Congratulations are in order, I think!

This very evening, I played in two heroics on my Druid.

We did Violet Hold, and Culling of Stratholme.

The healing in these two runs was simply awesome!

Oh, wait… you misunderstand.

*I* wasn’t healing.

Oh, no.

No, it was Cassie on her level 80 Paladin. πŸ™‚

Her first time ever as a healer, and she healed my bear butt through two heroics back to back, and the gauntlet of Culling of Stratholme went flawlessly.

One thing you have to admit, Healers have the most intense trial by fire of any class.

As a DPS, you’re learning your role as you level. As a tank, you can still DPS well enough to go full on tanking solo on multiple mobs and see how well you survive and manage them.

As a Healer, you pretty much have to grab some suckers and convince them to let you try and keep them alive and see how it goes.

First time you develop and fiddle with your Healing skills is with an audience… a very captive, attentive audience.

You did wonderful, dear. Congratulations on kicking ass!

Or healing butt, as the case may be.

19 thoughts on “Congratulations are in order, I think!

  1. I know this post is old. But I just thought I would suggest to new healers to practise in a battleground. Sure your gear will be weak and the enemies will kill you fast, but until they notice you are there, you can just stand in the back and practise learning your moves. It is also teaches you to deal with stressful situations because so many people might be dying at once. PvP teaches you to heal yourself as well, which I know a lot of healer forget to do. Just a suggestion. It worked for me ;).


  2. Way to go Cassie, hopefully you had a chance to look up at what was going on around you from time to time instead of having your eyes glued to your unit frames. I agree with some of the others, learning how to group heal can be pretty trying at first but when you keep your team mates up through a run it’s a great feeling.

    BBB, I think I’m going to have to use your trial by fire line from now on….
    LFG: Resto Shammy LF 4 suckers….errr Players to throw heals at and see how it goes.


  3. Way to go girlfriend:) I’m sure healing in a heroic can be pretty intense the first time. WOOT! Hmmm lack of heals is a nasty yet powerful thing to hold over your husband’s head *EVIL GRIN*


  4. Having a good tank always makes healing much easier.

    That. There is quite a difference between healing a Naxx (or better) geared tank and a fresh 80 scrub in ilvl 170 gear and less than 20k health. Definitely run with BBB to get up to speed and perhaps grab a few pieces of nice gear (highly recommend the mace from H Nexus if you can’t get the crafted mace) but for a real test of both your limits and patience try healing a PUG or two with tanks in blues. It’s a completely different experience, and quite a gamble… sometime exhilarating, sometimes soul-crushing.


  5. cooldown use is trickier as a healer (or tank for that matter), and i still don’t have it down myself. my healer is 80, done a few reg 80 instances, but kind of freaked to get into heroics, so you’re braver than i.

    i will say one thing in slight contradiction of the bear, though. true, healing is the most different in execution from normal play and hardest to practice outside of actually healing stuff, but that doesn’t mean tanking doesn’t have a semi-steep curve (even above the gear requirements). when solo, no one is trying to pull aggro off of you, and that seems to be one of the things new tanks tend not to notice. this isn’t to diminish the level of awesomeness that cassie clearly must possess in order to heal perfectly first time out of the barn, but to say that tanking isn’t as easy to start as simply changing stance/presence/form/etc and hitting stuff.


  6. just have to remember to use some of the β€œfancier” tools like lay on hands and cool-down abilities divine illumination (although mana was only a problem at the very end of the gauntlet, but we had time before the boss for me to drink since we weren’t going for a speed run).

    Once you have the basics of healing down look at them, but get comfortable with the basics of healing first πŸ™‚ Flash of Light, Holy Light + Holy Shock…then look at the mana conservation spells πŸ™‚

    Since you have your own “pocket tank” (hey they’re allowed pocket healers, we’re allowed tanks!) it should be easy for you to form some groups to hone your skills, though it sounds like you are already doing great!


  7. Congratulations Cassie! Pally healing is my favorite — you get to throw glitter on grown-ass men and they have to like it. (Even if my bear tank does occasionally complain of glitter in his fur. πŸ˜‰


  8. Congrats, Cassie! I always admire people who play healers (not just because I’m a tank); it’s the role I simply am incapable of doing myself. I’m like that guy in the control room at the missile launch who sees all the alarms lighting up and just sits there screaming in panic. πŸ™‚


  9. Awesome job Cassie! Those aren’t easy instances to heal. The both put a lot of stress on having enough mana regen. Speaking as a tanking druid who spent some fun time as resto back in my Kara days, I actually found jumping into a guild 10 man run to be less stressful than heroics. Everyone else was quite well geared and so I got a chance to practice with an excellent healer covering my leafy butt.


  10. I was never worried that I would die. Even the one time that I took a couple big AoE hits from the casters in VH, I wasn’t worried and you soon had me back. Hopefully I didn’t stress you out by taking damage (i tried to avoid it as best I can)


  11. Thanks all!

    It was actually fun when I wasn’t stressed out with several dropping health meters at the same time during AOE stuff. It was the first time I’ve healed anything at all, other than times I tossed a heal on BBB during a quest he was helping me with while I was leveling or on myself.

    I feel like it went pretty well. I just have to remember to use some of the “fancier” tools like lay on hands and cool-down abilities divine illumination (although mana was only a problem at the very end of the gauntlet, but we had time before the boss for me to drink since we weren’t going for a speed run).

    Looking forward to trying more!



  12. My guild mostly thinks of me as a tank nut (4 80 tanks o.O) but I LOVE being a holy pally also. Such a different game to heal that way. Most other classes feel like they are amalgamations of warmed over skills from other classes but holy pally is its own thing entirely. For example, judgement of light and beacon of light. One allows you to raid-heal by attacking a mob the other allows you to tank-heal by raid-healing! So wacky I love it. I also enjoy stockpiling int like I’m preparing for the war after dealing with all the stat juggling of tanks. Bigger Divine Plea returns and more mana spamming crits ftw.


  13. Congratulations! A lot of the heroics can be tough on holy pallies because of our limited repertoire, but its good to hear that things went well. Having a good tank always makes healing much easier.


  14. Nice!! Congratulations, Cassie! Neither of those are easy heroics to heal on a pally, especially if you’re just getting the hang of it, so that’s pretty damn impressive! πŸ™‚


  15. Congrats Cassie! I’ve been there too; your first times healing, it’s so scary cuz you can’t rely on others to cover you mistakes :). When your dos, if you’re learning your class or whathave you and not contributing so much, it’s typically not a problem. When your a new tank, there’s typically a largeargin for error (though usually it’s at the healers expense)…. But healing? It’s all up to you. My first times doing the tree thing weren’t too long ago, and I still clearly remember the terror :).


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