Hell must be feeling a mite chilly

A picture is worth a thousand words (or ten thousand Bear words), so here goes…


See that tree right there?

That tree…. be me.

Omigawd! I know, right?

Okay, all joking aside, no, this is not going to become a blog gushing about my latest healing escapade. But I did think it would only be fair to let you know that I went ahead, bought Dual Spec, and specced Resto as my second.

I had a bunch of healing gear I’ve picked up here and there, most of it of dubious quality, and threw it together.

Then, I did what every self-respecting Bear Blogger does… I went running to an expert.

No, not Phae or Bell-Bell (although I totally should pester them both).

No, instead I pestered Lady Jess about questions on gear, general theory behind heal casting priority, etc.

Since she’s been on her Rogue a lot, it’s fun. A Rogue giving a Tree advice on healing is awesome. I love this game. I can picture the scene, and it looks very muich like the picture above, since that’s Lady Jess’s Rogue standing next to me.

I got some Glyphs, I equipped my gear, and I made the mistake of mentioning that I could now, possibly, might be capable of healing a low level regular instance.

Those bastards in my guild made me heal a Heroic Culling of Strat, immediately.

Keep in mind… I have not healed a single damn thing since I healed 40 man Onyxia in Vanilla WoW.

That’s… that’s a long damn time.

We didn’t even HAVE Grid or Clique in those days. We did have Decursive, though, pre-Decursive nerf. And I still don’t, this was last night, after all.

But yeah, I’m still moving spells around on my tree bars, and respeccing back and forth… crit and seed, or crit and haste, or haste and more haste? Hmm.

Anyway, so after being pressed into service… (tree => leaves => pressed… lol, I’m an idiot) I frantically made the only spellpower gems I could, some Spellpower/Crit oranges, equipped everything, and hustled on down to CoS.

I didn’t even have any food or flasks or pots. I was NOT prepared!

Been a long, long time. And NO, it did not come rushing back to me.

I did eventually settle on starting the tank with Rejuve, 3 Lifeblooms, a Glyphed Swiftmend as a fast fill-up, and a Nourish for more urgent healing.

My pre-BC Feral days had me WELL trained in the use of Nature’s Swiftness/Healing Touch for emergency healing.

I don’t know how many ‘legacy’ Ferals read the blog, but pre-BC, one of if not THE best Feral kitty spec mixed the Feral tree with going deeply enough into Resto for Natures’ Swiftness, giving Feral all the best DPS and Tanking options along with a fast shift insta-heal.

God, I miss Nature’s Swiftness in a Feral soloing build.

Anyway, sorry… we did Culling of Stratholme last night, on Heroic, and let me just say that I can already see my biggest weakness…

I heal everybody but myself.

Twice on the run everyone else was at full health, while I was dying rapidly, and I didn’t notice my own precarious position unitl it was just too damn late to pop off an insta-Healing Touch.

Boom. Dead tree.

Thankfully, Pushpin was on his Shaman, and could keep heals up until the battle was over, but when things are moving fast in the instance, stopping to rez the healer is embarrassing.

Thanks also to him for handing me some spellpower potions to help me out!

Still, although we never really wiped, we did have one or two other deaths; Lady Jess apparently wants to tank, she keeps forgetting Rogues are squishy.

But we made it… and there should be a special Achievement in the game.

“I had aΒ Big Bear Butt healer and survived.”

After the run, I was pretty wiped, but I had time to throw the Inscription enchant on my shoulders, make the Inscription offhand, and pick up those reputation items that would be upgrades. I think I logged off with around 1530 +Healing, and that’s not bad for a brand new healer. I hope. πŸ™‚

At the very least, this will encourage me to paly my Druid a lot more, since now I can tank AND heals!

Wish me luck…


44 thoughts on “Hell must be feeling a mite chilly

  1. Welcome to the world of being nice during fights πŸ™‚
    I think those faster than me got most of it covered, especcially together with some guides and your lady friend.

