Enthusiasm: It's what keeps me going!

You know, there’s always something going on somewhere to talk about. Whether you folks think it’s relevant to what you expect here or not, well, that’s another story.:)

Last night, the Druid Q&A by Ghostcrawler and the Blizzard Community Team went live, and I read it, chuckled a bit, and hit Lady Jess with the high points I knew she would enjoy. Sure enough, I sent her into a Jessrage. All in good fun, of course.

Thing is, there’s a lot of nice discussion about the past, current and future overarching direction of the Druid class, but it was short on specifics I really felt needed to be discussed, at least from a Feral point of view. There was some confirmation that Feral tree split spec for either optimized Cat or Bear is working as intended, there was the surprising idea that they would consider changing things so that we would have to shift frequently, apparently because they want to see us wearing the artwork of the gear they designed (note: I stay in forms because I chose the Druid FOR it’s forms… me choosing to be in a Bear form all the time should be, in my opinion, considered a class design WIN, not a freaking problem. FWIW, anyway.).

But, there was nothing in the Q&A I was all that enthusiastic about talking about. I came up with what I thought would be a cute name for a post about it, “QQ&A”, but there wasn’t even anything I was particularly enthusiastic about crying over.

See, I already had two plans for blog posts for this week, and that’s not even counting the PBeM story post I’m still in the middle of, that is with Lauchlin, but that I scrapped because in my humble opinion it drifted into ‘teh suck’.

I’m enthusiastic about writing these other things, and not the Druid Q&A. So, I’m not gonna talk about it.

It’s not that I’m not enthusiastic about Druids. Far from it, I have literally done nothing BUT play my Druid with delight for weeks now, both Tank and Heals.

What brings me back blogging time after time? I’m still enthusisatic about what I do. There’s always something new, and I go bounce/bounce/bounce my Big Bear Butt off doing it. It ain’t never boring. If things seem quiet, well hey, bring your own fun!

Here’s a few examples of the things we’ve done lately, things that I’ve been having fun with.

I like soloing things as a Bear, but it’s too easy doing old world stuff. So, the thought occured to me, I’ve got this level 80 Hunter that is all decked out for raiding as a BM with a Spirit Kitty… why not Dual Spec my Hunter… as another Beastmaster? TWO Beastmaster specs? I can have my second spec be strictly designed to maximize pet survivability and damage, and I could take my Bear pet (named “Clawsome”), and I could go have fun soloing Attumen, a mount soloing spec-and-pet system.

Basically, I could be a Bear tank two ways. 🙂 Maybe even see if my guild is crazy enough to let me do a Heroic with my Bear pet tanking. Sigh. It’s just… something that sounds fun, and gets my enthusiasm for new things going, ya know? So yeah, I got the Dual Spec and pet and all, haven’t had a chance to go take down Attumen. Why? Because while on the way, literally, to Karazhan, landing in Duskwood, Ratshag and his lovely and talented fiancé Shianti wanted me to come do Heroic Violet Hold.

I do so… and then have to go to bed. And later that same night, I’m told, Shianti liked my idea of doing Karazhan SO MUCH that she wanted to go try Attumen right away that night… and the damn Attumen mount dropped, and she got it.

That would have been MY instance of Karazhan… so by rights, that’s my mount drop she got. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. It was all an evil plot by Ratters, I’m sure.

Okay, another example.

I’ve been doing Argent Tournament dailies every day, to build up seals and work towards Crusader so when the 3.2 changes hit and Heirloom chestpieces are available, I can just pick one up immediately. As of last night, I’m done with Darnassus and Exodar.

Well, I’m banging around doing Threat with Jardal and Kaelynn, and Barre asks in Guild chat if anyone has the Molton Core zone drop enchant, Enchant Weapon – Spell Power.

It’s a rare drop in Molten Core, a weapon enchant that does +30 Spell Power and that can be applied to level 1 weapons… like Heirloom weapons.

Nobody does, and someone mentions Jess spent two days in Trade channel before she found someone that could do it.

Well, heck, right? I ask Jardal and Kaelynn if either has an enchanter. Jardal does, a level 62 Prot specced Paladin.

So I ask him if he’d like to bang around in Molten Core, like right after dailies, see if the enchant drops? Sure, sure.

