Blogging about blogging

Ouroboros has competition.

Hey, look folks, something you’ve never seen happen before!

A blogger is going to write a blog post about blogging and writing blog posts.


Oh, the humanity!

Sorry, more than a bit stressed out lately. Tons going on in real life, and the WoW game has not been particularly drama free lately. We deal and move on, right?

I really am going to talk a bit about the act of writing and keeping up with a blog, especially a game blog.

You’re reading this (I assume you’re reading… if you’re getting this by pulling the thoughts out of my head, be advised… you now need therapy) for some reason. And I have no idea what that specific reason may be.

I can make a few guesses, though.

A friend of mine keeping up with what we’re doing?
A guildie wanting to see if I say something nice about them?
A former guildie or acquaintance wondering if or when I’m going to say something mean?
A player of a particular class or spec waiting patiently for helpful advice you can use (or refute)?
Someone bored and mildly amused with what gets thrown up here?
Another blogger that wants to comment and include a link to their blog to get some traffic?

Who knows?

But here you come to see what got written, and here I am writing something.

It’s been noticed that bloggers come, and bloggers go, and there is sometimes discussion as to why.

Speaking as a blogger that’s been doing this for a while now, I’d like to point something out.

Writing a blog, day in and day out, takes time and commitment… and a stable lifestyle.

One might even say a settled lifestyle.

Most of the people that get into blogging are fairly young, have reasonable money, some free time, and an interest they’d like to write about. 

But one thing about the young… they’re not settled. They are constantly growing, changing desires, changing perspectives, and changing interests.

People graduate school and no longer have the same free time, they get new jobs, they struggle to make ends meet, they move or change shifts, they get bored with the latest fad (like blogging) and move on, they get bored with what they were blogging ABOUT…

It’s life. It’s growth. It’s healthy, and isn’t a cause to cry or wring hands.

I think for those of us that stay with it, you can pretty much assume our home life is fairly stable. We got the crazy, carefree, ‘spend the weekend in Tahoe’ days or ‘hitchhike across the country’ days out of our system years back.

We’ve got a stable home, a bit of free time, and have an interest in something. And we’ve got a hobby that we’ll probably keep tinkering with for years.

Some folks collect stamps, or build models, or hunt or fish or go to sports bars and makes asses out of themselves.

And some folks blog about their favorite video game.

I think that if you give it a sec, you’d agree that it’s healthy for people to move on from one interest and try something new.

It may be inconvenient for you, if you’ve gotten used to going to someone’s blog and reading it day in and day out. But what you are reading doesn’t generally represent someones job. It represents someones hobby, their casual interest.

As such, what a blogger feels is his or her responsibility to their readers really is up to them. There is no oversight commitee, no managing editor, no supervisor to complain to. You’re dealing with one lone individual (okay, or a collective if you’re Matticus) and if you don’t like what they say or how they say it… tough.

Some bloggers, when they intend to stop, may tell you when they are ending their blogging run. Others may drift away, like a butterfly chasing the breeze, leaving you to wonder if they’re ever going to come back at all.

It really is an ‘at will’ arrangement.

You read for as long as you choose, and the blogger writes for as long as they choose.

I’ve been doing this for a while now, as I said. It’s been fun, and it continues to be fun. I like the people I meet, I enjoy the writing, and despite the occasional drama, it’s been a good hobby to have. It’s been very gratifying to have folks more often than not be pleased with the writing rather than outraged.

And there have been just enough folks outraged for me to feel like I’m pissing off all the right people. 🙂

If I ever were to decide to stop, you can rest assured that I’ll tell you in advance like Phaelia did, and not leave you hanging. I won’t just vanish one day.

That being said… nobody should ever be surprised when a blog goes dark. At some point, everyone has to reach a point where they decide for themselves that it’s time to move on to something new.

All we can hope for is that they did move on to some new interest that excited them and brought them joy, and that they didn’t go silent because of stress, anger, upset or drama.

That’s why I personally am grateful whenever a blogger let’s the reader know when they are intentionally stopping writing, so that we know that everything is okay with ’em.

