A rational response to an insane situation

Okay, so first the Governor of South Carolina is all over the news in what has to be the most publicized case of epic fail I’ve ever seen.  And yes, even above the Governor of Illinois. Or is that former Gov of Illinois? So many scandals, so little time.

Anyway, the media is all over this flaming jackass and his pile of epic fail, and bravo to them I say.

Man, I love seeing it shoved up his ass. Sideways. I forgive the media on this one. Go get ’em.

But wait, there’s more!

Farrah Fawcett is dead. Farrah Fawcett-Majors, for us oldtimers.

She’ll always be Buck Roger’s ex-wife to me.

And this is on the heels of the legendary Ed McMahon’s death, so we’re reeling in the media… what drama to cover? We’re only given so much time to mourn before the news is stale, so who to cover?

Before we even get a chance to absorb this, BOOM!

Mr. Michael Jackson is dead…

I could make a rude comment, but quite frankly he is beloved by many people, and all I’ll ever know about him is what the media has said, so who the heck am I to know what’s been up with him? 

With all of this, you’d think the media has a lot to discuss.

“But wait!” I hear you cry, “This is all tabloid bullshit, what about the very real, very intense struggle going on in Iran at this very moment, as a people who believe in the freedom of a democratic vote protest in the streets against what they feel is an unjust election… and they are being beaten and killed in the streets, every effort made to stop their protests, to silence them, to shut them down, and to close off all forms of communication in and out of the country so that the world may never know.”

“What about all of that?!?!”

“Isn’t that possibly enough for the media to talk about for one freaking day?”


Oh how I wish it was, but no.

Because everywhere you turn, there is one other topic that somehow is under discussion.

Jon and f’ing Kate plus Eight.


O. M. G.


I can’t deal with it. He’s a sack of shit. His only job was to be a dad. That’s it. His career was to be a good, loving father to eight children, and a supportive and loving husband.

The quotes roll out, the drama rolls out, and I can’t deal with it. I’ve turned off every possible news agency I know to block out any more of this.

I’ve got my fingers stuck in my virtual ears. Somebody whisper me when this shitstorm of mediocrity and selfishness and worthless crap is OVER!

Tell me when the flaming bus runs over those two pricks, the kids get placed in kind and loving foster homes (Hey, I can dream… and the clouds in my dream are pink and fluffy, too.)

Just tell me when they are gone. When the world has moved on. And the words Jon and Kate plus 8 are no longer uttered.


Until that time, as I sing “lalalalala” to myself to shut out the madness, I shall respond in the only way I know how.


It is now time for me to fix a mix to restore equilibrium.

And I’m dragging you poor bastards (and fine ladies) along for the ride.

First, to mellow out. To try and prepare. Gotta get in the right mindset to flip a halfhearted finger at the world.

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Thank you very much. Swap “Prozac” with “Beer”, and that’s about right.

Now, to my friends amongst the US Marines, the next singer should be quite familiar to you. If you don’t know “Goodnight Saigon”, then shame on you. 

But that’s not this song. Oh no, to get this twisted party going, we gotta have something a little more appropriate.

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Okay, that’s a good start.

Yes, yes I’ll include Goodnight Saigon. This is my party, and while it’s wildly inappropriate to put it here, what the heck.

Did you think I wouldn’t?

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Okay, that’s pretty awesome. I can almost feel the stupidity draining away.

Now to take it towards a faster edge… let’s go with some Blue Oyster Cult. Moar cowbell, damnit!

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Is nice?

Da, is nice.

Wow, that does wonders for my equilibrium.

But wait.

I am da Bear. I must have something at a right angle to normal reality to remind myself where I live… on the edge of “What the hell was that?!?!”

I gots just da thing…

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Ah yes…. okay, just about there…

Now to bring it on home… a capper of a song that always helps to relax me, a great song to sit back, pop a beer to, and tune out the rest of the world as you drift in fond memories of times both good and bad…

A nice little song that may mean something entirely different for someone else, but for me reminds me that what goes around, comes around, shit happens, and karma can be a stone bitch.

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Ahhh…. peace out.


31 thoughts on “A rational response to an insane situation

  1. Hmm….this is why I play games. I don’t watch TV anymore, actually went down to basic package…local channels only. Sports is about the only thing I’ll watch.

    @Lenaiya, BBC Online, CNN International, NPR.


  2. Morphy, I heard that joke today too. Morbidly humorous. I’d post another here… but I think I’ll give it a week or so to honor the dead, whether they’re worthy of it or not.

    As for J&K +8… Jon and Kate? Heh, I don’t even know their names. I never watch TV, don’t even have cable. I get my news from the internet. I hate all that reality shit that’s on TV, it’s so stupid and petty. I don’t understand why people like that stuff.

    Does anyone know a couple of good sites that I could get news from about what’s really going on overseas? I’m young, but I don’t want to be ignorant, and I feel so damned insulated. I feel like I can’t trust what any news source says about anything going on. Where do you guys get the best (or at least the least biased) news from? Or do you get it from opposing sources and then put it together?


