VuhDo is da bomb for healing

Changes? Patch? I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

Feral? Ha! This is the all-tree, all the time channel. Didn’t you get the memo?

Since everyone in the world has told me how good healing addons are, such as Grid and Healbot, I thought I’d try one on.

I had to go outside the norm, of course.

I decided to try one that Ruune mentioned in our guild forums called VuhDo. The reason being, she said it is actively supported or influenced by hands-on feedback from the Plus Heal fora.

Well heck, Matt has his hands in offering advice for this? Let’s give it a shot!

I installed it, messed around with it a little, then forced some suckers… I mean, guildies… to go into Drak’theron Keep heroic with me to test it out.

What it does up front, of course, is arrange your party/raid nameplates into a nice grid. These names are treated as mouseover targets… and built into the addon is the ability to assign which spells you would like associated with your mouseover clicks, including regular clicks, Alt-clicks, and Ctrl-clicks.

And it is a nice, small footprint.


Now, the key here is that with the built-in ability to set up what spell gets cast when the mouse cursor is hovering over a nameplate in the VuhDo panel, I can quickly move from player to player dropping HoTs, monitoring health, topping off or refreshing HoTs, etc. Plus, since my nameplate is mixed in there too…. I don’t forget to heal myself. 🙂

Oh, did I mention that when you cast one of your class spells that has a HoT component on the target, it displays a tiny customizable colored marker on the nameplate, and a countdown timer so you can see at a glance how long everyone’s HoTs will last?

I set my click settings based on my cast priorities I’m currently using while fumbling around learning.

My normal cast priority is to put Rejuve up first, pop 3 stacks of Lifebloom (and only recast when the entire stack drops off), Swiftmend as an instant heal for topping off when health drops fast, Nourish as top off healing when I’ve got more time (or no HoTs on target), and Wild Growth for the party as a whole.

Regrowth and Healing Touch really are kinda back burner so far. Emergency situations, pretty much.

So here is my setup in the VuhDo panel for clicking without using ctrl or alt. Just mouseover a nameplate and left click, right click or center mouseclick. (My mouse is a Logitech MX510 with two thumb buttons, but they are set to Innervate right now, and I haven’t bothered fancying it up yet by changing it).


Simple yet effective. Since Rejuve is my most cast initial spell, it goes as my most comfortable/practised mouse button, the straightforward left-click. Since Lifebloom is number two on my frequently cast list, it gets a right-click. Since Swiftmend is for fast action with HoTs up, it goes on my center-click.

The Ctrl-click is the second tier of stuff.


I love Nourish as a true top off, since I can use it on anyone in the party regardless of HoT presence, and have it go pretty fast for immediate benefit. About the same mana cost as Swiftmend, more effective if the target has HoTs up, but works even if there aren’t any HoTs, unlike Swiftmend. So I put that as Ctrl-left click.

My third most frequently cast spell is Wild Growth. I like hitting the tank with that to spread some HoT love on the melee. So, since I am going to be casting frequent right-click Lifeblooms, three casts to make a stack, being able to simply add a Ctrl to the right-click to add a party HoT seems synergistic to me. Right-click, right-click, right-click, ctrl-right-click. nice and smooth.

Regrowth is on the ctrl-middle button… but I ain’t actually needed to use that yet. 🙂

Sooo…. how did it go?

I mean, the theory of how I intended to do it sounded fine, but once we were in a heroic actually using this setup for the first time, how did we fare?

Well, we decided to pull King Dred with 6 extra adds up to try for the Achievement, none of us had ever done it before… and one shot it with no deaths.


Yeah, it worked for me JUST fine.

If you look at that 5-man VuhDo panel (what you can see around the Achievement splash window), you’ll see that there is a small purple square displayed on Graimerin’s nameplate, with the number 2 inside. That is the icon showing Rejuve is on and has 2 seconds left before expiring.

You can also see the arrows around Graimerin’s name, which indicate he has aggro. This works on all nameplates, and shows you who has aggro from something at all times. If the Rogue suddenly has aggro arrows, even thought the main tank still does as well? Then you know the Rogue pulled aggro on a mob, so drop some HoTs on his butt and verbally warn the tank the Rogue went Rambo.

Finally, you see the bars showing Gift of the Wild, Thorns and Rejuve? That’s the addon Quartz. One of the things Quartz does is show you any buffs or spells that you cast, and their durations, that are on the target you’ve got selected. Since all healing with VuhDo is a mouseover without selecting or changing targets, I can select the main tank as my target, and not leave him no matter who I’m healing.

So I can have Quartz showing my Thorns buff duration on the main tank, among other uses.

