Tier Tokens and extended Tee Times!

There are incoming changes to how Tier gear will be gained in the upcoming patch 3.2, and also… hold onto your hats, you will soon have the choice of extending your Raid ID on a saved raid one week past the normal reset.

First, the gear. 

With the new Argent Coliseum, there will be a new Tier of class armor sets, Tier 9. This set, according to news released by MMO Champion (I wish I could post a link right now), will be able to be purchased with a single type of token common among all equipment slots

The quote from MMO Champion;

The biggest change here is the introduction of a common token for all armor parts, you can buy the Head/Hands/Chest/Legs/Shoulders of your set with a single item. (Example: Regalia of the Grand Conqueror)

There is a second piece of news, as I said, that I don’t have the quote handy for; you’ll be able to choose to extend a raid ID one week past the normally scheduled reset, giving you one extra week on a saved raid to work further on clearing.

I read all that this morning, and then rushed off to work.

It seems to me like, in the world of WoW, a pair of very important changes, and I wanted to think about it for a bit before saying anything here.

First, let me say that from the sounds of things, and going by past patch history, the existing Tier items will not be changed to work on the new system. I certainly may be wrong (and I love reading comments from people in the archives that see just how wrong I can be on predicting things), but I think that when the change to Tier items comes, it will only affect Tier 9 Argent Coliseum drops.

If you ain’t in Argent Coliseum, it won’t affect you. I find that sad, personally.

The way it works now, of course, is that each boss of a raid has a set loot list, and those that can drop Tier generally always drop the same equipment slot of Tier, but for varying classes.

Because this is a blog, I will now expand on what everyone already knows. There are a handful of exceptions. Vault of Archavon bosses, of course, drop Tier and PvP epics, but they aren’t tokens. They are set for a class, AND a spec, and are random across a few choices. (personal bet made)

Gluth in Naxxramas can drop Tier tokens, and which equipment slots they work with are a bit random. You can get Tier from any one of the other regular Naxx bosses; Leggings, Chest, or Shoulders. The Helm is from a non-regular Naxx boss, Kel’thuzad, and the Glove token comes from Obsidian Sanctum. So only regular Naxx bosses apply to his loot list. Still, for someone clearing a single Naxx wing, doing Abomination gives you two shots at Tier.

Moving on.

In Argent Coliseum, if you had a Tier Token for your class drop, and you looted it, you could turn it in for the Tier piece that goes in your equipment slot of choice.

Got Legs and Chest, and want the Shoulder upgrade next? Boom! Win a Token from any boss that drops one and turn it in for your shoulders.

I love it. Plain and simple.

First obvious question; will such a system get gamed?

Of course it will!

People will identify the easiest boss to kill, and will make damn sure, like clockwork, that if they do nothing else that week, they’ll down that boss and get someone a Tier piece.

That’s fine with me. It’s not exactly cheating to get together and do a raid. If you beat the boss, you deserve the loot, at least in my little furry universe.

The guilds that progress further, will get more Tokens.

At least in this system, the Tokens that drop will always have a far higher likelihood of being useful for someone in the raid.

In the short term, some raids may suffer some stress. After all, there will no longer be a boss where someone can say, “Hey, the two Druids, the Rogue and the Death Knight already have the shoulders. If the token drops, it’s MINE! After 5 months of waiting, finally it’s MINE! All MINE!!! Muahahahah!”

Nope! Sorry! /denied

My advice? If you’re in a raiding guild, act now to plan for this. Discuss it. Please.

Now, this is a change that will encourage people to push forward into new content. Every Tier drop from even the first boss of Argent Coliseum has the potential to be a new Tier piece, no matter what you’ve got in your set. Ys, I think this will serve to encourage more new raiding.

At the same time, there will be the higher level Emblem drops from old content. Those guilds that aren’t up to Argent Coliseum will have ample reason to do the older content with vigor, and the drops they get will help build them up to the point where maybe they CAN tackle Ulduar.

