Of all the things I've lost, I miss my sanity the least

The internet.

Unending source of wonder and horror.

This next bit?

You be the judge.

It’s a simple progression, my friends. As the Blondie song says, “One way, or another, I’m gonna find ya”.

I started by realizing that since I started using my new computer, I hadn’t been reading PvP Online anymore. So I went and checked.

Why look, Brent and Cole discussing same old stuff. Kinda funny, in a formulaic ‘Friends’ kinda way. Sitcom stuff.

But I saw the little blurb about ‘Ding!’, the webcomic he did for Crispy Gamer.

Ding! was hilarious in my opinion, a perfect skewering of WoW players.

But from browsing some of the old Ding!s, it brought me back to remembering the other comic Crispy Gamer hosted that I loved, by the creator of Nodwick, called Backwards Compatible.

I browsed a few of the more recent comics I missed, and came to this one;

Backwards Compatible, the awesome.

I looked at that last panel… and made the mistake of reading the comments.

The comments took me here;

Where I saw this.


And now, the circle is complete. Where once, I had sanity, now I know I lost my SAN check a long, long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Tell me, where in canon does that particular outfit fit in?

I knew Hello Kitty was so cute it’s almost evil… but Darth Cute? Really?

10 thoughts on “Of all the things I've lost, I miss my sanity the least

  1. I love Backwards Compatible and Nodwick. I’d recognized some artistic similarity, but didn’t follow up on it. Duh.

    And now, I have the picture of the real Darth Kitty. Many thanks, BBB!

    Now, if i could just find a nefarious use for it…


  2. Just FYI and a huge thank you to Clioratha, the link to the Backwards Compatible strip is fixt.

    Hey, you don’t REALLY expect professional quality here, right?

    Jeez, next thing you know you’ll be expecting this site to, like, have a content editor, or advertisers, or a proofreader, or backend support or something.

    It’s just me and Cassie. And we sure as hell don’t know what the *(&% we’re doing.

    Okay, *I* don’t know what *I’m* doing.


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