raid zone. If you want to stab stuff, that’s cool, but your pally was putting out 1500 deeps in Heroics, you’ll be fine for hitting Naxx first time. Grai will be on Fal so you’d be bringing the Replenishment for the mana gulpers which will help on Patchwerk.”

“If you can’t find a loot list for Ret that ranks like Shadowpanther does, maybe if you try a Wowhead filter search and sift by content top down you can get some ideas.”

“Just, go on who you want to go on, dear.”

“If you go stabby there are others that could use the same loot from the kill, but your pally would be one of the few that could use plate stuff for deeps and heals, the rest have most everything now. Remember the lesson of Fal and Kel’thuzad… sharded Tier sucks. It’s your call, either way is fine. I just know that having 5 people all vying for the same Tier gets old, maybe you should change it up.”

“No, really, I think your 1500 deeps on heroics is fine for hitting Naxx.”

“I talked to Fal quite a bit last night after we blew up ZG and ripping Hakkar’s heart out. Too bad we didn’t have the potion to light the brazier, madness is fun. Next time we’ll get crazy, next time.”



Did anyone else hear that?

Uh oh.

Thank god we weren’t taking about first person shooters.

“They’re coming to take me away, haha, they’re coming to take me away, hoho, heehee, haha, to the funny farm, where life is happy ALL the time!”

Or, to quote my favorite villain from one of my favorite movies…

“Every day, in every way, I’m getting better, and better!”

I’d say another quote from that but the rest are too well known.


17 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Communication

  1. Kayeri, she actually hit close to 1800 dps consistently, and had the great good fortune to win the Tier 7.10 chest from Four Horsemen.

    Yep, our group did not lack for DPS last night, nosirree.


  2. Yea.. but sometimes, it happens in WoW too.

    Eg… H Gundrak for the Gore Hide pants for the upteenth time. And as usual, no luck on the pants.

    So I muttered in vent (and we had a pug or 2)… “Crap, for chris sake, I wish my pants would drop for once in this bloody place”…

    much to the histerical laughter I get in response, cracking up in vent.

    “Don’t you know we normally do this place with no pants on buddy?” pipped one of my more warped guildies…

    Doesn’t always come out the way you want it do…


  3. I am usually very conscious of this sort of thing. When I was in high school, I tried hard to master the art of holding a conversation with a friend on the phone, and having it make complete sense to him, while giving a completely different impression to anyone listening to my end of the conversation. What was actually a very interesting conversation might sound extraordinarily dull to someone just listening to my end.

    …of course, when speaking of WoW on the phone, that’s a bit trickier. Still, it’s fun to try to mentally parse both “conversations” and try to steer them both with one set of responses.


  4. I’m a computer programmer and I have similar trouble when I try to explain my work to my (mostly non-technical) friends. I have a friend who works for a small railroad, sometimes when he talks about work I just smile and nod.


  5. heheh THe song hehehe! Yes they are coming to takes us all away!! Yes these converstaions have lead to many of our family playing WOW just so they could understand.


  6. ::laughing:: Its even more fun being in a restaurant with your husband (and you happen to be wearing your swagdog guild shirt) and talking WoW, and then suddenly behind you, you hear a large table discussing dpsing on DKs…

    That leads to a great deal more fun, so we’re not as uncommon as you think… 🙂


  7. lol – that reminds me of a story my husband told me a while ago 🙂 he works for a company big enough to have other wow players in it so this one day, he was chatting with his coworker in a break room, discussing rogues in endgame, which specs are better, etc. I’m not going to attempt to replicate that conversation, but next thing he knows- another coworker comes up to them and very seriously says : “you shouldn’t play with poisons guys, they are very dangerous, you can get killed” it took them a few minutes to stop laughing before they managed to explain that they were discussing a game.


  8. My husband doesn’t play WoW, but he often hears me talking on vent and it just cracks him up sometimes. Objectively, I guess it does sound really weird. It’s especially funny when he tries to mimic me speaking WoW-ese because he has no idea what he’s saying.


  9. LOL!! This is one of the reasons I’m glad that a. there is only one person around me when I’m on the phone, b. he knows that hubby and I play some weird game in our free time, and c. he will generally leave the room anyway when I’m on the phone, so I can have privacy to make kissy noises at the end of the conversation. XD


  10. I have a friend at church who recently signed up for WoW. That’s a very strange place to talk about killing people, boars, and demons…


  11. Heh, the odd time the hubby and I manage to get to go out for a meal or something we usually end up chattering about wow, some people look at us like we’re mad! 😉


  12. Hey BBB

    Too funny…I feel the same when I talk to someone at work who also plays

    Btw “Does your dog bite?”


  13. LOL That sounds like stuff my husband and I talk about when we’re out to dinner. I often wonder what people around us think. My coworkers ask about WoW on occasion (none of them play! Boo!) and it’s very difficult to explain things in IRL terms when you’re used to words like “proc” “dps” “aggro” “tank” “ninja” and the like. It cracks me up often! In fact, at lunch last week, one of them repeated a sentence I said while trying to explain things and it went like this “I could roll a horde so I can kill some alliance players.” He had no idea what he was talking about, but he thought it was fun to say.


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