On top of this, you add the option of extending a raid ID one week past normal reset.

Now that’s going to add an interesting (even evil) new dimension to gaming!

You get to choose!

Go for a clear of the bosses you CAN do in one week, and then do it again the next week to keep gear flowing in… OR spend an extra week trying to strive to see new content, achieve new drops or accomplishments you’ve never seen before building on your current success, and risk NO new drops at all for a week?

Oooh, how evil. I freaking LOVE it!

Especially when the new Argent Coliseum will reward people with Tier drops, and if you extend your raid ID a week in Argent Coliseum and get no progress, you’re out that Tier drop the second week.

For my casual guild, it’s actually going to be quite cool.

We’re quite able to clear all of Naxxramas, we just have a hard time justifying so much raid schedule in one week. It’s summer, after all.

At the same time, you just KNOW people would love to get some Tier helms, etc.

So for a guild like ours, where a full clear even over two weeks would be far more fun than doing two or three wings each week, heck… sign me up!

I like it. It’s quite cool.

What do you crazy people think?


17 thoughts on “Tier Tokens and extended Tee Times!

  1. I really like the idea of the new tokens, and I think it’ll work well with the loot system my guild uses. A summary if someones interested: If you win a roll, next time you do a 1-50, after that 40 and the rest 1-30 – if it is for main specc. All tier stuff is treated the same way but on a separate list so you don’t have to save your rolls for the eventuality of your token dropping when your’re down to a 30 roll. Off specc is always 1-100.

    It can be a handful to manage for the LM/RL (we’re mostly doin 10 man so it’s not that difficult) but we feel it’s working well.

    Thanks for the blog BBB, always fun to read 🙂

    PS. Two weeks lockout is pure win.


  2. I think the way the gear will be easy mode will definitely tweak a lot of elite players, however, this is a godsend to someone like me who finally quit raiding. Gave it up because of my very casual raiding guilds that I have been in. The way things go in a casual raid, having the time to get through the progression was killer, it became repeating the same trash again and again and again. The drops came so few and far between as you prayed for you class to drop and on a boss that had the slot you needed, that it really became soul destroying.

    This is going to let a lot of us working, casual gamers to just relax and have fun, be able to gear out without needing to have wow steal every ounce of our life outside of work and sleep. I say Bravo! for the changes Blizz….this may be the thing that moves me back to raids.


  3. I like the idea of extending one raid ID for a second week. It really makes things more accessible for everyone and should prevent some of the painful temptation for casual guilds to squeeze in a third or fourth or … day when they hit a roadblock, or are very close to the end of a raid. (Yeah I say painful. I’m tanking for a friendly guild, but there are many things I’d rather do with WoW or my time in general than put in more than two days a week. So, hopefully less stress on people’s time and schedule this way.)


  4. I think with the one token method, they’re trying something new. From what I read on WoWInsider yesterday about the new raid, it’s completely linear, so it’s not like going into Naxx and taking out Plague so you’re sure to get a token to someone fairly easily. You have to be able to make it to the boss(es) that drops a token and can’t game the system too much.
    Regarding the lockout, it’s a great change all around. Guild who can clear Naxx without too much difficulty can start doing a little bit of that to continue to get some easy upgrades on an extended lockout while taking some progression shots at Ulduar, or similarly with Ulduar and Colisseum. My guild is pretty excited about this change in particular.


  5. I just love this, its really going to open up raiding for us. When we raided before summer hiatus we’d do OS/spider then some other wing. And there was talk about a 3rd 2 hr night. Now we don’t have to do that at all. We can easily go 2×2 hrs per week, and get through all of naxx finally. This sort of thing is going to have people like us come around and say, lets do naxx finally! Been so hard to generate enthusiasm when we knew we’d only see two wings in a lockout, and it’s pretty much always the same two wings.