I hope, when that time inevitably happens, that you can focus on the happiness the blogger brought you, rather than your sadness at their passing.

Of course I miss the WoW blogs of Phaelia, BRK, Breana, Braids, and many others.

But I hope you’ll join me in hoping that they all find something that excites them and brings them as much joy as blogging about WoW did.


14 thoughts on “Blogging about blogging

  1. For me, reading blogs is cheap entertainment:) I particularly enjoy reading the funny stuff, the kinda material that puts a smile on my face or has me LOL:) I appreciate them all though and the effort folks put into it. Their research, knowledge, personality all coming out in text for our enjoyment. Blogs are definately a positive for me and I find myself calling my husband…”oh ya gotta read such n such today…too funny”. Its been great!


  2. Yeah great post. Spot on.

    I set myself a blogging goal, but after thats reached well, it might be time to move on. Or it might be time to set a new goal.

    Blogging requires some hard work to do to a reasonable quality and quantity.

    Gobble gobble.


  3. Aye, I wished BRK and Phae a hearty “good luck with life” and moved on. It’s their life to live, after all. I’m lucky that they bothered to share, and that they enjoyed doing so.

    As Richard Dean Anderson is fond of saying, LTS. Life’s Too Short to do something you’re not enjoying.


  4. Hey BBB, just stopping by and want to say a really great post. I know i don’t post here as often, but i read here more often than I actually do post as well.

    But yes blogging does takes a tremendous amount of effort even for a hobby. It takes lots of commitment and even more to keep at it daily and weekly. You also know after a while readers do follow your blog and check to see what you have up. So there is a bit of commitment there to keep the lights on your blog on. Thus when a blog goes dark with no word or notice you worry as a reader. You wonder what happened, did they quit? Did they they take a break, what happened? Often what happens to them as well reflect life in the game.

    For me I usually say blog are like friends and friends apart of the game you play. They are like the great guildie you never really had or wish you had in some way. They are a bit of a companion on your adventure because they are in the same adventure with you as well. Some are further along, some are behind in the adventure. They share stuff with you in their daily happenings and perspective and you share your experience back with them. In all helps to enrich your game experience. No one that play this game can know everything or learn everything all at the same time about everything. The game is just too big for that learning curve. But blogs are often like guides as well they help guide you along the way to your future adventure. As well you help the people out that blogs as well. Because in their effort to write and keep at it they will eventually help you back out as well in some way only known to you.

    So yes its is sad to see a blog go by the way side. Its a tough thing to blog as a hobby. Some hobbies are serious hobby and taken seriously by the people that do as well the time commitment it takes. I do it for fun as a hobby, but with commitment. The time it takes to write a blog about happenings in WoW is time not spent playing the game or time that could be spent doing other RL stuff. So too is reading blogs as well. You do give up time to write a blog. I can imagine as well the time it takes to write a BBB post because you know he put some time into it.

    When i’m at work I read all the blogs i read on my little Ipod. It’s nicely tucked in my shirt pocket. Whenever i have a min or two i check things out. Thats how i keep up with all my blogs daily i have linked. Some i read, some I try to keep up with more than others. Most i do visit on some kind of schedule to read whats there. Especially for the blogs that’s been around for a while and are stable blogs. I read them because they are fun and fun to keep up with the characters. Bloggers are real people, real people who play the same game along side everyone else. They just share things from their little perspective of their WoW world. So for me when its time to quit readers will know and that time will eventually come. Probably sooner than much later as well. In the end I agree with a previous commenter, some blogs are just real entertaining.

    Awesome post though.

    “Ardent Defender”


  5. Well, if you’re curious, here’s why I read your blog: it’s entertaining, witty, and insightful, and comes from a more casual perspective that I an relate to. I do play a feral Druid, and that’s what drew me to check out your blog in the first place, but it isn’t why I still read it.

    I understand copletely when bloggers stop blogging, it’s a major time investment for a hobby after all. I do really prefer when they say goodbye, though, so you at least know all is all right (there still are people who care about the welfare of complete strangers in a non-stalking way) and, of course, so you can now there’s no need to keep checking up on the blog aymore.