    As long as you only heal 5-mans spellpower is about the only thing you have to focus on as long as you don’t mind drinking. If you start healing raids mana regen through pure MP5 or spirit is very much needed for you to last through the fights but I think you’re fine for starting out on the easier parts of Naxx. That’s also when haste starts to get needed, mainly when you’re on the raid, and what you want to look for is to get the GCD down to 1s (with the help of GotE ofc).

    One thing I’ve found useful when doing CoS as a healer though is to keep Thorns on yourself all the time. That way all those zombies will die after only hitting you 2-3 times and that is most helpful.


  2. You are SO lucky, BBB. “A little embarrasing”?

    I hit level 80, and knowing I wanted to tank, I got the best pre-heroic gear I possibly could. It wasn’t much, but hey, I had 520 defense and 22k health, and I was feelin’ pretty good. I got gems, enchants, arcanums, and glyphs, and thought I could not have been more prepared. Someone asked me if I would tank their H VH run. I said “Well, I’m a bit new, It’s been about 40 long levels since I tanked anything.” The person, an Orc Warlock, assured me it would be fine.

    It turns out no matter how prepared you think you can be, you’re bound to forget something. I would’ve much rather forgotten enchants than forgetting to get a rotation. We wiped on the first boss 4 times before the group broke up and I quit playing my paladin for a few days to get my confidence back.

    So, imagine your situation 50x worse: In a group of strangers on a PVP server and actually wiping the group.

    I spent the next few weeks working out a rotation in Gnomeregan.


  3. nice one BBB.

    i’ve made myself dual resto now (along with my oomkin….left the ways of the feral finally after 4 yrs!) and its scary going to heal places. i’ve not done many yet as we usually have a great priest with us.

    i’ve grabbed a few proper healing items but still using 2/3 oomkin bits of gear.

    and yes i’ve already died when healing through completely forgetting about myself /sigh


  4. Thanks, Mitawa! I already find myself randomly dumping stuff out of my bags in instances, due to limited space. And why is it that, at level 56, all the best armor sets for ferals and healers are meant for Priests and Rogues?

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome…


  5. I did this exact thing begrudgingly about two weeks ago…and I absolutely LOVE it. I have a 80 Ulduar raiding Holy Paladin too so I was always thinking if I want to tank I’ll get on my bear, heal I’ll grab my Paladin… why dual spec. OMG this is fun being able to do it all on one toon.. and healing on a druid is quite a bit different from healing on my Paladin so its interesting too!

    And as to the old days, yes I had the hybrid spec and swiftmend was my friend. I never healed a 40 man (been Feral since Feral was but a joke to some) but spent many a night in kitty or bear in those organized chaos, DKP driven romps otherwise known as a 40-man. πŸ˜›

    Grats on what I think is a wonderful addition to the game from someone who really turned his nose up at the idea at first!


  6. Hey there…

    I am in complete sympathy with your “I forget to heal myself” oversight. I am a relative newbie to the game and, after leveling my feral to fifty, recently dual specced to resto. We went into Strath last weekend. Wiped twice because I was so busy keeping everybody else alive that I failed to note that my tree was getting ripped, limb by limb…. Then things got worse when, in response to my visual inattentiveness, I decided I would try to move my Xperl frame to the middle of the screen. Somehow or another, while moving the da** thing around, it disappeared. I then had no way of knowing how much health I had, unless I targeted myself. After a couple more wipes, I persuaded my party members to let me log out and disable Xperl… Thereafter, things did get better…

    BTW, I also had the “no right click options” problem you refer to with Xperl. AFter disabling a couple of Cartographer’s dependencies, things did seem to get better, though.

    Yours was the first WoW blog I discovered, five months ago, when I began playing. I appreciate all the time you’ve put into the game and educating its players!


  7. I should rename my toon from Kattrinsaa to FeatherBark, dual specced boomkin/resto still not sure I like the resto… then again.. once i get some healer gear to swap in I might do better. I use my current set for both aspects right now.

