In lighter news…

Mountain Dew is my non-alcoholic beverage of choice. Has been for years and years and years.

Someday, I keep expecting that scientists will discover the truth… Mountain Dew causes Wile-E-Coyote level supra-genius, and the cancer in lab rats thing is just Mountain Dews’ way of keeping us from taking over the world.

But despite my years of beverage consumption in massive quantities (yes, I consume mass quantities!) I have recently learned that my taste buds are not quite so discerning as I thought.

I was in da store, saw Mountain Dew THROWBACK on the shelf.

Mountain Dew, made with natural sugar, instead of corn syrup.

Hubba hubba!

Grabbed myself a 12 pack of that and boogied on home.

Got it chilled, popped a can, drank it down.

It tastes exactly the same to me.

No difference.


Why, oh why can’t I have taste buds that are pretentious, and that demand pure sugar? Why must I be so easily satisfied?

Ah well. I guess I’ll have to find some other way of feeling elitist.

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  1. As Pidge said, i pretty much just ignored the throwback drinks, but now I’m curious if I’ll be able to taste the difference. I doubt it, since I don’t seem to have very sensitive taste buds, but its worth a try


  2. i find the difference between the throwback and the HFCS stuff is the texture. the throwback is thinner, and the corn syrup stuff feels kind of thick in the mouth. i don’t care for fake sugars (it isn’t the potential brain-poison thing as much as the strange aftertaste), and the best soda is moxie. no, not that stupid generic energy drink, but the one like rootbeer with angostura bitters in it. also, virgil’s rootbeer is fantastic.


  3. Its beer for me. Barq’s root beer if I want to stay sober. Bass Ale (and some single malt scotch) if I’m going to the battlegrounds for some PvP action.

    Favorite raiding munchies: Cheez-Its


  4. The problem with HFC is that it doesn’t trigger your brain the same way sugat does. Which means it doesn’t get registered by your brain to say oh look we got the sugar we are craving we can stop now, you just consume more. It’s all about the way some chemicals in food trigger your brain and others don’t.

    And I can definately tell the difference with reg coke and cane coke. The only place I find that carries the pure sugar kind in WA is Cash and Carry. One of my dnd buddies will buy a case for our game nights ever so often.


  5. for what ever it is worth, yes, I can tell the difference between pepsi and coke (perfer coke). Yes, I can tell the difference between corn syurp and sugar (well all those sweetners). and yes, when the spouse cooks, I can tell what has been left out (salt, pepper, which flavor, etc). Yes, I wished I could kill my tastebuds…

    hi Blacknimbus – I believe one can get Mexican coke all over the US now (like up here in the middle of the whole dang country) and as “ech” says – Mexican Coca Cola is a great thing!!!


  6. I’m diabetic, so I can’t drink a lot of it, but the Throwback tasted much the same, but had a different mouth-feel. A tiny little bit more viscous, and a little difference in flavor. Of the two, if I could still drink the massive quantities I used to, I’d do the throwback stuff. Especially if it came in the red version. (Not the Horde game fuel one, it tastes more like Hawaiian Punch. I’m ashamed to say that I liked the alliance version better… but not enough to continue buying either. 😛 )


  7. High fructose corn syrup is very bad for you.

    Well, as you get older, all digestable carbohydrates are bad for you. Eliminating carbs is not a requirement, just limiting them. The cardiologists are getting on board with this, but are finding resistance from the low fat cadre that dominates the dietary scene. There is substantial evidence that high carb diets, over time, lead to lots of health problems.

    That said, a Mexican Coca Cola is a great thing.


  8. It’s sweeter with less of the citric taste which makes me not like it as much.

    This is pretty much the same reason I prefer Coke to Pepsi, Pepsi is too sweet while Coke has more of the “burn”.


  9. As someone who drinks waaaay too much Mt Dew, I’ll have to try the Throwback stuff.

    I’d been ignoring it as just another marketing gimmick but now I’m nominally curious.

    Got to say I’ll probably not notice the difference. About the only time I’m picky is when I buy a can or bottle of Dew that turns out flat. No fizz = no joy and, as much as I live on the stuff, it goes right down the drain. I’m surprised how often that has happened — and super disappointed when I hit a 12 pack that’s like that.


  10. Here in Texas you can get Coke bottled in Mexico that’s made with pure cane sugar. And you really can taste the difference.

    We had some reps from Vancouver come down for a meeting and we all met up at a Tex-Mex establishment that only serves the Mexican Coke. Every one of those guys thought it was spiked with something because the taste was so much different and so much better.


  11. I’m one of those people that doesn’t buy into the whole “This is better for you, use it!” thing, mostly because I can never actually find any hard facts about how much better for you the alternative is. Unfortunately my taste buds aren’t what they used to be as now I can actually tolerate diet soda, which is apparently also bad for you because the artificial sweetener in it blah blah blah blah. I also drink Sugar Free Redbull, so if the artificial sweeteners really are bad for you, I’m totally owning myself there.

