History and tradition fulfilled

In July of 2006, a guild was formed by myself and a handful of good friends.

At the time, the reason most guilds came into being was for the purpose of joining large groups of folks together to tackle raids that required 40 active, prepared, well geared players.

The game was serious business. End game raiding was also serious business. And the end game raiding guilds were by far the most serious business of all. Getting 40 players that could all actually show up consistently to a raid, let alone play worth a damn, was a challenge that cracked many a prospective GL’s mind like a soft boiled eggshell.

When Sidhe Devils was formed, we were just a few crazy, casual players, friends that enjoyed playing the game and hanging out.

But we had a dream. A shared dream that we brought into the game, and that never truly went away.

We dreamed of a day when the Sidhe Devils, a guild of nothing but female Night Elves, would march into the hardest end game raiding content then in all the land, and dance and cavort and smash and bully our way deep inside… our pet bunnies proudly at our sides.

An army of players with bunny pets, having fun, and still seeing and downing some serious shit.

It was my dream, but it was also the dream of my good friend Manny, who played at the time and founded the guild with me, but left not long after, due to being bored and, frankly, being too cheap to continue paying a monthly fee. God bless him, he reminds me that there are people that still have something resembling priorities. I don’t understand them, but they’re out there. 🙂

We never really thought it would happen, but the thought of all those players having fun and being able to smile at themselves and be loose enough to play World of Warcraft (dun dun dun!) with something as silly as bunny pets by their sides brought a big smile to both our faces.

Early on, the self-imposed requirement that all players be female Night Elves died a tragic death. Well, maybe not that tragic. But the bunnies… we still gots us da bunnies. 🙂

It took us a long time, Manny, three years to be exact, but in July of 2009, the players of Sidhe Devils made that dream a reality.


P.S. We might have overdid it on the bunnies!



Nefarion, master and ultimate lord of the 40 person original WoW raid Blackwing Lair, cold and dead at the feet (or paws) of the Sidhe Devils!

And a good time was had by all. 🙂

My thanks to all the members in good standing of Sidhe Devils, past and present, for making this incredible, historical moment possible. You folks rock!


15 thoughts on “History and tradition fulfilled

  1. Awesome! It always helps to remember why you and many play the game. To have fun. At least a person is suppose to!


  2. I’m delighted to see that the bunnies are still going strong. That’s awesome! I think it was BRD or Sunken Temple where we all got our bunnies out for the first time (when Kort was still playing)… Ah good times /wipes tear from eye….

    Now… the Holy Hand-grenade of Antioch! “First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin. Then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three… etc…”


  3. The Bunneh is All Powerful. All bow before him! Hehe, it was as much fun as it looked. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!


  4. It was a lot of fun for sure, I still get a chuckle at Ruuarr’s spirit beast it seemed to be eyeing Deimonia, my little gnomie warlock, who was turned into a bunnah.


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