    My first real healy experience was offhealing in uldar 10… scary… But, like many others i’ve had a lot of sudden time constraints and don’t get to play much anymore. Hope to get back to the game soon.

    Now a Bear with feathers would be a good combination.. I might swap resto to feral soon.


  8. I can already see my biggest weakness…I heal everybody but myself.

    lol . . . you and every other healer in the game, man. Welcome back to the ranks.


  9. I’m in agreement with MenkΓ‘no, Grid is your friend along with GridStatusHots and some nifty setup you wont know if your healing the tank or yourself by the end of it. Just remember to sometimes look out for flame walls or any other such tree burning objects.

    Welcome to the forest BBB ❀


  10. lol…I had that problem with my Druid when I first started healing. Then I came to say “Tank and healer will survive, dps don’t pull aggro or you’re on your own.” While this wasn’t 100% true (of course I healed the dps) it definitely made them watch their threat. Oh and regarding the rogue squishiness, my rogue loves to tank too haha, and does so successfully for at least a minute or 2, depending if I timed my cheat death, evasion and prep at the rite moments being the HaT rogue. lol


  11. I had the same problem – I didn’t heal myself in 5-man-groups. The problem normally is, that your group frames don’t show your toon. I solved this problem when I started to use grid also as my group frames. This way it’s exactly the same way as raid healing – and you see your hp bar as one of the others.


  12. Yeah ! Wellcome to the family tree… Woot o/

    Ahem… Sorry… πŸ˜€

    Healing is freaking awesome as a tree, BBB, I hope you will enjoy it. And don’t worry, once you’ve died numerous times forgetting to heal yourself, you will eventually remember to do it. It helped me a lot to have Grid set even for 5-mans, just under my cast bar. Try Phaelia’s and Keeva’s guides to get it set up for your hots.

    Good luck BBB !



  13. “I heal everybody but myself” -I’m so glad that I’m not the only one with this problem, and I’ve been healing since TBC came out..never got the hang of setting myself before the DPS… So I second whoever said to get a unitframe-addon that shows your healthbar right next to everyone else.

    I’m a healypriesty so can’t say anything about rotations (PoM – Renew – Flash is mine…) but as long as the group is alive that’s all that counts πŸ™‚


  14. Welcome to the bear tree ranks… I recently rejoined the game and dual speced into Resto/Feral immedatly…

    Healing in a tree, I’ve been having alot of luck with wild growth actually… for those AE sitautation, and I position myself in the center of the group (between the melee and the ranged, so I can simply pop Wild Growth on myself and do a massive quick group heal on everyone, while I keep the hots going on the tanks… mind you my spec is completely aimed at getting the most out of HoTs, with some quick emergency heals (nourish and swiftmend… glyphed)

    But try the Wild Growth on yourself (if you don’t use heal bot, macro it to cast on yourself)… you’re already experienced on positioning as a tank, as a healer the principles are pretty much the same (except you can actually see what’s going on, instead of having your face in a dragon’s body with fire and brimstone all over your screen)


  15. It’s a bear… it’s a tree… it’s… wait what? BBB haz tree form, what is this world coming to!?

    Seriously though, glad to have another tree running around. Can never have enough. Forest is gud! :+)


  16. Yeah, when I started healing with my resto shammy I’d frequently forget to heal myself until I got the low health warning, then I learned to prioritize properly. Tank > Healer > DPS, at least for 5-mans. I mostly run 25s with him now and usually end up raid healing, what with the awesomeness of chain-heal. Although I’m finding Riptide to be more useful than I thought, esp. in Ulduar.


  17. Heh. Welcome to the resto club. Grats on succesfully healing CoS. It’s such a pity the Soul Preserver trinket only drops on normal.

    I strongly suggest using an addon that displays your health bar in with the rest of the party. Then you only have to figure out WHY your own health bar is dropping and look for fire.

    By the way, too much of your gear is boomkin. (Hat, chest, belt, ring, cloak, offhand.) If you’re having mana trouble that’s why. Also if you’re stuck with haste or crit, choose haste. We already crit plenty for good Nature’s grace and living seed uptime just from talents and raid buffs.