So Jardal, Kaelynn and her 80 Rogue, my Druid tank and a few guildies all head into Molten Core on the spur of the moment of a Monday night, just for the heck of it.

We ended up doing a 100% full clear that night, just because it was so easy with level 80 tank, healer and 3 to 4 DPS to keep going.

And guess what?

Sure as hell, the Enchant Weapon – Spell Power does, in fact, drop. Thing has, according to WoWhead, a 1% drop chance on only a few bosses… and even if Blizzard upped it’s drop chance recently, it’s not BoP anymore, so it is farmable, and it’s still pretty rare. And now we have someone in guild that can do it. 🙂

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to remind yourself, the game is truly great, but shouldn’t be expected to always have to come up with new content, and work to keep your bored short attention span mind all engaged.

Sometimes, it’s nice to remember, you can take the initiative to look for things that sounds fun yourself, and then go out and do them

If you think about WoW, and you can literally find nothing about the game that you feel enthusiastic about, then it’s not really the game’s fault in my opinion. Maybe it’s time for you to go find something you ARE enthusiastic about and do it! Take a break, you know?

Fantasy Football Leagues are about set to kick off here in the States, Summer is here and there’s lots of stuff to do out of the house, there are great books and movies out there, concerts, whatever. Go out, go bowling, dance at a club, have fun. Get enthusiastic with life.

I still find WoW keeps me coming back, having fun and talking about it.

I guess I’m just getting pickier about what I write about, though.

Druid Q&A? I’ll let WoW.com handle the dissection if that’s all right with you folks.

13 thoughts on “Enthusiasm: It's what keeps me going!

  1. I’ve always wanted to use my Hunter’s bear pet to tank for a group. It just seems to be so appropriate to me, since as a Hunter, I am already using the critter as a personal tank.

    I really do have a hard time choosing whether I want to play my Hunter or my Druid any given day.


  2. It was totally not my idea to do the horse thing, it was Ratshag’s idea…but yeah, you can’t have my pretty horse with the green smoke!

    And yes Jace, Ratshag and I moved over to play with BBB et al.

    Now for Anzu, and the white chicken, and Baron’s mount, and and and….


  3. Kara’s drop rates must have increase. A DK buddy and I (feral Druid) run ‘mount runs’ through various raids weekly. When we’re bored, we stretch them to full instance clears. Every full Kara clear – every one – leads to at least one of each enchant dropping.

    Personally, my favorite random passtime is soloing instances (recently finished all 70 heroics, and regular nexus, working on other 80 regulars). Also 2-manning, or otherwise using really random odball compositions to do things (all-Druid raids; all-hunter heroics; etc)

    Best part of wow is finding little(or big) fun things to do to entertain ones self.

    I still wanna do a 40 man level 1 gnome raid on Hogger.


  4. Yeah, it’s been my experience running TBC raids & heroics that enchants are just about (if not) a 100% drop now. It will even drop twice if you have two enchanters in the group.


  5. I think the drop rates have increased dramatically in kara; we did it last week and *every* *single* pattern dropped. That’s right, +hit to gun, and the 3 enchants. I have run kara hundreds of times, I maybe saw the +hit drop once or twice, and mongoose i’ve never seen drop. Granted this is ancedotal, but it’s surely motivation to do the first two bosses quick like.

    Also we had the pony drop way back when wraith first hit, a new guildie got it, and 6 months later we have a fairly dedicated officer. Nothing like a rare drop to motivate guildies to stay put.


  6. Hm, that sounds nicer than Fiery for my Shaman’s mace. Mm mm mm, lolmental.

    I’m of the same opinion here. There are people that constantly whine in various channels about how bored they are, as if it’s the duty of myself or our guildies/the community at large to entertain them – but, dammit, if you’re that bored all the time, make your own entertainment or put the game down for a while. Check out some books, new games, a sport, whatevah.

    I’m discovering the joys of leveling newbie Alliance characters and figuring out creative ways to make gold. Plus low-level instance destruction: because finding out that a level 78 tank-geared (but DPS-specced) Death Knight can indeed live through pulling the entire Cathedral in SM is hilarious and awesome. “Hi Mograine!”


  7. Nice, didn’t know any enchants were available for heirlooms. Perhaps that’d be a good post at some point in the future. Along the same lines, is there any way to put a rune on an heirloom? I got a sword for my dk only to find I could put anything on it. . .


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