The one thing you don’t see in that picture, is that when someone runs out of your cast range, their nameplate dims out. When you’re on King Dred and he fears, or you’ve got a main tank and an offtank running around grabbing adds, it is AWESOME to be able to see that someone ran out of your range, and respond instantly.

I did have one glitch in that fight, I was down to 3k mana towards the end, decided to do a proactive Innervate on myself… and used the #5 mouse button to cast it.

While my mouse pointer was hovering over Graimerin, the Paladin tank.

So Grai got a nice full mana bar, while I was sucking fumes right at the end.

“Healing on empty… healing on… healing wild… I’ve been healing on empty, now his health is behind…. gotta heal what you can, just to keep your tank alive” (My apologies to Jackson Browne).

After Drak’theron Keep was cleared, Grai had to go and beat his chillin’s into submission, so I went and joined a quick 25 man Obsidian Sanctum pug as a healer.

No further customization to VuhDo… and it hurt.

See, I use X-Perl, and in 25 man mode, my VuhDo bar uses a ton of landscape right along with all those raid frames.

Once I disabled all X-Perl unitframes on the fly, we were back in business, and I was the third healer in healing done.

I won’t describe the smoothness, or lack thereof, of that run. God, sometimes I think I do these train wrecks just so I appreciate my guildies even more.

I will say that I could by gosh stay on top of keeping Rejuve and Lifebloom up on the main tank, off tank, a lot of the party, and keep Nourish and Switftmend and Wild Growth going a lot too.

Yes, I was healing MT, OT and party all at once. The group was that much fun. 

Mah point be, I think that, from my own personal experiences, if you are a fresh new tree, you’re looking to start healing, and are fearful of figuring out how to configure Grid or something… I can strongly recommend VuhDo as an extremely noob-friendly solution, ESPECIALLY for 5 man heroics.

The key is to set your keybindings to something that feels natural to you, and have fun!

24 thoughts on “VuhDo is da bomb for healing

  1. Matojo –

    With Clique you can shut off target and player frames(with two clicks in the “frames” list, surprised you didn’t find it), and just leave raid/grid frames up. I never cast by clicking a target frame anyway, so it presents no problem, as the player is already listed in grid.

    I’m not against VuhDo at all, I just feel you can get far more functunatility out of Grid+Clique, but you have to be willing to spend 20 minutes setting it up, and tweaking things here and there for a few weeks. Grid is most certainly not user friendly out of the box, but the amount of customization that is available is great, and makes it so any class can get a lot of information from Grid quickly. (I even use it for tanking/raid leading now). Clique out of the box is perfect. You open the spell window, click the Clique tabs, and click on the spells with the clicks you want(i.e. Shift left click nourish, and it’s set to shift left click), you do this with all the spells you want bound and you are done.


  2. Matojo: the mouse-click functionality of VuhDo only works on the VuhDo healing bars, so clicking on normal player/target/party bars will have normal behavior (target, leave group, etc). Also, with VuhDo you can bind any mouse button or keystroke to “target” or “menu” for similar functionality on the VuhDo bars too.


  3. I’d never even heard of this one! I’m not a fan of Grid, and in all honesty, I’m getting sick of all the glitches I’ve been having with HealBot (along with it reacting negatively with other addons). VhuDo sounds perfect to replace my X-Perl raid frames AND healing addon in one! 🙂 Thanks bear, err, I mean, tree!


  4. I used to use Clique + xPerl, got rather sick of having to unbind my clicks in order to leave a party or target somebody, and switched to mouseover macros. My response time is a little slower but I’m not constantly cursing at Clique.

    With that said, does VuhDo have an “easy” way to shut it off for when you’re not in HealMode, that you’ve found? The arrangement of the windows kinda makes me wanna try this thang out (and get a decent gaming mouse).


  5. I’ve got to remember to check this one out if I get back into the game. I’ve been using grid + mouseover-macros for some time now and liking it, but checking out another raid UI never hurts, it might be better (and setting up grid sure takes its time). I tried healbot for the sake of it but I didn’t like any of the options for tracking HoTs (less of a drawback with the changes to LB in 3.1 though).
    What I like with grid is the fact that it’s simply practical. It’s nothing fancy but it sure does what it’s supposed to, it does it good and it does it exactly the way you told it to do it (as soon as you figured out how to tell it what you wanted done 🙂 ).

    When it comes to healing I’ve become a huge fan of rejuv lately and if it isn’t up to the job I top off with a regrowth and then adding LB and nourish as needed. That was for 5-mans. When healing a tank in a raid I try to have all of rejuv, regrowth and LB up and running from the pull until the fight is over. That said I once ran a timed CoS and most of the time rejuv was doing almost enough to keep the tank up by itself I just had to cast a regrowth in some cases and that’s about it. That sure was an overgeared tank 🙂


  6. “Not a big fan of mouseover tools, but I need something to streamline raid healing, as my normal “I’ll do the MT, y’all figure out that multiple target stuff” has to be getting old with the rest of the healing crew.”

