Night Elf Cat Art Released!

Here’s what Blizzard had to say:

Now for the final installment of our preview of the new art for druid cat and bear forms, we’re taking a look at the new textures for night elf druid cat form. Here’s a comparative peek at the current look of cat form along with the five new textures, which can be selected by switching hair color in the barber shop.

From the Bear: Thank you to Cassie for posting this for sharing.

Okay… um, hold on a second. I have to stop laughing before I continue.

Oh, screw it. Look at ’em first, I’ll comment afterwards.


Just… oh wow, the freaking mind boggles.

Sigh. Let me get the obvious jokes out of the way.

Yes, yes… thank you. Now we can all proudly announce that we are playing our “Night Elf Mohawk”. Thanks Mr T, always appreciated.

And yes, we are a bit into leather. The wrist cuffs are quite… butch.

The necklace? Can the necklace bobbles GET any more phallic?

And do Night Elf kitties really need three dangling balls? Aren’t two enough?

Yes, I know “A Wizards’ Staff has a Knob on the End”, but why does “The Big Bad Kitty has Hanging, Dangling Balls?”

Yes, I like them. I’m not that hard to please, really. (Take that sentence however you’d like, I’m feeling generous.)

But good lord, I can see the tag line NOW, when a Tauren Kitty and a Night Elf Kitty meet in the Dalaran Bar…

“Butch up, Sally.”

Okay, and one last thing…

I looked at them, and as the implications of them sank in, I had this little image inside my head…

To misquote Monty Python… “They’ve got great, heaving… balls of lead.”


25 thoughts on “Night Elf Cat Art Released!

  1. A wizard’s staff has a knob on the end, knob on the end, knob on the end
    A wizard’s staff has a knob on the ennndddd!
    What he does with it is magic!

    A wizard’s staff has a knob on the end
    And runes run up the shaft
    It’s long and proud and stiff and loud
    It’s the pride of wizardcraft.

    Sing this out loud and I can promise hilarity will ensue, or at least you will get weird sideways glances from anyone else in the room.
    Diskworld references aside, I really love the new models, and have been expressly leveling my baby druid up to experience them. Compared to the new models, the old form looks like a mangy moggy, but I do agree that the white skin with a pink mohawk is a bit over the top.


  2. Dear God Erthshade, if you can get the name of, and permission from the person that created that pic, I would LOVE to post that on the blog, that’s hilarious!


  3. Starman,

    Because there are more Hair color than Bear/Cat colors, Blizz has said that some hair colors will mix and match cat and bear forms. So the blue hair could mean white bear, white cat while the off-teal hair might be the white bear and the black cat, for example.


  4. I really love the polar bear (its like my favorite animal.. unforunately that means I get the white cat. Oh well…. sacrifices will be made in the name of science.


  5. OMG ROFL at the Bedazzler cat! I would raise a druid just for that, I really would.
    All the new forms are hot & I can’t wait to see them ingame.


  6. I may have to abandon my night elf druid entirely if I can’t get a hair color that combines an acceptable bear skin with an acceptable cat skin. I don’t want to be black or white, since those are the most common (boring) hair colors I see, and the only other color options are… pink, purple, and a lighter blue than the current model, which I actually like. To cap it off, someone in my main guild posted this on the forums:


  7. Heyyy, NO FAIR! (I totally just broke your advice about never saying fair!) Night Elf Droods get to be purdy pink and purple colors, while taurens are all manly and have manes.


  8. I really like the move away from the Smilodon vibe of the original cat models.

    I’m just hoping that the actual colors look good on both forms. Otherwise I can’t just see the “You want me to DPS? Shoot, gotta run to the Barber and change my hair color, I can’t stand the blue cat… Can I get a summons back?” raid breaks.


  9. ooo…didn’t know that last bit BBB. That should be really interesting. Might even prompt me to get my bank toon up to level 20 to get kitteh form.


