Tauren Cat Art Released

Here’s what Blizzard had to say:

For our third installment, we’d like to offer you a look at the new art for tauren cat form. Here’s a peek at the current look of cat form along with the five new textures. As a reminder, tauren will be able to change which look they use by switching skin tones in the barber shop –a new feature for tauren in the next major content patch.

Cassie posted this to make sure it got up for ya, but BBB here for just a sec… I do feel pain for those players that wished their female Tauren Druid cats didn’t have male lion manes… but I am truly impressed with the depth to these new kitty models. I think I’ll simply be happy with the new changes, and hope that with these new models and textures, they will be able to implement the female style mane some time in the future.


32 thoughts on “Tauren Cat Art Released

  1. Hooray for putting slack-jawed, mouth breather kitty form to bed!

    I’ll take top left, please. Will settle for bottome left. Or any of the other 3 that don’t scream “Durrrrrrr!” like the old form, really.

    Teh Ribby, he must go Kitteh nao.


  2. I mean, good gracious gods of kittens, the new looks are fantastic! So what if the head looks a bit like the one of a tauren. Isn’t that what they are in the end? I’d love to have a kitty with the white and blue-ish fur. It’s like the perfect Northrend skin. And I really think it’s a tiny bit that so many are QQing already. What did people expect? Discoballs, a build in mini bar and your own personal gnome hiding in the fur? Well. I love the news kittens. End of story.


  3. While I find that I like it compared with the old one… the face looks extremely goofy with a basically tauren male face coming out of an otherwise gorgeously done lions body.

    Overall I like the upgrade, but honestly… I’m hoping the night elf ones kick the crap out of this because I think the face is just goofy.


  4. Awesome! At first I laughed out loud at the head, but the design really … fits, in a way. Fantastic colors again, too. The two leftmost lions are the best in my book, I’d have a really hard time picking which I like more, and I really want to make a tauren druid alt now with one of these two looks. Okay, the nosering is a bit weird, but if humans can inflict crap like brandings, piercings through the genitals, botox, boob jobs etc. on themselves, I don’t see why tauren can’t decide to wear a ring through the nose. We can’t have a monopoly on self-mutilation after all. 😉

    I’m really sceptical that the night elf cats will even come close to this. Their colors will likely be washed-out again like the bears, and if they reuse roughly the same color schemes (as they did with tauren bears and cats) then the stylish old dark ‘saber look will be totally ruined and gone. I’d love to have a brown tauren cat. I don’t mind a brown night elf bear. But I’d hate to be a muddy night elf cat.


  5. I started out feeling very ambiguous about the new Tauren kitties, but the more I stare at them, the more I fall in love. The face does look a little awkward in some of those screenshots but I’m willing to bet that it’s the fault of the static screenshots, not the model itself. Blizz needs to implement these forms ASAP, I don’t think the druid community will be willing to put up with our old forms for another few months. The only question is what fur colour should I go? They all look so good! ];8)

    And I’ve said it before, but us Lady Tauren have manes on the back of our necks, so it only seems natural to that our cat form should also have manes. I mean, sure it doesn’t happen with real live lions, so it seems odd when you first see it. But I figure we aren’t shapeshifting into lions specifically, more just a cat version of ourselves. What applies in real life doesn’t nessesarily apply here.
    If Blizz does eventually decide to change our Female form, I won’t be arguing. But I’m just as happy living with my mane, even if it does confuse some people.


  6. It’s a 100% improvement from the original Tauren Kitty. And who’s not to say that there isn’t a female version Tauren kitty out there just under wraps. We can keep our fingers crossed that this is just a small teaser of one type of tauren model which has been changed around to show different colors. 😀


  7. Goodbye new Tauren hunter! Hello new Tauren druid! Wow! Those look awesome. I was your typical huntard but these new changes are converting me over to being a druid.


  8. Only thing I don’t really like, actually, is the mane. But that’s why I play Night Elf (disclaimer: that is not really why I play night elf).

    I can’t see these guys in action, but I wonder: will they have the same menacing, rip-off-your-face aura that Feral emanates? When you Feral Charge – Cat someone, will they scream in fright, “AAGH GAWD IT’S ON MY FACE!”? Or will you start licking them placidly like a… cow?

    In any case, these are definitely an improvement over Tauren cat, which was like a Frankenstein creation. But I’m a little nervous to see if they do as well with the Night Elf version. We’ll see in a couple days I guess.


  9. I’m just happy that the mouth closes now. Love the new look. I’ll have to change my guy’s skin tone to white. I think I like those two models best from both bear and cat. Mostly because they’re “different”. Plus they stand out better against the dark backgrounds found in a lot of instances.


  10. Also, it is to be pointed out that these forms are for a spec called “feral”… they need to look mean and threatening. 🙂

    Solid thumbs up on the new forms from me and I can’t wait to play them!


  11. Being a female Tauren -without- a nose ring that’s my only complaint. Hate the nose ring but otherwise they’re very cool looking.


  12. Kayeri – Huh, I know the Taunka scream American Bison, but I never thought of thinking of Catform as bison. My grandfather used to raise black angus and he had a couple of Jersey cows. The Jerseys had very sweet, dished faces: http://www.dailypainters.com/images/origs/702/jersey_cow_farm_animal_4x6_oil.jpg so when I think of my tauren, that’s what I most identify with.

    Now that you’ve pointed out the greater similarity with the Bison though… mmmm, maybe it’s growing on me 🙂


  13. And the mouth isn’t wide open…makes rolling my first Druid tempting. But I shudder at the thought of leveling from 1-80 again.


  14. I see your point about the masculinity, but I also see it as similar to Bison’s shaggy mane, as well, and males and females both have them and the faces are definitely more bison… and I’ve always seen the Tauren as closer to the American Bison than more domesticated cattle types. The Taunka in Northrend remind me of the Wood Bison in northern Canada, so that, to my mind, is the difference between the two.


  15. The form is beautiful! Great textures, good modeling, I’m just a bit dismayed at how masculine the whole thing looks. Then again, I play a female Tauren. This is a purely personal opinion though. While I don’t really like the idea of looking so masculine, I can’t deny that these are a huge improvement and high-quality art. I’m happy 🙂


  16. I don’t see how the NE’s can pull off a cat form better looking then this… I want to be suprised but I’m already discouraged! And thats saying something because I sit in tree all day… lol. Best of Luck us NE’s! :< I know some people who will go emo for a week if they don’t pull off a comparable good alliance design.


  17. I LOVE the Tauren cat changes – ohmygosh! Excellent!! (I’ve read the comments from WoWInsider and I bet they would crop up here – no, the eyes aren’t small. Google a picture of a real lion and you’ll see that the eyes are a fairly accurate size, and please, please, readers, don’t whine about the face or horns – they’re TAUREN. Of course their faces would look “bovine” [in my artistic opinion, the face looks like a lion’s; again, Google a picture of a real lion] and of course they would have horns! Be glad they’re not longhorns anymore.)

    I really love the “Lion King” cat – the middle top – green eyes! XD (The bottom left’s purple eyes is cool as well. :D)


  18. I really expected the main to go away some how. It doesn’t seem as vibrant as the bear but still hold true to the Tauren feel. The horns are what got me. They don’t seem to have that long horn steer feel to then. Really nice. I am kinda scared to see the NE kitty. I really like it myslef but I am a little off on my ideas most times.


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