    Lol, Twice, you are a pally, after all.


  7. For the record (in response to some of the above comments), VuhDo will show incoming heals, debuffs, and it looks like overheal now too. So there are no shortcomings in those areas in comparison to Healbot or Grid. I think the most significant difference between VuhDo and Healbot now is the buff monitoring system – VuhDo spins that into a separate module so you don’t get to see buffs next to the healing bars.

    Also, regarding screen real estate, the VuhDo healing bars are entirely customizable. They can be scaled, resized, retextured, and given class colors, among many other options. The above screenshots show the out-of-the-box configuration, but that can be changed significantly if one chooses. The sample screenshots on show a pretty good variety of aesthetic options for the VuhDo healing bars.

    Anyway, nice write-up and I’m happy to see another person enjoying the mod. I’ve been using VuhDo for awhile now on my priest and I love it. Iza, the developer of VuhDo, has put in tons of work recently to add many useful features and continually improve the mod. It’s fun to see it grow both in usefulness and popularity.


  8. I could only find on SS from one of the first times I used grid, unfortunately with no hots up. You can see a tree on the meter above me who I watched quite a bit for some learning.



  9. It’s looks really nice, but you described the one problem I have with it, it’s screen real estate. I use grid and clique which gives me all the same features(with a lot more work to set up granted, on grids end), but takes up a lot less room. Either way I love it…I want from being 3rd-4th on meters with lots of overheals to consistently doing top heals by several percent in most fights, with no overhealing.

    I started healing recently, I find that now with a decent amount of haste(~350), regrowth is a great spell to drop, as it hits big up front, and leaves a long(almost 30 second) Swiftmendable hot on the target. It also has the benefit of dropping a living seed on your target if you crit, assuming you specced for it. The only other difference in my healing from yours is I like to drop Lifeblooms before Rejuvs, because Lifeblooms tick every second rather than every 3, so you get a much more instant heal, on top of that, you have the option of letting it bloom for a heal and mana back if the person stops taking damage, and just needs a little more health. Even better letting a full lifebloom stack bloom on a tank, get 1500 mana back, and mine crits for around 15k with mostly naxx25 gear.

    looking up I guess I could say tl;dr, check Nozes comment minus healbot, because grid does all that stuff too.


  10. Nice to hear I have an alternative if Healbot breaks.

    After innervating my warrior tank a few times back at level 70, I only use a macro to Innervate myself. It prevents deadly accidents.
    /cast [target=Siobhann] Innervate I still have Innervate is on my action bar in an out-of-the way spot just in case I choose to Innervate someone else, but usually when another healer needs it, I do too.


  11. I’d encourage you to expiriment with Regrowth more. When it’s talented, it heals for a big amount; even more when glyphed (20% boost when cast on a target with RG already ticking). Plus that counts as an extra HoT for the Nourish glyph to count (6% healing boost for every active HoT).

    I compared Grid and Healbot when I was choosing my mod and Healbot won out mainly because most of my guild used it and I liked seeing incoming heals. It also has a feature that tells me via color changes and a sound when someone has a debuff I can cure – poison and curses. It also lets me track buffs if I want, but it only applies to classes, not specific roles. So every warrior/DK/Pally/druid shows up needing thorns, not just the prot/whatever/prot/bear ones.


  12. I am very very used to healing with grid on my Druid. However, on the priest I am leveling now I am going to try this out and see how it goes.


  13. Pretty cool.

    Nice write up BBB, going to have to join in the fun and add another addon.

    Not a big fan of mouseover tools, but I need something to streamline raid healing, as my normal “I’ll do the MT, y’all figure out that multiple target stuff” has to be getting old with the rest of the healing crew.


  14. I have a wierd bug on my 60 druid where I have to hit alt+left click to select a party member, and if just go left click , it says ‘must be in cat form to do this’. Any thoughts? I’m sure it’s some addon conflict, but my 80 druid has no such issues. I’m not even sure it’s due to an addon, but i can’t figure out what would be enabled in the interface to cause the game to behave so.


  15. I used to have the same innervate problem that you had, until I created a macro for innervating myself as opposed to the party member. I don’t remember the details of it, but it was something like:

    /cast [target=self] Innervate

    Throw that on your button 4 or 5 and never have to worry about a Pally stealing your mana again!
    I might give Vuhdo a try. I use a combination of click casting and Pitbull unit frames right now, and it does pretty much the same thing, so switching up wouldn’t be a stretch. From the screens you’ve posted, VuhDo looks to have a VERY nice config window!