  3. No idea who Jon and Kate are, though they are constantly talked about, I assume they are some celebrity pair.

    Honestly, I find the glorification of entertainers to be wildly messed up. Seriously. Actors make millions, soldiers, police, firemen barely make a living wage dispite risking life and limb for there fellow man. IPeople are more interested in how some random singer was DUI tHan the grotesque abuses of whole populaces. It honestly disgusts me.

    I understand that people can’t deal with the world’s horror 24/7, nor should they, but really people need to get some perspective about what’s important.



  4. @Rob: Thank you. You are correct, perhaps that came off a little stronger than I intended. Back in my bank teller days I had a customer with the same thing but his was in patches, not his whole body, and he had a very low opinion of Michael’s reaction to the condition. My “skin disorder” comment was not not so much a denial of the disease as a comment about his repeated plastic surgeries and skin bleaching procedures in order to appear more white. Anyway, enough on that. I came across a well-written article, kinda reminded me of the Speaker for the Dead concept from the Ender series (ie Don’t sugar coat the eulogy, give an unbiased review of their life).



  5. As a cancer survivor, my sympathies go out to Farrah’s family. As for MJ, the guy was literally 2 months older than me, which is scary. I think he was one of those “thin line between genius and insanity” kinda of people.
    Though I truly wish the people of Iran the freedom to dissent, I am old enough to remember Tinnamen and (on the homefront) Kent State. It doesn’t always go the way we want.

    BBB- I sent you a link to my favorite version of “dirty deeds” Hope it makes you laugh


  6. BBB, you hit the nail on the head again. Jon/Kate +8, the epitome of American Reality TV Crap. Bottom line they are exploiting their children to make money and it worked for a few years. M Jackson the King of Pop Music, will he be remembered other than the king of Weird, Farrah as Grai says the Poster Queen of our youth, she will be missed. Politicians getting caught, the other reality TV. The Media today seems only interested in fluff and shock. News worthy is interpretation only. End Rant. Loved the music. The Blog is great as ever.


  7. they say it comes in three’s.

    ed mcmahon, farrah fawcett, and michael jackson…..

    lest we forget about david carradine last week? so do we really have two more bombshells coming as it’s two sets of three?


  8. Goodness I’m glad I dont watch much normal televison. For me reality TV is a ballgame preferably by beloved Red Sox’s. When I heard that the poster Queen of my youth had passed away it was a odd feeling of holy **it im getting old. Disappearing Govenor’s ehh he had a melt down. Micheal Jackson pre-weirdness make the 80’s (early) a wide open music style and the girls of my HS had to dance to his songs.

    Ps loved the B.O.C. cut and wondered if you went tongue in check about the original name “soft white underbelly” as a poke in the eye to the recently decessed and fading MJ


  9. I never did watch much TV, so I remember FF more for a friend being named after her. (But wait, BBB, isn’t he *Lee* Majors, not Steve?) MJ had personal issues, but his day job produced some classic tunes. Politicians… eh, untrustworthy until proven otherwise. I’m actually still more bothered about Geithner the tax cheat being in charge over the Treasury.

    We don’t hear more about Iran because the American people are carefully ignorant of reality. (They prefer the TV version.) If we start to learn how things really work, we might actually start living within our means, questioning the Big Brother state, and taking personal responsibility. That would be the end of the American Way of Life. There are too many vested interests with influence and money that won’t tolerate that.

    Eat, drink and be merry!


  10. Of note to you, BBBB, is a quote Mr. Ed McMahon made a few months before he passed away when asked what he would like to his headstone to say. He said he didn’t want a headstone, but if he had one he would want it to say “A good broadcaster and a great Marine.”


  11. Actually the skin disorder is real, he has vitiligo. If you look at his images over time you notice him getting paler and paler; thats due to meds and pancake makeup to evenout the blochiness. While pretty benign, vitiligo (death of melanocytes) especially in black people, makes you look very disfigured. (just google image vitiligo). Yeah he is a wierdo, but the skin issue isn’t his fault. It’s actually not exactly rare.


  12. I did a Naxx10 pug last night and midway through the plague quarter one of the other healers says, “Because Michael Jackson is 90% plastic they will be melting him down into lego blocks so that young kids can play with him for a change.” Lol, this statement came out of left field and was followed by 3 minutes of omg and random giggling in vent.

    As a former choir nerd I know just enough about music and performing to be very impressed with MJ’s early career and showmanship. Since I’ve already tossed political correctness out the window with this post we’ll call this the black era of his life. I think everyone will agree that he just went downhill after Thriller and his white “skin disorder” started. I hope his kids end up with good families and enough counseling to work through their childhoods.

    As for the other names mentioned in the post . . . /agree


  13. Did someone forget to dilute the OJ this morning?!?

    Anyway, let’s not forget that while the media focuses on the ridiculous circus of celebrity news, there are two bills working their way through the legislature that can RADICALLY change the face of the nation (here in the US) and quite likely devastate the economy for the next couple of generations.

    I haven’t seen BBB go political on this blog much but I can think of two relatively recent blog entries that imply personal responsibility and self reliance are considered virtues around here. So while I’m not sure about everyone’s politically position (or if BBB will even allow anyone to post something like this here), doesn’t anyone else have alarm bells ringing on this one?