  6. I love the extensible raid lockouts. This will give any guild extra time to go up against their progression bosses, no matter whether they consider themselves casual or hardcore.
    Though I can see it exacerbating problems, some people will want to keep it open to keep slamming their heads against the progression boss, others might want to just reset to go against the “easier” bosses they know they can take. Esp when a boss is tough and people get tired. You don’t want to go too extreme in either direction. Raid leaders will have to know when to call it and start over.


  7. I’m all for the extension to a lockout period. Final day of raiding on a Tuesday for us EU’ers and we had a lovely night of wiping on Yogg – 31 wipes if memory serves (please God, let the madness end! >< )

    But to be able to extend the lockout and have another week of attempts would be just superb!


  8. The prospect I am looking forward the most is the extended raid IDs. It was kind of frustrating that an instance like Naxx for example presents such a potential time commitment within a raid lockout just to see the end bosses. So it took us a long time to get to see that content *and* we found ourselves pushed to have an extra raid scheduled sometimes in order to get there.

    So I think that the extended raid IDs can offer a good deal of flexibility, without diminishing the accomplishments of the more serious raider. So win-win.


  9. From what they showed on wow.com, it looks like you will be able to cancel the extension of the lockout period later, and thus get another chance or two at progress while still killing your farm bosses.


  10. It’s a Win Win in my book.
    Casual just got more casual, and any stress on pushing it is severely lessened.
    Why Raid for 4-5 hours straight, when a 2-3 hour relaxing (Relatively) run on a week night can be had.
    It just opens up so many options for people strapped for time.

    Looking forward to all the changes.


  11. There are a lot of fantastic changes to this, and don’t forget that the any-piece tier tokens are purchasable with badges of triumph that are also available from Badges of Triumph, so you can even farm those pieces doing heroic/regular dailies! 😀


  12. I’m estatic. About the tokens, well as my guild is a pretty hardcore progression guild (I’m the odd man out, in the guild because they are my friends) there’s a lot of disgruntlement that all those ‘scrub guilds’ who can only clear one boss will be ‘strutting around in t9’ but really, it would take a LONG time to gear a whole guild on one token (or however many) per week, and personally, I don’t care what other people get. I’m not interested in playing ‘look at how leet I am’.

    It means I’ll actually get to build a full teir set for the first time in woltk: I typically only raid one night every two weeks, and often the bosses we’re hitting on that one night may not be the bosses that drop the particular peices I need. No more! Yay!

    As to the resets, it’s awesome. I’ve once been in a casual guild who played like me, very limited playtime, l
    so raiding when there are enough people on to do instead of scheduling. Raid resets killed us, we’d raid only once or twice a week and for comparatively short amounts of time, so we were always stopped by weekly resets rather than skill. It was very frustrating to have such an artificial block to progress.


  13. I rarely comment on your posts Big Bear, but I must say this is an interesting one.

    I am swaying both ways on the Tier Tokens. On one hand I love the idea, it gives people like me, who work and play casually a chance to finally finish a set of gear. But at the same time I remember when I was playing wow pre-bc and gaping in awe at the rogue (who dueling out front of ironforge, one of the many things I miss about wow today) who had the tier 2 shoulders. Thinking “Wow, that guy actually downed chromag”, I guess that will all be gone now with these new tokens. It won’t be “wow, I can’t believe they downed so and so”, but now it will be “wow, that guy has every item in his set, so what did he do? Farm the first boss for 8 weeks straight?”

    Like I said I like the idea for having fun. But I think it takes away from the game a little bit.


  14. Same boat. Casual guild, Rarely schedule more than 1 raid session a week. Naxx on farm, downed FL before summer apathy set in. Being able to take 2 weeks to clear a raid will be a good thing, especially for progression. I still remember wiping for three desperate nights (Sat-Mon) on the Prince in Kara the first time we got to him before finally resigning ourselves to having to clear the whole thing again the following week. I’m also hoping that the upgraded heroic badge drops will bring some people back online other than at raid times.


  15. I think both are great changes. I think it also throws a huge monkey wrench into my guild’s loot system but when I brought it up on the officers forums they didn’t think it was important enough to talk about.


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