Any recommendations for a new UI?

I have long been using X-Perl as my general Unit Frame package, because I like the way it puts buffs under my portrait, the way it streamlines the raid and party frames, and the way I can arrange target of target of whatever and such.

The problem I’ve been having, and a complete reinstall and cache flush hasn’t fixed it, is taht frequently, almost always, once I am in a raid isntance I can no longer right click on portraits or interact using right click in any way.

As a raid leader using Master Looter, this is a nightmare.

I can’t open trades, can’t assign loot, can’t make others assistant, etc etc.

I am, frankly, sick of it.

Can anyone recommend a good UI to replace it that stresses simplicity of display? Please?

Especially one that is ready to go?

Update to post:

This may seem like it came out of nowhere, but I really have trued to get this fixed and keep X-Perl. I love X-Perl, and have used it continuously for at least 2 and a half years. I’ve gone and messed with other things, but always come back to it.

What i should have done is asked the bunch of you about your own experiences with this problem of right-clicking, rather than just ask for UIs. Clearly, even though the comments on Curse indicate a widepsread belief that it’s the X-Perl to blame, the problem seems more widespread and is not directly tied just to X-Perl, but seems to have something to do with some called out code.

In the meantime, I tried running last night using X-Perl, with Cartographer Instance Notes as well as a bunch of other stuff in Cartographer disabled, and had the same problem.

Interestingly enough, Cassie does not use any UI or unit frame addon at all, but she does use Cartographer and Questhelper… and she had the right-click problem in an instance.

So, I don’t know what the solution is. Last night, I had to pass off lead to Cassie, as well as Master Looter, but this problem needs a permanent solution. Preferrably one where I don’t have to sacrifice my UI. 🙂

Still want to try out some of those other UI configurations though, they look interesting.


55 thoughts on “Any recommendations for a new UI?

  1. You might want to look into TMA (Too Many Addons) it is an addon manager in game. You can make presets for Auction House, Instances, Questing, and Raiding. All with their own configuration.

    It is not automatic though, you will have to reload your UI before you enter your instance or raid. But what even with that one drawback it is very valuable.

    You can run Auctioneer, but keep it separate that way you are not using so much ram when you are raiding. Same with Questhelper, you turn it off by switching addon specs.

    It is fairly easy to use, and much better than ACP (Addon Control Panel). With TMA you can slim down the addons you use for each situation, cutting down on lag, and ram usage.

    BTW I use Pitbull, Satrina Buff Frames, Bartender. The Blizz UI is gone.


  2. A tad late, but I was having the same issue with x-perl recently. And I love it also, can’t live without it & too chicken to go trying anything else out like pitbull (especially since my co-gm was having dramas with his pitbull at the same time).

    A few updates later & my x-perl works again, hell I even finally got the focus frame working. I did a mass update of every mod I could lay my hands on however, and I’m not entirely sure what was causing the problem.

    This is my most recent ui


  3. I’ve had the same issue whether I was running XPerl or not. I discovered disabling QuestHelper solved my issue. My recommendation would be disable addons one-by-one until you find the one that blocks you. The easiest way to do that is to use Addon Control Panel. That is an awesome addon! I wish I had a couple of years ago!


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