    I’m stressed today too, and it has everything to do with what our fat, lazy, overfed “media watchdog” is NOT doing. Woe is me? Quit the QQ?


  14. Pardon my ignorance. but don’t we watch tv (play games, read books, ect) to ESCAPE reality? so… WTF are we thinking? Why are we watching “reality” TV?

    Are our lives so bloody pointless that we get enjoyment out of watching someone elses screwed up life? JK+8 I have not watched, only heard the blaring headlines of him cheating on her. Even then wondered who gives a rodent’s backside?

    As for farrah, she will be missed, Yes she was on the original Charlie’s angels, and was a very beautiful woman.

    For MJ, well, At one time, before all the wierdness, he was a great entertainer. We can choose what to remember about him, I would choose to remember him as the singer kid from jackson 5, and then as a solo artist that many today try to emulate.

    For the Gov, and the rest of the politicians.. Eventually you will be caught if you try to sneak around, the media is too wide reaching for you to hide your dirty laundry forever. If you have a family, consider your actions before you let the wrong head determine policy.

    What we need are a few 6 million dollar men (with inflation make it 6 billion) to go take care of the hotspots of N. Korea and Iran.

    The reason BBB that you don’t hear as much in the news as should be reported on the Iran situation, is that reporters need to sell papers/keep viewers interested long enough for the commercials to come on. We Americans, in general could care less about Iran (except where politicians can drum up fear that they have nukes) but we have morbid fascination with watching public figures be put under a microscope and dissected anytime they do something wrong.

    Even after all these years since 9/11, I still get angry when I think of the irresponsibility of the media that day. On at least 3 occasions that I heard from whatever channel I was on, a reporter would come on and say that the president is safe and just landed at (__). Does anyone else think that is stupid? Just tell us he’s safe. (PERIOD) The attacks were from the air, who’s to say there weren’t a couple craft searching for the President?

    The media has still never learned that yes, they have freedom of the press, but, With freedoms come responsibility as well. There are some things that don’t have to be said.

    Pardon my rant..

    Oh, BBB good music choices.. Dirty deeds is always a fun song. Reminds me of a joke from back during the clinton years. it went that saddam sent a note to bill saying sheep don’t talk.. 😛


  15. I also used to really enjoy “Jon and Kate + 8”. My husband and I still run around quoting some of the stuff the kids said (“I jumping, I jumping”, “I can’t see sheep”). However, after watching the first episode of this season, I’m done. And I feel guilty about it. Like I contributed to the downfall of this family.


  16. Oh… and don’t forget in addition to the $6M Man, Mr. Farrah’s Ex brought us the wonder that was Fall Guy. I mean… he even sung that awful opening song! Legend in Our Own Time! :-p


  17. Oh wow Domm, you are totally right, it was Gil Gerard that was Buck Rogers, it was Steve Majors that was the Six Million Dollar Man, and somehow in my mind the two became one.

    Now I somehow want to watch the Six Million Dollar Buck Rogers.


  18. “She’ll always be Buck Roger’s ex-wife to me”

    Didnt Gil Gerard play Buck?

    Anyway, we’ll never see such quality again, so we’re stuck with brain numbing “reality” TV till the population in general sheds its current voyueristic tendancies I’m afraid 😦


  19. Awww, does Bear need a hug? Seems that you need to have a holiday or something 🙂 Come over to the UK and visit me, we can be miserable together?


  20. I am with Blue Tiger – know about Farrah, know about Michael, no idea about your state politics and never heard of Jon + Kate plus 8. Sounds like a convenience food.


  21. ok ok. I’m foreign ok? Ed McMahon dead? missed that one… have just a vague idea of who he was but still. Scandal with a mayor? not surprising. Farrah Fawcetet dead?? Now, if I got this right, she was in the original tv-series charlies angels right? gonne check that out soon..but damn. ok. michael jackson I just heard about, a bit sad yes. Jon and Kate plus 8? what the eck is that??? I need more american televison.. oh wait


  22. The “developmental psychologist in training” part of me liked watching the early seasons (in reruns) just to see the kids develop over time and grow from season to season (okay, the kids were just adorable when they were like 2 or 3). However, I’m pretty much giving up on it now that it’s turned into drama crap instead of being about the kids…


  23. Forget flipping a half-hearted finger at the world. After hearing about Jon and Kate plus 8 everywhere lately, I’m ready to flip a *whole*-hearted finger at the whole thing. A couple of nights ago, I had a friend bail on an instance run because she had to go watch the stupid show. Another friend called today to tell me that her hairdresser wanted to give her the “Kate” haircut and what did I think? (I promise, I was very nice!! I only gagged when I told my husband about the call.) I’ve got my own husband (thankfully, a great guy) and four kids to entertain me. I have no desire to watch someone else live their life on TV. It’s a little too Fahrenheit 451 “parlor family” for me.


  24. Seems it has issues playing the songs one after another. I had to revisit my own website each time I wanted to change songs.



  25. Awesome list.

    I get quantities of crap from my family because I refuse to watch network news.
    Too much noise, not enough signal. I’d rather read.


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