    However, the blogger owes nothig to his readers, and if he wants to just pack it in without warning, then that’s his perogative.


  6. Heh… I know you wrote the words “butterfly chasing the breeze” but my mind read that as “but a fly eating cheese.” I must be really tired and/or hungry! 🙂

    Nice post, BBB. Readers should enjoy their blogs for what they are and appreciate the time and effort involved in keeping it going. This is the same as the person you’ve raided alongside with for a year suddenly going on a leave for the game, or even quitting altogether. Let people go, flourish, and appreciate the time you spent with them. All you can hope for is that you’ve made a friend here and there (in RL, online, or wherever) and you’ve been yourself, honest and true, for the ride.


  7. Bluetiger Thank goodness I have American Express.

    All joking aside – it would be the most horrible feeling of helplessness that one can ever experience. Hopefully you never had that happen.

    (all no, sharing time (big hug!)) When it happened to me, I had phone calls from the folks I was group with (we have never seen each other, but we do share email and phone numbers). Luckily my wife called them back after she got me on the floor and got me over my problem, told them what happen and yes, I was ok, etc. Still didn’t stop them from pestering me for a week, lol (said with love), after. To me, those little toons running around are people I know. There are some I love, and there are some I dislike – but I won’t tell them that. And it is a reason why I do my best to be helpful as much as possible. I may not know you by your real name of say, Mike, but I do know you of your toon name such as JD and I do care about ya.

    As far as bloggs and bloggers go – yes, it is a hobby, and everything that BB says it pretty much right on th emoney, but I still feel like I am losing a friend when they go away.


  8. I thought blogging about blogging would be an interesting read, it was. I can definately say why I read blogs, boredom at work + desire for knowledge I don’t possess + entertainment value. Why do I write? I enjoy the feedback and seeing people read what I write. I’ve posted things and gotten some really good feedback (not always agreeing with me) and I really feel like the blogging community are the type of people I want to interact with.


  9. I still miss Phae… I get misty whenever I see the robes named for her on someone or in the AH. but you’re right, over time, interests change and people move on, its a normal part of life. 🙂


  10. I’ve had this discussion on a forum a frequently visit, that it’s hard with people you get to online, because if they disappear, it can be tricky to know what happened to them. Are they alright? have something happened? has there been an accident? You never know… and that’s scary somtimes, because there are those that you only know via internet (or wow for that matter) and have no irl-connection, yet still care deeply about.

    Let’s put it like this; You’re playing WoW. You’re on Vent, in a raid. And the RL suddenly gasps for breath, goes silent and a few minutes later his/her toon goes offline. What do you do?


  11. It’s a curious thing is blogging. One minute you’re playing a game, next thing you’re talking about playing the game.
    Ever more curious is seeing you have no page views (when you’re relatively new to the scene) yes still feeling the urge to write things. I come to blogs because they are the reason I started writing, I don’t read healing priest blogs because I know what its like for them in game life, however, I like to see how the rest of the world sees the game. Especially rabid tanks that run off into mobs in to the distance 😀


  12. Big Bear Butt Butterfly? Sorry, Larisa, that cracked me up for some reason. Must need more coffee….

    Bloggers that are good writers and who write about any topic on a regular basis need love.

    Ya got mine, big boy. Thanks.


  13. I think there is a certain quality that comes with persistance. It takes some time to really get to know a blogger. New bloggers can come up with some really nice, brilliantly written posts in their furst enthusiastic rush. But to really gain a reserved place in my heart they have to keep blogging over time.

    I know some people visit blogs to get useful information. They like guides and they don’t care much if a blogger is new or old or will stop posting as long as they can find the information they need somewhere. But I’m just the opposite. I like the bloggers who hang around over time, evolving a sort of relationship with the readers, providing a steady stream of qualitiy posts. Like you and a few other bloggers do.

    You’re free to move on whenever you want to. There is a butterfly in you as well as in everyone else. But from my egoistic perspective I hope you’ll like to fly around in this meadow for a while longer.


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