We can fly when?

Rock on!

This in from MMO Champion,

Just to confirm, Tome of Cold Weather Flight is actually a new heirloom item planned to go into patch 3.2. At level 80 players can buy this heirloom item from the Cold Weather Flying Trainer in Dalaran for 1,000 gold and send it to an alt of the same realm, faction and account. The tome can be used to learn Cold Weather Flying at level 68, consuming the tome in the process.

Please note this feature is not yet in the newest version of the public test realm patch notes updated today. The item and its functionality are subject to change during the testing process.

That there is pretty dang handy!

Very nice, very nice… it really will make leveling a toon much easier, won’t it?

One argument I suppose could be made about how “Now you’ll be skipping over content as you flit from place to place!”

Well, you gotta have an 80, so presumably you already saw the content, yes?

And no, I’m not going to talk about the changes to Enrage today.

Except to say, wow, I wonder if the talent tree will cahnge in resto, or did they really just free up THAT many points for a perfect bear tanking spec?

Enrage now generates 20 rage instantly and generates an additional 10 rage over 10 sec? Wow…

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  1. Further note on flying… Yay! We druids will get our SFF to 310% if we have a 310% flying mount! Omgyes! I’ll have the violet protodrake after Brewfest, so my epic flight form will be ridiculously fast! Squee!

    That is all.


  2. Point being there are tons of ways to make money without competing with the big guys

    Assuming the point is to make money . . . which, for me, it wasn’t. The point was to (1) level up mining for the stam bonus and (2) accumulate the ore to level up engineering to get the level 72 version of tankatronic goggles at level 72.

    And even if the point is to make money, saying, “there are other ways” kinda’ misses . . . well misses the point. What if I want to mine in Sholozar while I’m levelling up? This isn’t like other changes that give a certain group of players something without any impact on other groups. Like letting players buy mounts easier and earlier. Or making some holiday achievements only available to level 80s. This change gives something very nice to one group of players (established players with level 80s, money, alts) that has a negative impact on another group of players (new players competing with them for Northrend resources).

    Does that make it a bad change? I don’t know. It’s just a different perspective. I don’t see this change and think “Yay!” Maybe next year. But right now I see it and think “Sh**. That’s gonna’ make mining Sholozar even more of a b****.”


  3. Felkan: Yes. Alts help keep large numbers of players around. Not even counting the people who just want to play everything(definitely a minority) I’ve known quite a few people who decided they were bored with their main and wanted something different. Some of them drifted away because the trip to 80 with the new character wasn’t fun for them.

    One notable friend has gotten banned twice(lost all characters, had to start over) for botting his characters to the level cap, but playing normally afterwards. He’s an idiot in this regard, but perhaps the recent changes would have led him to act differently.

    Okay, probably not. But still, there are a lot of people with alts and this will be welcome news for them.


  4. With two team members in they’s 80th season, and a third getting close ta her 77th, I feel we’s left enough footprints in Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. Color me totally thrilled with the new tome.

    And us warrior tanks gonna be getting some usefuls rage changes too, so cheers all around!


  5. Hmm seems you missed the part where they said dodge will now require 15% more dodge rating to achieve the same percentage before DR (in order to bring the rating value closer with parry, etc). Looks like they’re nerfing bears to the ground.


  6. 20% more xp from the couple of heirloom items + flying in Northrend at lvl 68!
    High level alts that were forgotten since BC are coming after you, Lick King!


  7. Don’t try to mine while leveling, about all i can say. Well, if you see a node here or there, no biggie. But you aren’t saving much term/effort by not leveling your mining in NR while leveling. Once you can fly (and soon to be at 150%) you can mine easily. Schozar and icecrown are constantly camped by miners, and the profit just isnt’ there.

    So what to do? Well; a) mine in off-hours, b) mine in off-places, c) do you need saronite? It’s dirt cheap. Why not just buy it. What about thorium? You can hit say 5 rich thorium in an hour in winterspring and get about 2x profit, then go and just buy the ore.

    What I did on my DK: mine 0-300 JC 0-300 at level 62 (level doesn’t matter btw). mine 300-375 in a few hours with an epic mount at 70. Mine 375-450 at 77 in NR (i did cheat some and level a bit here and there, i was at mine 400 i think).

    Doing exactly the same thing as everyone else is not going to lead to much profit.

    You could a) do the icecrown dailies for 200g in an hour pretty readily, or b) herb farm in barrens for an hour, 100g easily (stacks selling for 10g each), or c) farm cobalt and smelt it, or d) take up JC, buy peoples ore, prospect and sell or e) run stratthorn and DE the greens, the mats are worth 1g each (probably 100g just in that and runecloth)…

    Point being there are tons of ways to make money without competing with the big guys on the big mounts who are 80 while you are 72. Go hit just my two coppers forums for more ideas.


  8. Heirloom items help with alts, but doesn’t the game really need new players? Do alts really help keep existing players around? Espeically in light of dual-specs? Make a pally or a druid as your main and you don’t need a fricken alt.

    I still think blizzard is going to let existing players sponsor a new player up to lvl 58 or something (remember new players have to buy 3 “games” just to get started). Sure they have sped up leveling, but who wants to level (and you don’t learn anything while leveling so don’t give that) when “all your friends” are at the level cap. I just started a pally alt and it just sucked to level her up to lvl 20 (where she sits). I had 2 heirloom items and it went rather fast, but still. Ugh!


  9. It doesn’t really change anything for people in your situation . . . If not for this book, it’d be the same player on his 80.

    Assuming he has an 80 that is also his miner.

    The aggro radius of the guy my level will be mostly irrelevant. I’m going to aggro all the relevant mobs because I’m the one on the ground. Then while I’m dealing with that, he’ll swoop down and mine my node.


  10. It doesn’t really change anything for people in your situation (no 80 toon), those people your level flyying around getting stuff? If not for this book, it’d be the same player on his 80. At least the fellow lowbie will have the same aggro and lessened combat ability you do.

    As to enrage, hurray! That’ll make those group pulls a lot easier to manage and less hazardous overall. Squee!

    Also, moving the reduced shapeshifting mana cost from that silly stun/fear reduction talent to KotJ? Awesome! Both my feral specs have KotJ, so that’s a great pvp buff for me!

    Oh, and entirely off topic, emailed you at the addy listed on your contact page.


  11. That’ll be really, really nice for players with those resources.

    I’m considering it from the point of view of a player who hasn’t even raised the gold for epic flying training on my only level 80 yet. And I’m thinking back to when I was mining in Sholozar Basin back at level 72. Bad enough that I was competing for nodes against level 80s moving three times my speed through the air. Now players my own level will be able to leap frog over me? Will be able to drop outta’ the sky and ninja my node while I’m clearing a nearby mob?

    Nice change for long time players of the game. It pushes new players further back by comparison.

    I don’t mean to sound like a “no fair! you got something and I didn’t!” comlaint. Just commenting on how the change impacts me. There is competition for resources in this game and what you got grants an advantage over me in that competition.


  12. Giving me strong incentive to get my Druid to 68 before the patch hits. Cold weather flying will be pretty darned awesome if I can just fly anywhere at 150% speed. . .pretty much for free. . .


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