    You might consider getting a Wispcloak crafted and pick up the Robes of Crackling Flame from the Kirin Tor. They don’t have spirit, but they do have a big chunk of spellpower and regen that will help. Your hat has the boomy enchant – it should be Wyrmrest – and restos don’t bother with stamina socket bonuses. πŸ˜‰ Once you get everything enchanted up and the extra regen, you should be able to heal in Naxx. You can check my gear for the basic, non abyss crystal enchants and resto gemming style. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Silver+Hand&n=Siobhann


  18. Grats 3B!

    I had a fun little experience like this, except it was on a shaman alt. New healers tend to forget themselves. D’oh.

    Personally I found I tunnel-visioned on my UI frames to the left and only payed attention to anyone below mine, meaning.. yep! I died!

    I’ve found Grid to be unbelievably helpful in this case. I can put it near (but not over!) my feet, so I can see those dastardly little ground things of death that show up *everywhere!* and it keeps all of the names in a small little spot I can manage.

    The next little bit I got over was remembering who was who on Grid, including myself! Still need to prioritize it as tank <- healer <- DPS! I found that Grid helped me overcome my self-deaths so I was able to stay alive long enough to learn how to get over my other issues. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck!


  19. So is this your ploy to get some attention for the trees so that Blizzard finally makes new skins for them, like the cat and bear skins? πŸ™‚

    I think if I were to get a Druid into raiding territory, I’d probably dual spec the same way. If nothing else, it’s nice to be able to take on very different roles. It would keep me from getting burned out as easily.


  20. i use parrot, i set it up so when i clearcast , it makes an off the wall noise, annoying a little while tanking, but when healing knowing that i can cast a free lifebloom, and get some mana back from it too, is good in my book.


  21. I have MiksScrollingBattleText set to give warnings. When I get below a certain percentage of health, it warns me with a sound and big red letters. I think you can also set up some triggers to do similar things if you get aggro too. Very handy to remind you to heal yourself.


  22. Now we need to see a Big Chicken Butt…

    My druid is having a blast – healed a partial Naxx10 and a complete Naxx25 over the weekend. Sadly, I still haven’t decided which spec I like more (Cat or Tree), so I have 130 Emblems just sitting there waiting for me to make a decision. πŸ™‚

    Oh and thanks for the reminder about the crafted off-hand. I got a healing mace from Naxx10 on Saturday and I don’t have a decent off hand yet.


  23. Good luck with your new tree! I kind of had the opposite experience – I leveled my druid as a tree and then made a Bear version once dual-speccing arrived, which is how I ended up here at your site. πŸ˜‰

    Forgetting to heal yourself is a really common problem most new healers have – you’re too excited and nervous about everyone else relying on you to stay alive to remember that keeping yourself alive is just slightly below keeping the tank alive in importance.

    I find that just throwing a Lifebloom or 2 on myself if I start to take some damage can handle a lot of minor things (so that little bits of damage – like all those Stratholme zombies trying to munch on your brains – don’t add up to “dead tree”). Obviously if the zombies are replaced by something major then you want to dose yourself with rejuvs and swiftmends as needed. I agree with Kayeri – Wild Growth is your friend. Especially for fights where everyone is bunched up, Wild Growth can handle lots of the little damage too, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you are not just healing yourself.

    Maybe Nature’s Swiftness and Healing Touch are a great combo, but I’ve never really found a need for them. Especially once you have Swiftmend glyphed.

    Either way, welcome to the club.