  16. I used to play with Healbot, since I was an healer on the BC, it was a pretty good addon, the only problem it has for me, it’s when you get disconnected in the game and log back sometimes, at least for me it was always, Healbot does not load if you are in the middle of the fight, and only reappears when you get out of combat. So that for me was a huge problem because when you get back you mess up your heals and if you were not using any other raid interface addon you could not even see the other groups in the raid.

    Then I started to use Clique+x-perl and it was pretty good too, but still I missed a lot Healbot since it turns you into an healer with great speed on casting heals. I’m glad to discover Vuhdo, and since then I only use it.


  17. As Ursiheil said, VuhDo looks VERY similar to Healbot as far as the options are concerned. The primary difference I see is in the general aesthetic of the frames themselves. Just a brief list of differences in case you were curious (based on the features you highlighted):

    –Healbot also adds buff icons with timers. Optionally, you can choose to show stacks. For example, my druid’s healbot setup will show stacks of Lifebloom until there’s something like 5 seconds left on the stack. That way I can see the stack, but I also see the cooldown (it flashes the countdown and outlines the numbers in red when it’s counting down).
    –The options GUI is set up in the opposite way: the button on the left that chooses the modifier would instead be a button at the top that chooses which mouse button. Then the input fields are the modifiers. Not really significant.
    –Instead of/in addition to the red arrow aggro alert, Healbot has what it calls “aggro bars.” There’s an optional (default enabled) set of thin bars, one above and one below each character, that highlights red when that character has aggro.

    Additional feature of note:
    –In addition to buffs, it will show debuff icons and/or highlight either the character’s bar with a selected color based on debuff. For example, I have magic debuffs as black and diseases as purple on my priest. Unlike Grid, Healbot filters debuffs so you don’t dispell beneficial debuffs (I’m not sure if Grid had this fixed, it’s been a while since I talked to somebody about it).

    So pretty much, VuhDo seem extremely similar to me and equally user friendly. The main differences seem to be bells & whistles. That, and VuhDo doesn’t have a bad rep from pre-BC when Healbot had the option to “smart heal” and auto-downrank based on delta HP.


  18. For disclosure, I use healbot instead of VuhDo… however from your description they are both very similar…

    I like healbot for the pre-set suggested skins that they add in for various siatuation (Solo, 5 man, Raid, AV)
    The realestate is very minimal espcally for raids and AV settings… which include fading the player bars away when they aren’t being damaged and when they are not the threat.

    The other nice aspect, which I’m not sure if VuhDo does… is if another healer uses healbot, it shows on yours that another person is about to cast a heal on someone (or is rezzing them). Our tank actually ran healbot for this reason too, and only displayed himself instead of the normal xperl or character profile… and it showed him when he was about to get heals… and could pop pots or health stones as needed if the situation didn’t look promising… Something to think about when your tanking.

    Becareful with the cleansing spells and replacing Decursive… make sure it’s not an automatic cleansing, since it could lead to casting remove curse in a situation where the tank really needed rejuv…

    As for your inervate… might be best to just make a macro that will cast it only on yourself regardless of who you’re targeting… and bind it to your mouse 5… or make a nice big emergency button to smack… keeps those leaves green and well watered for more healing.

    Glad you’re digging the healing gig… it’s not the easiest role to fill, and you’ll get blamed for alot of things… but you were a tank… so you’re used to getting the blame for wipes. Keep the tank going… keep yourself going… all DPS are expendible. 🙂


  19. VuhDo is what I have used on my Priest, Shaman and (later on) Druid. It’s a great add-on, but I uninstalled WoW last night, ne’er to return.


  20. OK, you convinced me. All the “yay VuhDo” on PlusHeal and now I come here for the good wood (fur?) on tanking and it’s (deja)VuhDo all over again…

    Sounds like yer havin’ a blast tree style.


  21. Thanks a lot. Was looking for a nicer alternative to Grid & Decursive and here it is. Really appreciate it!


  22. Glad to hear that you enjoyed rockin VuhDo. A couple more things for you to enjoy – see whether you can set up your buff section of the addon – you can normally specify buffs that you want to check for on all party members and make sure that you have them up and casting. Secondly, you might be able to cover over some of the usability of quartz by using the buff options or alternatively setting up VuhDo to show a custom buff for thorns – then you can always see if they have it on by looking at the health bars even if you have someone else targeted. I use this so that I can target the boss and keep an eye on how the fight is going.

    EG I have mine set up to show EarthShield as a custom buff so that I can always monitor it is up, and I have it bound in VuhDo so I can use it on the run to keep up.

    Secondly don’t forget to bind your cleanses and cures and set them up as custom debuffs with a dingly noise so you can then get rid of decursive as well. Will be very helpful when you’re healing Naxx and have to get rid of all those curses.


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