    Mostly I drink tea. Like…real tea with boiled water and tea bags. I used to hate tea but now I’m a tea snob. I drink it out of my “I tank with my FACE” mug. Though today I had some of that new Lipton Sparkling Tea that they’ve been advertising like crazy on TV here. It was pretty good, can’t beat my good ol’ Earl Grey though!

    You know what I REALLY like to drink? My favorite drink in the entire world is…club soda. No lime, no lemon, just plain old club soda. Much to the annoyance of my friends that like to hang out at establishments which serve alcohol, I always order club soda. Nummy. I don’t think anyone can say that’s bad for me, because it’s pretty much just water with bubbles. Sometimes…When I’m feeling adventurous…I totally put club soda in my BBB mug too! >.> Have I mentioned yet that I adore this mug? lol.


  12. I found Dr Pepper tall boys (16oz) with the Cane sugar at a dollar store in AZ, somewhere. I bought 4 of those bad boys, and man were they good. The taste of that soda was like ambrosia. That was about a year ago, and I can still remember the crisp flavor


  13. It’s not about taste, it’s a health thing. High fructose corn syrup is very bad for you. Not that Mtn Dew or any soda really is good for you, but if you don’t want to end up diaetic, avoid it when possible. HFCS is bad, mkay? To the point where in Europe it’s pretty much banned, and there are movements to do that here too.


  14. I would never claim to be pretentious, but I can absoultely tell the difference between Coke with sugar and with high fructose corn syrup. Other than the occasional bottle of coke from Mexico, which sells in a local grocery for $1.55 per bottle, I rarely get to drink them anymore. I have heard that there is a bottler in Cleveland that still uses sugar but N’Awlins is a long way from Ohio.


  15. Gotta love living in TX with Dublin Dr. Pepper.

    We have a food store down here called Sprout’s. They carry a lot of the “healthier” and more natural foodstuffs. Not only is the produce amazingly good, but they carry a brand of ginger ale made with honey… it is *so* good.


  16. I don’t think making soft drinks with “real sugar” is intended for them to taste different necessarily. I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading lately of marketing trade publications, and it’s definitely a marketing ploy. HFCS is the current devil of the food world, so clever food marketers are using good, old-fashioned sugar to make themselves appear more health conscious. And while I do personally think HFCS has more health concerns than just the empty calories, sugar is sugar no matter what name it goes by. The only sweetener I could see being “healthier” might be honey.


  17. I totally taste the difference. I noticed this over in Poland too, while I was there. Not only were the bottles massively different and imo cooler, but I understood that the drink was made just as throwback is. I taste a little bit more sweetness but not like omg splenda sweetness. No this is the good sweentess that makes you happy you drank.


  18. I don’t know how big a fan of Dr. Pepper you are, but here in Texas you can get Dr Pepper from Dublin. On top of being able to boast of being the oldest Dr. Pepper bottler in the world, it is still made with pure cane sugar. One taste of that stuff and you will cry at the horrid experiments that have been done to the beloved Dr Pepper around the world.


  19. I saw that very thing in the gas station this morning when I stopped to pick up my Arizona Tea. I’ll have to try it out too because I also love Mt. Dew. I have a coworker who literally subsists on them.


  20. I feel ya. My girlfriend is super food snob, won’t eat anything processed (she’s Italian, so any kind of pre-made pasta/sauce is right out) and I will eat just about anything that can be put in a microwave for ninety seconds. I think what “offends” her most, though, is that I can’t really tell the difference between good food and “bad” food. The extremes I can pick out, but the difference between an okay burger and a pretty good burger are mostly lost on me.

    I guess there’s some theories out there about super-tasters and stuff. There are people with high concentrations of tastebuds who taste things on a higher level than people with low concentrations of tastebuds. I don’t know how much stock I put in it, but presumably I would be in the latter category.


  21. Okay Phaedra, after due consideration, and the dual slamming of a normal modern Dew with one of the Throwbacks, I will agree with you that the citric bite/harshness is much reduced with the Throwback, increasing the feeling of smooth slammability.

    Sigh. The lengths to which I will go in pursuit of analysis. The hardships I will bear.


  22. Pepsi Throwback tastes different to me. I don’t like it.

    Right out of high-school I got a job doing bookkeeping for a grocery store. I would go into the “office” at about 7am, grab a 2-liter of whatever carbonated beverage I wanted, and sat down at a desk for 6+ hours straight. That is also the time I started to become “out of shate” and “overweight” (amazing coincidence, right?).


  23. To me standard dew is good, code red is better, but Voltage is my favorite dew. i like that extra kick of ginseng.

    college room mate of mine swears to have found a convenience store that had Jolt on tap in their fountain drink section…. a 44oz jolt……
    that would either turn you into a quivering pile of jelly, or the equivalent of a hyperactive squirrel.


  24. Oddly enough I agree – Pepsi Throwback didn’t seem to have much of a different taste to me.

    On the other hand, the intense sugar buzz was different.


  25. 😦

    I love the Throwback! It doesn’t seem to have that little citric acid burn at the end. I think it tastes like sunshine and can’t get enough of it.


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