  10. Why the hell is there so much pink on the NE cat forms? I just want to die with all the “lawl pink kitty” jokes I’m going to have to deal with for the next 4 years…


  11. Eh, it’s kind of ambiguous from my post, but I’m happy with them overall.

    I like how the Tauren forms seem earthy while the Night Elf forms are all more ethereal. The bears for Night Elves, in particular, strike me as having that perfect otherworldy touch to them.

    I like the NE kitty forms themselves quite a bit, it’s just that my funny bone went nuts at our… accessories, for lack of a better term.

    And the white kitty with the pink mane made me howl with laughter, cause I know what movies are coming down the road.

    Certainly no lack of colors for me to like, though.

    And never forget that the base colors change based on the palette of the zone you’re in. Colors on the skins look different based on what zone you are passing through.

    One of my favorite palettes in the game is how things look in Tanaris.

    I’ll be curious to see how they look when moving from place to place.


  12. /play Pink Panther theme

    All sillyness out of the way, I enjoy the new forms too, although I do with they’d get rid of the pink mohawk on the white kitty. I love all the others, even the peach cat that seems to be stealing the spotlight there. But the pink mohawk? It’s the only thing I wish Blizz would change about the new forms. The, uh, dangling baubles *cough* don’t bother me much either, although I expect my guilld vent to be full of jokes about said swinging spheres.

    But a great job all around! Still can’t wait to use them in game, 3.2 won’t get here fast enough.


  13. Honestly… my personal opinion is:

    Tauren Bear form = Awesome looks fantastic.
    NE Bear Form is ok. Its a huge improvement, but compared with the tauren ones.. ugh

    Tauren Kitty made me laugh. I love the lion part, but the face is just silly as hell. Sure it looks tauren, but my god.
    Night elf kitty is just amazing. Sure we’ll get teased for balls (which I didn’t think of..) but overall the skins and textures and just flow look good. I’m really happy with it overall.


  14. I’ll trade you Tauren cat form for NE cat. 🙂 I love the grey in the upper right hand corner and the black looks awesome too! I hope they amend the Tauren cat teeth to look more like the NE ones; the creepy grin on the Tauren cat freaked me out a bit. These have proper fangs. 🙂


  15. i likes the bluegreen one, but i do think the claws are a bit small compared to the olde cat model. then again.. when i’m in cat form.. you don’t see me till it’s too late to do anything about it.


  16. I’m just curious if the animations were improved to match the new, higher polygon models. I love the smoothness of the creatures in Wrath and if you look at the Draenei/Belf models, their movements are much nicer than the Vanilla toons. Hoping they did…



  17. Cows win this one big time…at least based on the static images. I guess it’s still an improvement, but the Tauren cats look much better, IMO.

    It looks like they are staring into the sun and squinting.


  18. It could be worse, worse being we are stuck with the old forms for 5 more years. Grats NE Kitties! 🙂 Reguardless of the obvious ew factor the Black one still looks awesome!


  19. I’m ambivalent.

    The design is good, though I’m no fan of the armbands or the necklace. The body itself is good though, only teeth and claws could be a bit bigger and brighter. As with the bear form, I actually like “our” design better than the tauren one.

    But the colors … sweet Cenarius. Why are we saddled with such washed-out tones when tauren get bold, kickass color schemes? At least there’s a proper black in the mix this time. But, tying fur colors to hair color just looks freakin’ weird. A PINK ‘saber? They could’ve used the dark gray of the new Argent Tournament mount, or the dark brown of the striped nightsaber model, instead of these muddy pastels. *sigh*

    Summary: the black is really nice. The others aren’t as bad as I’d feared, but not half as good as they could/should be.


  20. I’m just glad the colors are decent — whichever I get I won’t need to change my NE Druid’s hair color for a decent cat color.

    I think the reason for the three balls of shiny is just so that at least one of them is somewhat visible from most of the angels anyone ever sees a cat (i.e. looking down on them.)


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