A picture worth a thousand words

I could say what we did last night as a guild…

but I think this says it all.


For a nice widescreen screenshot, just go here.

I gotta say, that was lots of fun. Took about two hours for a full clear, not too bad. I think that included getting 8 people attuned, too.

God, I love old skool fun.


10 thoughts on “A picture worth a thousand words

  1. The widescreen shot is my new desktop image. It is so perfect… massive freaking boss, and a bear butt standing between him and victory.


  2. That is an awesome pic! I’m trying to get my guild to run some old school stuff, too. So far, all we’ve been able to do is the tiger boss in ZG to try for the tiger mount, and a couple bosses in Kara for the mount and some enchants.


  3. Grats! That’s a fantastic screenshot. I thought you didn’t need to be attuned now though? didn’t they change that in one of the patches (just like you don’t need to do the Onixia chain to go and slap her around?


  4. LOL, my boyfriend and I go into MC every Tuesday night, mostly up to Geddon.
    I like the Hydraxian Warlord reputation.
    And he’s trying to attain Thunderfury and all he needs are the bindings off Geddon.

    It’s fun. We’re starting to be remembered for our epic runs through MC. And now I’m finally remembering how to get around in there without getting lost.


  5. I am going to really have to get my slacker guild into some of these old school raids. I didn’t have the opportunity to do them when they were fresh and really want to see these things. We can’t seem to get into ulduar but maybe for the old content I might have some luck.


  6. I’ve definitely been in there without being attuned … but the attunement is still good fun, no?

    Grats on a fun run 😀


  7. Have been in there once, and that at 80 with four others, two of which where in there back in the days. There was a lot of memories being revisited 😀


  8. The “attune” thing is just for the Lothos Riftwalker teleport you in shortcut. You can just zone in once you get that far with no additional work, but we had a 50/50 mix of talk-and-teleport people and “how do I get to the zoneline?” people.

    Awesome screenshot BBB, you don’t really have a good feel for how big he is when you’re down there at the bottom. 🙂


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