Converging Forces (PBeM) Story Index

A collection of links to all the currently published chapters of the Converging Forces (PBeM) story, written by John Patricelli, as shared on the Big Bear Butt Blogger website.

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This index will be updated as new chapters are added.

Converging Forces


Section 1: Vengeance Born

Section 2: Focused Discipline

Section 3: Dreamchild

Section 4: Strange Companions

Section 5: Dreamchild (Continued)

Section 6: Interlude – Tales of times past

Section 7: Strange Companions (continued)

  • Chapter 2 – Called to the Hunt
  • Chapter 3 – Choosing the Right Tool
  • Chapter 4 – Details and Distractions
  • Chapter 5 – Taking care of Loose Ends
  • Chapter 6 – Interview with a Retriever
  • Chapter 7 – Blinded by the Light (new as of April 14th, 2011)
  • Chapter 8 – Searching for Answers (new as of May 2nd, 2011)

To be continued…


Main Character Descriptions

My thanks, as always, to the two driving forces behind our main characters, Manny Marshall and James Henriksen. Without your efforts, this story would not exist in it’s current format. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Converging Forces (PBeM) Story Index

  1. Man, this gets better and better with each post!

    You should seriously consider publishing your work… these are AWESOME!

    I’ve been hooked reading them and almost got into trouble because I ended up reading them on a conference call and completely missed a couple of questions that were directed at me.

    Please keep posting, really enjoying it… thank you!


  2. Well, this is an amazing post for two reasons. One, it showed me I missed a chapter >.<, and now that I’ve read it, it all makes sense again. Thanks for the amazing story bear.
    And two, I finally caught up. After starting at your first post in the archives a couple of months ago (So…many…posts), I’ve read nearly every night for an hour or two, until today, when I finally caught up. Thanks for the amazing read, and I’ll be here every night waiting for more posts to help my bear tanking.

    (Also known as Mightus when I applied to join Sidhe Devils)


  3. FYI, the reason for the legalese in the beginning is simply because this site is already scraped in a few places, and I have absolutely zero interest in anyone taking this content and presenting it as their own.

    Screw them, they can write something of their own for a change.


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