  24. I’m surprised nobody did this yet, so there it goes:

    And grats on surviving… errr, healing through the best 5-man in Wrath πŸ™‚ As far as self-healing goes – I’m guilty of this as well ^^;


  25. Grats on becoming an angry broccoli. Shortly after I went resto I discovered the healbot addon and it’s been a lifesaver. Combine that with a 5 button mouse and you’re golden. As for my rotation I generally let the tank tank a hit or two to secure agro then put a regrowth, rejuv, and begin stacking lifebloom just before each stack expires. I let the 3rd stack expire, do a rejuv, regrowth, and start stacking lifebloom again and toss in a wild growth whenever the rest of the group needs it. I rarely have to use swiftmend or natures swiftness anymore unless the rogue decides to tank πŸ™‚ BTW, changed my offspec to bear because of your blog and I’ve had an absolute blast. My druid is officially my emblem farmer now.


  26. GL! 3x LB is kinda bad now due to the nerf.

    1) Rejuv is your friend. Throw it on anyone taking damage.
    2) 5 mans – tanks should get a renew at 80% health or so.
    3) Maintain a LB/rejuv rotation on the tank, let the LB bloom.
    4) When you have a LB/rejuv on the tank and it’s not doing the trick, do nourish. Forget about HT. Glyphed it is okay but not as good as nourish now (I ran glyphed HT for quite a while, loved it, but its hps was low).
    5) Uhmm, totally blanking on spell name (haven’t done resto in a month or so), but the one where it ‘consumes’ the HOT for an instant heal? Yeah, use that alot on dps that are taking damage. And get the glyph where it doesn’t consume the HOT.

    6) I think as far as gear goes, go for +spellpower first, then +haste, and +crit being third. I’d love to be corrected about this by those in the know. My thinking is that HOTs don’t crit but the intitial tick of the renew does and the bloom part of LB does, and so does nourish. But by and large, i find myself needing more and more haste to get those heals out, esp when i do naxx and am up to my neck in cleansing.

    That’s all the advice i have.


  27. /boggle

    Big Beech Butt? *ahem*

    Glad you’re enjoying doing something new on your druid – having dual specs and that ‘easy switch button’ really can add a new sheen to an ‘old’ character or add flavor to an existing favourite in my opinion πŸ™‚



  28. I heal everybody but myself.

    I had the EXACT same problem when I started healing. I’d be concentrating on the rest of the party so much that I’d forget to look at my own health bar. Whoops.


  29. ::happy shriek as the mostly-tree, occasional boomkin welcomes the Bear::

    That’s awesome, BBB!!! And Jess knows her stuff, I have faith in you! πŸ™‚ I would happily join your pester list, but I cant help much from Doomhammer. πŸ™‚

    Don’t forget Wild Growth, in a situation where you all stick fairly close together, its very nice to have, think of it a group LB without the bloom. πŸ™‚ Good for mitigating minor splash damage. πŸ™‚

    And yes, that was one of the hardest things… watching MY health as well as others… but dead healers heal no one, so I eventually got the trick of that, too. It’ll come with practice. πŸ™‚

    ::settling back down and beaming at the Bear-tree:: πŸ™‚ Although on my 80 alt rogue, I have also advised Resto druids… and yes, my rogue gets confused as to why she’s talking healing with a tree…. It helps clear her brain to go kill some things… πŸ™‚


  30. I have the exact same blindspot on my tree – frequently get a whisper to “heal yourself, jackass” from a hunter buddy i run with. He has it macro’d.


  31. haha. I remember way back when I used to only tank on my paladin. Once Wrath came out my guild died (sad day) and I joined another. They needed healers (still do) so I got dual spec and went Holy. I’ve never looked back. Tanking is fun, I still have a heroic-quality tank set, but for me, healing is where all the satisfaction stems from. Love it.


  32. In my experience that’s the most common problem to all healers doing their jobs – they forget to watch their own health.

    If I were still playing, I’d look for (or make) an addon that did one thing: “HEAL THYSELF, DUMMY” warning. Sounds, flashing visuals, and so forth that warned you that if you didn’t pay attention the party was going to be missing a critical element real soon now.


  33. well if you need anyhelp, let me know, I guess i am a legacy feral/resto as you call it.
    You can aim me @ talonkylor or any other messenger just let me know which one u use, I’d be happy to give you some tips, even though i use healbot/decursive over grid/clique ( never tried them after vanilla wow)


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